Apartment Wrestling Private Match No. 12 Nissa versus Britta

This story is the twelfth private fight and involves Apartment Wrestling Club members and potential newcomers to the Apartment Wrestling Club scene.  This particular club fight is taking place in Sydney.  The participants for this fight are:

Nissa (5’2 110 lbs 21 y/o) lives near Lima.  She works as a teacher in a local school.  She is a fitness instructor at a health club as her second job.  A wealthy business owner is sponsoring her in hopes of making her a star in the Apartment Wrestling Club.  Nissa has always been into fitness and outdoor activities.  She is a former equestrian star in the local area.  Nissa’s response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I never give up at anything I do.  Being the best is important to me and I have always been the best at what I participate in.  This will be no different.”  Nissa won her last fight convincingly over Annie.


Britta (5’8 128 pounds 26 y/o) lives a few hours from Brisbane Australia on the coast.  Britta is a social worker working for a charitable organization.  She is a big surfer and outdoors fanatic.  She hikes, bikes, and gets her exercise outside.  Britta’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “My conditioning is great.  I’m strong and athletic.  I won’t tolerate another woman thinking she is better than me.   I am a mean fighter and this won’t be the first time I have fought another woman to show who is dominant.”  Britta lost her only Club fight so far to Sukara.


The fight is scheduled to take place in a luxury hotel penthouse in the city.  The room prepared for the fight is an open with limited seating along the outside edges of the space.  Both girls arrive at the fight location and are shown to their respective dressing room areas.

Nissa arrives at the fight location first along with her sponsor.  Her sponsor reminds her this trip with this fight and her upcoming fight in Tokyo is an opportunity to prove herself a worthy candidate for the world championship event coming up and urges her to win convincingly and with style.  After wishing her good luck, her sponsor departs to allow Nissa time to prepare.  She slips into a small black bikini as she prepares for the fight.  Her body looks well-toned and her conditioning looks to be top notch as she prepares for the fight.  Her breasts are well contained by her top and she pulls her hair up into a simple messy bun atop her head.  She spends a long period of time stretching and warming up for the fight before sitting down to relax as she awaits the time for the fight to begin.

Britta changes into her hot pink bikini top and bottoms which provides a nice contrast with her nicely tanned complexion.  Her beautiful blue eyes and dirty blonde hair highlight her appearance as she prepares for the fight.  Britta has been working out hard and is in great condition.  She shows off her body as she stretches and loosens up for the upcoming fight.  She pauses and pulls her blonde hair up into a single pony tail as she spends her last few minutes relaxing before the fight.

Immediately following the interviews and before the fighters enter the arena a large TV screen on the wall broadcasts a short video segment of the Apartment Wrestling Internet Show featuring two of the hosts talking about the upcoming match between Nissa and Britta.  “Two girls with big hopes colliding here tonight.  Britta needs to show her stuff and get a win and Nissa provides a perfect opportunity for her.  Nissa really wants to send a message that her win over Annie wasn’t a fluke.  Britta is bigger, but I sure think Nissa’s body packs a punch.  All Nissa tonight is what I see.”  The second commentator begins “I liked Nissa last time I saw her and I like her again tonight.  Don’t get me wrong . . . Britta is awesome.  Problem for her is a bad draw tonight.  I think Nissa will be a force in the Club scene and she steam rolls through Britta on her way.”    The screen goes dark as the fighters come out of the dressing rooms to the main room.

Both fighters are taken into the main arena room where the fight will be held.  The room is large and has several couches along the outer walls of the room holding a limited number of spectators.  The officiator of the match calls out for everyone’s attention and introduces both fighter.  The girls are brought out to the center of the room together and given a quick summary of the rules.  “The match will start when I say so and will end when one of you says you are done or is rendered unconscious and unable to surrender.  The winner must be satisfied that the loser has surrendered to them appropriately. The winner must be satisfied that the loser has surrendered to them appropriately.  I won’t stop things until the winner says so unless I see an injury issue.  No punching or kicking to the face but all other moves are fine.  Remember, if you don’t stick to the rules I can disqualify you.”

