Apartment Wrestling Private Match No. 6 Denise versus Jenny

This story is the sixth private fight and involves Apartment Wrestling Club members and potential newcomers to the Apartment Wrestling Club scene.  This particular club fight is taking place in South Florida.  The fight was arranged by a key member of the Club’s governing board for his wife’s enjoyment.  The participants for this fight are:

Denise (5’4″ 128 lbs 36 y/o) lives near Key West, FL.  She is originally from Long Island, NY.  Denise and her husband hit it big with a business idea and sold the business for a small fortune.  Now neither of them has to work.  The couple moved to the Sunshine state where life is a bit more pleasant.  Denise spends a lot of time working out and enjoying life.  She lives to have fun and is the life of the party.  She has a strong personality and hates to be judged.  She has a tendency to get into disagreements with other women because of her strong personality.  Her husband has been a sponsor of the Club since its early days and Denise has enjoyed a number of private fights with potential candidates.  She generally does well in these matches.  Denise’s response about why she is a good Apartment fighter — “I am a bad-assed girl.  I take no shit from anyone.  I kick serious ass anytime I get into a fight with someone else.  Playing rough and dirty just makes me fight harder.”


Jenny (5’5 140 pounds 26 y/o) is from a very small farming community in the midwest.  She currently lives a few hours from Chicago.  Jenny works in a small bank and is recently married.  Her and her husband are both excited about seeing how she competes.  Jenny has fought a number of times in her life and claims to have won them all.  She grew up on a farm and is strong.  Jenny’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I’m a country girl and we all know country girls kick ass!!! Ain’t no bitch from the city gonna be able to stand up to me.”  So far Jenny has gotten a reputation for doing about anything need to win.  In her fights she has shown a tendency to engage in any dirty tactic necessary to come out on top.  At this point, she has beaten Monique, Molly and Bailey and is the reigning East Coast Club Champion.


The fight is scheduled to take place Denise’s home in a private fight room in the lower level of their grand mansion.  Jenny is provided with a bedroom to prepare for the fight and the fight is set to take place in a large open room without any furniture.  The fight will have no crowd other than the sponsor and is being videotaped for distribution at some point in the future.  The fight was arranged after Denise watched the way in which Jenny won her fights so far.  Denise felt Jenny needed to be taught a hard lesson and wanted to make sure it was done in a very private setting to try and avoid publically embarrassing a Club champion.  Jenny was more than happy to accept the fight because of the lucrative arrangements for the match.  Not only would she be paid well just to fight, but when she won the fight she would receive an additional $50,000.  Figuring there was no way this older chick could beat her, Jenny was already counting the win bonus as all hers.

Jenny relaxes in her room as she waits for the appointed time for the fight to arrive.  She gets changed into a skimpy and very sexy lime green string bikini and thong.  Her large breasts stretching the fabric of her top showing off her assets.  Preparing on fight day has become a standard routine for her and she has been very successful so far in her Club fights.  She is fully aware that her reputation for dirty tactics is building and she has been called a cheater quite a few times already.  She is confident as she prepares for her fight against this unknown older girl.  She leaves her signature fiery red hair wavy and curly hanging down to her shoulders and beyond.  As the time for her date with Denise nears, she stretches and warms herself up before heading into the quiet private fight room.

With the fight at her home, Denise is perfectly comfortable as she waits for fight time.  She changes into a very simple lilac colored bikini and pulls her hair into a tight pony tail.  She relaxes and lays in the sun for a bit prior to the fight.  In the moments leading up to fight time, she quietly visits with her husband about the upcoming fight.  She can be overheard telling him “I want to humiliate this cheating bitch.  She needs to be taught a lesson.  I promise I won’t do any lasting damage to the Club’s precious champion.”  When time arrives for the fight she heads to the private fight room and finds Jenny already in the room waiting for her arrival.

