AWC Fight Times Mag 3 – Sara versus Sasha

This match-up took place as part of the European Club’s fight night held recently in Rome.  Sara and Sasha met in a nasty battle several months ago and Sara was able to thrash and humiliate the Russian.  Sasha was not pleased with the outcome and challenged Sara to a rematch through the AWC’s social media network.

In the weeks leading up the fight, both Sasha and Sara engaged in a public and private electronic exchange that stirred up emotions even further.  With both fighters highly interested in humiliating the other, a special set of rules were agreed to for this rematch.

The fighters agreed to a best of three falls battle.  At the conclusion of each fall, the losing fighter was required to remove an article of clothing.  Each fall could only be won by a submission and after the final submission, the winner was required to pin the other for 30 seconds to signify a full submission of the battle.

After the match was scheduled, Sara and Sasha continued to banter back and forth.  With both fighters confident of victory in the rematch, the tension continued to mount.  After a particularly testy private exchange, the fighters agreed that the loser would be required to submit to the winner and be her slave for the remainder of the night as a sign of her submission and defeat.

The fighters arrived at the event night and each watched the other battles as this fight was scheduled to take place last.  In order to avoid any pre-fight confrontations, the Club required each fighter to remain on opposite sides of the room.  In addition, the Club stipulated that should either fighter cause a problem before the match, she would immediately forfeit the match and be suspended from the Club.

Sasha (5’7 126 pounds 23 y/o) lives outside of Moscow.  Sasha is the young mistress of a wealthy oil executive.  She lives a jet setting lifestyle and travels the globe.  She works out regularly and keeps in tip top condition.  Recently the oil executive decided he wanted Sasha to dominate the Club scene.  She has spent a good amount of time practicing wrestling and boxing techniques in preparation for fighting in the Club.  Sasha’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “My love wants to see me dominate other women physically.  It is a huge excitement for me to do that as well.  The idea of another woman powerless against me is amazing.  I will crush my opponents and be the one everyone adores.”  So far Sasha remains without a win as she has lost to Analise, Sara, and Yuki.

0 - Sasha Before the Fight
Sasha before the fight.

Sara (5’6 120 lbs 23 y/o) lives in Romania on the Black Sea coast.  Sara is a part-time student and is about to complete her education.  She sometimes helps out in her family’s business.  She usually finds time to work out almost every day and enjoys spending time with friends at the clubs in town.  Sara loves to win at everything she does and doesn’t intend to allow anyone to embarrass her.  Sara’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I’m a competitive person!  I am quick and in good shape.  I will train hard and make my opponents admit in the end that I’m the better woman.”  Sara is currently 3-2 with wins over Sasha, Sofia and Belinda.  Her losses have come at the hands of Analise and Nissa.

0 - Sara Before the Fight
Sara before the fight.

The time for the match finally arrived and the fighters entered the room dressed in their bikinis.  Each took their time making their way to the fight floor and strutted for the benefit of the crowd.  Both Sara and Sasha had significant others in attendance at the match and they could be seen sitting near their fighter’s side of the room.

This battle is very important for Sasha as she has yet to win a match.  It is rumored that her sponsor is frustrated with her inability to defeat her opponents so far.  Sara on the other hand has her eye on a potential opportunity to fight for the European Club title in the near future and knows a loss tonight would block that possibility.

As the officiator makes the introductions and announces the rules for the match, both fighters prepare themselves physically and mentally for the upcoming battle.  The crowd is equally excited and after a long series of fights, the main event for the evening is about to get underway.

0 - Before the Fight
Sara and Sasha prepare for the start of their rematch.  As the pre-fight announcements are made, each of the fighters gestured and called out a variety of taunts to their opponent.  The fighters demonstrated a complete lack of respect for their opponent.  With the fight set to begin, the tense atmosphere in the room made for an eerily quiet crowd allowing everyone to hear the verbal sparring.

In the moments before the match, Sasha paced angrily back and forth as Sara intently watched her opponent.  “You were lucky and you cheated last fight!!!  You will beg!!” screamed out Sasha from her side of the room as Sara quietly watched her antics.  The crowd continued to quietly watch as the start of the match approached.

