Apartment Wrestling Private Match No. 7 Sierra versus Suzette

This story is the seventh private fight and involves Apartment Wrestling Club members and potential newcomers to the Apartment Wrestling Club scene.  This particular club fight is taking place in the New York area in conjunction with a scheduled Club Fight between Annie and Nissa.  The fight was arranged by a key fan of Suzette as an opportunity for her to ease  her way back into competing after her tough loss to Callie in the West Coast Championship fight several months ago.  The participants for this fight are:

Suzette (5’6 128 pounds 26 y/o) lives in the Dallas area.  She used to be a dancer on a local dance team before meeting her current boyfriend (a married executive at a local company).  She does not work at the present time and views Apartment Wrestling as another fun diversion.  Suzette’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “These legs are deadly.  I work out regularly and I will dominate my opponents.  Look at me.  I AM the complete package.”  Suzette has had an impressive career in the Club so far beating both Hailey and Belinda on her way to an appearance in the West Coast title fight where she lost to Callie.  Suzette has proven herself to be a tough fighter that refuses to submit and she has been known to do whatever it takes to win a fight.  Tonight is an opportunity for her to get back on track with a fight over a newcomer on the Club scene.


Sierra (5’7 125lbs 25 y/o) lives near Miami.  She currently works as a makeup artist for a local production company and is considering an acting career.  One of her thoughts is that getting into the Club might help her further her career.  In her high school and college days she participated in field hockey and spent some time on the ice as a figure skater.  Sierra remains in great shape and works out several times a week.  Sierra’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I’m the perfect mix to be an Apartment fighter.  I love to compete and I love winning even more.  Combine my athleticism, gracefulness, fierceness, and sexy femininity and you have the perfect apartment wrestler.  I love kicking ass and looking good doing it.  This is my world!!”


The fight is scheduled to take place in a large private penthouse in Manhattan.  This fight is set as a preliminary fight the night prior to the Annie versus Nissa fight and is set to take place in front of a small private group.  Word has it that the promoter group from the southeast U.S. is very excited about Sierra’s potential and capabilities and wanted to see her in a private match against a very good fighter before setting her up with her first official club match.  Secretly, the promoter responsible for bringing Sierra to the Club is using the fight tonight to give Sierra experience before her first Club fight as a way to help her get her career off to a fast start.

Both girls arrive in the city well in advance of the fight and spend some time enjoying this mini-vacation.  Suzette is the first to arrive at the fight venue and she quietly goes to her changing room and unpacks her bag.  After her disappointing loss to Callie she has taken off several months and simply worked out in the gym and refreshed herself.  For tonight’s fight she has chosen a bright red bikini top with a cup enhancing top which makes her smaller breasts look large and firm.  She slips into a matching bikini bottom that is a thong design which highlights her dancer’s legs and ass.  She pulls her hair up into a simple pony tail to keep it out of her way as she mentally prepares for her fight.  After her last loss she vowed never again to be the one submitting on the rug.  She is confident since her opponent has never fought before and she plans to have fun with the fight tonight and really get her groove back at Sierra’s expense.

Sierra arrives at the venue and is slightly in awe at the spectacular surroundings of the home.  She is shown to her dressing room where she spends quite a bit of time relaxing on the amazingly comfortable bed.  The person responsible for helping her into the Club scene exchanges text messages with her wishing her luck and reminding her to be careful as Suzette is a very talented fighter.  After some time, Sierra decides to get herself changed and ready.  She dresses in a shiny metallic style red bikini top with its matching bottoms.  The triangles of her bikini top barely containing her large, firm breasts.  Her skin is nicely tanned and her body well-toned following the summer season (plus it helps to live in Miami).  In what may be a rookie mistake or a vanity driven decision, Sierra does nothing with her hair leaving it hanging past her shoulders as it frames her beautiful face.  As she gets ready to walk out the door to enter the fight room, she picks up a simple hair band and puts it on her wrist so she has it handy if she decides to put her hair up instead.

