Apartment Wrestling Private Match No. 4 – Hiyoko versus Summer

Private Fight

This story is the fourth private fight in the Apartment Wrestling Club.  This particular club fight is taking place in Las Vegas surrounding the events of the Rebecca versus Tracey fight.  During the weekend of the fight a number of private fights were staged in the city.  The participants for this fight are:

Hiyoko (5’8 119 pounds 20 y/o) lives in Sapporo.  She is currently a student studying to be a pharmacist.  Hiyoko sees Apartment Wrestling as an opportunity to make some money to help her complete her studies.  In her spare time, she likes to read and paint.  Hiyoko’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I am dedicated and stubborn.  In a fight I will hurt my opponent until she can no longer continue.  I am creative and will find ways to win.”  Hiyoko has never fought in the Apartment Wrestling Club.


Summer (5’9 135 pounds 25 y/o) lives in Las Vegas.  Summer is a showgirl and dancer.  She does some modeling work on the side.  She is in great shape with a well-toned body.  She is considering a move to LA to try and get an acting career started.  Summer’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “Nothing will surprise me.  I have dealt with plenty of jealous bitches in my line of work.  If it isn’t your fellow dancer, it’s some jealous wife or girlfriend.  I have been in plenty of fights.  This should be easy enough.”  So far Summer has lost to Belinda and was dominated in her last loss to Callie.


The fight is scheduled to take place in the home of a wealthy sponsor of Apartment fights.  The fighters are both provided with a bedroom to prepare for the fight and the fight is set to take place in a large open room without any furniture.  The crowd for the fight is fairly small and primarily male although there are a few women in attendance as well.

Since Summer lives in Las Vegas she arrives at the fight location already dressed in her bikini.  She wears a simple floral cover up dress over it which she pulls off in her changing area.  She has chosen her purple bikini for the fight.  The bottoms highlight her curvy hips and ass and have tie sides.  The bikini top lifts her already full breasts and shows them off in all their glory.  She has prepared her hair before coming and it hangs down her back perfectly straightened.  Summer has lost both of her fights at the club and she does not want to lose again.  She views this as her opportunity to recover since she is taking on someone that has never fought before.

In a nearby room, Hiyoko is preparing for the fight in a comparable room.  She changes into a blue bikini with metallic dots.  The color stands out nicely against her paler toned skin.  Her brownish red hair is pulled back into a simple pony tail.  Hiyoko’s sponsor provided her with the videos of all of Summer’s matches and she has studied them prior to coming to Las Vegas.  While waiting for the fight to start, the sponsor remains in the room with Hiyoko providing her with advice on how to handle the fight.  Hiyoko feels extremely confident considering how badly Summer was beaten up in her last fight.

The officiator assistant stands in the middle of the room as both girls enter the fight area.  The minute they approach the center of the floor it is obvious that Summer has a pretty good size advantage over the slim Japanese girl.  After the two are introduced to the small crowd the officiator begins to set out the rules.  “I will be the referee for tonight’s fight.  The rules are very simple.  There are no punches above the chest allowed.  No kicking whatsoever.  The fight continues until one fighter submits.  I can stop the fight if there is a clear winner and someone is unable to submit.  Once the fight ends by submission, you have both agreed the match ends only once the winner is satisfied with the conclusion.  This means you will be subject to being humiliated if you decide to submit.  Do you both understand the rules?”  Hiyoko smiles and quietly says “I am prepared” as she carefully looks over her opponent.  Summer smiles and nods that she is ready to begin the fight.  The look on her face one of quiet intensity as she prepares for the fight.  The officiator backs away and puts a hand up in the air.  The officiator pauses and then pulls the hand down and says “Fight!”

The two combatants slowly approach one another with their hands up in position to attack or defend.  Summer hisses “let’s see what ya got little girl” as they get closer together.  Hiyoko lunges forward and locks her hands with Summer’s hands as they struggle.  Both girls’ arms moving in, out, and to the side as they match strength with one another and try to overpower their opponent.  After several moments Summer’s extra size advantage allows her to slowly push her body into Hiyoko’s and start to back up the smaller girl.

