AWC Fight Times Mag 2 Hailey versus Milena

The second fight of the round robin tournament featured Hailey and Milena.

Hailey (5’5 135 pounds 25 y/o) lives in Oklahoma.  She works as a receptionist and is going to school part time with hopes of becoming a law enforcement officer.  Hailey is in average shape and tends to get to the gym once a week at best because of her job and school schedules.  She also likes to head to the club and have fun quite a bit too.  Hailey’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I’m a bad ass bitch and don’t forget it!” So far, Hailey has won fights against Tracey and Hannah and lost to Suzette, Krista and Luisa making her 2-3 overall.

0 - Hailey Before the Fight
Hailey preparing to fight Milena.

Milena (5’6 125 lbs 21 y/o) lives outside of Yerevan in Armenia.  She works in a small manufacturing company during the day and helps out in a family operated coffee house when she is off work.  She wants Apartment Wrestling to provide her with an escape from this grind and some adventure.  Milena’s response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I am strong.  I work hard.  I need to win.  I won’t let some other girl take my opportunity.  I will crush and destroy them.  Life is hard and I am hard.”  Milena has beating Inga and lost to Sukara.  Her current record is 1-1.

0 - Milena Before the Fight
Milena preparing to fight Hailey.
0 - Hailey and Milena Before the Fight
Hailey and Milena take to the rug in the second match of the round robin tournament.
17 - Hailey and Milena Tangle
Milena launches herself across the floor as the two fighters collide in a wild melee. Hailey is able to catch Milena’s right arm and get her own right hand into Milena’s face forcing her opponent to cry out in pain and shock.
18 - Hailey Driving Milena Off Balance
Hailey is able to drive her body into Milena forcing her head back and her body off balance. The girls now both growling and cursing at one another as Hailey tries to topple Milena over and to the floor.
18 - Hailey Trying to Trap and Choke Milena
Hailey succeeds in driving Milena off balance and drives her back and to the floor. Milena lands hard as Hailey comes down atop her body. Hailey moves quickly to take advantage of a stunned Milena as she pins an arm and slides her forearm across Milena’s throat forcing gagging and choking sounds from the blonde.
19 - Milena Reverses the Situation As They Scramble
Hailey raises up slightly to get more leverage for her choke hold and Milena takes advantage of her mistake as she shoots her leg up hooking it over Hailey’s upper body. Using her strong legs, Milena pulls Hailey off her pinning position and frees herself from her opponent’s choke attack.
20 Milena Trying to Get a Choke Hold on Hailey
Hailey tries to scramble free to prevent Milena from catching her in a scissor hold. While she is successful in getting out of that predicament, Milena is quick to purse her opponent and catches Hailey from behind wrapping an arm around Hailey’s neck to return the favor.
21 - Hailey Struggling to Roll Free
Milena rolls Hailey over to her belly on the floor as she maintains her positioning on her opponent’s back.  The tough blonde continues to choke and control Hailey.  The sounds of gagging and choking fill the room as the tough European fighter takes it to Hailey.
22 - Milena Captures Hailey
After weakening Hailey with a prolonged choke hold, Milena hooks her opponent’s chin and yanks her up off the floor.  Trapping one arm, Milena rides Hailey’s back as she bends her screaming opponent’s body.  Hailey is trapped and unable to free herself as Milena punishes her mercilessly.
23 - Milena Wearing Down Hailey
With Hailey unable to resist any further, Milena chokes, bends and smothers her as the crowd cheers for the cruel blonde.  Hailey’s arms dangle limply by her side as Milena continues to punish the brunette.
24 - Milena Finishing the Fight
Milena holds Hailey’s head up forcing her to beg for mercy as she slaps her in the side of the face.  With each slap, Hailey cries out in pain.  It doesn’t take long for Hailey to cry out her submission.  Milena continues to torment and taunt Hailey after her submission until she is finally forced off of Hailey’s back by the officiator.
24 - Milena Finishing the Fight Version 2
A close-up view of the action as Hailey screams out her surrender.

Milena climbs off of a battered and dominated Hailey and celebrates to the cheers of the fans in the room.  Milena then mingles with the fans as the officiator tends to a her defeated opponent and accepts their congratulations.  Flexing her muscular body, Milena comments “I am too powerful to be beaten by these girls!!!”