As she enters the main room where the fight is to be held, Sierra immediately notices she is the first of the two fighters to be in the room.  She takes in her surroundings making a few mental notes about the placement of the chairs and sofa areas around the room.  Since she has a few minutes to work with, Sierra begins performing a series of yoga poses as she waits on one side of the room.  The poses providing her with a good opportunity to get stretched and to warm-up her muscles.  One of the things Sierra likes to do to work out is yoga and she is fairly proficient in the dancer style of yoga.  The stretches she performs as she waits involve her entire body as she appears strong and graceful.

While Sierra is engrossed in her yoga warm-up, Suzette enters the room.  Getting her first real look at Sierra, she pauses saying nothing as she simply takes in the stretching.  It is obvious that she is mentally logging Sierra’s capabilities as she works through the series of stretches.  Sierra finally notices her watching and continues as she works into a few of the more complex poses trying to show off a bit and maybe intimidate Suzette.  The blank look on Suzette’s face is hard to read as the display either has her a bit more wary or a bit more prepared for Sierra.

The officiator arrives and stands in the middle of the room as Sierra decides to wrap up the yoga display. Calling both fighters out to the middle of the room, the officiator patiently waits as both girls approach.  The minute they get close to one another, the similarity in size is immediately obvious.  When they arrive near one another, Sierra smiles at Suzette and nods her head as if to say hi.  Suzette is taken aback by her opponent’s polite gesture and smirks.  “Whatever!” she hisses out in an angry seeming tone.

After the two are introduced to the small crowd the officiator begins to set out the rules.  “I will be the referee for tonight’s fight.  The rules are very simple.  There are no punches above the chest allowed.  No kicking whatsoever.  The fight continues until one fighter submits.  I can stop the fight if there is a clear winner and someone is unable to submit.  Once the fight ends by submission, you have both agreed the match ends only once the winner is satisfied with the conclusion.  This means you will be subject to being humiliated if you decide to submit.  Do you both understand the rules?”

Throughout the entire pitch, Suzette stands with her arms crossed glaring at her opponent in her own attempt to intimidate her rookie opponent.  Sierra takes advantage of the time to study Suzette while at the same time adjusting her bikini bottoms and top even though they don’t need to be adjusted.  To add to the little game, Sierra smirks at Suzette.  Suzette reads right through what is happening as she sees Sierra flirting with the small crowd through her adjustments, facial expressions, and head movements.

Sierra smiles and simply says “Yes I do!”  Suzette turns her frown to a smile before saying in a sarcastic sugary sweet tone “Me too oh me too.”  Then before they separate, Suzette growls in a relatively quiet voice “I know exactly what you’re doing and I love making snotty like bitches like you beg!!!”  Sierra slides her feet just a bit closer and puts a hand on Suzette’s hip as she leans in and quietly replies “don’t cry” and then slowly leans back.  Suzette’s angry facial expression slides to a bit of a smile as she watches Sierra back away from her.  The small crowd picking up some of that stands eagerly awaiting the start of the match.

Both girls move slowly back to their side of the room and the officiator backs away and puts a hand up in the air.  The officiator pauses and then pulls the hand down and says “Fight!”

With the fight now underway, both girls move from their side of the room towards the middle of the room.  Neither seem to be in a big hurry to launch an attack on the other as they cautiously circle the other a bit, ready to respond to any attack from their opponents.  The spectators notice immediately that both girls move very smoothly as they circle one another.

The circling continues for several moments with both girls shooting their hands toward their opponent and quickly pulling them back.  This in and out feinting exercise continues until Suzette decides she has an opening and launches into Sierra with a sudden lunge.  Suzette immediately grabs Sierra by the hair with her left hand and swings her right hand in a wide slapping motion.  Sierra responds in kind grabbing Suzette’s hair with her left hand.

The difference in pre-match hair styling has an immediate impact as Suzette quickly finds a handful of Sierra’s hair to grab hold of while Sierra struggles to find a grip on Suzette’s hair until she finally manages to grab hold of the pony tail in the back.  While Sierra struggles to find a good grip, Suzette twists and tugs at her hair causing Sierra to let out a series of yelps and cries of pain.  Suzette also lands about 3 or 4 solid slaps to Sierra’s body as she yanks and tugs.

