Apartment Wrestling Private Match No. 16 Melissa versus Chloe

This story is the sixteenth private fight and involves Apartment Wrestling Club members and potential newcomers to the Apartment Wrestling Club scene.  This particular club fight is taking place in New York surrounding the events of the two championship tournament preliminary round fights.  During the weekend of the fight a number of private fights were staged in the city.  The participants for this fight are:

Chloe (5’4 117lbs 20 y/o) lives near Eugene, OR.  She is currently a student at the University of Oregon and a member of the cheer team.  She is studying to be an exercise physiologist or a physical therapist.  She spends a considerable amount of time in the gym as part of the team in various conditioning and strength building exercises.  She loves to hike and be outdoors when she has free time.  Chloe’s response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter  — “I’m the prettiest.  I win at everything I do.  Cheerleaders are athletes.  I plan to show up all these bitches who think cheer girls are weak.  And trust me, I’M A SERIOUS BITCH!”


Melissa (5’5 124lbs 34 y/o ) lives near Dover, DE.  She works as a receptionist in a large accounting firm and works some shifts at night as a waitress to make some extra money.  She is a single mom that loves spending time with her kids and hitting the beach.  Melissa sees the extra money Apartment Wrestling could bring would mean more time for fun and less time for work.  Melissa has a bit of a wild side now fueled by an occasional margarita.  When she was younger her wild side led to trouble including fights.  She isn’t much of a gym rat, but loves to run and workout outside the gym.  She thinks she is still plenty mean with a nasty edge.  Melissa’s response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I’m lean, mean and nasty.  I’m willing to push the rules and myself when I compete.  Limits are for those losing.  I don’t have limits or boundaries.  When you lose to me you’ll know you had your ass beat!”

The fight is scheduled to take place in a penthouse apartment in the downtown area.  The room prepared for the fight is large and contains a number of couches and chairs for the guests in attendance.  Both girls arrive at the fight location well in advance of the fight and are shown to their respective dressing room areas.  Each are presented with a short pre-made video showing their opponent’s measurements as well as their opponent going through a short series of stretches, a copy of any previous fights, and a short verbal response to why they believe they will be able to win an Apartment Fight.

Chloe arrives for the fight and unpacks.  She was able to watch both the tournament fights to get an idea of what to expect from an AWC match.  She was especially amazed by how sexy Selena looked as she seemed to dominate her fight with Lola.  She is a bit nervous wondering if her opponent will be anything like the other girls she watched fight. As time for the fight gets closer, she begins to focus her thoughts on the upcoming fight with Melissa.  She slips on her colorful halter top and bikini bottoms with blue and white striping.  Rather than put her hair up she leaves her blonde hair down.  She knows it will make a tempting target for her opponent, but she hopes to take advantage if her opponent focuses on hair pulling.  After looking over the materials on Melissa she things about the match and how she might want to approach things.  Melissa is an older woman that seems to think she is nasty and tough.  Melissa expects the fight to be rough.  She is finally called to the interview.  “I’m in great shape and that should give me an advantage as the fight goes on.  She is a lot older and expects to just beat the hell out of me.  That’s not happening.  I’m going to punish this old hag for being such an arrogant bitch.”

Melissa arrives and heads to the changing room.  With this being her first fight she isn’t quite sure what to expect behind the scenes.  She was able to watch the other matches in New York and is excited about her opportunity to get started in the AWC.  While not a big gym rat, Melissa has tried to work extra hard to get ready for the fight tonight in whatever free time she can find between her two jobs.  She quickly changes into her bikini for the fight.  She has chosen a pink string bikini that accentuates her curves.  She pulls her dark hair up into a messy bun atop her head to hopefully minimize her opponent’s chances to get a good grip on her hair.  After watching the information about her opponent Melissa smirks and laughs.  She is excited by the opportunity to take on a cheerleader type girl in the fight.  She is called to the interview as the fight time draws near.  “I’m super excited.  I hate snotty little bitches like her.  This is going to be a short and sweet little fight and then I’m going to humiliate that little bitch.  No way she can stand up to a real woman like me.  And no way she has ever been in a real fight.  She’s gonna see she doesn’t have what it takes to fight.”