1 - Fight Underway
The pre-fight hostility carried over to the early stages of the fight as both fighters danced and jabbed at the other.  In the initial stages, both girls landed slaps to their opponent’s bodies leaving hand prints on the other.  After several moments of even exchanges, the first telling blow of the fight was landed by Sasha.  Taking advantage of Sara’s attempt to land a punch on her body, Sasha throws her hand up and blocks Sara’s punch.  Sasha is then able to counter with a hard overhand slap directly into Sara’s face.
1 - Fight Underway View 2
Another view of the hard over hand slap landed by Sasha.
2 - Sasha Taking Charge
With Sara stunned from the hard face slap, Sasha steps in closer and presses her advantage.  Before Sara can respond, Sasha is able to draw back and land another mashing slap directly into Sara’s face forcing her to lean over backwards from the force of the blow.  The Sasha fans in the crowd go wild as their fighter appears to be taking control of the early action.
2 - Sasha Taking Charge View 2
Another view of Sasha continuing her attack on Sara.
3 - Sara Catches an Arm
Sara quickly counter attacks her rival hoping to get the fight back to even footing or even inflict some damage herself.  Sasha works her left hand into position to get a solid grip on Sara’s hair as she works towards getting Sara in a choke hold.  Sara focuses her efforts on Sasha’s right arm as she blocks Sasha’s efforts to slide that arm across her throat.
3 - Sara Catches an Arm View 2
Another view of Sara hooking Sasha’s arm as Sasha tries to apply a choke hold on Sara.

The initial flurry of action now slowing as the two fighters stand in close to one another struggling to out grapple the other.  With Sara taking the worst of the early slapping and punching battle, the Romanian fighter is intent on out doing Sasha during the in close wrestling at this point in the struggle.  The stakes of the rematch have emotions running high as the pace and tone of the fight has the room buzzing with anticipation of what’s next.

“You’re no match!!” hisses out Sasha as she grunts and struggles with a squirming Sara’s resistance.  Sasha’s arrogance forces a growl of anger from Sara as she pulls as hard as she can on her opponent’s arm.  “I’m too much for you!!!” jabs back Sara as they struggle.  Each fighter wanting desperately to take control of the match at this point as the crowd cheers them on hoping their fighter can get the upper hand.

4 - Sara Twisting a Wrist
Finally securing a solid grip on Sasha’s left arm and hand, Sara steps up the pressure on Sasha with a rudimentary wrist lock.  Continuing on the attack, Sara twists Sasha’s wrist back forcing a loud scream of pain from the Russian blonde.  “You will be lucky if I don’ break it bitch!!!” hisses out Sara as she plays on Sasha’s earlier claims about luck.
4 - Sara Twisting a Wrist View 2
Another view of Sara twisting Sasha’s wrist.
5 - Struggling for Control
Expecting Sasha to try and pull away, Sara focuses her attention on maintaining the wrist lock on Sasha.  YYYYAAAAHHHHHH yells out Sasha and Sara misinterprets her attack cry as a scream of pain.  Instead of pulling away, the blonde catches Sara off guard as she ignores the pain in her wrist and yanks her knee up into the body of Sara.  The knee lands with a solid THUD sound forcing a gasp from Sara.  No longer feeling in control, Sara’s concern is obvious in her facial expression as she now tries to prevent another knee to the body.
5 - Struggling for Control View 2
Another view of Sasha landing a solid knee directly into Sara’s body.

Sara’s gasp for air combined with the sudden weakening of her grip on Sasha’s arm signals to Sasha her attack was more effective than it might have appeared to the crowd.  Before Sara can respond to protect herself, Sasha manages to lift a second knee into her exposed and vulnerable belly causing a second loud HUUNNHHHHFFF sound as Sara gasps for air again.

“Who too much BITCH WHO!!!” screams out Sasha as Sara gasps for air following the hard shots to her belly.  The Sasha fans in the crowd cheer loudly encouraging Sasha as she punishes Sara.  The lack of response from Sara predictable as she struggles instead to catch her breath.