Sierra mentally cursing herself for having left the hair tie on her wrist during the pre-fight phase letting her excitement about the fight distract her from being fully prepared.  After the slight delay, Sierra equalizes things by tugging at Suzette’s hair and lands some slaps of her own on Suzette’s body.  The sounds of little yelps and flesh being slapped are mixed in with grunts of exertion as the two find themselves pushed in close to one another.

“I’ll bald you bitch!!” hisses out Suzette as they struggle.  The initial flurry of activity and staggering takes the fighters back towards where Sierra started out the fight as she loses ground in the initial struggles.  Sierra finally finds herself with her back to the wall as Suzette pushes in against her.  Realizing the wall is coming, Suzette drives her body in harder giving a last shove as she jams Sierra into the wall with a bang.  Using her hip Suzette shows off her experience as she jams it into Sierra’s body forcing a gasp from her opponent as Suzette tries to wind Sierra.

Realizing she needs to make a change, Sierra struggles to get her body shifted to protect herself from taking more shots from Suzette’s hips or body.  Both fighters grunting as they struggle for control of the fight.  Suzette tugs at Sierra’s hair using it to bang her into the wall with a THUMP.  Sierra not one to be outdone matches Suzette’s tugging as she pulls hard trying to turn Suzette’s body to the side.

Realizing she is going to be spun to the side if she doesn’t do something fast, Suzette decides to go with the move and use it to her advantage.  She twists her body and pulls at Sierra’s hair as she tries to drag Sierra across her hip and toss her to the floor.  As she leans forward and pulls on Sierra’s hair, Sierra counters her move with a rough hair pull of her own which prevents Suzette from dragging her across her hip.  Instead, Sierra ends up shoving into Suzette’s back and ends up riding Suzette to the floor.

Suzette, losing her grip on Sierra’s hair, is toppled to the floor on her belly as Sierra comes down on her back.  Both girls laying full out on the floor now with Sierra keeping her grip on Suzette’s pony tail.  Using the grip, Sierra pulls Suzette’s head up and keeps Suzette from getting free of her grip.  With her other arm, Sierra slides her grip around Suzette’s neck and locks on a simple choke hold from the rear.  Her body weight pressing down on Suzette, Sierra is able to keep her opponent temporarily pinned to the floor as she begins to strangle her.

Suzette’s struggling intensifies as she realizes very quickly that she is in danger of being choked out by the newcomer.  She begins by trying to use her hands to get a grip on Sierra’s arm to get as much air as possible.  At the same time she begins trying to slide her knees under her to find some leverage to push free.  Initially Sierra struggles through Suzette’s efforts to free herself from the choke hold, but after a few moments Sierra realizes the direction Suzette is trying to go with her struggles.

Pouring on the pressure with the choke hold, Sierra begins moving her body slightly in anticipation of making her next move.  Her good wrestling skills paying off as she is so far able to hang with Suzette’s attempts to break free and is weakening her opponent with the choke.  In a sudden twist, Sierra flings her body to the side dragging Suzette with her.  Sierra growls out loudly GGGRRRRRHHHHNNN as she makes the move.  Her yell both an attempt to intimidate Suzette, and as a means to show off a bit to the small group in attendance.

Rolling them over, Sierra is now underneath Suzette as she lays on her back with the choke hold still applied.  Sierra swings her legs up trying to lock a body scissors on Suzette at the same time as she has the choke hold.  Suzette though is too quick and is able to pull her legs up and block Sierra’s legs from coming up around waist.

Missing the scissor hold now leaves Sierra in a bit of a bad  spot as Suzette pushes her legs down and raises her ass slightly dropping it into Sierra’s body while Sierra continues to maintain the choke hold.  The move generates a grunt from Sierra as Suzette’s firm ass drops onto her body.  Suzette, still gasping in Sierra’s grasp, swings her elbows down grinding them into Sierra’s body.

