Apartment Wrestling Private Match No. 9 Tisha versus Sierra

This story is the ninth private fight and involves Apartment Wrestling Club members and potential newcomers to the Apartment Wrestling Club scene.  This particular club fight is taking place in the Charlotte area.  This particular fight was arranged by a key Club promoter from Florida.  Sierra showed great promise in her lopsided win over Suzette.  The promoter saw this as an opportunity to get another solid victory for Sierra and at the same time get revenge for Florida.  For those of you that have followed the Club since its inception, Tisha has solidly trounced two fighters from Florida already.  Tisha is more than happy to have the opportunity to put a newcomer in her place and defeat yet another girl from Florida.  The participants for this fight are:

Tisha (5’2 122 pounds 20 y/o) is from the Atlanta area.  She recently quit school and works as a waitress to make ends meet.  She is drawn to Apartment Wrestling by the promise of fame/money in the hopes it will help her obtain a career in modeling someday.  Tisha’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I need to win.  I want to win more than any other girl you will find.  That’s why I can’t be beaten!” In her previous fights, Tisha has beaten Melinda and Wendy and lost to Bailey.  Tisha enters this fight coming off her dominating win over Wendy and looks to continue her winning streak with her eye on getting a shot at the East Coast Club title.


Sierra (5’7 125lbs 25 y/o) lives near Miami.  She currently works as a yoga instructor for a local studio.  She hopes to one day pursue an acting career.  One of her thoughts is that getting into the Club might help her further her career.  In her high school and college days she participated in field hockey and spent some time on the ice as a figure skater.  Sierra remains in great shape and works out several times a week as well as her yoga instructor position.  Sierra’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I’m the perfect mix to be an Apartment fighter.  I love to compete and I love winning even more.  Combine my athleticism, gracefulness, fierceness, and sexy femininity and you have the perfect apartment wrestler.  I love kicking ass and looking good doing it.  This is my world!!”  In her only fight so far, Sierra controlled and humiliated Suzette.  Sierra views this fight as her opportunity to knock off yet another top notch fighter in the Apartment Wrestling Club.


The fight is scheduled to take place at the home of an extremely wealthy executive on the outskirts of Charlotte.  The host for the fight has sent a private jet to Miami and to Atlanta to bring Sierra and Tisha to town for the match.  Each were put up in deluxe accommodations at a posh downtown hotel.  After a relaxing and restful night and morning, a car arrived to deliver the fighters to the location of the fight.

The host home is fabulous with plenty of room for the fighters and spectators.  Each fighter is provided with a bedroom suite for her use the afternoon and early evening of the fight.  Throughout the course of the afternoon and early evening, guests for the fight begin to arrive at the home.  The crowd consists of a number of wealthy fans of the sport along with a large number of sponsor/promoter types from all around the country.  There is a huge interest in seeing how Sierra performs in her second fight.  Her dominating performance against Suzette has stirred up quite a bit of interest throughout the Club.  These promoter/sponsors hope to see tonight if the Suzette fight was a fluke or if Sierra is the real deal.

Tisha is the first to arrive at the fight’s location.  She settles comfortably into her temporary accommodations and relaxes for awhile before beginning to prepare for the fight.  She unpacks her things and applies a light layer of make-up.  As she applies her makeup her mind wanders.  She expects to win the fight tonight and she thinks about how it is important for her to look good while doing so.  She has been told a lot of influential members of the Club will be on hand for the fight and she is hopeful that a strong showing tonight might translate into a title fight against Jenny.  As that thought crosses into her mind, Tisha becomes upset about losing her opportunity to be in the title match when she lost to Bailey.  After several moments of dwelling on that loss, she shakes off her thoughts about the future and the past and continues getting herself prepared for tonight’s match.

Returning to the business of preparing, Tisha pulls on her pink thong and it rides high up on her hips.  The bottoms show off her strong legs and ass as she slowly gets dressed.  She is a big fan of contrasting colors so she goes with her black bikini top.  Her large breasts are barely contained by the fabric of her top.  She adjusts her bikini to get it just right and it looks fabulous on her body.  After getting dressed, Tisha pulls her hair up into a simple pony tail to keep it out of her way knowing she doesn’t want to provide her opponent with any weak points to attack tonight.