Summer gives a sudden push and then breaks contact with Hiyoko’s hands as she snags her head by the hair pulling her into a headlock before she can react to the twist and grab.  Hiyoko’s head pulled into Summer’s side as the local girl tries to clamp on a tight grip.  Hiyoko moves quickly and manages to get one hand into Summer’s long dark hair and the other gripping the arm circling her head.  Before Summer can latch onto her in a tight headlock, Hiyoko is able to suddenly pull her head free of the grip.

As Hiyoko pulls free, Summer tries to turn to face her.  Hiyoko uses the grip on the hair to prevent Summer from getting turned as Hiyoko manages to stay behind her opponent.  With a sudden movement, Hiyoko shoots her other hand around Summer’s head and locks a choke hold onto her from behind.  Summer lets out a sudden gag sound AGGGGGGGHHH as the arm slips around her neck catching her by surprise and cutting off her air.  Hiyoko uses the hair to keep a tight grip on Summer as she chokes her with the other arm.  Summer grabs the arm on her neck with both hands and gives it a tug.  The tug allows her to get a breath of air, but Hiyoko responds with a sharp tug on the hair causing Summer to grunt out in pain from the vicious yank.

“How is this?” Hiyoko snarls out as Summer struggles in her grip.  “Get of me” groans out Summer as she struggles in the her opponents grasp.  The hair pull causing Summer to release the arm and grab back for Hiyoko’s face or hair.  With Summer’s head pulled back by the choke, Hiyoko is able to immediately lock the arm back on Summer’s throat.  This time the choke is on solidly and Summer immediately thrashes and gags.  “Will choke you out!” grunts out Hiyoko.  The small crowd on its feet as it appears Hiyoko might just make short work of Summer as her tongue comes out and her face quickly turns red.

Summer throws an elbow back and it thumps into Hiyoko’s right side.  She grimaces from the shot but stubbornly holds onto the choke hold trying to quickly finish off Summer.  Gagging from the choke, Summer shoots another elbow back into Hiyoko’s ribs and causes her to yelp out from the pain.  Hiyoko loosens her grip on Summer’s neck and as Summer tosses a third elbow back at Hiyoko she slips her arm down and hooks the arm rather than allow Summer to hit her again.  Summer now able to get air, sucks it in as quickly as possible.  Hiyoko uses the pause from Summer to slip her second arm down and hook Summer in a full nelson capturing both arms and bending Summer over at the waist.

“FUCK!” cries out Summer as she appears to be getting frustrated with her opponent.  Hiyoko continues to focus on her opponent as she yanks her upright twisting and turning as she causes Summer to thrash around side to side in her grasp.  The rookie Japanese fighter seeming to be the better grappler of the two at this early point in the fight.  Summer manages to dig her feet into the floor and pushes hard shoving the two fighters backwards several steps causing Hiyoko to collide with the wall as she maintains her full nelson on Summer.

Grunting out, Summer backs into Hiyoko pulling their bodies forward and backward as she bangs her ass into Hiyoko’s belly as she bounces her into the wall.  After several of these exchanges, Hiyoko is forced to release her grip on Summer.   Summer immediately spins around to engage Hiyoko, but finds Hiyoko trying to push off the wall and already wrapping both arms around Summer’s head pulling her into her body in a clinch as Hiyoko starts to squeeze her head.

Summer, frustrated by Hiyoko’s tactics, jabs her hands into Hiyoko’s body and begins raking and clawing at her opponent’s exposed belly.   Hiyoko’s face shows her surprise at the attack and then the pain being inflicted as her mouth opens and she cries out.  Suddenly Hiyoko’s grip on Summer’s head is not so solid as she tries to slip away from Summer.  The wall behind her preventing her from going anywhere as she releases her grip on Summer’s head.  Summer quickly pushes back and shoves her hands up into Hiyoko’s chin slamming her head back into the wall as Summer claws at her chin and cheek with one hand and then jabs several quick uppercuts into Hiyoko’s breast.