While the choke hold is really taking a toll on Suzette, Sierra realizes that she can’t maintain the hold much longer unless she really wants to be exposed to some serious pain as Suzette’s elbows and ass make dangerous weapons.  Just as suddenly as she rolled the hold over and tried to apply the scissors, Sierra flings Suzette to the side and lets go sending her rolling several feet away.  Sierra rolls the other way and springs to her feet facing Suzette’s directions.

Suzette, moving a bit more slowly, makes her way to her feet about 10 steps away.  The look on Suzette’s face is pure anger and frustration at how the early stages of the fight have gone for her.  “I’m gonna kick your fucking ass now bitch!!!” she hisses out at Sierra.  Sierra smiles at her “Oh reallllyyyy!!!  So your gonna kick my ass now huh.  Been wondering when you might get around to fighting me!!!” she taunts trying to irritate Suzette even further.  As they exchange verbal attacks, both girls close the distance a bit more as they prepare to re-engage.

Suzette readies herself and then launches a slap at Sierra’s face.  At this point, Suzette feels a strong need to get control of the fight and she is hoping to land the first shot and get Sierra off balance.  Sierra anticipates the slap well though and pulls her left arm up ensuring the slap lands on her arm instead.  Using the slap to her advantage, Sierra quickly switches her block into a grab and yanks Suzette towards her.  The suddenness of Sierra’s move catching Suzette by surprise.  Using her right hand, Sierra jabs a quick punch to Suzette’s belly.  The blow lands solidly on her opponent’s belly button and generates a loud gasp as the air is knocked from Suzette.

The immediate response for Suzette is to double over and gasp.  Sierra keeps her grip on Suzette’s right arm and twists it around into a hammerlock type hold as she secures Suzette in an arm hold with her left hand and a front face lock that is a pseudo choke hold with her right arm.  The small crowd in attendance watches in shock as the newcomer seems to be handling a very good fighter in Suzette.  Sierra’s continues her apparent strategy of trying to wear down Suzette through choking type holds.

Suzette wraps her free arm around Sierra’s waist as she struggles to find a way out of the two holds Sierra has applied simultaneously.  Suzette’s mind is racing as she struggles to find a way to counter this new girl’s attacks.  As Suzette tries to push free, Sierra keeps pulling harder on the hammer lock making each of Suzette’s struggles hurt even more.  Suzette lets out a moan of pain, but it is muffled somewhat by the face lock and choke hold Sierra is applying.  The grip on her arm causing her shoulder to ache and throb as she feels a bit light headed from the continued choking at Sierra’s hands.

Desperation now setting in, Suzette slides her hand down and grabs at Sierra’s bikini bottoms and tugs up on them first as she tries to pull them into a painful wedgie.  Sierra tries to ignore the effort, but the tugging on her bottoms starting to cause them to cut into her body.  Sierra tries to raise herself a little higher to reduce the effectiveness of the wedgie attempt.  Slipping slightly up on her tip toes, Sierra continues to apply her holds knowing they are taking a toll on Suzette.

“Is that all you got?” grunts out Sierra as she tries to break Suzette’s spirit with a verbal attack as well as her holds.  Sierra punctuates her comment with a tug on the arm and a slight twist to the head as she continues to throttle Suzette.  The initial tugging not having the outcome desired, Suzette changes course and pulls the opposite direction.  Needing free of the hold, she gambles that if she can pull Sierra’s bikini bottoms down (or even threaten it) it will force Sierra to release the hold and prevent her ass from being put on display to the small crowd.

The reversal of direction initially creates a bit of relief for Sierra as the bikini bottoms that were cutting into her body are no longer an issue.  After another split second, Sierra realizes exactly what Suzette is doing and growls out loudly.  GGGRRRHHHHHAAAHHH!!!!

At the same time she releases both of her holds and pivots her body holding onto Suzette’s hair and body to keep her in place.  Before Suzette can react to the swift change of events, Sierra lifts a knee into Suzette’s body as she is bent over and exposed to the attack.  The knee lands solidly on Suzette’s chest and she groans out.  Sierra drives her knee several times like a piston into Suzette’s body landing shots to her chest and belly.