As Tisha is called into a small room nearby to provide her thoughts on the fight, she feels ready to go and excited to get the fight started.  She is feeling good about her chances tonight coming off her dominating win over Wendy in her last fight.  As is normal with the Club, Tisha has been provided with a video of the match between Sierra and Suzette along with some other limited video of Sierra and she  studied every bit of the information trying to learn as much as possible about the relative newcomer to the Club.  Tisha wants to put this new girl in her place and continue her domination of girls from Florida tonight and she feels that preparation is important.  Tisha sits down and comments on the upcoming fight for the camera.  “I have seen more than I need to see about Sierra.  I don’t know if Suzette is a good fighter or not so it’s hard to say if that was a good quality win.  She isn’t going to have an easy time tonight with this fight.  She is cocky and smug and I LOVEEEE putting bitches like that in their place — under my ass!!!  I also saw that little interview on the Internet show and I don’t think it will be my ass that gets the spanking tonight.”

Sierra arrives at the venue and is shown to her room to prepare for the match.  She knows that tonight’s match is going to be a big opportunity for her to show that her last match with Suzette was no fluke.  There has been a lot of talk about Suzette not taking the fight seriously which may mean Sierra isn’t really as good as she appeared in that win.  Tonight, Sierra intends to dispel that myth as she is matching up with one of the better fighters in the East Coast Club.

Sierra takes her time as she unpacks her materials and changes clothing.  She has chose to wear a very small bikini that barely covers her body.  The consists of small black triangular pieces trimmed out in a metallic silver.  Expecting her opponent to wear a thong, Sierra is not to be outdone.  She wears an equally tiny bikini bottom with the same black with metallic silver trim.  The tiny bikini shows off Sierra’s tanned and toned body.  For this fight, Sierra is careful to pull her hair up into a pony tail.  In her excitement to get to the fight last time, Sierra forgot to tie her hair back and regretted it.  Tonight there will be no such mistake.  Sierra fully expects Tisha to go for her hair and wants to make that task as difficult as possible.

Just prior to heading into the main room, Sierra is asked to comment on her opponent and the upcoming fight.  “Tisha is tough.  I’m looking forward to my opportunity tonight to prove I’m really a good fighter.  From what I can tell of Tisha, she fights bigger than she is. I’m not going into this taking my height advantage for granted. She’s not to be underestimated.  I expect to get another solid win here tonight at her expense.”

The crowd on hand for the fight tonight is considerably larger than what normally attends a private fight in the Club.  Sierra’s performance against Suzette has caught the eye of a number of promoters and top leaders in the Apartment Wrestling world.  With her taking on another quality opponent, this is expected to be a heck of a fight.

Immediately following the interviews and before the fighters enter the arena a large TV screen on the wall broadcasts a short video segment of the Apartment Wrestling Internet Show featuring two of the hosts talking about the upcoming match between Tisha and Sierra.  “So is Sierra the real deal or did Suzette underestimate her and got caught by surprise?  Tisha seems to think fluke and plans to show the Club just how right she is tonight.  I think she might be asking for trouble.  What I saw from Sierra is some skill paired with a solid physical package.  It will be a good fight, but I see Tisha finding out the hard way that Sierra is for real.”  The second commentator begins “I love watching Tisha fight.  She is tough as hell.  The question I’m struggling to answer is whether that will be enough against Sierra.  Suzette wasn’t ready and we didn’t get a good luck at Sierra’s capabilities.  This match is a toss up to me.  I can convince myself both ways.  It’s too close to call and it’s a must see.”  The screen goes dark as the fighters come out of the dressing rooms to the main room.

The officiator arrives and stands in the middle of the room and calls both fighters out to the middle of the room, waiting patiently as both girls approach.  The minute they get close to one another, the contrast in height is immediately obvious.  Sierra towers over a much shorter Tisha.

After the two are introduced to the crowd the officiator begins to set out the rules.  “I will be the referee for tonight’s fight.  The rules are very simple.  There are no punches above the chest allowed.  No kicking whatsoever.  The fight continues until one fighter submits.  I can stop the fight if there is a clear winner and someone is unable to submit.  Once the fight ends by submission, you have both agreed the match ends only once the winner is satisfied with the conclusion.  This means you will be subject to being humiliated if you decide to submit.  Do you both understand the rules?”

