AWC Fight Times Mag 1 Dena versus Lola

The final fight for Fight Times Magazine 1 features Dena as she tries to get her first win in the AWC.  Her opponent for the fight is Lola who is looking to bounce back from a loss in her last fight.

Dena (5’5 120 lbs 26 y/o) lives near Fresno.  She is a bartender in a local night spot, works as a hairdresser and occasionally works as a model in the area.  Dena recently dropped out of college, and completed beauty school.  Her goal is to own her own salon.  She views Apartment Wrestling as an opportunity to make that happen.  Dena’s response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter – “Most of those girls are pampered little princess types.  I have worked for everything in my life.  My toughness and hard work will help me succeed.  I will kick ass!!!”  Dena lost her first fight against Zarah and is looking to get her first AWC win.


Lola (5’4 124 lbs 18 y/o) lives in a small community outside Portland.  She is currently a student at Portland State taking her basic general education requirements.  When she isn’t in class, she works a part-time job as a hostess at a local restaurant.  She loves outdoor activities and ran track in high school.  She is in great shape and hopes to make some extra money for college by fighting in the Club.  In high school, Lola dated a member of the wrestling team and they used to spar for fun.  Lola’s response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I’m pretty tough.  I wrestled a lot with my boyfriend and I had some fights in high school.  I didn’t lose so that has to count for something.  If you cross me I will beat your ass.  I have a dominant personality and I love new adventures.”  Lola won her first match versus Annie and then was dominated by Selena in her last fight.  Tonight she looks to get back to winning.

0 - Dena Before the Fight
Dena enters the room and plays up to the small crowd in attendance.  She appears confident and ready for the fight.
0 - Lola Before the Fight
Lola enters the room and stands confident and ready to fight.  Lola locks her stare on Dena and tries to intimidate her before the fight begins.
0 - Dena and Lola Before the Fight
Both fighters smile for the cameras as they stand waiting for the fight to begin.
1 - Fight is About to Start
Dena and Lola approach one another as the fight is about to begin. Dena’s facial expressions show her intensity as she seeks her first win and some redemption for her prior loss to Zarah.
2 - Dena Lands a Hard Belly Punch to Start off the Fight
Dena strikes first by burying her right fist in Lola’s belly as the fighters begin to grapple. Lola reacts to the attack by grabbing hold of Dena and pushing tightly against her body. An intense struggle breaks out as each tries to overpower the other.
3a - Lola Drives a Knee Home as Dena Struggles to Get Free
After struggling across the floor the fighters approach the wall. Lola manages to yank Dena forward by her hair and before Dena can react Lola lands a knee in her midsection. The hard shot to the body forces a loud gasp from Dena as the air is driven from her body.
3 - Lola Smashes Dena to the Wall
Lola follows up while Dena gasps from the knee to the body. Lola yanks Dena to the side and smashes her head first into the wall. The attack forces a cry of pain from Dena as her head is banged into the hard wall.
4 - Lola Hammering at Dena's Body
Lola spins Dena around and pins her to the wall. With Dena seemingly stunned and unable to fight back, Lola continues her attack as she throws punches to Dena’s body. Lola now confidently thinks Dena is finished.
5 - Dena Counter Attacks and Catches Lola Off Guard
Lola pays for her overconfidence as Dena is able to pull a hand free and slam a hard forearm into Lola’s face. Lola staggers back and Dena hooks her arm yanking her in close. With Lola now caught off guard, Dena drives an elbow into her back. With the tables now turned, it’s Lola’s turn to cry out in pain.
6 - Dena Continues Trying to Rough Up Lola
Dena drives Lola to her knees and works to secure her arm. Lola cries out in pain as her body is bent by Dena’s attack. Dena follows up by slipping a hand onto Lola’s neck and begins to choke her struggling opponent.
7 - Lola About to Upend an Unsuspecting Dena
Dena rotates her body after dumping Lola onto her ass. A confident Dena continues to twist Lola’s neck as she appears to be firmly in control of the match. Dena takes the opportunity to demand that Lola submit. Submitting is the last thing on Lola’s mind as she wraps up Dena’s leg.
8 - Lola Dumps Dena to the Floor Onto Her Back
Lola puts her wrestling skills to use as she suddenly twists and rips Dena’s leg out from under her. Dena fails to maintain her balance and is dumped to the floor hard landing on her back. The loud crashing sound of Dena hitting the floor is punctuated by Lola’s loud growl as she pushes her body forward and starts to roll Dena up.
9 - Lola Drives a Knee Into Dena
Lola pushes to her feet as her stunned and defenseless opponent is unable to respond to her attack. Rising up to her feet, Lola yanks at Dena’s hair while driving her knee down into the hairdresser’s body. The gasps and moans coming from Dena echo through the room as Lola goes to work on her body.
10 - Lola Trapping and Smothering Dena
Lola lets out a loud attack cry and she drives her full body weight down on Dena’s chest. Planting her ass firmly on Dena’s upper body, Lola drives the air from her opponent. Lola slides higher and drops her body down on her battered opponent. Using two handfuls of hair, Lola pulls Dena’s face up into her crotch as she applies a smothering face sitting hold.
10 - Lola Trapping and Smothering Dena View 2
A second view of Lola applying a face sitting smother to Dena.
11 - Lola Takes Her Win as She Poses with Dena
After forcing a gasping submission from Dena, Lola pulls her opponent to her feet and displays her to the crowd. Lola verbally abuses Dena as she make her beg for mercy.

Lola proudly celebrates as she gets back to winning in the AWC.  Her victory celebration comes at the expense of a devastated Dena who suffers her second straight loss in the AWC.  Following the match, Dena is left questioning whether she should continue in the AWC.