Suzette can do nothing but gasp and groan as what little breath she has left is violently driven from her body by the sudden knee strikes.  Suzette’s knees buckle and give out and she drops to her knees her hands trying to clutch at her body or maybe even block any further knees.  Sierra’s grip on her hair keeps her from going fully to the floor as she now kneels in front of Sierra.

Sierra steps right in close to Suzette and pulls her head back forcing her to look up at Sierra.  Suzette’s mouth is open as she tries desperately to catch her breath.  “Is this where you make me beg?” teases Sierra giving Suzette back some of her earlier trash talking.

Quickly reaching over with her free hand, Sierra grabs Suzette by the face squeezing her mouth forcing her lips to pucker as she yanks on the hair to make sure Suzette is truly uncomfortable.  “Come on bitch!!! I don’t hear you talking so much now!!!” hisses Sierra as she steps forward holding onto Suzette’s hair and starting to force her body backwards a bit.

As she steps over the top of Suzette, Sierra pulls her head between her thighs and begins to crush her head between her legs.  Suzette is forced backwards as she is still trapped on her knees.  Her back bent awkwardly over her knees as she faces upwards with Sierra catching her in a standing head scissor hold.  Suzette’s face only a few inches below Sierra’s bikini line as she forces Suzette to stare up at her while she applies the punishment.

NNNNNGGGGHHH groans out Suzette as her face turns bright red between Sierra’s legs.  Her back being stretched and bent at an awkward angle and her head being crushed by Sierra’s strong legs.  Suzette’s arms dangling to the floor as she no longer resists Sierra.  The fight sucked out of her by Sierra’s effective choking holds throughout the fight.  Having badly miscalculated Sierra’s capabilities, Suzette now pays the price.

“Maybe you should put those lips to good use for a change bitch!!” hisses Sierra as she holds her battered opponent only inches from her bikini bottoms.  “Unnhhh nooooo” gasps out Suzette as she fears being forced into a humiliating punishment by her dominating opponent.  The hold now serving as much for humiliation as it is for punishment as Sierra knows the fight is actually over.  Sierra winks at the small crowd and repeats herself.  “Come on now tough girl and put those lips to good use — and tell me you give up!!!”

NNNNGGHHH moans out Suzette.  The idea of being forced to submit to Sierra is completely distasteful to Suzette, but she knows she is left with no choice at this point.  Suzette is frustrated and upset with herself for allowing this new girl to surprise her and steal her glory.

“SAY IT!!” demands Sierra as she gives Suzette’s head another hard squeeze between her strong legs.  Sierra is enjoying the irony of using her legs to force this dancer to surrender to her as she smiles for the crowd’s benefit.

“GIVE!!!” pants out Suzette as she is left with no choice, but to end the fight.  Sierra smiles broadly to the few in attendance and she relaxes her hold somewhat.  No longer crushing Suzette’s head, Sierra simply uses the standing head scissors to hold Suzette in place for a moment.

Sierra slowly reaches up and adjusts her bikini top making sure it is all aligned properly and showing off her chest.   She then takes a moment to get her bikini bottom readjusted since Suzette was so rude to have pulled it first one way and then the other.  Sierra takes her sweet time making sure the bikini bottom is all secure and covering the right places appropriately.

“There.  Now we need to finish this properly don’t we Suze!!” smirks Sierra.  She is especially happy with the silly little usage of Suze that came to her mind all the sudden.  Thinking to herself, just one more way to humiliate this bitch without appearing overly cruel.

At this point, Sierra opens her legs and allows Suzette to collapse to the floor.  She lands on her back with her legs bent awkwardly underneath her.  Sierra leans down closer to Suzette and smiles at her.  Sierra quietly hisses to Suzette “Now it’s time to show your fans just how tough you really are!!”  Suzette moans out quietly “please don’t!!!” as Sierra stands over her.