Tisha nods her head without a single word.  Her facial expression reflects her absolute focus on Sierra as they engage in a stare down.  Sierra glares down at Tisha and then rolls her eyes before curling her lips into a big smile.  Tisha is unfazed by Sierra’s little game as she expects her to try and get into her head.  Both girls move slowly back to their side of the room and the officiator backs away and puts a hand up in the air.  The officiator pauses and then pulls the hand down and says “Fight!”

With the fight now underway, both girls move from their side of the room towards the middle of the room.  Neither seem to be in a big hurry to launch an attack on the other as they cautiously circle the other a bit, ready to respond to any attack from their opponents.

As they close in towards each other, Tisha’s hands flash out and back as if she is trying to grab Sierra except she doesn’t move in close enough to actually get a grip on her opponent.  In response, Sierra flashes a couple of jab punches towards Tisha’s body hoping to connect if Tisha lunges into her to grab for her body.  Neither of the punches land as Tisha fails to lunge towards Sierra as she expected.  So far neither having any success as the two cautiously feel each other out in the opening moments of the fight.

“You wanna dance or fight bitch!” snaps Tisha as they get set to engage again.  They circle some more and Tisha shoots her hand high going at Sierra’s hair.  Sierra’s expecting just this move shoots her hands up high to counter the move and fully intent on grabbing Tisha’s hand before she can get a grip on her hair.  The grasp finds air as Tisha’s full on lunge for her hair never materializes.  Realizing the move high was a simple feint, Sierra tries to pull back from her effort.  Before Sierra can react, Tisha drops down and swings a sweeping kick at Sierra’s legs.  The kick makes contact with Sierra’s left leg below the knee and Sierra lets out a cry of pain as her leg buckles from the blow.

Sierra drops to one knee from the impact as Tisha’s leg carries through the contact and she comes back to standing several feet away from the kneeling Sierra.  Tisha’s feint letting her get the first blow in on Sierra as they exchange efforts.  The move gets the crowd excited as the action looks like it’s going to  heat up quickly now.  With Tisha a  few feet away, Sierra eyes her carefully as she starts to work back up to her feet.  Not wanting to be down on one knee for long knowing that Tisha is a dangerous foe.

Tisha is waiting for just that moment and as Sierra pushes off the floor to start up Sierra is forced to drop her eyes briefly.  In that brief moment, Tisha launches herself at Sierra leading with her knee.  Tisha lets out a cry YYYAAHHHHHH as she tries to drive her knee right through Sierra.  The good news for Sierra though is that Tisha wasn’t close enough to fully land the blow before Sierra could react and Sierra was expecting this type of move out of Tisha.

As Tisha comes in towards Sierra leading with her knee, Sierra throws her hands up to protect herself.  Her quick reaction allows her to use her hands to deflect Tisha’s knee off target and at the same time secure a good grip on Tisha leg.  Tisha is surprised by Sierra’s quick move as her leg is wrapped up and secured by her opponent.  UNNNHHHH grunts out Sierra as she takes the impact to her body while wrapping up Tisha’s leg.

Sierra doesn’t stop at simply capturing the leg.  She slides her body slightly back to match the momentum of Tisha as she comes slamming in.  Tisha grunts signaling her displeasure as Sierra wraps up her leg tightly.  With the leg secured, Sierra is able to roll her shoulder slightly forward and down burying it into Tisha’s midsection as she plows into Sierra.  OOOOOOMPPPPP flies out of Tisha’s mouth as the breath is driven out of her by the shoulder landing on her belly.  Tisha’s knock out style attack now turning against her as Sierra counters the move effectively and delivers a shot to Tisha.

As Tisha starts to double over the shoulder, Sierra lifts and twists her body to the side.  Using Tisha’s momentum and her lower position, Sierra is able to flip and twist taking Tisha up and to the side.  WHHHAAAAAAAAA yells out Tisha as she is caught and hangs in the air as Sierra slowly converts her move to its finish.  With Tisha lifted off her feet and her leg secured, Sierra rolls to the side and drives Tisha to the floor on her back as she takes her to the floor.

