AWC Fight Times Mag 3 — Analise versus Catrin

The opening match of European Club fight night featured Analise taking on Catrin.  Both fighters entered the match with a strong desire to win the fight, but for separate reasons.  Analise came into this match with two straight losses including a match in which she was dominated by her opponent.  On the other side, Catrin wanted to start off her AWC career with a win to reward her sponsor for bringing her into the Club.

Before the start of the match, Analise was absolutely confident she would get the win over the rookie.  She was seen bragging to some fans in attendance that she would make quick work of the Boche and send her back home never wanting to fight in the AWC again.  Analise’s reputation for a rough and tumble fighting style certainly made it a possibility that Catrin could be overmatched and destroyed.

Catrin was a bit more reserved prior to the match and she was obviously nervous about participating in her first fight.  Catrin spent her pre-fight time trying to stretch and calm her nerves.

Analise (5’8 135 pounds 28 y/o) lives on the outskirts of Paris.  Analise works in a financial services firm.  In her free time she travels and hits the gym.  She has done some competitive swimming in her teens and early 20’s and still swims on a regular basis.  Analise’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I am big and I am strong.  I have no competition that can beat me.  French makes better lovers and better fighters.  I will win.”

0 - Analise Before the Fight
Analise standing ready for the fight to begin.

Catrin (5’6 132 lbs 23 y/o) lives near Frankfurt Germany.  Catrin is currently a student at the University studying journalism.  Her goal is to become a journalist and progress to an editor of a publication.  She played basketball all throughout her youth.  She no longer plays competitively, but she works out regularly by taking aerobic classes at the gym and running.  Catrin’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter – “I am a natural competitor.  I love to win!!!  I don’t lose because I hate losing immensely.  I know that I have what it takes to take on other girls and out fight them.  I will wrestle and grapple them into submission!!!”

0 - Catrin Before The Fight
Catrin before the fight begins.

As the fighters are introduced the crowd’s cheers echoed through the apartment.  The fans in the room seemed evenly divided for the fight with both fighters appearing to get an equal amount of cheers and shouts of encouragement.