With Sara doubled over and clutching at her belly, Sasha’s hand remains buried in her hair.  “Look at that ass!!!” taunts Sasha as she reaches down and slaps Sara on her firm ass.  Sasha takes advantage of Sara’s struggling to slide around behind her gasping and struggling opponent.  The crowd roars out its appreciation as Sasha seems to be taunting Sara at this point in the fight as she once again takes control of the action in the first fall.

6 - Sasha Throttling Sara
Sasha slips behind Sara and yanks her upright using her solid grip on Sara’s hair.  The Romanian fighter lets out a groan as she doesn’t have enough air in her lungs to scream.  With Sara unable to defend herself, Sasha slips an arm around her neck and locks her in a tight choke hold.
6 - Sasha Throttling Sara View 2
Another view of Sasha applying a choke hold on Sara.

“I feel you become mine bitch!!!!” hisses out Sasha as Sara struggles in her grasp.  The Sasha fans in the crowd make themselves heard as they call out their support for the Russian.  Sara gasps and gags as she can’t seem to find a way to break free of Sasha’s grip on her throat.  The room spins as the lack of oxygen takes its toll on the tough Romanian.  Unwilling to surrender, Sara struggles weakly to escape risking a potential knockout by at the hands of her hated rival.

With Sara gasping for air, Sasha moves herself into position for her next attack knowing her opponent is struggling just to stay in the fight.  Sara fails to recognize Sasha’s small movements as she slides to the side a bit and prepares to throw Sara to the floor.

7 - Sasha with a Take Down View 2
After a prolonged period of choking a thrashing and struggling Sara, Sasha jams a knee into the back of Sara’s leg.  At the same time, Sasha yanks Sara like a rag doll and roughly flings her to the floor.  Sara is unable to defend the attack and Sasha succeeds in having her way with her opponent.  Sara lands awkwardly on her belly with a THUD as she groans and gasps.
7 - Sasha with a Take Down
Another view of Sara being flung to the floor.

The sudden and rough flinging of Sara to the floor sends the crowd into a frenzy as they sense Sasha seizing complete control of the match.  The moaning sounds coming from Sara signal that she is still conscious, but clearly hurting.  The arrogant Russian fighter takes a moment to show off to the crowd before continuing her attack on Sara.

8 - Sasha pummels Sara
Sara hits the floor and moans out in pain as Sasha hovers above her.  The Russian raises an arm in celebration and then lowers down shaking her ass side to side as she sits on Sara’s back.  Sasha proceeds to slam a barrage of punches into Sara’s back and upper rib cage.  Each punch forcing a groan of pain from Sara as she is defenseless to fight back.
8 - Sasha pummels Sara View 2
Another view of Sasha pounding on Sara.

“You will submit to me WHORE!!!” snarls out Sasha as she stops punching Sara in the upper body.  Sara moans out something that only Sasha can hear and the blonde smiles from ear to ear.  The officiator moves in close to monitor the situation thinking Sara may have submitted.

“Don’t refuse me!!!” smirks Sasha as she grabs hold of Sara yanking her up into her clutches to continue the punishment.  What appeared to be Sara surrendering, now seems to have been a rejection of Sasha’s request.  The defiant Romanian pays for her stubborn refusal as Sasha continues to punish her opponent.

9 - Sasha Forcing a Submission
Sasha rips Sara up off the floor and claws into her chin as she applies a chin lock hold on Sara.  The wrenching of her back and claws digging into her face causes Sara to cry out  “NO MORE!!!”  A gloating Sasha continues to claw into Sara’s chin while also reaching down and gripping Sara’s bikini top and flesh.  As the officiator brings the fall to a close, Sasha rips her bikini top free and flings it into the cheering crowd.
9 - Sasha Forcing a Submission View 2
Another view of Sasha as she gains a submission from Sara.