Tisha lands on her back with a loud THUMP as she is taken down by Sierra.  A loud groan comes from Tisha as she feels the impact of the slam throughout her body.  Sierra, with her arms wrapped around one of Tisha’s leg, slides her head down placing it directly on Tisha’s hip as they hit the floor.  Tisha gasps out from the blow to her belly and from being slammed to the floor on her back.  NNNGGHHHH comes from Tisha as she feels the impact of Sierra’s attack.

Sierra releases the leg and pushes her body upward trying to slide on atop the downed Tisha.  Sierra hopes to use her sudden advantage to get Tisha into a full body pin.  As soon as she pushes forward, Tisha shoots her hands down grabbing hold of Sierra’s hair and locking her elbows out.  The sudden hair grip prevents Sierra from being able to move her body further up Tisha’s and thwarts her immediate plan of action.

“Gehhh Offfffpphhhh” grunts out Tisha as she is forced to go into a defensive mode.  Tisha’s effort has Sierra temporarily stuck.  Her head is stopped just above Tisha’s hip and her lower body is draped across one of Tisha’s legs where she hooked the leg and dropped down atop Tisha.  Sierra’s hands push off on the floor as part of her effort to slide up Tisha’s body, but Tisha’s tight hair grip keeps Sierra from effectively pushing off the floor to advance her position.

“Make me!!” snaps Sierra as she tries to verbally jab Tisha a bit while they are somewhat stalemated.  With Sierra’s hands temporarily occupied as she struggles to push off the floor, Tisha swings her free leg up and tries to hook it over Sierra’s low back.  The sudden move allows Tisha to bangs her heel into Sierra’s body generating a loud THUMP sound.  With her effort to full body pin Tisha stopped cold, Sierra shifts her approach and slides her hands up both sides of Tisha’s legs.

The outside hand slides up along the leg past the hip as Sierra works to secure a good grip on Tisha’s body.  Sierra slides her thumb under Tisha’s thin bikini strap and secures a solid grip on Tisha’s bikini and her hip at the same time.  With her hand on the side of the leg, Sierra slides it up Tisha’s inner thigh and pushes on up into the fabric of Tisha’s bikini bottoms.

With one leg pinned to the floor under Sierra and the second swung out and hooked over Sierra’s low back and hip, Tisha’s crotch is open and exposed to Sierra’s hand.  Pushing the palm flat against Tisha’s bikini bottoms, Sierra places immediate pressure on Tisha’s mound with the heel of her hand.  Sierra simply applies pressure to Tisha and nothing more, but the move draws a sudden gasp of shock from Tisha.  “WHAT THE FUCK!!!!” Tisha screams out as she feels the hand on her.

Tisha immediately reacts dropping one hand off of Sierra’s hair and swings a wild slap at Sierra’s head.  The blow lands on the back of Sierra’s head as her face is down and more or less buried into Tisha’s belly area.  Tisha in a bit of a panic as she expects Sierra to start attempting to rip her bikini bottom or claw at her exposed crotch area.  The panic causing her attempted blows to Sierra to be more or less ineffective as she swings several times in rapid succession.

Sierra doesn’t do as Tisha expected and pulls her hand out and swings a short clubbing punch into Tisha’s ribs.  The blow lands with a solid THUD sound and Tisha grunts out loudly.  Sierra repeats the move several more times as Tisha’s hands are not placed properly to protect her body from Sierra’s punishing punches to her ribs.

Tisha pushes her feet and tries to twist her hips to roll Sierra to the side.  The painful punches reminding her that she doesn’t want her opponent to pin her to the floor at any point in this fight.  The shove fails to get the traction Tisha was hoping for and Sierra is able to ride out Tisha’s attempt to slide out from under the pin move.  Tisha’s efforts allow Sierra to slide her legs outside of Tisha’s and fully straddle her opponent.

Sierra now fully straddling Tisha, although her hips and ass are just above Sierra’s knees which isn’t ideal for controlling the fight.  Tisha continues to use Sierra’s hair as a means to hold Sierra back from advancing her pin hold further up her body.  With her arm locked out at full length, Tisha is able to hold Sierra’s head down just below her breast level.