0 - Catrin and Analise Face Off
Annalise and Catrin face off as they are introduced.  Analise took the pre-match introductions as an opportunity to try and get in Catrin’s head and effect her mental state.  The French fighter unleashed several taunts in Catrin’s direction with little response from her opponent.
1 - Analise Shoves Catrin
As the command to fight is given, Analise stalks forward confidently towards a waiting Catrin.  “We will see how many people cheer when I wipe the floor with you bitch” hisses Analise as she closes the gap.  Catrin puts her arms up and before she can react, Analise quickly shoves both hands into Catrin’s chest forcing her off balance with the shove.
1 - Analise Shoves Catrin View 2
Another view of Catrin being shoved by Analise.
2 - Catrin Drives into Analise
Analise laughs as Catrin stumbles back and the crowd cheers at the French girl’s opening move.  Catrin’s face turns to an angry look and she snarls out “FUCK YOU!!!”  With Analise busy laughing, Catrin growls out and dips her shoulder before lunging forward.  The sudden attack catches Analise off guard and Catrin is able to slam her body into her unsuspecting opponent.
2 - Catrin Drives into Analise View 2
Another view of Catrin driving into Analise.
3 - Catrin Goes After a Downed Analise
Analise hits the ground hard on her ass and Catrin goes on the attack. The fiery German shoots a knee at Analise’s chest, but the wily veteran is able to shove a hand up to avoid taking the brunt of the blow to her body.  Catrin tries to press her advantage thinking she has Analise in trouble in front of her as the crowd cheers her on.
3 - Catrin Goes After a Downed Analise View 2
Another view of Catrin attempting to slam a knee into Analise’s chest.
4 - Analise Grabs a Foot
Catrin pays for her rooking mistake as the veteran counter attacks.  After blocking the attack, Analise catches an unprepared Catrin by the foot and yanks her down.  Catrin lets out a loud shout of surprise as she is upended by Analise.
4 - Analise Grabs a Foot View 2
Another view of Analise taking Catrin down to the floor.
5 - Analise Going for Body Punching
Catrin bounces on her ass and rolls to her back as Analise tries to follow with another attack.  The hard hitting French fighter drives a series of punches at the German’s body.  As she punches at Catrin, the redhead throws her hands and legs up to prevent Analise from climbing atop her and deflects most of the punches.  As she drives punches down at Catrin, Analise yells out obscenities at the German.
5 - Analise Going for Body Punching View 2
Another view of Analise’s wild punching attack.
6 - Analise Goes for a Leg
Catrin’s squirming and defending with her legs forces Analise to back away from what turned into a mostly futile effort to land punches on Catrin’s body.  Switching tactics, Analise grabs Catrin’s leg and starts to bend it as the red head tries to slip away.  “I’ll break it off” snarls Analise trying to intimidate Catrin into a quick surrender.
6 - Analise Goes for a Leg View 2
Another view of Analise securing the leg.
7 - Catrin Lands a Hard Shot
Rather than try to slip away, Catrin reverses direction as Analise captures her leg.  The move towards her catches Analise by surprise and Catrin swings a hard backhand slap at her head.  Analise is unprepared the open handed slap lands directly of her undefended face.  The force of the blow momentarily stuns Analise as she drops Catrin’s legs and her body recoils back.
7 - Catrin Lands a Hard Shot View 2
Another view of the hard backhand to the face.
8 - Catrin Follows up with a Kick
With Analise stunned and her body pushed back, Catrin’s leg is suddenly freed up. She yanks her leg forward and rather than dart away, she shoves a back kick into Analise’s body forcing a loud groaning sound from the French girl.  “I’m not scared to fight you!!!” yells out Catrin causing her supporters in the crowd to erupt with shouts of support and encouragement.
8 - Catrin Follows up with a Kick View 2
Another view of Catrin driving a kick into Analise’s exposed belly.
9 - Analise Goes to the Floor and Catrin Wraps Her Up
The kick to the body forces a loud OOOOHHFFFF sound from Analise as she drops back off of her knees and plops down on her ass into a seated position.  Her mouth opens and closes as she struggles to catch her breath after the blow to her body.  Catrin takes advantage of Analise’s immobilization to roll towards her and slide into her lap.  Before Analise can prevent it, Catrin wraps her arms around Analise’s head and pulls her face into her chest in a smother hold.
9 - Analise Goes to the Floor and Catrin Wraps Her Up View 2
Another view of Catrin applying a smother hold on Analise.
10 - Catrin Tries to Smother Analise
Catrin pushes her body forward and knocks Analise to the floor on her back as she continues to keep her head forced into her chest.  MMMPHHH MMMPHHH sounds can be heard coming from underneath Catrin as she tries to smother a submission out of Analise.  “Now you submit to me!!!” hisses out Catrin sexily as the crowd noise grows even louder.
10 - Catrin Tries to Smother Analise View 2
Another view of Catrin’s attempt to gain a smothering submission.
11 - Analise Escapes and Tries to Turn the Tables on Catrin
Analise bucks and kicks as she pushes her hips up off the floor underneath Catrin.  The French fighter has too much strength remaining at this stage of the fight for the smother to end things and despite Catrin’s efforts, Analise rolls them over and moves atop Catrin.  Analise gets a hand in Catrin’s hair and another across her upper chest as she pushes their bodies apart.
11 - Analise Escapes and Tries to Turn the Tables on Catrin View 2
Another view of Analise escaping and gaining the upper position.
12 - Analise Takes Charge
After powering her way free of Catrin’s grip, Analise pushes up enough to go right back to driving shots into Catrin’s belly.  “I’ll show you how it is to have no breath in you!!!’ growls out Analise as the hard hitting French fighter’s anger shows.  With that Analise begins to thump a series of punches into Catrin’s belly as the red head struggles to get free.
12 - Analise Takes Charge View 2
Another view of Catrin taking some belly punches.
13 - Catrin Kicks Free
Catrin gasps and grunts out in pain as the strong punches land on her body.  Analise’s reputation for being a hard hitting and rough fighter clearly showing through now as the French hellcat pounds on the rooking.  “You will be finished!!!” taunts Analise as her fans cheer her on.  As Analise pauses her attack to catch a breath, Catrin manages to kick free from Analise and both scramble away from the other.

Catrin’s sudden bucking movement allows her to escape her tormentor and both fighters take the opportunity to regain their feet.  The German rookie’s mouth hangs open as she sucks in air following the attacks on her belly.  The evenly divided crowd cheers loudly as the two regain their composure and prepare to engage again.

“I like it when my bitch comes back for more punishment!!!” hisses out Analise as she pulls her hands up ready to engage in more action with Catrin.  The German’s face turns to a deep frown as she pulls her hands up.  “You aren’t tough enough to make me your bitch!!” retorts Catrin.

The girls circle for a moment as the crowd spurs each on to what they hope to be a victory in what has turned out to be a hard-fought match.  The clock showing thirteen minutes and twenty seconds and both fighters showing the wear and tear of the long and physical struggle.