Immediately following the interviews and before the fighters enter the arena a large TV screen on the wall broadcasts a short video segment of the Apartment Wrestling Internet Show featuring two of the hosts talking about the upcoming match between Chloe and Melissa.  “Interesting match-up tonight.  Youth versus Age.  Mean versus Sweet.  And on top of all that I think they both are looking forward to humbling and humiliating the other.  This has all the signs of being a great battle.  Neither fighter really knows what to expect which might make things a bit awkward at times.  I think Melissa is going to win out by just being a lot meaner than Chloe expects or will be able to handle.”  The second commentator begins “I think I’m going to agree with you.  Chloe might be in the wrong spot at the wrong time.  I just don’t know that she will be able to handle taking on someone like Melissa.  I think Melissa will just plain hurt her until she breaks.  I suspect the breaking point for Chloe will be pretty early.”    The screen goes dark as the fighters come out of the dressing rooms to the main room.

After the interview and video watching both fighters are taken into the main arena room where the fight will be held.  The room is large and has several couches along the outer walls of the room holding a large group of spectators as they look down into the lower level fight pit.  The officiator of the match calls out for everyone’s attention and introduces both fighter.  The girls are brought out to the center of the room together and given a quick summary of the rules.  “The match will start when I say so and will end when one of you says you are done or is rendered unconscious and unable to surrender.  The winner must be satisfied that the loser has surrendered to them appropriately. The winner must be satisfied that the loser has surrendered to them appropriately.  I won’t stop things until the winner says so unless I see an injury issue.  No punching or kicking to the face but all other moves are fine.  Remember, if you don’t stick to the rules I can disqualify you.”

After the announcements the officiator asks if they are ready to go.  Both fighters face each other and Chloe smiles for the benefit of the crowd.  “I’ll wipe that smile off your pretty little face with my ass slut!!!” snarls out Melissa.  The crowd cheers as tensions seem to immediately go up on the floor of the arena.  Chloe’s smile turns to a snarl as she hisses out “You just try you old washed up hag!!! Gonna wipe the floor with your nasty ass!!!”  Melissa starts forward and the officiator quickly steps in and sends them to their sides of the room.  The crowd is on its feet and excited as the fight gets ready to get underway.  The officiator of the match seeing everyone is ready steps back and calls out for the fight to begin as the clock in the corner begins to time the fight.

As soon as the command to start is given Melissa rushes across the floor towards Chloe.  The younger blond moves forward as well and as they get close enough Melissa lashes out with a hard slap.  Chloe sees the slap coming and is able to sidestep the blow causing Melissa to be extended and slightly off balance.  Chloe fires a slap back with her opposite hand landing the shot directly on the front of Melissa’s face causing her to grunt out in pain as the hand lands squarely on her mouth and nose.

Chloe pulls her hand back after the slap and slips back preparing for the next encounter as Melissa gathers herself.  The initial exchange not quite going as planned causes Melissa to pause and gather herself rather than continue to attack wildly.  “Come on old bitch” hisses out Chloe as she taunts Melissa for her failure to land her blow.

The two now circle each other with hands at ready as they eye their opponent looking for an opportunity to attack.  This time around Melissa moves forward with her hands reaching out to grab hold of Chloe.  Chloe responds by gripping Melissa’s hands and the two begin to grapple for control.  As their hands move outwards and upwards struggling against the other their bodies draw closer together.

After several moments of struggling Melissa and Chloe end up pressed tightly together.  Their breasts mash into their opponent’s breasts as the struggle for control continues.  Both girls grunt and strain.  Melissa is surprised by how strong Chloe is as she expected to overpower and push her back to the wall.  Instead neither girl makes much progress as they struggle against the other.

“Mine UNNNHHH now!!!” grunts out Melissa as she pushes hard trying again to surge forward and overpower Chloe.  The surge forward generates some progress for Melissa as Chloe is forced to give some ground to her heavier opponent.

Melissa pulls her hands off of Chloe’s and grabs hold of the blonde’s hair and begins to tug and yank as she pulls Chloe’s head side to side.  The younger blonde follows suit as she sinks her fingers into Melissa’s hair at the same time returning the favor.  Both fighters grunt and moan as they rip at the other’s hair.

“You can’t take me princess!!!” growls out Melissa as she tries to break the young blonde.  Chloe grunts out in pain as Melissa rips at her hair.  Melissa is able to continue her progress and push Chloe back against the wall as they struggle.  Chloe wraps her arms around Melissa’s body and tries to use her arms along with her hips to twist Melissa out from in front of her and reverse their positions.

Melissa lets out a loud grunt as she slides her feet in an attempt to avoid the twisting and yanking move by Chloe.  At the same time, Melissa yanks Chloe’s head forward and then shoves her head back into the wall with a THUMP sound.  Fortunately for Chloe, Melissa isn’t able to generate much force as she bangs her head into the hard surface of the wall.