Tisha continues to rain down slaps to Sierra’s shoulder area from her bottom position.  Each slap landing on flesh with a WHAP sound.  In return, Sierra delivers another jabbing punch to Tisha’s ribcage generating another grunt of pain from Tisha.   With a sudden shift, Sierra shoots her hand up grabbing hold of Tisha’s free hand to stop the slapping on her body.  Sierra is able to capture the hand and at the same time she pops her knees up alongside Tisha’s hips as she advances herself up Tisha’s body a little.

Both girls grunt and groan as they struggle.  Each knowing that Sierra wants to push higher up and fully pin Tisha to the floor.  Tisha realizing she needs to do something drastic to keep Sierra from pinning her to the floor lets go of Sierra’s hair and shoves her hand into Sierra chest.  While Sierra is holding Tisha down by her hair and tries to pin an arm over her head, Tisha is able to find and squeeze Sierra’s breast.

A yelp of pain comes from Sierra as she feels Tisha’s fingers mashing her breast.  She mutters under her breath something about dirty bitch, but it is unintelligible to the crowd and the camera at this point.  Tisha tries to wiggle her legs free, but is unable to make any progress as Sierra is now riding higher on her body leaving Tisha’s legs out of the action for now.

Now that Tisha has released her grip on Sierra’s hair, Sierra pops her head up and continues working to pin Tisha’s one arm to the rug.  Sierra struggles for another moment as Tisha continues to push and pull at her bikini top and breast.  The breast hold blocks Sierra’s ability to slide her body further up Tisha’s at this point.

Sierra suddenly releases Tisha’s hair and her arm she was working on pinning and swings a hard slap at Tisha’s face.  As soon as the  hand is released, Tisha shoves it toward Sierra’s body looking to get her  hand on Sierra’s other breast.  Caught by surprise, Tisha takes the hard slap full on the face and it turns her head to the side as the hand carries through the slap.  The WHACK sound of Sierra’s hand on Tisha’s face echoes through the room.

“Oh fuck!!!” Tisha screams out in pain from the slap and instantly reverses direction with her free hand.  Instead of going for Sierra’s other breast with it, she immediately pulls it up to try and protect her face fully expecting Sierra to try and land a second blow.  At the same time, Tisha continues to squeeze and pull at Sierra’s breast causing Sierra quite a bit of discomfort as well.  Tisha’s effort causing one of Sierra’s breasts to pop free of the tiny bikini top.

Tisha’s attempt to block the slap that never materialized puts her in a bad spot.  With her hand up high near her face, Sierra is able to quickly grab it and shove it to the floor next to her head effectively pinning it.  Now wanting to get that other hand out of her chest, Sierra grabs hold of Tisha’s wrist with her other hand intent on pulling it free of her chest and pinning it as well.

The crowd on its feet cheering for their favorites as the fight picks up in intensity.  Both girls appear to be getting a bit angry and frustrated with their opponent.    Sierra now has one of Tisha’s arms pinned to the rug, but is struggling to pull the other hand away from her breast.  As Sierra tugs at Tisha’s wrist, Tisha digs in tight and refuses to let go.  All Sierra manages to do is cause her breast to fall free of her bikini top exposing them to Tisha’s attack.

Sierra lets out a groan of pain from the punishment she is taking to her chest.  Sierra’s failure to pull the hand free leaves her too upright atop Tisha and her opponent curls her knees up jamming them into Sierra’s back.  “GET OFF” grunts out Tisha as her knees land on Sierra.  The blow doesn’t have a lot of force behind it, but it is enough to make Sierra uncomfortable.

Both girls struggling hard at this pivotal moment as Sierra works hard to get Tisha pinned to the carpet.  With one of Tisha’s arms pushed to the carpet, Sierra slips her hips forward slightly on that side and manages to push her knee from down around Tisha’s hips area up to almost shoulder high as she pushes it over the edge of Tisha’s bicep pinning her arm to the floor.

“Shit!!!’ gasps out Tisha as she knows Sierra is close to securing what might be a devastating pin on her.  Tisha’s other arm is pushed out and into Sierra’s chest with the elbow locked keeping Sierra at a distance.  For the moment, Sierra is unable to move her lower body up Tisha’s to get her straddle position closer to Tisha’s chest level.  Sierra’s position is precarious as her body is angled slightly because of the stubborn hand in her chest that she can’t seem to shake.

