AWC Fight Times Mag 3 – Inga versus Sofia

The 4th match of European Club fight night featured Inga taking on Sofia.  Neither of the fighters have won a match yet so tonight will represent a significant milestone for one of the girls.  Tensions were high prior to the match as both girls were intent on getting a win in the AWC.

As the girls entered the room and prepared for the start of the match, the crowd members began to call out encouragement and support for the fighters.  In the pre-fight moments, the crowd seemed to be leaning in favor of Sofia, but not by many.  The crowd was just as tense as the fighters as the girls warmed up and awaited the start of the battle.

Inga (5’4 114 lbs 22 y/o) lives outside Stockholm.  She works as a dental assistant and is a part-time actress.  She works out regularly and loves cardio workout routines.  She has appeared in a couple of limited circulation magazines and has been in a few commercials.  She thinks Apartment Wrestling could further her acting career.  Inga’s response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I’m in good shape and I’m not afraid of these girls.  I love the feeling of being the one everyone watches.  I will be the one in the match that all the crowd sees and they will love it when I get the win.”  Inga lost her only match so far against Milena.

0 - Inga Before the Fight
Inga enters the room waving to the crowd and flirting with the attendees.  The blonde showed off her personality as she attempted to win over the crowd in the early moments.

Sofia (5’5 119 pounds 19 y/o) lives in Rome.  Sofia is a full-time student at the University.  She is studying in an art program.  Sofia comes from a relatively affluent family.  She spends her free time traveling and partying.  Sofia’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I want to succeed and win.  I always get what I want and this will be no exception.  I will train hard and make my enemies suffer.”  Sofia has lost all four of her AWC matches so far.  Her prior opponents have been Emma, Sara, Lisa and Sierra.