As soon as Denise walks into the room, Jenny turns her full attention to the blonde.  “So really you think you have a chance against me old hag!!” snaps Jenny.  Denise smiles at her taking her comment in stride without even blinking.  “This will be the easiest pile of money I have ever made!” continues Jenny.  Denise slowly moves toward Jenny closing to within a few feet.  “Do you really think I would go to all the trouble of inviting you to my home just to have you kick my ass?  Did the thought ever cross your mind that you might just be in over your head you fat ass so called champ?”  Jenny bristles at Denise’s comments and stares at her with a hostile glare.

“You’ll pay for that remark bitch” hisses Jenny as they stand only a few feet apart.  “I don’t like you one bit Jenny” hisses Denise.  “You aren’t anywhere near as good as you think you are and that title shouldn’t be yours.” she continues.  “I don’t care what you fucking think bimbo.  It is mine and that’s all that matters!” snaps Jenny.  “Well when I beat your fat ass tonight we’ll both know who the real champion is even if the rest of the public world thinks you’re still special!!”

Jenny clearly upset by the verbal confrontation yells out “When is this fucking fight going to start??? Enough bullshit talk!!” and Denise smiles at her knowing she has gotten under her opponents skin.  “Whenever you think you’re woman enough to fight!” snaps out Denise knowing that as soon as she says that Jenny is going to jump her and fall right into her trap.

Just as predicted Jenny reacts to Denise’s announcement that the fight can start and lunges at Denise.  Unfortunately for the redhead, Denise has already darted to the side as she lunges to where she used to be.  Denise sweeps her leg in a low kicking motion catching Jenny right near the knees which elicits a scream of pain from Jenny as her legs are swept out from under her.  The force of the kick causes Jenny’s legs to fly back and she goes down on her face in a sudden and dramatic fall.

Denise circles around to Jenny’s feet and stomps down hard with her heel on Jenny’s ankles several times as the big redhead screams out in pain and tries to roll away from Denise’s stomps.  After landing several stomps to Jenny’s legs, Denise lets her roll free and Jenny hits her hands and knees and starts to scramble away.  Denise, quick as a cat, follows her every move waiting for her to push up off the floor.  “Come on get up fat ass!!” taunts Denise knowing it will fuel Jenny’s anxiousness and drive her to recklessly get up to fight.

Jenny reacts just as Denise predicts and tries to push off the floor to her feet.  Denise darts in just as she starts to come up and slams an elbow down on her upper back sending her sprawling right back down on the floor on her face.  The THUD sound from the elbow into Jenny’s back loudly fills the room as Jenny moans out while collapsing to the floor.  Denise steps up to Jenny and puts a foot in the middle of Jenny’s back and steps on her walking across her body to the opposite side.

“Oh damn I’m just walking all over you now pig!!” taunts Denise as she steps across and then pivots back landing several more stomps on Jenny’s legs.  Each stomp elicits a cry of pain from Jenny who is quickly realizing she was foolish to have been so overconfident with Denise.  Now figuring out she is going to be in the fight of her short career so far, Jenny tries to roll to the side and lash out with a kick.  Her sudden attack catching Denise unprepared as Jenny’s foot connects with Denise’s shin forcing her back.

Denise laughs out “nice one” as she is forced to separate and prepares to re-engage Jenny.  The redhead is able to make her way back to her feet, but she is noticeably limping from all the blows to her legs.  “Now it’s go time bitch” pants out Jenny as Denise starts to circle her.

“Oh yeah it is!!” snarls Denise as she decides that Jenny is hurt enough that she can just overwhelm her with a sudden attack.  Denise launches her attack swinging a hard overhand slap at Jenny’s head as she moves in.  Jenny responds with a clubbing punch towards Denise’s chest as each lands their blows.  Denise gasps out as her chest is mashed by the punch, but at the same time a loud WHACK sound echoes as Denise’s vicious slap lands square on Jenny’s undefended face driving her head sharply to the side.

Jenny responds by trying to wrap her arms around Denise and tackle her to the floor.  Denise, caught in Jenny’s grasp, shoves both hands into Jenny’s face clawing at her and grabbing her hair.  Jenny drives through Denise and takes her to the floor landing her body atop her smaller opponent with a crash.  Denise groans out as the sound of the air rushes from her body as Jenny’s body weight crashes down atop her.  Jenny grunts out as well from the impact.

