AWC Fight Times Mag 1 Chloe versus Glenna

The second fight of the round robin tournament featured Chloe and Glenna.

Chloe (5’4 117lbs 20 y/o) lives near Eugene, OR.  She is currently a student at the University of Oregon and a member of the cheer team.  She is studying to be an exercise physiologist or a physical therapist.  She spends a considerable amount of time in the gym as part of the team in various conditioning and strength building exercises.  She loves to hike and be outdoors when she has free time.  Chloe’s response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter  — “I’m the prettiest.  I win at everything I do.  Cheerleaders are athletes.  I plan to show up all these bitches who think cheer girls are weak.  And trust me, I’M A SERIOUS BITCH!”  Chloe won her first fight over Melissa.


0 -Chloe Pre-Fight

Glenna (5’4 115 pounds 26 y/o) lives near Sydney Australia.  Glenna works as a receptionist in a professional services firm.  Her favorite leisure activity is to bicycle and swim.  She has participated in a small local club that oil wrestles in various night spots in Australia.  Glenna’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I’m very fit.  I have been on the mat a number of times and understand just what is expected out there.  I like to win and there is nothing more satisfying than controlling another girl and making her give up.” Coming into the fight Glenna is 0-4 with losses to Bao, Anushka, Drury and Lisa.

0 - Glenna Pre-Fight
Glenna Standing Ready for the Fight to Begin
0 - Chloe and Glenna Pre-Fight
Glenna and Chloe Before the Fight Begins
8 - Chloe and Glenna Getting Started
As the fight begins, Chloe wastes little time in dancing in close to Glenna and throwing slaps at her body and head.  Glenna fights back attempting to do the same, but the blonde is clearly quicker.  The quickness advantage allows Chloe to land several shots on Glenna as they battle in the early going.
9 - Chloe Gets a Head Lock
After several minutes of battling, Chloe darts in close and loops her arm over Glenna’s head and secures a tight head lock.  Glenna strains to break free as Chloe tries to choke the breath from her.
10 - Chloe Trying to Keep the Headlock as the Fight Goes to the Floor
Glenna is able to pull Chloe to the floor as she tries to wrestle her way free of the head lock.  Glenna works hard to pull free as the fighters grapple on the floor.
11 - Glenna Breaks Free and Tries to Wrap Chloe Up
Glenna pops her head free after some effort.  Now free of the head lock, Glenna tries to wrestle Chloe into her control.  Glenna wraps up a leg with a scissors as she tries to secure a full nelson hold on her back.
12 - Chloe Shoves Her Ass Into Glenna
Chloe is able to push her way free of Glenna and then drops her ass down onto the red head’s belly rather than roll free.  The attack catches Glenna unprepared as she gasps out loudly with her breath forced from her body.
13 - Glenna Shoves Free and Goes For Control of Chloe
After several ass drops to the body, a gasping Glenna rolls Chloe off of her and tries to secure a hold from the rear. Glenna’s attempt to get a rear choke hold on Chloe is thwarted by Chloe’s quickness as the blonde avoids being trapped.
14 - Chloe Back in Control and Wearing Glenna Down
Chloe is able to use her quickness to get turned over and trap Glenna on the floor under her. The Australian is struggling for breath as Chloe continues to wear her down with several punches to her belly area. The continued attack on her air supply is clearly taking a toll on the gasping and panting red head.
14 - Chloe Back in Control and Wearing Glenna Down view 2
A second view of the action showing Chloe jamming punches to the red head’s belly.
15 - Chloe Squeezing Out A Surrender
With Glenna out of breath and seemingly defeated, Chloe rotates her body to slip herself over the top of Glenna.  Chloe pins Glenna’s arm and legs as she slides her thighs around Glenna’s head.  With Glenna unable to resist her, Chloe applies a nasty reverse head scissors hold and shoves her ass into Glenna’s face.
15 - Chloe Squeezing Out A Surrender View 2
A second view of Chloe ending the fight with a nasty reverse head scissor hold on the beaten red head.  Glenna is forced to scream out her surrender as Chloe mashes her head between her strong thighs.

After forcing a screaming surrender from Glenna with her reverse head scissor hold, Chloe climbs to her feet and waves her hands over her head to the crowd’s cheers.  Chloe smiles briefly before shifting to an intense look as she thinks about her upcoming battle with Lisa for the tournament championship the next evening.