Hiyoko’s grappling skills no longer having an impact as Summer turns the fight nasty and rough.  Hiyoko’s arms now flailing as she tries to capture Summer’s to prevent the attacks on her body.  Her efforts failing as Summer momentarily overwhelms the rookie with the sudden and nasty offensive.  Being trapped against the wall seriously limiting Hiyoko’s options, the Japanese fighter continues to struggle to control Summer.  Hiyoko’s sponsor cries out “get out of there!” as his girl is getting worked over pretty good by the Las Vegas dancer.

After several moments Hiyoko is finally able to get her hands up into Summer’s body and shove her back several steps.  The shove catching Summer by surprise as she was focused on punishing Hiyoko.  As the fighters separate, the markings on Hiyoko body show the effectiveness of the vicious attack unleashed by Summer.  Before Hiyoko can step away from the wall, Summer is right back on her driving her body into her smaller opponent as she slams her back against the wall again.  Hiyoko lets out a grunt as she struggles to maintain her footing.

Hiyoko grabbing hold of Summer’s hands this time as they meet as she prevents Summer from returning to the attacks on her body.  With her hands tied up, Summer uses her body size advantage and begins to twist and slam her hip into Hiyoko’s belly.  Sensing the effectiveness of the attack, Summer repeats the move several times as she hears Hiyoko letting out a gasp each time.  Summer now feeling a lot less strength in Hiyoko’s grip, suddenly breaks her hands free and twists grabbing Hiyoko by her hair and yanking her across her hip.  The move catching Hiyoko by surprise as the repeated hips to her midsection have winded her.

Ripping the long dark hair, Summer drags Hiyoko across her hip and slams her to the floor on her back.  Hiyoko lets out a cry of pain and a gasp as she lands hard on the floor.  Hiyoko’s sponsor cries out from the opposite side of the room “fight back Hiyo fight back” hoping the pleas encourage her to get back into things.  Summer, having fought a couple times for the Club, knows exactly how to keep the pressure on her opponent and doesn’t let up one bit.

Hiyoko now down on her back with her head near Summer with summer still gripping the Japanese girl’s hair.  Giving her a hard yank, Summer sits her up and drops down grinding her knee into the center of Hiyoko’s back.  Dropping the hair, Summer slides her hands out grabbing both of Hiyoko’s arms and bending them back as she grinds the knee to Hiyoko’s back.  The move brings a scream from Hiyoko as her shoulders and back take a serious shot of pain.  “See bitch I can use some holds too” Summer hisses out as she keeps the pressure on Hiyoko’s back and shoulders.

Hiyoko struggles trying to break her arms free of Summer’s grasp.  Summer pours on the pressure as she keeps Hiyoko trapped with her knee buried in her back.  Her smaller opponent now suffering as she screams out in pain.  Hiyoko’s efforts to break free not meeting with any success.  “Your ass is mine now bitch!!” yells out Summer as she can feel Hiyoko’s resistance fading.  “Come on Hiyo Come on” cries out Hiyoko’s sponsor as he tries to will his fighter to resist Summer.

Summer gives another hard yank on the arms as she buries the knee even deeper into Hiyoko’s back.  YYYYYAAAAYYYIIIEEEE screams out Hiyoko as the intense pain overcomes her body.  “QUIT!!!” screams out Hiyoko.  Summer not sure what Hiyoko means pauses briefly and yanks her up onto her knee into an over the knee back breaker hold.  The slender Japanese girl is mashed down with one of Summer’s hands on her chin and the other pressing down on her hips.  Summer curls her fingers around Hiyoko’s chin clawing into her face as well as pouring on the pressure of the back breaker.

Hiyoko screams out again “I GIVE!!!” as Summer tortures  her body.  “Damn right bitch” Summer hisses out angry and happy at the same time.  Finally able to get a win, Summer roughly shoves her opponent off her knee leaving her in a heap on the floor as she jumps to her feet.  She works around the room receiving congratulations from the small crowd in attendance before slipping off to her changing room.  Hiyoko’s sponsor helps her to her changing room as well providing her with encouragement that she fought well against her larger opponent.