Denise’s arms fly off of Jenny and flop to the floor from the impact as Denise tries to regain her breath.  Jenny is having none of it as she presses her body quickly up the body of Denise grabbing her by the hair and pushing  her large breasts directly into Denise’s face trying to smother her as she pulls her head in tight.  Denise flails as she suddenly can’t breathe and grabs Jenny’s hair with both hands pulling and tugging trying to desperately break Jenny’s grip.

The big redhead keeps on the pressure as her face shows the pain she is feeling from the hair pulling being done by Denise.  “Fuck you slut!!!” hisses out Jenny as she smothers the smaller blonde.  MPPPHHHPPP comes from under Jenny as Denise has two large and soft breasts cutting off most of her ability to get air into her lungs.  Suddenly Jenny screams out in intense agony as pushes off of Denise separating her chest from Denise’s face.  The red spot on her left breast as she pushes up clearly signals to the crowd that Denise bit her to escape the hold.

Jenny’s push away doesn’t get her far because Denise still has her hands wrapped in Jenny’s long red hair.  With a tug and twist, Denise rolls her stunned opponent off of her and to her back as she rolls atop her at the same time.  Straddling Jenny with two handfuls of hair, Denise pulls up and slams Jenny’s head back down onto the floor with a THUMP sound.  Jenny lets out a moan as she pulls her hands up and shoves them into Denise’s chest mashing her breasts.  Denise ignores the pushing attempt and bangs Jenny’s head off the floor a second time.  THUMP!!!

Jenny pushes her feet on the floor trying to shove up and get the smaller blonde off of her as they struggle.  Denise shifts her attack dropping both hands off Jenny’s hair as she lands a hard slap to Jenny’s unprotected face WHACK!!!  Jenny yelps out, but her bucking attempt catches Denise unprepared and tosses her off to the side.  Denise rolls clear of Jenny and pops quickly to her feet.  Jenny rolls over and pushes up off the floor.  Her movements to get to her feet much slower than those of her opponent.

“Getting tired already!!” Denise taunts.  Jenny glares back at her “Fuck off skank!”  This time around Denise approaches much more carefully after having learned that even a hurting Jenny can be dangerous.  Jenny trying to buy a little time to rest avoids a direct engagement with Denise by moving away in a circle as she approaches.

“Oh now you’re running from me” laughs out Denise.  Rather than continue buying time, Jenny moves towards Denise as her giant ego is her weak point.  Denise meets Jenny’s move her direction and grabs for Jenny’s hands before they can lock onto Denise’s body or hair.  They instantly grapple for control.  Jenny confident she can overpower the smaller girl continues trying to push directly into her.  The outcome though is that Denise is able to hold her ground and actually overpower Jenny.  What Jenny failed to account for is Denise is very strong even though she is smaller.

With a sudden push and twist, Denise is able to shove Jenny back and throw her off balance and to the floor.  Denise backs away and laughs.  “Pathetic” she hisses out knowing she is mentally hurting Jenny almost as much as she is hurt physically.  Jenny turns and gets back to her feet again.  The expression on her face betrays the fact that she is now worried about whether she can actually win this fight.  For the first time the doubt fully creeping in.

Both fighters circle the other as Denise shoots several feints at Jenny as if she is going to slap her face.  Jenny reacts to each one to be in position to block the slap.  Denise continues to test Jenny’s reactions as she pulls her foot as if she is going to launch a kick and Jenny reacts by stepping back and turning to avoid the kick.  Denise having seen all she needs shifts her circle and becomes a bit more aggressive.  SO far, Jenny has done nothing to indicate an offensive move at all.  As Denise changes her movement pattern, Jenny swings a hard slap and catches Denise on the shoulder as she avoids taking the shot to the face.  WHAP!!!