With the first fall coming to a close, the officiator steps in close and orders Sasha to release her hold on Sara.  The Russian blonde is reluctant to let go of her grip on Sara forcing more cries of pain as her nails cut into the underneath of Sara’s chin.  The Sara fans in the crowd look on stunned by the battering Sara took in the opening fall.

Sasha releases Sara allowing her to fall onto the floor on her chest before leaning down close to Sara.  “I’ll be back to finish this fight for good bitch!!!  And then your suffering will really begin!!!’  Sasha’s fans in the room cheer her on as Sasha slowly rises to her feet to stand over the top of Sara.  Taking a moment to enjoy the cheers, Sasha flips her hair back and then cups her own breasts and slides her tongue out of her mouth and rolls it around her lips.

“Last fight was luck for her!!!  This bitch will suffer and beg tonight after what she did last time!!!” calls out Sasha as she struts across the floor to wait for the rest period to conclude.  The officiator calls out “the winner of the first fall — SASHA!!!  By the fights special rules, Sara must remove a part of her bikini.  That has already happened thanks to Sasha.  The fighters will take a short rest break and the match will resume.”

After a short pause, the officiator continues “remember, should Sara submit during the next fall Sasha will need to pin Sara to the floor for 30 seconds to signify a complete surrender of the match.  The victory is not complete until the losing fighter has been pinned helpless for the required period.”

Sara quietly gets to her feet and composes herself after losing the first fall.  She is as shocked and surprised as Sasha is cocky at this point.  Down by one fall, Sara is now in a tough spot considering her opponent is hell bent on humiliating her both during and after the fight thanks to the stakes involved.

10 - Start of 2nd Fall
The fighters face off as the 2nd round is about to get underway.  The now topless Sara glares at Sasha as they exchange catty remarks.  Sara is moving quite a bit slower at this stage after absorbing quite a bit of punishment in the first fall.  Sasha’s confidence and arrogance is obvious to the crowd as her fans cheer her on.
10 - Start of 2nd Fall View 2
Another view as the second fall is about to begin.

“You regret those stakes now slut!!!” hisses out a confident and cocky Sasha as she waits for the 2nd fall to get started.  “I might have mercy and let you pleasure my man too!!!”  Sara quietly accepts Sasha’s verbal attack and waits for the fall to begin.  The crowd begins to call out support for their favorite as they eagerly anticipate the start of the fall.

With everyone in the room appearing to be ready for the match to continue, the officiator steps away from the girls and calls out “FIGHT” to get the 2nd fall underway.   Everyone in attendance knows this fall is a must-win for Sara.

11 - Sara lands a shot
At the start of the second fall both fighters circle one another looking for an opening. Each throws a few punches without landing a blow. After several moments of sparring at a distance, Sasha moves in and throws a punch towards Sara’s chest. Sara steps away from the attempt and lashes out with a hard kick that scores a direct hit on Sasha’s belly.
12 - Sara Lands a Nasty Series of Knees
Sasha doubles up in pain and grabs for her belly. Sara lunges forward and quickly grabs hold of Sasha and begins landing knees to Sasha chests in rapid fire succession. The crowd cheers wildly as Sara hammers away on a dazed and winded Sasha.  With the stakes so high, Sara wants to brutally abuse Sasha if she can at this point.
12 - Sara Lands a Nasty Series of Knees View 2
Another view of Sara driving her knee into Sasha’s chest and belly.

“You fucking bitch!!!” screams out Sara as she yanks and turns her body.  Sasha is gasping and groaning from the knees to her body, but as Sara starts yanking on her hair its a whole new type of pain.  AAYYYYIIIOOOWWWWW screams out Sasha as her hair is pulled and yanked to the point of being ripped from her scalp.

The thick and golden locks of the Russian fighter make a perfect hand grip for Sara as she uses them to control and position Sasha for her next attack.  The blonde Russian is forced to cry out in pain as her arms and legs flail.  Sara effectively keeps Sasha off balance as she mauls the Russian fighter.