Chloe’s efforts to power her way out of being pinned to the wall fall short as Melissa is able to maintain her controlling position.  Melissa suddenly lets out a loud yell and pulls one hand off Chloe’s hair and starts throwing slaps at Chloe’s face.  The first slap landing with a loud WHACK sound as flesh contacts flesh.  Chloe, caught off guard by the switch in tactics, yelps out as the first slap lands on her face.  Melissa’s new attack forces Chloe to abandon her attempt to wrestle her way out her position.  Before Chloe is able to defend herself, Melissa lands a second hard slap to her opponent’s exposed face.

“Beat your ass now bitch!!!” screams out an emboldened Melissa as she steps back separating her body from Chloe’s as she yanks on the blonde’s hair forcing her opponent to stumble forward.  Chloe’s attempt to return a slap to Melissa is forced off target and ineffective by Melissa’s shift and yank.  As she rips and yanks at Chloe’s hair, Melissa lands another hard slap directly in Chloe’s face.  YAAAIIIEEE screams out Chloe as Melissa’s slaps take their toll.

Several members of the crowd call out their encouragement as Chloe appears to be potentially melting in the face of Melissa’s painful attacks.  Melissa continues to keep her feet moving as she yanks and tugs Chloe around by her hair.  The blonde struggles to keep her balance and tries to grab hold of Melissa to no avail.  Melissa’s slapping attack now landing hard slaps on Chloe’s back and chest as the sound of flesh on flesh echoes throughout the room.

“Give the fuck up princess!!!” screams Melissa as Chloe staggers and stumbles trying to fight back.  The blonde’s hair now a bit of a ratty mess as the constant yanking and tugging has an impact.  Melissa appearing confident and strong twists and slings Chloe by her hair.  Melissa loses her grip on her opponent as Chloe loses quite a bit of her pretty blonde hair.  The momentum of Melissa’s yanking causes Chloe to stumble and then trip to the floor.

Melissa pursues Chloe who is on her hands and knees trying to scamper free of her opponent.  “Run little bitch run!!!” taunts Melissa as the crowd lets out numerous cheers of approval at the scene unfolding below them on the floor of the fight area of the apartment.  As Chloe tries to slip away and get back to her feet, Melissa lashes out kicking her directly in her ass.  The kick more of an attempt to humiliate than to hurt, shoves Chloe forward onto her stomach.

OOOOOFFFF grunts out Chloe as she lands on her belly on the floor.  Melissa steps directly up to her grabbing Chloe by the foot.  Yanking her leg up off the floor, Melissa pulls at Chloe in an attempt to flip her over to her back.  The first attempt to twist Chloe over fails to succeed as she spreads her arm out and blocks Melissa’s attempt.

“You ready to submit to me slut!!!” screams out Melissa as she plays to the crowd.  Clearly confident that she has broken her opponent, Melissa reaches down and yanks on Chloe’s bikini bottoms.  Giving them a hard tug, Melissa laughs loudly as Chloe yelps out in pain and fear at being stripped.

“Come on let’s show them what a cheerleader’s ass looks like!!!” teases Melissa as she pulls again at Chloe’s bikini bottoms.  The effort causing Chloe’s bottoms to slide down and uncover her ass and putting it on display for the cheering crowd.  Melissa, now feeling fully in control of the fight, uses her advantage to humiliate her cheerleader opponent.

Melissa laughs out again as she grabs hold of Chloe’s leg and twists her again in an attempt to roll the blonde over to her back.  This time, Chloe fails to block Melissa’s effort and is rolled over to her back on the floor.   As Chloe flips over to her back her arm flops over and smacks the floor hard.  Melissa sees the flopping arm and an evil smile comes onto her face.  Interpreting that as a sign that Chloe is more or less done for, Melissa steps forward and drops to her knees straddling Chloe.

“Time for you to see what happens when a real woman kicks your ass bitch!!!” snarls Melissa as she hovers over Chloe midsection.  The  blonde shoves her hands up and presses them into Melissa’s chest as she tries to shove her opponent off of her.  The shove forces Melissa to lean back, but she maintains her position atop the blonde.

Grabbing for Chloe’s wrists, Melissa grunts out as the pressure of the shove mashes her breasts to her body.  Fortunately for Melissa she is able to quickly secure Chloe’s hands and pull them away from her body before Chloe did anything more than just shove at Melissa.  The need to get control of Chloe’s hands causes Melissa to lean back slightly to allow her to pull the hands free.

AGGGHHHH yells out Melissa as suddenly Chloe pulls her legs up and catches Melissa’s upper body.  Chloe flexibility from years of being a cheerleader comes in handy as she wraps her legs onto Melissa’s upper body.  Melissa, surprised by the sudden move by Chloe, suddenly finds herself in a struggle to maintain her balance atop her opponent as Chloe makes a sudden yanking motion with her legs.