After the announcements the officiator asks if they are ready to go.  Both fighters face each other casting glances up and down their opponent.  Nissa waves to the crowd ignoring Britta as she hopes to irritate Britta into a wild mistake to start the night.  Britta seems unfazed by the games Nissa is playing and instead struts back and forth showing off her body to the crowd.  The officiator steps in and sends them to their sides of the room.  The crowd is on its feet and excited as they wait for the match to get started.  The officiator of the match seeing everyone is ready steps back and calls out for the fight to begin as the clock in the corner begins to time the fight.

The two girls slowly approach one another as they circle hands shooting out and back as they eye their opponent looking for any slight advantage.  As they move around the room, the circle becomes tighter and tighter as they slowly close toward the other.

Finally, Nissa lunges into Britta and they lock hands and begin to struggle.  The difference in height and weight striking as the much taller Britta towers over Nissa.  Britta tries to lean over Nissa and use her height to tip the balance of the struggle in her favor.  Both fighters grunt from the effort as their muscles tense and the struggle intensifies.

Britta’s attempt to overpower Nissa by using her height is short-lived as Nissa twists her body yanking Britta off balance.  Using her hip, Nissa trips Britta and rolls her to the floor with a sudden yank.  Britta lets out a yelp of surprise as she flips over Nissa’s leg and hits the floor with a thump.

Britta hits the floor rolling to her side and Nissa follows after her looking to seize the advantage before Britta can defend herself.  Nissa lunges at her downed opponent, but Britta rolls free before Nissa can land on her with her outstretched elbow.  Instead of finding her opponent, Nissa hits the floor with a THUD.

Britta twists and rolls back in Nissa’s direction hoping to catch Nissa by surprise before she can defend herself.  Nissa is ready thought and meets Britta with her hands outstretched as she rolls up to her knees to match her opponent.  The struggle for control resumes as both girls kneel on the floor and mash their bodies together yet again.  Immediately the sound of grunts and groans come from both girls as they struggle hard to gain control of the battle.

With both fighters straining against their opponent, the grunts and gasps continue to come from both.  The test of strength going nowhere as each holds their own against the other.  The crowd cheering crazily now for their favorite as neither can gain control.

“Fucking bishhhh!!!” hisses out Nissa as her inability to find a way to gain control of Britta seems to frustrate her.  Britta grunts back at Nissa as she tries to push through her and drive her backwards.  Britta’s effort is met with an equal amount of force as the deadlock continues.

Both girls bodies are mashed tightly to their opponent as their chests flatten out under the pressure of the clinch.  With bodies in tight, Nissa pulls her hand free of Britta’s grip and both girls immediately grab the other by the hair as they continue the hard struggle.

With each fighter yanking hard on her opponent’s hair, the grunting and moaning picks up in intensity.  Nissa yanks her second hand free of Britta’s and pushes her hand into Britta’s body trying to grab hold of Britta’s bikini bottoms.  Britta takes advantage of the free hand and uses it to yank Nissa’s hair with both hands.

Nissa’s head is wrenched back and she finally gives ground as Britta drives through and shoves Nissa over backwards crashing down atop her and putting her on her back on the floor.  Britta’s momentum carries her over atop Nissa as they crash down together to the floor.

“Done for now!” grunts out Britta as she spreads her legs out to prevent Nissa from sliding out from under the pin move.  Nissa tries to thrash and toss Britta off to the side, but Britta is able to position herself firmly atop Nissa as she applies a full body pin.

Britta pulls at Nissa’s hair, but her no longer as useful now that Nissa is laid out on her back on the floor.  Nissa manages to keep her grip on Britta’s bikini bottoms as she yanks up hard on the fabric trying to make Britta uncomfortable enough to be able to slip out from under the pin.  Britta lets out a yelp as the fabric bites into her skin from Nissa’s hard tugging.

