AWC Fight Times Mag 2 Luisa versus Milena

The third and final fight of the round robin tournament featured Luisa and Milena.  With both of the fighters defeating Hailey, this match will decide the champion of the tournament.  Both fighters have displayed hot tempers and have not backed away from rough and nasty fighting tactics.  The fight was expected to be strongly contested by both and that is exactly how things played out as the tournament champion was decided.

Luisa (5’6 130 lbs 25 y/o) lives near Caracas, Venezuela.  She is somewhat of a local celebrity and the mistress of a reputed drug lord.  She spends a considerable amount of time in the gym and in the clubs partying.  She has had her fair share of fights in order to defend her turf and social status.  Luisa’s response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I am a nasty, mean, spiteful, dominating bitch.  I take what I want and leave people in my way in ruins.  Fighting is part of life.  None of these weak sluts are tough enough to take me on!”  Luisa has dominated Britta and Hailey so far and is now 2-0.

0 - Luisa Before the Fight
Luisa before the fight.

Milena (5’6 125 lbs 21 y/o) lives outside of Yerevan in Armenia.  She works in a small manufacturing company during the day and helps out in a family operated coffee house when she is off work.  She wants Apartment Wrestling to provide her with an escape from this grind and some adventure.  Milena’s response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I am strong.  I work hard.  I need to win.  I won’t let some other girl take my opportunity.  I will crush and destroy them.  Life is hard and I am hard.”  Milena has beaten Inga and Hailey and lost to Sukara.  Her current record is 2-1.

0 - Milena Before the Fight
Milena before the fight.
0 - Milena and Luisa Before the Fight
Luisa and Milena Prepare to Fight It Out in the Final Match of the Tourney.  Both fighters have defeated Hailey and meet for the tournament championship.  Coming into the fight both are confident of being able to defeat the other.
25 - Luisa Landing a Slap to Start the Fight
The fight gets off to a wild start as both fighters recklessly attack the other.  Luisa lands the first hard blow on Milena as her hard right cross slap turns the blonde’s head.
26 - Milena Goes on the Attack
Milena counter attacks and takes the fight to Luisa surprising the Colombian fighter. Getting a grip on her opponent’s hair, Milena lashes out with a slashing kick to Luisa’s leg.
27 - Struggling For Control
Luisa is staggered by the kick and pushes into Milena in hopes of overpowering the blonde.  Milena is ready and secures a grip on Luisa’s hair and arm as she tries to maneuver Luisa into her control.
28 - Milena Drives a Knee Home
Milena spins Luisa to the side and before the Colombian can react brings her right knee straight up into Luisa’s belly forcing a loud gasp from her opponent as the blow strikes home.
29 - Milena Stretches Luisa Out View 2
With Luisa doubled over, Milena slides fully to her backside and drags the arm with her as she secures both of Luisa’s arms before her opponent can recover from the knee strike.  Pulling Luisa’s arms back, Milena shoves a foot into Luisa’s back and bends the Colombian’s spine forcing a loud wail of pain.
29 - Milena Stretches Luisa Out
Another view of Milena bending Luisa’s back.
30 - Milena Trying to Force a Surrender
After several moments of punishing Luisa’s back, Milena drops her opponent to her knees hooking her chin as she continues to work over Luisa’s back.  Milena demands a surrender from Luisa as the Colombian fighter struggles to escape her merciless opponent.  For the first time in her short AWC career, Luisa is being dominated by an opponent.
31 - Milena Tries to Pummel Luisa
Milena yanks Luisa’s head back and tucks it between her upper thighs to trap her opponent before leaning forward and driving several punches into Luisa’s chest.  Milena seems upset that Luisa didn’t surrender to her earlier and yells out several verbal taunts as she jabs punches to Luisa’s soft breasts.
32 - An overextended Milena gets dumped
Milena leans further forward and lands a punch on Luisa’s belly button.  In a surprise move, Luisa takes advantage of Milena being off balance and leaning forward and powers out of the hold tossing Milena over the top of her and sending her crashing down on the couch face first.
33 - Luisa slams several punches to an exposed Milena
Milena is stunned by the sudden reversal and Luisa presses forward yelling obscenities as she keeps her grip on Milena’s leg forcing it up allowing  her access to drive repeated short jabbing punches into Milena’s low belly and crotch area.
34 Luisa Punishing Milena's Back
Luisa releases her gasping and moaning opponent and allows her to drop to the floor draped over the couch.  Coming to her feet, Luisa returns the favor from earlier and grinds her knee into Milena’s back while pulling her back by the arm and chin.  Luisa’s efforts are rewarded with cries of pain from Milena.
34 - Luisa Bending and mauling Milena View 2
Another view of Luisa bending Milena’s back.
35 - Luisa Slinging Milena to the Floor
After a prolonged bending and twisting of her opponent’s back and neck, Luisa steps back quickly yanking Milena off the couch and to her feet.  Before the unprepared blonde can get her footing, Luisa rips her over backwards and slings her down to the floor with a loud CRASH!!!
35 - Luisa Slinging Milena to the Floor View 2
Another view of Luisa slinging Milena to the floor.
36 - Luisa Stomping On Milena
The force of the impact with floor causes Milena to moan out loudly and roll across the floor ending up face down on her belly.  While the dazed blonde tries to recover her senses, Luisa struts around to the side of her opponent and lashes out with a series of slashing stomps into Milena’s back driving her forcefully to the floor.
37 - Luisa Slapping a Submission out of Milena
After a series of several stomps to the back, the officiator steps in and stops Luisa’s attack.  Luisa, not to be deprived of her surrender, drops to a knee and yanks Milena off the floor by the hair and slaps her face demanding a submission.  A groggy and dazed Milena cries out a surrender as Luisa unleashes a nasty verbal attack on her battered and demolished opponent.
38 - Luisa Posing on Milena
Luisa roughly flips Milena over to her back leaving her prone on the floor at her feet.  Milena’s arms and legs flop out limply to the floor while Luisa plays to the crowd celebrating her tournament championship.  Flexing her biceps, Luisa shoves her foot over Milena’s face and rubs her foot across her opponent’s mouth and nose to humiliate Milena in the process.