The struggle is no contest at all.  In an instant, Melissa is yanked over backwards and driven into the floor with a loud and thundering crash as Chloe’s strong lower body wins the very brief struggle for control.  Chloe grabs hold of Melissa’s legs and twists to the side rolling her moaning opponent to her side as she keeps her legs wrapped around her opponent’s middle.

YAAAAIIIEEEEE flies from Melissa’s mouth as the crowd notices Chloe flexing her leg muscles.  The loose scissor hold grip on Melissa converts from a defensive hold to a purely offensive hold now as Chloe crushes down hard on Melissa’s rib cage.  The Chloe fans in the crowd now cheering for their favorite as she has Melissa in serious pain for the first time in tonight’s fight.

The cries of pain and the look of anguish on Melissa’s face tell the story as Chloe is able to continue abusing her opponent’s ribs and ability to breath.  AHHHUUNNNHHHH is forced from Melissa as she shifts her hands to Chloe’s legs trying to pry them apart enough to free herself from her dangerous predicament.  Chloe simply maintains her position in control of the fight as she keeps Melissa’s legs wrapped up and it front of her body as she scissors Melissa’s ribs.

Chloe grunts as she continues to put heavy pressure on Melissa with her strong body scissor hold that her opponent continues to struggle to break.  Chloe’s grunts of effort are punctuated with whimpers and gasps of pain from Melissa as the prolonged body scissors is really taking its toll on her body.  The Melissa fans in the crowd desperately crying out for her to break free of Chloe’s scissor hold.  The pained look on Melissa’s face telling the story of just how strong a scissor hold Chloe has locked on her body.

“Fuck me!!!” grunts and moans out Melissa as she fails to pry Chloe’s legs off of her body.  In a desperation move, Melissa begins raking her nails into Chloe’s calf area as she hopes the pain will force Chloe to release the hold on her body.  Chloe lets out a cry of pain as Melissa’s nails dig into her exposed flesh.

“Bitch” hisses out Chloe as Melissa’s nails continue digging into her flesh.  Not wanting to allow her opponent an opportunity to escape, Chloe increases her punishment of Melissa by digging her own nails into Melissa’s soft inner thighs where her hands are gripping her opponent’s legs.  Not expecting Chloe to return the favor, Melissa initially screams out in pain before the scream is turned into a garbled moan by Chloe flexing her legs even tighter around her middle.

Melissa’s hands let go of Chloe’s legs as her body trembles in Chloe’s grip.  Chloe uses the short cessation in effort by Melissa to push her opponent to her belly and roll atop her back.  Chloe, now positioned with her head just above Melissa’s ass and her lower legs now alongside of Melissa’s upper body and head, reaches back grabbing Melissa by the hair.

“Now what bitch” taunts Chloe as she pulls her head up off the floor allowing her to slide her legs alongside both sides of Melissa’s head.  Chloe now effectively shifting herself into position to apply a head scissors to Melissa as she closes her legs along both sides of Melissa’s head.  The unique positioning of their bodies makes it nearly impossible for Melissa to fight back as her body is pressed to the floor on her belly with Chloe laying atop her back and applying a reverse head scissors from behind.

At the same time she closes her thighs down on Melissa’s head, Chloe digs her nails into Melissa’s tight and firm ass that sits directly below Chloe’s face.  Sliding her fingers under Melissa’s bikini bottoms, Chloe digs her nails into her bare flesh and begins to rip at Melissa’s sensitive skin.  The impact of the nails digging into flesh is immediate as Melissa begins to cry out in pain.

“Is this the ass that’s gonna wipe my smile away” snarls Chloe as she taunts her trapped opponent.  As she finishes her comment, Chloe flexes her leg muscles and puts a burst of intense pressure into the head scissors hold.  UNNNHHHHH moans out a Melissa as her face turns several shades of bright red from the scissor hold.  The flexing of the leg muscles also shows off Chloe’s tight ass as it protrudes a bit into the air from the angle of the reverse head scissors being applied.  The camera and the crowd both focus on Chloe’s perfect ass and Melissa’s pained and anguished red face.

Melissa’s hands grip at Chloe’s legs but do nothing other than simply rest atop her lower legs.  The Chloe fans, now much louder than any encouragement being called out to Melissa, call out to their fighter to crush the fight out of her as they see the scissors draining the fight from Melissa.  Melissa continues to moan out even as Chloe relaxes her leg muscles to give them a short break.