14 - Facing Off
Analise and Catrin face off raising their fists and begin to circle. Both appear tired and worn down at this point as they suck in air.  The crowd encourages them as they exchange insults prior to resuming their battle.
15 - Analise lands a big punch
The two fighters circle and throw ineffective jabs as the other either steps out of the way or deflects the attempt.  After several moments of jostling for position, Catrin lunges in and throws a punch at Analise’s upper body.  The experienced French fighter dodges the errant hook and steps into a punch of her own after deflecting Catrin’s blow.  The rookie pays for her mistake as Analise lands a vicious punch on her belly.  Analise’s hard punch buries her fist deep into Catrin’s exposed belly forcing a loud HUNNNHHHHH sound from Catrin as the air rushes from her body.
15 - Analise lands a big punch View 2
Another view of Analise burying her fist into Catrin’s belly.
16 - Analise steps in for a knee to the body
Catrin groans out from the blow and leans forward into Analise as the shot rocks her body.  “Kick her ass” yells out an Analise fan as Catrin gasps and sputters.  “Let’s soften you up tough girl so you can beg me for my mercy!!!” hisses out Analise as she steps in closer and shoots her knee up into Catrin’s body.  Still rocked from Analise’s punch to her belly, Catrin is unable to prevent the attack and Analise lands a big knee into Catrin’s body.
16 - Analise steps in for a knee to the body View 2
Another view of Analise landing a knee.
17 - Analise Forces Catrin to Kneel
Catrin drops to the floor gasping for breath while Analise stands in front of her.  With her opponent down on all fours, the arrogant French fighters puts a foot on the top of Catrin’s  head and pats her to taunt her opponent while she gasps for her breath.  “Let’s finish  this shall we” teases Analise as she secures a grip on Carin’s arm pulling her up to a kneeling position in front of her.  “Do you surrender to me you inferior bitch!!!” yells out Analise.
18 Analise Working the Arm
Catrin fails to respond quickly enough to the demand for a surrender so Analise steps to the side and yanks and pulls Catrin’s arm back as she twists the German girl’s wrist forcing yelps of pain from her opponent.  “Come on Catrin break free” cries out a fan as his fighter cries out in pain from Analise’s attack.  “You will submit or I will break you for good!!” hisses out Analise.
19 - Analise Continues on the Arm
Analise brings Catrin to her feet and catches the arm in a nasty hammerlock. Using the arm lock, Analise walks Catrin around the room displaying the aching German to the crowd. Analise confident of her impending victory humiliates the red headed fighter as she displays her throughout the room.  “This is how a rookie gets beaten” repeats Analise multiple times as she walks a hurting Catrin around the room.  Each time Analise demands a surrender Catrin responds with a teeth clenching NEIN!!!!  At several points on the journey around the room, Analise pauses to push her knee up and bang it off of Catrin’s ass to show her dominance.
19 - Analise Continues on the Arm View 2
Another view of Analise applying the pressure to Catrin’s arm.

The officiator stays close and asks Catrin several times if she chooses to submit the match.  Each time Catrin grunts out a negative response.  The Analise fans cheer on her cruel treatment of the rookie fighter.  At several points, Catrin yells out “GET OFF ME!!” as Analise torments her.

20 - Analise tries to knee Catrin
“I tire of beating you” hisses out Analise after walking her around the room.  Bringing the movement to a stop, Analise lifts a knee up towardsCatrin’s hip as she snarls “Let’s just end this now!!”  Analise pauses a moment waiting for a surrender and when she doesn’t receive one she lifts her knee again.  This time Analise intends to slam her knee into Catrin’s ribcage.  After taking several knees to her ass and then her hip, Catrin anticipates the move Analise is about to execute.  After having been embarrassed by Analise, Catrin yells out in anger ready to turn the tables.  Analise’s knee attempt fails as Catrin catches Analise’s leg lifting it up and forcing the French fighter off balance.  The surprised French fighter lets out a WHHHAAA yell as she begins to teeter and the crowd suddenly becomes quiet as Catrin fights back.
20 - Analise tries to knee Catrin View 2
Another view of Analise trying to slam her knee home into Catrin only to have her leg captured.
21 - Catrin Hooks the Leg and Fights Back
With Analise’s leg trapped in her grip, Catrin lifts upwards on the leg as she pushes her body upright into her opponent.  Analise is completely surprised by the renewed resistance from Catrin as she assumed the submission was only moments away.  Catrin lets out a grunt sound as she straightens her back and comes more upright.  The movement up causes Analise to lose her balance and begin to fall to the floor.
21 - Catrin Hooks the Leg and Fights Back View 2
Another view of Catrin toppling Analise to the floor.