“Let go!!!” snarls Sierra as she appears frustrated by her inability to get Tisha fully pinned.  Being unable to pull Tisha’s hand off her breast with her one hand, Sierra grunts and gasps in pain as Tisha continues to squeeze and claw her exposed breast that is now pulled free of her bikini top.

With Tisha’s one arm more or less secured under the knee, albeit not very securely, Sierra takes the opportunity to quickly grab the hand on her breast with both hands and tries to pull it free of her body.  At the same time, Sierra intends to slide the other hip forward and move her position up Tisha’s body.

Sierra’s objective is to slam that second hand to the floor and slide a knee over it quickly to complete a school girl pin on Tisha.  Again, Tisha hangs on tight and Sierra is surprisingly unable to pull the hand off her breast.  The failure to get that hand under control leaves Sierra’s upper body blocked from moving forward and as a result she is fully upright and slightly leaned back.

With the quick attempt to secure the pin thwarted, Sierra is exposed and Tisha launches her effort to free herself.  Sierra is now forced to pay for her failure to secure the hand and slide up Tisha’s body to complete the pin move.

As Sierra is trying to secure and pin that second hand, Tisha lifts her legs off the floor and curls them up at Sierra’s back.  Sierra’s inability to slide forward causes her to take the knees in her back which causes another grunt and gasp of pain from Sierra.  Sierra lets out a loud grunt from the impact and yells out “FUCKING unnhhh LEGGOOO unhhh BITCH!!!!”

With Sierra knocked a bit more to the side yet again, she loses the arm she had pinned under her knee.  The loss of balance allowing Tisha to slip the arm free and shove it towards Sierra’s body.  “BITCH” snarls out Sierra as her body is slid off balance and she fires a hard slap at Tisha’s head.

The slap slams into Tisha’s forearm as she pushes the hand towards Sierra’s body.  The loud sound of hand on flesh echoes through the room WWWHHAAAPPPPP as the slap hammers into Tisha’s forearm.  The impact knocking Tisha’s arm off target as she fails to get her hand into Sierra’s body.  Tisha is fortunate as well, as the arm absorbed a nasty slap headed right for her face.

At the same time, Sierra continues to claw into Tisha’s other wrist as she works hard trying to break the seeming death grip that Tisha has on her breast.  Sierra continues to moan out in pain as Tisha mauls her one breast with her continuous squeezing and twisting motion.  The pain of the attack and the frustration of being unable to break the grip continues to mount for Sierra.

Sierra starts to slide her knee on the side of the hand on her breast forward even as she is pushed back and off balance on the other side. The goal is to use the knee to help her break Tisha’s grip on her breast.  Before Sierra can effectively do so, Tisha shoves her feet hard on the floor and twists her hips.  YAAAHHHHHH yells out Sierra as the sudden movement pushes Sierra to the side causing her to fully lose her balance.

The twist and buck causes Sierra to suddenly topple to the side as she rolls over and off of Tisha ending up on her side on the floor as Tisha rolls up onto her side at the same time.  Both girls now facing one another in close quarters as they both lay on their sides.  Tisha still maintaining her death grip on Sierra’s breast as they struggle.

“Bitch I’ll rip it the fuck off” grunts out a struggling Tisha as she pushes a knee strike from her top side knee at Sierra from the laying position.  At the same instant, Sierra tries to pull her leg high enough to get it over Tisha’s hip to keep her trapped on her side.

Tisha moving just a tad bit quicker seizes the initiative and jams her knee into Sierra’s thigh landing the blow directly on Sierra’s quad muscle.  Sierra cries out in pain as she continues to take abuse from Tisha.  Tisha’s leg continues its momentum and slides on over the top of Sierra’s leg allowing Tisha to take the higher position of the two and pinning Sierra on her side.

At the same time, Tisha continues to mangle Sierra’s breast for what seems an eternity.  The pain almost enough to bring tears to Sierra’s eyes.  “Fuck!!” Sierra cries out in pain and frustration as she gives up on the idea of breaking Tisha’s grip.  Instead, Sierra slides her hand off of Tisha’s arm and slaps it onto Tisha’s chest going for her large soft breast in an attempt to provide some payback.

