AWC Fight Times Mag 3 — Rachel versus Shayla

The 2nd match of European Club fight night featured Rachel taking on Shayla.  Like Analise in the first fight, Shayla came into this match on a losing streak.  This match was her opportunity to turn things around and get a win.  Her opponent, Rachel, has yet to win a fight in the AWC.  The English fight community has been very vocal about the lack of success the two fighters from the UK have had so far in the AWC and Rachel is under pretty heavy pressure to get a victory.

In the moments leading up to the match, both fighters were very reserved and quiet.  The crowd gathering for the fight was clearly a pro-Shayla group as her fans significantly outnumbered Rachel’s.  The English fighter seemed nervous and restless as she paced back and forth and shifted her weight from foot to foot.

Rachel (5’4 117 pounds 25 y/o) lives near London.  Rachel works as a teacher in a small private school catering to some of the wealthier citizens in the vicinity of London.  She teaches science courses and works as a coach for the gymnastics team.  In her younger days, Rachel was a competitive gymnast.  Rachel’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I’m here to win and be the best.  I want to be the Club’s champion here in Europe.  And I know I’m tougher than the Yank girls.”  Lost to Alessandra, Analise, and Kelcie.

0 - Rachel Before the Fight
Rachel in the moments before the fight.

Shayla (5’3 125 pounds 22 y/o) lives near Berlin.  Shayla is a student at University studying to be in the medical field.  She loves to party and have a good time.  She works out from time to time, but is not a big fan of the gym.  Growing up she liked to ski and ice skate.  Shayla’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I am strong.  I am a winner.  My legs are very powerful and will make my opponent suffer.  I will be mean to whoever fights me.”  Defeated Emma and lost to Alessandra and Jenny.

0 - Shalya Before the Fight
Shayla standing ready to do battle.

From the very beginning of the match it was readily apparent that Rachel was horribly outclassed by Shayla.  The German fighter took control of the fight and punished Rachel throughout the short fight.  Shayla repeatedly attacked Rachel’s belly and air supply throughout the match.  The repeated attacks drained the fight out of Rachel earning Shayla a quick submission in just over 5 minutes of action.  Rachel failed to mount any offense as she served as a submissive toy for Shayla.  Here are some scenes from the lopsided battle:

0 - Before the Fight
Shayla and Rachel Facing Off Before the Start of the Fight
1 - Shayla Buries a Knee
Shayla approaches a tentative and cautious Rachel in the early moments of the fight. Before the British fighter can react, Shayla lifts a quick knee into her body driving a loud OOOOOFFFF from Rachel.
1 - Shayla Buries a Knee View 2
Another view of Shayla driving a knee into Rachel.
2 - Shayla Choking Rachel
Shayla applying one of several prolonged choke holds that sapped the breath and the fight out of Rachel.
2 - Shayla Choking Rachel View 2
Another view of Shayla choking Rachel
3 - Shayla Finishing Rachel
With Rachel flat on her back gasping and crying out in pain, Shayla drops a knee into her body before climbing atop the gagging and gasping Brit to obtain her surrender.
3 - Shayla Finishing Rachel View 2
Another view of the final moments of the one-sided match.
4 - Shayla Standing Over a Finished Rachel
Shayla stands over her defeated opponent and celebrates her crushing victory.

Following her victory, Shayla spent some time mingling with the crowd members to celebrate.  At one point during the mingling, a fan pointed out that Shayla had defeated both British fighters and demonstrated the German dominance over the English.  Shayla laughed and joked with the crowd before heading back to the bedroom area assigned to her.