“Get off me” growls out Nissa as she struggles to roll Britta off of her.  Nissa gives another hard tug on the bikini bottom and Britta lets out a yelp of pain.  Just as Britta yelps out, Nissa shoves hard off the floor and twists rolling Britta to the side.

The effort by Nissa finally paying off as the girls end up lying side by side on the floor.  Without a moment of hesitation, both fighters launch an attack on their opponent trying to seize the initiative.  Each knowing the fight is a critical stage as they seek the upper hand.

“Fucking whore!!!” screams Britta as she yanks hard on Nissa’s hair with one hand, trying to twist her opponent’s neck, while launching a hard slap to Nissa’s body with her other hand.  At the same time, Nissa shoves her hand into Britta’s face attempting to squeeze her fingers closed while continuing to pull on Britta’s bikini bottoms.

Britta’s slap lands with the loud sound of flesh on flesh causing Nissa to cry out.  Nissa’s scream is immediately followed by a loud wail of pain from Britta as Nissa closes her fingers down and digs her nails into her exposed face.

“Now what bitch!!! Huh now WHAT!!!” screams out Nissa as Britta tries to pull her head back to avoid Nissa’s clawing fingers.  At the same time, Britta releases Nissa’s hair and grabs for the hand in her face desperate to free herself from the nasty attack unleashed by Nissa.

While Britta moans in pain and tries to escape Nissa’s grasp, Nissa tries to push her way atop Britta.  Britta’s leg pushes up and thrashes against Nissa as a reaction to the clawing fingers in her face and the reaction catches Nissa’s body preventing her from simply rolling Britta to her back.

“Damn” grunts out Nissa in frustration as she renews her effort to shove Britta to her back and roll atop her body.  Britta responds by yanking Nissa’s hand from her face and shoving her other hand into Nissa’s chest clamping down a claw hold on Nissa’s soft breast.  Nissa screams out in pain from the attack as her momentary advantage is thwarted by Britta.

Nissa pulls her hand off Britta’s bikini bottoms and slides her hand up Britta’s back looking for a grip on her hair.  Before she can find her target, Britta is able to push herself up and over the top of Nissa rolling her opponent to her back as they lie body to body on the floor.

Britta, still grasping Nissa’s wrist, shoves the hand to the floor pinning it above Nissa’s head as she uses her other hand to continue working on Nissa’s breast generating another cry of pain from Nissa.  Both are breathing heavily as their bodies glisten in the light.  Nissa finally works her other hand up Britta’s back and grabs her by the hair digging her fingers into the blonde locks.

“This is what whore!!!  I’m gonna fucking break you!!!” snarls out Britta now that she is in position atop Nissa who thrashes underneath her.  Britta groans out as Nissa pulls back and down on her hair pulling her neck back and causing Britta to suffer some serious pain.  Britta grits her teeth and squeezes her fingers tighter on Nissa’s breast causing her to scream out loudly as her breast is mauled by Britta.

With both girls suffering at their opponent’s hands, the fight turns into a battle of wills as neither wants to release their grip on the other.  After several more yelps and cries from each of the two fighters, Nissa finally yanks Britta’s head forward and then sharply backwards as she uses Britta’s hair.  Britta lets out a loud wail and lets go of Nissa’s breast as she tries to stop the hair pulling and neck wrenching attack.

The small crowd continues to loudly cheer on their favorite as the two struggle.  As Britta grabs for Nissa’s hand, Nissa yanks side to side again sharply and manages to roll Britta off of her and flips herself over and atop Britta.  Nissa continues yanking the hair as she yanks Britta’s head off the floor and then bangs it back down off the floor with a dull THUD sound.