“You thought I was done for did you bitch!!!” hisses out Catrin in an angry tone as she completes her objective dumping Analise to the floor with a loud THUD sound.  The Analise fans in the crowd fall silent as the attack stuns them as much as it stuns Analise.

UNNNHHHH moans out Analise as she lands on her ass and back on the floor.  Catrin wastes little time as she pivots to face her downed opponent with revenge clearly on her mind for the punishment she suffered at the hands of Analise.  The fall to the floor leaves Analise stunned and struggling to recover as the angry German comes at her.

22 - Analise Stunned by the Fall
Analise crashes to the floor in a heap as Catrin lifts the leg to dump her foe. Analise moans out as she tries to shake off the hard impact with the floor. Catrin turns to her downed opponent, and lets out a loud yell as she launches forward. “You try to humiliate me you bitch!!!” snarls out the German as she lashes out with a kick right into Analise’s exposed and vulnerable crotch. The crowd lets out a collective gasp as Analise cries out in agony.  The French fighter’s cry of pain quiets the crowd.  With Catrin on the attack her fans begin to call out their support.
Analise rolls to her side and clutches at her crotch as she cries out in pain from the attack.  The French fighter not fighting back at this stage as she tries to cover up and avoid any further blows to her crushed crotch area.  Catrin moves in and lashes out with several quick stomps to Analise’s back and ribs rather than try to continue the attack between Analise’s legs.  “You pay now slut!!!!” cries out Catrin in heavily accented English with each of the stomps to Analise’s back.  The French girl cries out in pain as the THUMP sound of the kicks echoes in the room.
23 - Catrin continues a brutal assault on Analise View 2
Another view of Catrin’s brutal stomping assault on the battered French fighter.
24 - Catrin Finishing a Battered Analise
Catrin uses her kicks to the back and body to push Analise over to her belly on the floor.  The French fighter is moan and crying out in pain with each of Catrin’s attacks.  The German redhead has paid Analise back for all of her rough attacks earlier in the fight as she has battered all resistance from her opponent.  Analise can be heard moaning “NO NO NO” as Catrin abuses her.  The German drops down and sits on Analise’s back and yanks her up by the hair.  “NO” moans out Analise as Catrin begins to land slaps to her face.  “You want to fight me rough!!!  You want to try and embarrass me!!!” yells out Catrin as the lands a series of stinging slaps to Analise’s face.
24 - Catrin Finishing a Battered Analise View 2
Another view of Catrin mercilessly slapping Analise.

The officiator steps in close and quietly comments “If it is enough you need to say it!”  Catrin shakes Analise’s head side to side by her hair and growls out “YOU HEARD IT!!! SAY IT!!!”  The stunned Analise fans in the room quietly look on as the rookie is forcing the proud French girl to submit the fight.

“I give!!!” gasps out Analise as Catrin waits for her to continue.  “What else bitch!!!” hisses out Catrin as she shakes her head and slaps her again for effect.  “Please no more please you win!!” cries out Analise in an effort to avoid further punishment.  Catrin lands yet another slap on Analise and shakes her head again.

“NO YOU WANT TO FIGHT ROUGH NOW YOU BEG ME!!!” yells out Catrin as Analise cries out in pain.  The proud French girl tries to resist, but in a matter of seconds she is slapped and her head twisted and yanked viciously by Catrin.  The extra effort is rewarded by yet another cry of surrender from Analise.  “Please no more please please please!!!” cries out Analise as she begins to sob from the vicious onslaught.

25 - Catrin Celebrating Over Analise
After forcing Analise to beg for mercy, Catrin slams her head to the floor and grinds her face into the rug.  “You are no match for me!!!!” yells out Catrin as the German’s fans cheer for her victory.  Catrin climbs to her feet and pushes Analise over to her back with her foot.  Having studied other videos, Catrin knows a carefully orchestrated victory pose can really advance a fighter’s career.  With Analise on her back, Catrin celebrates her win by panting a foot on Analise’s chest and flexing her biceps.  Catrin celebrates her win over the battered and stunned Analise for several moments as the fans cheer for her.
26 - Catrin walking off
Catrin struts off the floor showing off to the crowd as Analise rolls to her belly and continues to sob on the carpet.  Analise’s visions of a convincing win over the German rookie now nothing but a shattered dream as the tough red head struts around the room accepting congratulations from the same fans Analise expected to be celebrating her win.