0 - Sofia Before the Fight
Sofia glares across the room at Inga as she awaits the start of the fight.  The Italian beauty has vowed to get the win in tonight’s match.
1 - The Fight Begins
With the command to begin, the girls waste little time in going after one another as they move quickly across the floor towards the other.  Inga begins the fight aggressively as she tries to gain control by throwing a series of wild slapping attacks at Sofia.
1 - The Fight Begins View 2
Another view of the opening moments.
2 - Inga Lands a Blow
After a flurry of attempted blows by both fighters, Inga breaks through with a sharp kick into Sofia’s side before the Italian fighter is able to deflect the blow.  Sofia lets out a loud UNNNHHHHH sound as Inga’s kick lands solidly on her body.
2 - Inga Lands a Blow View 2
Another view of Inga landing a kick.
3 - Inga Tries to Get a Sofia Under Control
The kick leaves Sofia off balance and slightly stunned by its hard impact.  The crowd lets out a cheer with the first hard blow of the night.  Inga goes after a reeling Sofia and tries to bring her to the floor.
3 - Inga Tries to Get a Sofia Under Control View 2
Another view.
4 - Inga Gets Sofia Down
Sofia puts up very little resistance as Inga takes her to the floor.  With Sofia down on her hands and knees, the blonde fighter wraps her opponent up.  Taking advantage of the opportunity, Inga grabs hold of Sofia’s right breast and gives it a hard squeeze forcing the Italian to cry out in pain.  “You dirty bitch!!!!” screams out Sofia as Inga smirks.
5 - Sofia Flips Inga Over
Sofia has plenty of fight left in her and as Inga shifts her grip going for a choke hold, the Italian fighter deflects her grip and hooks her by the hair. After a brief struggle, Sofia is able to drag Inga over her shouder driving her to the floor on her back with a CRASH!!!!
5 - Sofia Flips Inga Over View 2
Another view of Sofia dragging Inga over her shoulder.
6 - Sofia Attacks as Inga Covers Up
Inga hits the floor hard after being suddenly drug over Sofia’s shoulder. The blonde moans out as she tries to shake off the blow. Sofia takes advantage of Igna being stunned to follow up with another attack on the blonde.  The tough Italian drives a series of punches to the body as Inga tries to cover up.
6 - Sofia Attacks as Inga Covers Up View 2
Another view.
7 - Sofia Tries to Pummel Inga
Inga’s attempts to block Sofia’s attacks fail miserably as Sofia continues to attack with wild anger.  The blonde lets out grunts and groans of pain as Sofia lands shots on her body.  After failing to deflect the attacks, Inga struggles to slip free as she absorbs the blows to her now unprotected body.
7 - Sofia Tries to Pummel Inga View 2
Another view.
8 - Inga Fights Dirty
Unable to slip free and roll away, a trapped Inga takes numerous punches to her body.  In a desperate moment, Inga goes to what she knows best as she reaches a hand between Sofia’s open legs and drives her fingers into Sofia’s exposed crotch.  Inga snarls as her dirty attack goes unblocked and allows the blonde to begin mauling Sofia’s privates.
8 - Inga Fights Dirty View 2
Another view on Inga’s dirty tactics.
9 - Inga Continues Her Dirty Style
Sofia topples over and tries to get separation from the blonde as she wails out in pain.  Sofia is shocked and stunned by Inga’s attack and struggles to avoid the blonde’s clutches.  Inga follows up her attack as she continues going after Sofia’s vulnerable privates with her clawing and prying fingers.
9 - Inga Continues Her Dirty Style view 2
Another view of Inga continuing her dirty attack.
10 - Sofia Drags Inga Off Balance
Sofia manages to capture a grip on Inga’s hair and drag her off balance to get back in the fight.  The crowd cheers wildly as the fighters struggle for control yet again in this back and forth battle.  At this point late in the fight, the struggle for control is intense as both fighters begin to tire.
10 - Sofia Drags Inga Off Balance View 2
Another view of the struggle.
11 - Sofia Mashes Inga to the Floor
Sofia rolls onto Inga’s back and goes for a chokehold as she mashes her blonde opponent down onto her belly.  Inga groans out as Sofia tries to capture her in what might be the final submission hold of the fight.
11 - Sofia Mashes Inga to teh Floor View 2
Another view.
12 - Sofia Bends Her Back
Sofia slides further atop Inga’s back and gets a double-fisted grip on the blonde’s hair as she yanks and bends Inga’s back. The blonde screams out in pain as the Italian fighter bends her mercilessly and demands her immediate surrender. The crowd goes crazy as they expect Inga to surrender at any moment.  “You dirty cheating whore!!!” screams out Sofia as she demands Inga’s submission.
12 - Sofia Bends Her Back View 3
Another view of Sofia bending Inga.
13 - Sofia Goes For a Submission
The blonde stubbornly refuses to submit and Sofia drops her to the floor. Sofia grabs hold of Inga and rolls her over to her back as she moves in to finish the blonde.  “I’ll crush you bitch!!!” hisses out Sofia as her fans erupt in cheers at her verbal attack on Inga.
13 - Sofia Goes For a Submission View 2
Another view of Sofia rolling Inga to her back.
14 - Inga Turns the Tables on Sofia
Inga manages to get a hand into Sofia’s body and rakes her nails across the Italian’s flesh forcing a loud wail of pain from Sofia. Taking advantage of Sofia being momentarily stunned, Inga rolls free and shoves Sofia to the floor on her back.  The sudden reversal leaves the Sofia fans quiet as their favorite fighter cries out in pain.  With Sofia struggling to resist Inga’s attempt to climb atop, Inga responds by shoving her knee between the Italian’s legs.  Sofia is unable to protect herself and Inga lands a forceful knee to Sofia’s crotch area.
14 - Inga Turns the Tables on Sofia View 2
Another view of Inga going to mount Sofia.
15 - Inga Takes Control
Inga quickly forces her way atop Sofia overwhelming her before she can force her way free.  “NOW WHO GIVES UP!!!” screams out Inga as she attacks Sofia.  As Inga moves atop Sofia to straddle her, she drives her ass down into her body repeatedly forcing moans and gasps from Sofia. The Italian beauty, now appearing overwhelmed, struggles weakly against the vicious blonde as her breath and strength is quickly pulled from her body.  As Sofia continues to fade, Inga begins to land slaps on the Italian’s chest and face.  
15 - Inga Takes Control View 2
Another view of Inga devastating Sofia with repeated ass drops to her body followed by slaps all over her head and upper body.
16 - Inga Getting the Win
“PLEASE STOP” screams out Sofia after taking a battering from Inga.  Inga takes the opportunity to flatten out Sofia and pin her underneath her body making the dark haired beauty admit her defeat several more times.  Rather than let Sofia up, Inga mercilessly forces the sobbing Italian to beg for her mercy.  Sofia’s fans watch in stunned silence as their fighter is ravaged by the cruel blonde.  With each of the repeated submissions, Inga’s fans cheer loudly.