Britta moans out from the impact as she tries to get fight off Nissa’s attack.  Nissa, using her advantage slides her legs up alongside Britta’s hips as she attempts to straddle her opponent.  Britta pushes her hand up towards Nissa’s hair trying to find a grip knowing she doesn’t want to allow Nissa to fully get her pinned to the floor.

“Who get broke now” snarls out Nissa as the two continue their verbal battling.  Britta secures Nissa’s hair and pulls her head down tight to her shoulder preventing Nissa from being able to slide upright and straddle her as they struggle on the floor.  Both girls are breathing heavily as they continue the struggle.  The fight having lasted for quite some time at this point and both girls are wearing down as they struggle.

Just as Britta appears to be succeeding in her efforts to keep Nissa at bay, Nissa lets go of her other hand and drags the arm in across her face and mashes down grinding her forearm into Britta’s face as she tries to slide it down for a choke hold.  The forearm across the face causes Britta to cry out in pain and continue to yelp as the arm grinds back and forth over her nose and mouth area.

“Bitch” screams out Britta as she tries to swing her arm around and punch or slap Nissa in the head or neck area.  The blow slides over the top of Nissa’s head and Britta tries to just encircle and snare Nissa’s head instead since the swing failed to land.

Nissa, now more in control than apparent to the crowd, finishes the task of sliding her forearm down and slides it under Britta’s chin.  Britta attempts to tuck her chin to her chest to avoid the move, but Nissa’s hand in the hair pulls back on Britta’s hair forcing her chin up enough to allow the arm under it.  As soon as Nissa slides it in place, she leans in hard and mashes the arm down to choke Britta.

“FUCK YOU!!!” screams out Nissa as Britta immediately gags and gasps out.  The arm clearly cutting off her air as the crowd now realizes the desperate position Britta is in.  Nissa tries to remain flattened out atop Britta to keep that arm across her neck.  Britta begins to quick wildly trying to force her way free as she suddenly is without oxygen.

Nissa rides out the initial flurry of kicking and thrashing and maintains the arm across Britta’s neck as she continues to choke her opponent.  Britta tries to work her arm around Nissa’s head and get her hands to Nissa’s face.  Nissa realizing what Britta is trying to accomplish wiggles her head slightly and tries to lower it towards Britta’s body to avoid the groping fingers.

Britta’s fingers failing to find the mark quickly enough as she gasps and chokes under Nissa’s attack.  Britta’s legs fall to the carpet and cease the thrashing as she ceases her attempt to attack Nissa and starts tapping on her back.

“That’s right bitch!!!!” screams out Nissa as Britta tries to submit.  Nissa releases the choke right away wanting to make sure Britta isn’t choked out by the move.  Moving quickly Nissa shoves Britta’s arms to the floor and pops upright dropping her ass down on Britta’s chest.  OOOOHHHHHH groans out Britta as she feels the body weight land atop her chest.

“Say it so they can hear you!!!” commands Nissa as she sits atop Britta’s chest.  Britta gasps out “Give. I give” in a broken gasping voice.  The impact of the choking taking her wind and her voice away from her.  Nissa bounces atop Britta’s chest and slides forward shoving both her legs alongside Britta’s head as she slides her crotch right up next to Britta’s chin.

A tired Nissa sits firmly atop Britta and raises her arms over her head to show off her victory.  The officiator slides up next to the girls and announces Nissa as the winner.  Nissa sits in place for about 30 seconds then climbs to her feet and walks slowly to her room.  Trying her hardest to appear unfazed by the fight, but clearly worn out.  Arriving back in her changing room, her sponsor meets her with a hug.  Nissa mumbles out that scheduling this fight so close to her next one in Tokyo could have been a bad idea as they begin to discuss their goal of making it into the big tournament.

Britta remains on her back on the rug for several minutes as she struggles to catch her breath.  After quite a bit of time, she gets to her feet and slowly staggers to her room as well.  The small crowd slowly leaves the fight room and continues to mingle discussing the great fight between the two girls.