Tisha lets out a moan of pain as she joins Sierra in suffering through the breast mauling.  Both girls squeeze and claw the others chest.  Tisha’s continued efforts results in her dislodging Sierra’s bikini top even further out of position.

Now both Sierra and Tisha are crying out in pain as they mutually tear into each other.  The crowd is on its feet chanting out the name of their favorite fighter as the struggle intensifies for control of the action.  Tisha begins to slowly push her upper body higher as she presses forward in an attempt to try and roll atop Sierra.  Sierra slides her other hand up higher as she feels for and then grabs hold of Tisha’s hair trying to pull Tisha’s head toward her chest as they lay side to side.

The crowd continues to cheer on their favorite knowing this could be a crucial point in the action.  The pace having been fast and furious now slows to a grinding war of attrition as they each try to exert their will on the other.  Both girls are breathing hard and panting loudly from the incredibly fast tempo of the fight.  With the tug on the hair bringing Tisha towards Sierra, the momentum of the struggle carries Tisha atop Sierra as Sierra is rolled to her back.

“Fucking got ya now” hisses out Tisha as she finds herself suddenly atop Tisha.  The struggle leaving the two lying full out body to body with Tisha atop Sierra.  Tisha’s top leg carries over to the outside of Sierra’s legs as she lands with her one leg straddling Sierra’s body.  The other leg more or less atop Sierra’s other leg as they struggle for position.

“Not a chance whore” grunts out Sierra as she works hard to stop Tisha from furthering her advantage.  Tisha continues fighting hard to slide her second leg outside of Sierra’s to finish the straddle of her opponent and position herself for what she plans to be an eventual pin.  Sierra struggling to keep her leg outside Tisha’s to prevent that outcome.

Tisha’s attempt to raise up and mount Sierra is impeded by Sierra’s hand in her hair.  The hair pull keeps Tisha’s head held down at chest level for the moment.  Both girls continue to have a hand on the other’s chest as they try to maintain the breast mauling holds.  Each fighter continues to groan and gasp from the pain being inflicted by her opponent.

While Tisha works her leg hard trying to fully straddle her opponent, Sierra works equally hard to get that leg hooked between hers.  The mini-battle continues for a moment until Sierra is finally able to slide her legs around Tisha’s.  While Sierra is able to prevent the leg from sliding outside hers, she is wasn’t able to get a firm grip on Tisha’s leg.  Tisha narrowly missing the opportunity to take a more dominant position atop Sierra.

Tisha, with her other hand now coming reaches high aiming to shove the hand right into Sierra’s face.  Tisha’s works more or less blindly since Sierra has her head held down with a nice hair pull as she controls Tisha’s head for the moment.  As Tisha shoves her hand up over Sierra’s nose and mouth area, Sierra swings her arm over the top of Tisha’s head catching her with one arm hooking her head in a sort of face lock hold as she pulls the head slightly off center now.   Tisha lets out a groan and squeezes her hand over Sierra’s face digging her fingers into Sierra.

YAAAAIIIEEEE yells out Sierra as the fingers digging into her face create a sudden searing pain. Sierra thrashes her head side to side trying to either shake the hand or at least minimize the damage.  Tisha still trying to win the leg battle tries to slide her leg free and resume the effort to get it outside of Sierra’s.  Her efforts fail as Sierra manages to lock a tight scissor hold on the leg resulting in Tisha now being stuck in her position.

Tisha mind now racing as she searches for an idea to help her overcome Sierra.  The breast mauling has not had the effect Tisha had hoped for and she is now stuck in position atop Sierra with her head hooked tightly.  She ducks her chin down expecting Sierra to try and get her arms around her neck and start choking her as she tries to wiggle her head free.  At the same time, she lets go of the breast and shoves that hand up high feeling her way across Sierra’s chest to her neck as she shoves the hand into position to choke Sierra.

Sierra drops uses her arm not hooking Tisha’s head to shoot a couple of hard punches into Tisha’s ribs from a wide angle.  As each lands with a dull THUMP sound Tisha moans out in pain.  The punches aren’t particularly hard, but the fight has been frantic and going for some time no so any blow has an impact at this juncture.  Sierra looking to soften Tisha up now that she has her trapped and unable to fully mount her.