13 - Sara Throwing Sasha to the Floor
Sara moves herself around her opponent using her hair to pull her from being doubled over to upright.  The Russian blonde is off balance and out of sorts as Sara continues her attack.  Sliding behind Sasha, Sara drags her opponent over her hip and then throws her to the floor repaying the Russian for her earlier slam to the floor.
13 - Sara Throwing Sasha to the Floor View 2
Another view of Sara throwing Sasha to the floor.

“How’s that feel bitch!!!” screams out Sara as she repays Sasha for her earlier slamming of Sara to the floor.  Sasha moans out in pain as the crowd lets out a loud series of cheers as yet again one fighter seems to be taking control of the fight — albeit the other fighter this time.

With Sasha flat on the floor, Sara struts around to the side of her downed opponent to continue the assault.  Sasha struggles to push upright, but is unable to get very far as an angry and vicious Sara slides around her body and lets out a loud yell as she begins to lash out with kicks at her prone opponent.

14 - Sara Stomping on a Downed Sasha
Sasha hits the floor hard with a resounding THUD sound.  The crowd gasps out at the sound of the impact as Sasha’s supporters become quiet.  Sara slides around her opponent’s prone body and positions herself to continue her attack.  The stunned Russian fails to get off the floor as Sara launches a wild stomping attack on Sasha.
14 - Sara Stomping on a Downed Sasha View 2
Another view of Sara stomping on Sasha.

“You will submit to me now you big mouthed bitch!!!” growls out an angry Sara as she pulls a moaning and gasping Sasha up off the floor by her upper arms.  Sasha lets out a yelp of pain as Sara drags her upright and displays her to the crowd.

“My fans want to see your beaten face!!!” hisses out Sara as she verbally attacks the Russian’s confidence hoping to break her will to fight for good.  Sara takes advantage of Sasha’s battered condition to position her for the crowd to have a good view as she moves in for the finish.

15 - Sara Yanking Sasha Up
After landing several hard stomps to Sasha’s back and upper body, Sara steps across and straddles her opponent’s body.  After spending a brief moment engaging her fans in the room with smiles and winks, Sara grabs both of Sasha’s arms and pulls her up off the floor.
15 - Sara Yanking Sasha Up View 2
Another view of Sara dragging Sasha up and off the floor.
16 - Sara Forcing a Submission
With the now passive Russian fighter pulled up and sitting on her ass, Sara yanks on her chin as she threatens to rip Sasha’s head off of her body.  As Sara yanks on Sasha’s neck and bends her head, the Russian cries out in pain.  With each cry of pain echoing off the walls, the crowd’s cheers grow louder until finally Sasha  cries out “I GIVE!!!!”
17 - Sara Celebrating The Win
Sara celebrates her victory in the second fall by strutting around the gasping Russian who remains seated on the floor.  Sara takes advantage of the opportunity and reaches in as she passes behind Sasha and grabs hold of her opponent’s bikini top.  With a sudden yank, Sara removes Sasha’s bikini top and flings it into the crowd.
17 - Sara Celebrating The Win View 2
Another view of the celebration.

With the second fall now complete, the officiator steps close to announce the outcome.  The Sasha fans in the crowd now take their turn at being surprised as Sara makes quick work of Sasha in the second fall.  At the same time, the Sara fans becomes even louder and more confident as Sasha remains on the floor apparently in pain.

“Now who is going to be finished???” hisses out Sara as she returns the verbal taunting from earlier.  Sara’s fans in the room cheer her on as she verbally taunts Sasha.  The Russian blonde remains planted on the floor concentrating on catching her breath and getting recovered for the final fall of the fight.

“That’s right Sasha you are unlucky!!!  Unlucky that you are fighting me bitch!!!” hisses out Sara as she points at the Russian fighter.  The officiator calls out “the winner of the second fall — SARA!!!  Again, the fights special rules require Sasha to remove a part of her bikini.  And thanks to Sara, that has taken place at this point.   The fighters will get a short rest and the match will continue for the final fall.  Remember, whoever submits during the next fall will need to be pinned to the floor for 30 seconds to signify a complete surrender of the match.  The victory is not complete until the losing fighter has been pinned helpless for the required period.”

