Apartment Wrestling Private Match No. 8 Milena versus Inga

This story is the eighth private fight and involves Apartment Wrestling Club members and potential newcomers to the Apartment Wrestling Club scene.  This particular club fight is taking place in the vicinity of Paris in conjunction with a scheduled Club Fight between Alessandra and Shayla.  The fight was arranged by a supporter of the group trying to form a new Club in the Middle East and the sponsor of a Swedish girl looking to get her into the European Club.  The participants for this fight are:

Milena (5’6 125 lbs 21 y/o) lives outside of Yerevan in Armenia.  She works in a small manufacturing company during the day and helps out in a family operated coffee house when she is off work.  She wants Apartment Wrestling to provide her with an escape from this grind and some adventure.  Milena’s response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I am strong.  I work hard.  I need to win.  I won’t let some other girl take my opportunity.  I will crush and destroy them.  Life is hard and I am hard.”


Inga (5’4 114 lbs 22 y/o) lives outside Stockholm.  She works as a dental assistant and is a part-time actress.  She works out regularly and loves cardio workout routines.  She has appeared in a couple of limited circulation magazines and has been in a few commercials.  She thinks Apartment Wrestling could further her acting career.  Inga’s response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I’m in good shape and I’m not afraid of these girls.  I love the feeling of being the one everyone watches.  I will be the one in the match that all the crowd sees and they will love it when I get the win.”


The fight is scheduled to take place in a penthouse in Paris luxury hotel.  This fight took place the night prior to the European Championship match and was well-attended by fans of the Club in Europe.  Each group supporting the fighters has its own agenda.  One group trying to establish a following for the sport in a new area, and the other trying to get their girl into the European Club.

Both girls arrive in advance of the fight and spend some time enjoying the atmosphere surrounding the big fight this week.  The girls prepare the night of the fight in their own guest rooms prior to be brought up to the penthouse for their fight.

Inga dresses for the fight and chooses to wear a bright white bikini.  Her skin tone would have suggested a darker bikini choice, but she stubbornly sticks to her personal favorite.  She slips into her bikini and pulls her wavy blonde hair up into a messy bun atop her head.  She feels confident and prepared for her fight tonight.  She is a bit nervous since she has never fought in a match up like this before.  She tries to mask her nerves with a pre-fight stretch routine, but it doesn’t work very well.  She knows her opponent has never fought before either and that makes her feel better about the match.

In a similar room several floors away, Milena begins preparing for the fight.  She chooses to wear a black bikini with mesh type areas in the suit.  The choice is a good one as the bikini contrasts her features very well.  Milena leaves her short hair free as she begins her preparations.  Her body looks well-toned and muscular.  She visits for a bit with the sponsor from the group and then does some light stretching and warming up.  Milena is confident and ready for her fight.  She knows her future in any Club that might start depends on her performance tonight.  She has no intention of letting some other girl stand in the way of getting what she desires.

As the time for the fight draws near, both girls are summoned to the penthouse to make the final preparations.  Inga arrives first and takes her place on one side of the room.  She notices the crowd is thick in the space and that there are cameras in the room to record the fight.  She is impressed by the elaborate nature of the preparations for this fight.

Within moments, Milena enters the room and all eyes turn to her.  As she moves across the floor, she looks sleek and confident.  Inga admires the way she has the crowd’s attention and she feels a pang of jealousy as she is no longer the center of attention.  Inga slides forward moving more into the center of the room trying to refocus the attention in her direction.  Milena notices Inga’s actions and smiles at her opponent hoping to unnerve her in the moments leading up to the fight.

The officiator arrives and stands in the middle of the room and calls both fighters out to join.  The officiator patiently waits as both girls approach.  After the two are introduced to the crowd the officiator begins to set out the rules.  “I will be the referee for tonight’s fight.  The rules are very simple.  There are no punches above the chest allowed.  No kicking whatsoever.  The fight continues until one fighter submits.  I can stop the fight if there is a clear winner and someone is unable to submit.  Once the fight ends by submission, you have both agreed the match ends only once the winner is satisfied with the conclusion.  This means you will be subject to being humiliated if you decide to submit.  Do you both understand the rules?”

With the two fighters standing close to each other, the crowd gets a good comparison of the two.  Milena looks to be the better toned and stronger of the two fighters as the audience compares their bodies.   The crowd betting amongst themselves as to who will win this fight quickly establish Milena as the clear favorite to win the fight.

