AWC Fight Times Mag 2 Hailey versus Luisa

The first fight of the round robin tournament featured Hailey and Luisa.

Hailey (5’5 135 pounds 25 y/o) lives in Oklahoma.  She works as a receptionist and is going to school part time with hopes of becoming a law enforcement officer.  Hailey is in average shape and tends to get to the gym once a week at best because of her job and school schedules.  She also likes to head to the club and have fun quite a bit too.  Hailey’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I’m a bad ass bitch and don’t forget it!” So far, Hailey has won fights against Tracey and Hannah and lost to Suzette and Krista making her 2-2 overall.

0 - Hailey Before the Fight
Hailey getting ready for the fight to start.

Luisa (5’6 130 lbs 25 y/o) lives near Caracas, Venezuela.  She is somewhat of a local celebrity and the mistress of a reputed drug lord.  She spends a considerable amount of time in the gym and in the clubs partying.  She has had her fair share of fights in order to defend her turf and social status.  Luisa’s response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I am a nasty, mean, spiteful, dominating bitch.  I take what I want and leave people in my way in ruins.  Fighting is part of life.  None of these weak sluts are tough enough to take me on!”  Luisa has dominated Britta in her only fight so far and is now 1-0.

0 - Luisa Before the Fight
Luisa getting ready for the fight to start.
0 - Luisa and Hailey Prepare to Fight
Hailey and Luisa prepare to battle it out in the opening match of the round robin tournament.
1 - Luisa Tries to Strike First
At the command to fight, Luisa aggressively goes on the attack.  This is no surprise to Hailey after watching Luisa’s prior fight on video.  Hailey is prepared for Louisa’s wild assault and is able to block the numerous punches directed at her.
2 - Hailey Gets An Arm
After avoiding Louisa’s reckless attacks, Hailey moves into position to secure a solid grip on her opponents’ arm.  Rather than try to apply an arm hold, Hailey yanks Luisa around in a circle by the arm to get her opponent off balance.
3 - Hailey Lands a Kick
Managing to get Luisa off balance from being slung in a circle, Hailey lashes out with a kick at her opponent’s lower leg in an attempt to trip Luisa and send her tumbling to the floor.  Hailey unleashes a verbal attack on Luisa including yelling out “You’re no fucking champion puta!!!”
4 - Struggle on Their Knees
Hailey succeeds in her effort to topple Luisa to the floor; however, she fails to keep her own balance and ends up dropping to the floor on her knees.  Luisa recovers and the two lock up on their knees with each trying to overpower the other.
5 - Luisa Catches Hailey's Head
Luisa is able to out wrestle Hailey as she pulls the big brunette off balance and forward into a face lock.   With an arm hooked under Hailey’s neck, Luisa tries to choke her opponent.
5 - Luisa with a Face Lock View 2
Another view of the action as Luisa gets a face lock on Hailey and tries to choke her opponent.
6 - Hailey Drives Luisa to Her Back
Hailey digs in and powers her body forward driving Luisa off balance and to the floor.  With Luisa on her back, Hailey struggles to pull her head free of Luisa’s grip.
6 - Hailey Drives Luisa to Her Back View 2
Another view of the struggle as Hailey works hard to escape Luisa’s face lock hold.
7 - Hailey Pins Luisa On Her Back
Hailey pulls her head free as she now takes control of the action.  With Luisa trapped underneath her body, Hailey returns the favor as she pushes her hand under Luisa’s chin forcing her neck back as she looks for a possible choke hold.
8 - Luisa Fighting Free
Luisa wraps her arms around Hailey’s head and pushes her way off the floor as she rolls the two sideways.  Hailey struggles to remain atop Luisa as her Latin American opponent shows her strength as she rolls the big brunette to the side.
9 - Luisa Smothering Hailey
After a brief struggle, Luisa is able to roll Hailey over onto her back.  With her opponent trapped under her body, Luisa slides forward driving her chest down over Hailey’s face in an attempt to smother the fight out of her opponent.
10 - Luisa Pinning Hailey Down
Luisa raises up thinking she has Hailey finished off.  With Hailey trapped under her, Luisa tries to slide up and secure a finishing pin hold on her out of breath opponent.
11 - Hailey Tries to Kick Free
Luisa underestimates the fight left in Hailey.  The brunette battler hooks her legs around Luisa’s arms and shoves her hands into Luisa’s body in an attempt to topple Luisa from her perch.
12 - The Fighters End Up a Tangled Mess
Hailey tries to secure Luisa’s legs, but the latin fighter manages to shove her foot into the side of Hailey’s face as they lie tangled on the floor.
12 - The Fighters End Up a Tangled Mess View 2
A second view of the fighters on the floor tangled together.
13 - Luisa Regains Control and Punishes Hailey
The foot to the face allows Luisa to slip free of Hailey’s legs and roll herself over atop the struggling brunette.  With Hailey struggling to remain in the fight, Luisa shoves her ass towards her struggling opponent’s face.
13 - Luisa Regains Control and Punishes Hailey View 2
Another view of Hailey trapped and in trouble.
14 - Luisa Dominating Hailey.png
Luisa pushes herself upright atop Hailey and shoves her ass into her opponent.  Now in charge and with Hailey secured under her, Luisa beings to pound the fight out of Hailey.
14 - Luisa Dominating Hailey view 2
Hailey getting a nice view of Luisa’s firm ass as the Colombian pummels her.
15 - Luisa Finishing Off Hailey
Luisa spins back around atop and gasping and fading Hailey to position herself for a brutal attack.  With Hailey unable to protect herself, Luisa unleashes a brutal slapping and punching attack to finish Hailey
16 - Luisa Displaying Hailey
Luisa displays her beaten and distraught opponent as she accepts the cheers of the crowd.

Luisa manages to get the win after a long and hard battle with a stubborn Hailey.  After finally subduing Hailey, Luisa forced her to cry out her submission to the crowd.