The slap more irritating the harmful causes Denise to go on the attack.  She launches another kicking feint and as soon as Jenny reacts to move away and turn to avoid the kick Denise changes direction and snags Jenny by the hair.  This time she rips backwards pulling Jenny off balance toppling her to her ass with a THUMP as she plops down.  While pulling her down, Denise launches a hard slap that connects with Jenny’s wide open face hitting her on the nose and mouth area.  Jenny cries out in pain, but Denise is a blur of motion.

Denise drops to her knees behind the seated Jenny and shoves one knee into Jenny’s back mauling her spine as she pulls her head back by the hair.  Reaching around as if she is going to apply a chin lock, Denise instead shoves her fingers into Jenny’s mouth on each side and rips at her mouth with a fish hook type hold.  Rather than keeping steady pressure, Denise simply rips her fingers out violently clawing the lips and face of Jenny.

The move generating a loud wail of pain from Jenny and then she topples to her side on the floor both hands going to her face.  Denise simply allowing her to fall over to the floor and curl up in a ball next to her.   Denise grabs her hair and pulls her to her back and then slides her knees over both of Jenny’s arms pinning her to the floor.  Denise’s ass directly over the top of Jenny’s head as she hovers over her in a reverse face sit position.

“See how it feels bitch!!!” Denise snarls out as Jenny moans in pain on the rug.  With Jenny’s arms trapped, Denise reaches down and pulls her bikini top off uncovering her large breasts.  Denise immediately digs her sharp nails into Jenny’s unprotected chest and begins to squeeze and claw them.  Jenny lets out another long and loud scream.  With her arms trapped under Denise’s legs, Jenny knows that she is in a bad spot.  She tries to lift her legs to kick out at Denise, but her hurting leg doesn’t want to work effectively for her.  Denise seeing the weak attempt coming simply deflects the leg the first time Jenny tries to kick free.

The pain making her desperate, Jenny tries again with another kicking motion and this time Denise catches her leg pulling the one leg up trapping it.  The hold exposing Jenny now as Denise ratchets her cruelty up another notch sliding her fingers down toward Jenny’s bikini bottoms.  “Wanted to kick me did you???” teases Denise as she slips her fingers down and around the top of Jenny’s bottoms finding her belly button.  Digging her fingers down and closing her hand, Denise slowly digs in a punishing belly claw on Jenny.  Digging and clawing slowly with her strong hand and then slowly and steadily pulling up on her ab muscles.  Jenny screaming in pain as her belly is being ripped mercilessly.

“Oh shit that hurts doesn’t it???” continues Denise.  “Please stop!!!!” screams out Jenny as she suffers the agonizing pain at Denise’s hands.  Jenny’s nasty and dirty tactics now being repaid to her in full as Denise tortures her on the rug.  Tired, beaten and now being humiliated Jenny doesn’t know how to react.

“Almost done sweetie!!” Denise chirps as she finishes the belly claw hold and slips  her nails lower down before slowly raking them across and up Jenny’s belly.  The clawing generating the loudest scream yet from Jenny as the burning pain is agonizing for her.  Denise’s husband now stands and starts to move towards the fighters.  “That’s enough babe.  She’s had enough.”

“Only if she kisses my ass first!” Denise snaps.  Jenny hesitates as Denise hovers over the top of her.  “Pucker up bitch” Denise hisses and when Jenny isn’t quick to do so Denise grabs her left tit and squeezes it hard.  YAAAAAAAHHHGGGG cries out Jenny and then she quickly puckers up her lips.  Denise lowers her bikini covered ass down for Jenny to kiss which she does promptly.

Denise laughs out and then climbs to her feet standing over Jenny.  “You made a huge mistake coming to my house thinking you would just beat my ass.  That overconfidence will be your downfall bitch!!!”  Shoving her foot into Jenny’s face Denise stands over her.  “And if you keep being such a nasty bitch I’ll take you on in a public match and humiliate you even worse than tonight.”

Denise turns to her husband with a nasty look on her face.  “Now get her out of my sight” she hisses.  Denise exits the room and heads off to take a shower while her husband helps Jenny to her room.  Jenny is shocked and humiliated at being beaten by Denise.  Right this moment she is hurting and just glad to be free of Denise — but not far from her thoughts is her plotting for a rematch.