AWC Fight Times Mag 1 Chloe versus Lisa

The third and final fight of the round robin tournament featured Chloe and Lisa.  With both of the fighters defeating Glenna, this match will decide the champion of the tournament.  With both fighters engaging in some pre-fight trash talking of the other, this fight is expected to be rough and hotly contested as neither will want to give the other the satisfaction of the win.

Chloe (5’4 117lbs 20 y/o) lives near Eugene, OR.  She is currently a student at the University of Oregon and a member of the cheer team.  She is studying to be an exercise physiologist or a physical therapist.  She spends a considerable amount of time in the gym as part of the team in various conditioning and strength building exercises.  She loves to hike and be outdoors when she has free time.  Chloe’s response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter  — “I’m the prettiest.  I win at everything I do.  Cheerleaders are athletes.  I plan to show up all these bitches who think cheer girls are weak.  And trust me, I’M A SERIOUS BITCH!”  Chloe is 2-0 with wins over Melissa and Glenna.

0 -Chloe Pre-Fight
Chloe before the fight.  Coming into the fight Chloe has talked about kicking Lisa’s ass and putting her in her place after several testy exchanges through social media.

Lisa (5’5” 120 lbs 20 y/o) lives near Boston.  She is a full-time student at a small private school in the Boston area.  She was a tomboy growing up and played softball, ran track and competed as a gymnast.   Lisa loves hitting the gym to stay in great shape and likes being the center of attention.  She is very confident in her abilities and believes she is a success in everything she does.  Lisa’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment Fighter — “It’s simple — I’m a winner.  I have competed all my life and I win.  No, I dominate.  That’s why I’ll be a great Apartment Wrestler.”  Coming into the fight Lisa is 2-1 with a loss to Drury and wins over Sofia and Glenna.

0 - Lisa Pre-Fight
Lisa enters the room ready to fight Chloe.  Lisa is confident and cocky.  After several heated exchanges with Chloe, Lisa has promised to make the “Cheerleader princess beg her for mercy!”
0 - Lisa and Chloe Pre-fight
Lisa and Chloe exchange insults from across the room as they prepare to fight.
16 - An Intense Chloe and Lisa Prepare to Fight
The fighters approach one another as they wait for the command to begin the fight.  The heated exchange continues as neither backs down from the other.  The hostile exchanges stir up the crowd as the battle for the championship of the tournament is set to get started.
17 - Lisa Gets an Early Advantage
Lisa gets off to a good start by grabbing Chloe by her long blonde hair and yanked her opponent off balance.  Following up on her early edge, Lisa throws a punch or two to Chloe’s upper body.
18 - Lisa Gets Control of Chloe
Chloe is unable to counter Lisa’s early match offensive as the mouthy brunette torments the blonde with further punishment. Chloe is caught from behind as Lisa goes for a nasty choking hold. Lisa can be heard demanding a submission from Chloe as she continues to physically abuse the blonde.
19 - Chloe Breaks Free and Tries to Tackle Lisa
Chloe slips out of the choke hold and turns back into Lisa.  Lisa is surprised by Chloe’s attack as the blonde tries to wrap up and take Lisa to the floor.
20 - Lisa Buries an Elbow iin Chloes Back
Lisa pushes Chloe off of her waist and shuts down Chloe’s attack with a hard elbow in the back. Chloe groans out loudly as she drops to the floor on her hands and knees. Lisa stands over her downed opponent and launches a nasty verbal barrage.
21 - Chloe Get a Leg and Works to Upend Lisa
Chloe grabs an unsuspecting Lisa by her ankle and yanks her foot out from under her body. Lisa lets out a cry of pain and surprise as Chloe takes her to the floor.
22 - Chloe Working the Leg
Lisa lands hard on her back and moans out loudly.  The stunned brunette is now at Chloe’s mercy as the blonde begins to twist and maul Lisa’s leg. The moans turn to screams of agony as Lisa reflexively covers her face with her hand.
23 - Chloe Pounding on an Injured Lisa
Chloe slides her body up pinning the mangled leg under her shapely ass. Lisa tries to push the blonde off, but Chloe senses Lisa’s desperation and presses the attack. Chloe lands a series of punches to Lisa’s belly forcing gasps and moans from Lisa.
24 - Chloe Strips and Mauls Lisa
Lisa’s defenses are quickly overpowered as Chloe ruthlessly continues her attack. The blonde overpowers Lisa and pins her arms freeing her up to strip Lisa of her bikini top. With Lisa’s chest exposed, Chloe begins to maul Lisa’s bare breasts. The once mouthy brunette cries out in pain as the ruthless blonde works her over.
25 - Lisa Breaks Free and Chloe Goes Right Back After Her
Desparate and on the verge of defeat, Lisa tries to escape as Chloe transitions holds.  Lisa’s injured leg fails to support her movements leaving her at Chloe’s mercy as she keeps Lisa firmly in her grasp. With Lisa’s resistance more or less broken, Chloe now ratchets up her own verbal abuse of the brunette.
26 - Chloe Gets Behind LIsa
Unable to escape, Lisa is at the mean blonde’s mercy.  Chloe continues her mauling of Lisa as the crowd cheers her on.  Using Lisa’s hair as a handle, Chloe yanks the brunette around while ripping at her face and neck. Lisa continues to cry out loudly in pain as Chloe continues her devastating attacks. Lisa’s refusal to submit comes at a steep price.
27 - Chloe Forcing a Screamed Surrender from Lisa
A merciless Chloe pulls the whimpering brunette between her thighs and lashes out verbally at Lisa. The beaten brunette is forced to endure a humiliating surrender as the blonde makes her eat every bit of the pre-match comments. Chloe proceeds to show off to the rowdy crowd as she celebrates her hard fought victory.
28 - Chloe Rubbing in the Win
Chloe humiliates her battered and beaten opponent as she makes her eat all of her pre-match comments.