Sierra leans down and grabs Suzette by the hair with a forceful grip.  As she tugs at Suzette’s hair she hisses out loudly “GET UP!!!” as she drags Suzette up to her knees on the floor.  The force of the yanking causes the hair band holding Suzette’s hair in place to snap in half and fall to the floor.  Suzette lets out a loud moan as she is forced to her hands and knees.

“Come on now” growls Sierra as she pulls Suzette all the way up off the floor to her feet.  A compliant Suzette comes up off the carpet as she cries out “OWWW OWWW OWWW” thanks to the hair pulling.  Suzette now fully on her feet as Sierra grips her hair keeping her head bent to avoid the pain.  The hold forcing Suzette’s to look up and out at the small crowd and the camera.  Sierra holds her there for a short moment and continues to verbally slash her beaten opponent.  “They loved watching me win and now they are going to love watching you!!”

Adding punctuation to her sentence Sierra yells out loudly for the benefit of the crowd and camera “GET BACK DOWN WHERE YOU BELONG!!!” as she forces Suzette back to her hands and knees roughly.  Suzette drops down to all fours again with her body language showing absolute dejection and defeat.

“Come on girl!!” teases Sierra as she leads off pulling Suzette by her hair like a leash as she forces her to start crawling on all fours.  First a hand then a knee, Suzette begins a slow crawl at the direction of Sierra.  Using the opportunity to strut a bit and show off her figure, Sierra moves along the wall parallel to where the spectators were seated.  The small group fully on its feet and paying careful attention as Sierra leads her opponent.

Slowly turning and heading in the general direction of the crowd, Sierra takes her time as she maneuvers Suzette around the room.  At one point, Suzette stops trying to regain her composure and Sierra steps back towards her moving alongside her body.  “Move it!!!” she hisses out and reaches back slapping Suzette on her ass to reinforce the message.  “Owwww!!” yelps out Sierra and then pleads “please don’t do this” as Sierra smirks at Suzette getting moving again.

Now slowly making her way closer to the small crowd, Sierra twists her hips a bit with each step adding a little saunter to her walk as she brings Suzette along by her hair leash.  Sierra slows her pace as she now carefully considers the message she wants to send to the Club and other fighters.

Knowing she wants to keep it short, she carefully maneuvers Suzette directly in front of the standing audience.  Suzette’s head is now dangling as Sierra’s grip on her hair goes slack.  Sierra pauses and then steps right up close to Suzette pulling her hair enough to bring her head up and force Suzette to stare at the crowd and the camera.

“Look at her.  This bitch is supposed to be one of the top girls in the Club.  She started out tonight one of your best.  And look how she ended her night.  Crawling on all fours with her ass up in the air begging me to stop.”  Sierra pauses simply holding Suzette there on display as the crowd silently stares at Suzette.  Once a dominant and powerful fighter now being reduced to a whimpering loser by Sierra in shocking fashion.

Sierra deciding she has milked it for all its worth, lets Suzette’s hair go allowing her to dangle her head again.  Stepping slightly back, Sierra lifts her foot and shoves Suzette in the back.  The force of the foot enough to collapse Suzette down into a heap as she lies face down on the rug.  Sierra puts her foot on the back of her neck holding her down and raises one arm up flexing her bicep.

“I think I made my point loud and clear here” Sierra says in a matter of fact tone as she faces the camera and the small crowd.  As Sierra poses over her, Suzette moans out in pain from having her body dropped to the carpet and her head forced into the carpet.

Smiling at the sound of the moaning sound, Sierra decides to make her exit.  She pulls her foot off of Suzette and takes a step or two towards the door to her changing room.  She pauses and turns back looking over her shoulder.  “Awww poor thing.  Don’t cry now!!” Sierra calls out as she saunters back to the changing room.  Showing off her body as she deliberately exaggerates each movement on her way out of the room.

After Sierra’s exit, the fight’s organizer for the night moves over and checks on Suzette who seems frustrated and upset more with her loss than she is in pain from the fight.  The emotional toll of losing seems to be weighing heavily on her as she sits up putting her head in her hands covering her face.  After several long minutes, she gets up and leaves the room without speaking to anyone.