Apartment Wrestling Private Match No. 5 – Callie versus Rebecca

This story is the fifth private fight held by the Apartment Wrestling Club.  This particular club fight is taking place in Las Vegas surrounding the events of the Rebecca versus Tracey fight.  During the weekend of the fight a number of private fights were staged in the city.  The participants for one of these private fights was supposed to be Callie and a new girl from Argentina named Camilla.  As it turns out the fight had to be cancelled because of an unplanned encounter Callie had in the hour preceding the private fight.

The fight was originally scheduled to take place in a luxury hotel suite on the strip.  As most of you know, Rebecca was upset following her loss to Callie in the first ever Apartment Wrestling Club match held.  Rebecca believed that Callie cheated or she would not have won the fight.  Both Callie and Rebecca have exchanged words through the Apartment Wrestling Internet show interviews and through other outlets (various social media sites).  Most recently Callie seemed to be ignoring Rebecca’s demand for a rematch and a title fight.  Rebecca has not appreciated Callie’s unwillingness to set up a rematch and has made her feelings known.  It also turns out that Rebecca was watching Callie posting on twitter and decided to confront her at the hotel before the fight between Callie and Camilla.

Rebecca noticed Callie out and about the city in the day prior to the fight and went to the hotel to stake out the scene.  Her time watching in the lobby allowed her to figure out which floor Callie was staying on and in the hour or two ahead of the scheduled fight, Rebecca showed up and waited on the floor Callie was staying on with the intention of confronting Callie.

Callie, unaware of her pending encounter with Rebecca, dressed in her bikini for the fight and was wearing a pair of athletic shorts and a tank top over her suit.  Needing a water, Callie slipped out of her room and headed down the hall with her ice container in hand.  Rebecca noticed Callie coming out of her room with the bucket in hand and slipped into a side hallway to avoid being spotted.  Rebecca was wearing a pair of tight spandex workout shorts and a tank top of her own.  Once Callie passed by the corner, Rebecca waited for her to return to her room.

Not noticing Rebecca in the hallway, Callie retrieved the ice she needed and headed back to her room.  Once Callie passed the side hallway, Rebecca slipped out and dropped in behind Callie quietly following her most of the way down the hall.  About three or four doors down from Callie’s room, Rebecca finally jumped Callie from behind.

“You fucking bitch!!!” screamed out Rebecca as she grabbed Callie by the hair yanking her head quickly to the side.  Completely caught off guard and unprepared for the attack Callie’s body is yanked to the side as her arms went up in the air throwing the ice all over the hallway.  Rebecca using the hair tug slammed Callie’s head into the wall with a loud crashing sound.  With Callie unable to get her hands between her head and the wall, the effect of the head slam to the wall was pretty dramatic.  Callie’s knees instantly buckled and she dropped to both knees in the hallway.

Stepping in close to Callie, Rebecca maintained her grip on Callie’s hair banging her head off the wall again before slinging her to the floor by her hair.  “I’ll fucking destroy you!!!” screamed out Rebecca as Callie hits the floor her arms thrown up over her head and her legs twisted to the side.  Callie isn’t attempting to fight back as Rebecca’s surprise attack has almost knocked her out cold.

One of the sponsors of the upcoming fight hearing the commotion in the hallway popped out of a room several doors down to check things out.  Rebecca hearing the door open dropped down slamming her knee right into Callie’s belly causing her to double up slightly from the impact.  Rebecca quickly grabbed Callie’s arms and dropped herself onto her chest straddling her body.  The sponsor seeing what is happening begins to react to the situation as Rebecca plops herself into a face sitting position atop a dazed and almost unconscious Callie.

The sponsor quickly grabs Rebecca as several other people come into the hallway.  Callie lies unmoving on the floor of the hallway as Rebecca screams out “Let me at her!!! That bitch is mine!!!”  The sponsor and several others send Rebecca away in the elevator and help Callie to her room.  The hallway fight forced the cancellation of the private match between Callie and Camilla after Rebecca’s attack.

After getting to the lobby, Rebecca posted a quick note on social media proclaiming her victory over Callie in an impromptu fight in the hotel hallway.  In her note, Rebecca demands a match with Callie for the West Coast title.  Callie finding the posting responds accepting her challenge as well as describing the attack as an ambush and a cheap shot by Rebecca.

Will there be a title fight with these two soon?  Now it seems that both want revenge for a prior encounter.  Stay tuned.