AWC Fight Times Mag 3 – Milena versus Zora

The 5th match of European Club fight night featured Milena taking on Zora.  Both fighters came away with losses in their prior match and are eager to get back to winning.  The crowd, now anticipating the main event coming up, has gotten rowdier and louder in the apartment.  The additional crowd buzz has both girls excited and ready to start the match.

Milena (5’6 125 lbs 21 y/o) lives outside of Yerevan in Armenia.  She works in a small manufacturing company during the day and helps out in a family operated coffee house when she is off work.  She wants Apartment Wrestling to provide her with an escape from this grind and some adventure.  Milena’s response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I am strong.  I work hard.  I need to win.  I won’t let some other girl take my opportunity.  I will crush and destroy them.  Life is hard and I am hard.”  So far Milena has defeated Inga and Hailey and lost fights with Luisa and Sukara.

0 -Milena Before the Fight
Milena before the fight stretching and getting prepared to do battle with the Greek fighter.

Zora (5’8 128 lbs 26 y/o) lives on the outskirts of Athens in Greece.  She works as an office worker at a fishing company.  She grew up in a rough area and has been in numerous fights growing up.  She hopes to use Apartment Wrestling to get ahead in life and escape the dull boring job she has now.  Zora’s response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I have toughness.  I don’t quit and I want to win for my future.  The girls I have seen are soft and cannot stand up to real fighter.  I will succeed against them and punish them.”  Zora has lost her only match so far to Heather.

0 - Zora Before the Fight
Zora plays to the crowd as she prepares to take on Milena. After losing her last fight, Zora has been working hard to get ready for tonight’s match.
0 - Before the Fight
The two fighters getting introduced to the crowd.
1 - Milena Hit Hard and Driven Back
Zora wastes no time in going on the offensive.  As Milena gestures to Zora and continues playing to the rowdy crowd, Zora drops her body lower and springs forward in a sudden lunge towards Milena.  With her shoulder lowered, Zora drives into Milena and lifts her off her feet as she drives through her in a perfect tackle.
1 - Milena Hit Hard and Driven Back View 2
Another view of Milena being roughly tackled to the floor.
2 - Zora Stomps Milena
After dragging a stunned and moaning Milena into position next to the Sofa, Zora steps back and begins driving hard kicks to her chest. The series of kicks land with loud thump sounds as the crowd continues to wildly cheer on the vicious attacks from the Greek fighter.  Zora’s repeated stomps knock the wind and the fight out of Milena.
2 - Zora Stomps Milena View 2
Another view of Zora stomping Milena.
3 - Zora Finishing Milena
Zora drops down atop Milena and shoves her face into her chest. Milena can do nothing to resist the smother hold due to Zora’s earlier attacks.  With all resistance battered out of the overwhelmed blonde, she is at Zora’s mercy with the smother hold.  Zora pulls the blonde’s face deep into her breasts as she smothers the blonde the verge of being unconscious.  The brutal one-sided beating is stopped by the officiator due to Milena’s inability to resist.
3 - Zora Finishing Milena View 2
Another view of Zora smothering Milena.
4 - Post Fight Posing
Zora stands over Milena as she celebrates her devastating victory over the blonde. Milena is laid out on the floor on the verge of being unconscious as Zora basks in the cheers of the crowd.  The short and brutal one-sided beatdown of Milena has her fans in the room stunned and silent.

After several moments celebrating the win, Zora begins loudly yelling out “BRING ME A FIGHTER!!!”  She continues to yell out as she heads down the hallway to her assigned bedroom as the crowd continues to cheer her on.