“Get off” gasps out Melissa as she lays trapped underneath Chloe’s body.  Her arms no longer resisting as Chloe simply holds her in place under her.  The officiator stands close by waiting to see if Melissa is ready to submit the match.  Everyone in the room can see that the fight is now over as Chloe’s prolonged scissor holds have drained every ounce of fight in Melissa.  The question now is when will Chloe decide the fight has come to an end.

“I don’t think so” snaps out Chloe.  “You promised to humiliate and break me so I’m not even close to done with you bitch!!”  The icy words ring out loudly as Melissa knows her young opponent isn’t going to simply accept a surrender and call it a night.  Too proud to beg for mercy, Melissa waits for Chloe’s next move.

With Melissa no longer resisting, Chloe slides her fingers out from under Melissa’s bikini bottoms and shoves them down her opponent’s thighs leaving them just above her opponent’s knees.  Chloe gives the scissor hold one last squeeze and forces a loud moan of pain from Melissa before she relaxes her legs and then pushes up to a straddling position atop Melissa’s upper back.

Sitting atop Melissa’s back, Chloe keeps her pinned face down on the floor.  With the bikini bottoms pulled down, Melissa’s ass is on display to the crowd and the camera.  The claw marks clearly visible from Chloe’s earlier torture.  Chloe reaches down and gently pats Melissa’s ass as she smiles for the benefit of the crowd and the camera.  Suddenly, Chloe swings her hand into the air and delivers an open-handed slap to Melissa’s ass.

YOOOWWWW yelps out Melissa as Chloe begins to deliver a spanking.  Delaying for several seconds for the effect to sink in Chloe smiles out to the cheering crowd.  Once the effect on the crowd starts to wear off, Chloe begins to spank Melissa’s bare ass with a passion.  Each slap sends a loud WHAP sound through the fight arena and is followed by a yelp or whimper of pain from Melissa.  Chloe lands slap after slap as she turns Melissa’s entire ass bright red.

“How’s that ass now!!!” taunts Chloe as she slides off to the side and shoves Melissa rolling her over from her belly to her back.  Melissa puts her hands up to try and resist, but Chloe quickly shoves them to the floor as she now slides atop Melissa straddling her belly.  Chloe drops her ass down onto Melissa’s belly causing her opponent to let out a gasp and moan as the air is driven from her body.  OOOHHHFFFFF flies from her mouth as she lays defenseless on the rug under Chloe.

“Stop” moans out Melissa “you win.”  Chloe smiles as she holds Melissa’s hands to the carpet and stares down into her face.  Melissa turns her head to the side to avoid looking back at Chloe.  Her body trashed now thanks to the mistake she made to allow Chloe to get her in that scissor hold, but her mind still wanting to punish the princess.

“I don’t think so.  LOOK AT ME BITCH!!!” screams Chloe in response to the submission.  The officiator lurks nearby to make sure things don’t get out of hand.  Chloe lets go of one of Melissa’s arms and slaps Melissa’s face turning her head to the side and generating another yelp of pain from Melissa.  Chloe then grabs her by the chin and turns Melissa’s head to force her to look up at Chloe.

“I want to hear you plead with your Queen to let you go” snaps Chloe as she looks into the face of her beaten opponent.  Melissa tries to turn her eyes away from Chloe and is met with a hard squeezing of her lower face as Chloe digs her nails into her flesh.  The grip makes Melissa cringe in pain as Chloe reinforces the fact she is in complete control now.

“Ok ok” moans out Melissa through Chloe’s grip.  Chloe releases her grip on Melissa’s face to allow her the chance to speak.  “And what do you have to say bitch!!” hisses Chloe.  “You win.  You’re my queen.” gasps out Melissa.  “Louder” demands Chloe forcing Melissa to repeat herself for the crowd and the camera.  “You’re my queen!!” yells out Melissa as Chloe sits atop her smiling.

Chloe climbs to her feet and leans over gripping Melissa’s bikini top and ripping it free as she stands fully upright.  Chloe holds the top high over her head to the cheering of the crowd.  The officiator steps in and announces “YOUR WINNER — CHLOE!!!”  Chloe stands over Melissa accepting the cheers of the crowd as she shoves her foot over Melissa’s face in one last measure of humiliation for Melissa before turning and slowly leaving the room.

Melissa, lying on the floor totally spent, feels the anger in the core of her being at how she allowed the snotty bitch Chloe to embarrass her in the fight.  The fight was hers before she messed up and let the blonde back into the fight.  As the crowd cheers for a departing Chloe, Melissa rolls over to her belly and tries to block out the crowd.