Once the pre-fight formalities are finished, the officiator instructs both girls to return to their respective sides of the room.  Both girls move slowly back to their side of the room and the officiator backs away and puts a hand up in the air.  The officiator pauses and then pulls the hand down and says “Fight!”

With the command to start the fight given, the two girls move slowly toward the other as they wait to see how their opponent will handle the fight.  Having watched the video footage of her opponent prior to the fight, Inga knows she doesn’t want to end up in a test of strength with her opponent.  As they close in on one another, Inga launches herself at Milena swinging heavy slaps at her opponent’s body not really caring where they land.  Inga’s whole objective is to overwhelm Milena and hopefully intimidate her into submission with her wild attack.

Initially, Milena is taken aback by the wild attack and takes several hard slaps to her body and head as she tries to block or defend herself from Inga’s blows.  After a particularly hard slap to the face, Inga leaves her hand there and tries to rake and claw Milena’s face.

“Fucking bitshhhh!!!” screams out Milena as Inga rakes her face with her sharp nails.  Inga continues her reckless and brutal attack thinking she is about to get the submission she was hoping for out of Milena.  The attack forcing Milena to backpedal as she retreats from Inga’s onslaught.  Milena’s attempts to block the slaps having been fruitless, she launches an attack of her own grabbing hold of Inga’s hair and bikini top as she tries to fight back.

“LET FUCKING GO!!!” yells out Inga, her hand no longer on Milena’s face but now down around her neck as she tries to choke Milena.  The back pedal ends as Milena stumbles into  a soft recliner and goes back into the chair.

Inga continues coming and leaps onto Milena’s lap in the chair as she grabs Milena’s short blond hair and continues choking her.  Milena’s hands caught low are trapped by Inga’s body as she presses Milena into the chair’s surface.  The crowd cheering wildly as the Swedish girl goes wild with her attacks on Milena.

Inga takes advantage of Milena’s predicament and continues to aggressively choke her opponent generating gags and gasps from Milena as her air is cut off.  Milena’s face turns red as she struggles to breath in Inga’s grasp.  The nail tracks on her face from the clawing obvious to the camera and the small crowd in attendance.

So far the fight has been all Inga as she dominates a seemingly overmatched Milena.  “You’re done for!!!” growls Inga as she tries to choke her opponent out.   Suddenly Inga lets out a loud scream and tries to push her body off of Milena’s.  As she pulls away, Milena’s hands come into clear vision and one is curled around and gripping Inga’s belly in a tight clawing grip.  The other hand is lower yet ripping the claws into Inga’s left hip.

“FUCK!!!” screams out Inga as she is able to pull back from Milena and break the grip on her skin.  As she steps back out of range of Milena’s hands, Inga makes her first critical mistake of the fight.  Milena pulls her feet up and shoot both of them out and into Inga as she stands just the right distance to be exposed to the thrusting feet.  Both of Milena’s feet land on Inga’s chest sending her flying through the air.  The impact of both feet mashing Inga’s small breasts flat to her chest generating a loud cry of pain as Inga is caught by the nasty kick.

Flying several feet back through the air, Inga lands with a loud crash on the floor on her back.  Her head bounces of the carpeted floor as she crashes down.  Inga lies on the floor moaning out appearing to be stunned from the thrusting kick and the crash to the floor.  Milena rises up and stands on the chair surveying the damage she inflicted on her opponent.  After lining Inga up, Milena leaps off the chair and dives atop Inga landing with her elbow and forearm slamming into Inga’s chest and belly.  OOOOOOOHHHFFFFF flies from Inga’s mouth as Milena lands atop her.

“Now who’s done!!” snaps Milena as a gasping and dazed Inga lies under her not resisting.  Milena pivots her body and snatches Inga by the hair yanking her head between her legs.  Milena snaps her powerful legs shut on Inga’s head and begins crushing her Swedish opponent.  NNGGGHHHH comes from the red faced and battered blonde as Milena mashes her head.

Inga’s arms fall to the floor and she stops resisting as Milena continues to crush her.  The sudden reversal and terrible damage inflicted by Milena too much for Inga.  The officiator steps in quickly seeing that Inga has passed out from the powerful attack Milena  has applied.  “YOUR WINNER MILENA!!!” cries out the officiator as Milena is forced to break the scissor hold.

Milena climbs to her feet.  Her body showing the fast and vicious nature of the fight as her face is clawed and her skin is blotchy and red.  She raises her hands over her head and then kicks Inga once before strutting off to the changing room leaving Inga lying on the floor in the fight room.