“Get off my face BITCHHHH!!!” screams out an increasingly angry Sierra as she shifts her hand from punching and tries to fully apply a choke hold to the face lock move.  Tisha’s chin is tucked securely to her chest for the moment and Sierra is unable to wiggle the hold into place.

“Just give UP!!!” screams Tisha as she digs her fingers into Sierra’s face and starts to choke her.  Sierra’s mouth opens and she gasps out ACCKKKK.  The hand on her throat no a great choke, but enough that Sierra feels the impact of the hold.

“Stop with the face you fucking bitch!!!” screams Sierra as she keeps trying to turn her head to escape Tisha fingers.  The crowd sensing the fighters growing angry and frustrated cheers louder anticipating a rough and hard end to this fight.  Tisha stubbornly tries to pull her leg free to no avail as Sierra has it wrapped tightly between her long and strong legs.

Tisha, knowing that Sierra is looking to apply a choke hold on her, decides to drop her hand off the face and get both hands wrapped around Sierra’s neck.  Tisha’s goal is to choke her out before she can do teh same to her.  Sierra gasps and gags out as Tisha continues to weakly choke her.

Tisha’s grunts and panting suddenly changes tone as Sierra pushes her shoulder higher to work her face lock around the Tisha’s neck.  The sudden shift from panting to gasp and choking sounds indicates to Sierra and the crowd that the slight move higher did the trick.  Finally able to get her arm under the chin, Sierra has Tisha trapped in what looks almost like a guillotine choke hold type position.

Tisha’s body stiffens as she suddenly has her air thoroughly cut off by the hold.  She maintains her choking hold on Sierra, but the move isn’t nearly as effective as the one Sierra is now using.  The choking and gagging sounds coming from Tisha sound horrendous as Sierra leans her body slightly back using her length to add leverage.

The crowd cheers hard for their favorite as it now appears to be a race to who can more effectively cut off their opponent’s air.  Both try hard to force the other to submit or pass out at this point.  After about 20 seconds, Tisha’s hands weaken their grip and it becomes clear to the crowd she is losing the battle at this point.  Sierra still feels as if she is being choked to death even though the crowd can tell Tisha’s hands are weakening.

The officiator moves in close wanting to make sure the fight is stopped at the first sign of one of the girls passing out.  After another few moments, Tisha stops moving and the crowd cheers.  Sierra continues to pour on the pressure as she leans back not realizing Tisha has been choked out by her guillotine style hold.

“That’s it she is done” says the officiator tapping Sierra on the shoulder.  Sierra doesn’t fully comprehend what she is being told and maintains the hold.  The officiator reaches in and peels her hands off Tisha’s neck and Sierra lays back on the rug with Tisha atop her passed out.

“Oh my fucking god!!!! Get this bitch the fuck off of me!!!” she snarls out to the officiator as Tisha’s dead weight has her pinned to the floor still.  The officiator gently slides Tisha off to the side after untangling Sierra and Tisha’s legs.

Sierra lays back for a moment as the crowd cheers for her victory over Tisha.  She pulls both hands over her face feeling the places where Tisha dug her nails into her face.  Her eyes are watering a bit from the pain, anger and frustration of the fight.  She is tired and hurting from Tisha’s attacks.  After several moments she rolls over and climbs to her feet.  She looks a bit wobbly from the effort of the fight.

Sierra kneels down planting her knee on Tisha’s lower back and begins to slap Tisha’s ass.  Sierra takes her time since her opponent is out cold, and delivers the spanking for the crowd’s benefit and for Tisha to watch on video later.  With each slap, Tisha’s butt jiggles slightly.  The slapping shows Tisha’s ass is more muscle than fat as the jiggling is very limited.  Sierra draws a tired smile as she wraps up the spanking.

Sierra rises up to her feet and shoves her foot down atop Tisha’s ass as she stands over her beaten foe.  With one hand on her hip and the other clutching at her battered breast, Sierra takes a moment to appreciate her hard-earned victory as she looks down at Tisha.

“Fucking bitch” snaps Sierra still angry about the claws to her face, but really too tired at this point to do anything further to Tisha.  Sierra turns and strides out toward her changing room as she leaves Tisha out cold.  Sierra departs the room to the cheers of the crowd.