With the third fall about to be underway, Sara turns and looks to see if she can find her water bottle to catch a quick drink of water.  With her back turned to Sasha, the blonde slips forward on her knees and wraps up Sara’s right leg in an attempt to tackle her opponent to the floor.  Since the action is starting, the officiator calls out “FIGHT for the 3rd and final fall!!!!”

18 - Sasha Attacks Sara
With Sara facing away, Sasha takes advantage of her opponent’s distraction to go after her leg.  The attack succeeds as the unsuspecting Sara is quickly wrapped up in the treacherous blonde’s grasp.  Sara fights to maintain her balance as Sasha tries to take her to the floor.
18 - Sasha Attacks Sara View 2
Another view of Sara being sneak attacked from behind.

The crowd lets out a loud cheer as the action for the third fall begins unexpectedly.  With her back turned and unprepared, Sara is immediately in a bad spot as she fights to keep her balance.  The treacherous Russian continues to press forward as she works to drag Sara to the floor.

“Mine now!!!” growls out Sasha loudly as she presses forward using the pressure against Sara to bring her opponent toppling to the floor.  Sara struggles to escape Sasha’s clutches as the dirty fighting Russian catches her unprepared and takes control of the deciding third fall.

19 - Sasha Taking Sara to the Floor
Sara’s balance doesn’t last long as Sasha quickly upends her and knocks Sara to the floor.  Not wasting any time, Sasha releases the leg and slides up Sara’s back as the surprised fighter tries to scramble away.  A solid grip on Sara’s hair cuts short the attempt at quickly scrambling free.
19 - Sasha Taking Sara to the Floor View 2
Another view of Sasha taking Sara to the floor.

“Talk trashy to me do you!!!” screams out Sasha as she quickly slides onto Sara’s exposed back.  Sasha’s grip on Sara’s hair stops any attempt at escaping as the Romanian fighter lets out a quick yelp of pain from the tug on her hair.

Intending to apply as much pressure as possible, Sasha slides a knee between Sara’s legs and mashes down on Sara’s crotch area as she climbs on her back mounting her struggling opponent.  Cries from both groups of fans ring out as Sasha’s fans try to spur her on to victory and Sara’s fans plead for an escape.

Sasha follows up on her success by wrapping up Sara as tightly as she can in her arms.  By mounting Sara’s back, Sasha intends to trap and maul Sara before she can recover from the sudden attack.  As Sara tries wildly struggles to break free, Sasha works an arm into position to try and choke Sara while at the same time grabs hold of Sara’s face trying to cut off her access to air that way as well.

MMMPPHHHH comes from Sara as she struggles to avoid being choked and smothered by the Russian.  “I knock you the fuck out!!” hisses Sasha as her strategy to get the win becomes perfectly clear to the onlooking spectators.

20 - Sasha Going for a Smothering Finish
Sasha mounts Sara’s back and tries to choke and smother the fight from her.  While Sara tries to pull her way free, Sasha tries to choke her with one arm while smothering her nose and mouth with the other hand.
20 - Sasha Going for a Smothering Finish View 2
Another view of Sasha trying to suffocate Sara to end the fight.

With Sara struggling to avoid being throttled by the cheating Russian, the blonde finds it hard to truly execute her plan to choke Sara unconscious.  The thrashing and twisting forces Sasha to adjust her strategy as she reaches down with one hand grasping and reaching for Sara’s exposed and potentially vulnerable breast area.

21 - Desperate Struggle
Unable to get a solid grip on her squirming opponent’s oxygen supply, Sasha moves on quickly to Sara’s exposed breasts as she reaches down clawing at Sara’s flesh.  Sasha is rewarded with a scream of pain as her flesh is raked by Sasha’s sharp nails.  While enduring the punishment, Sara manages to find a hand hold in Sasha’s hair.
21 - Desperate Struggle Voew 2
Another view of the struggle as Sara is able to get some oxygen, but finds her breasts mauled by Sasha.

Sara’s screams of pain fill the apartment as she finds her sensitive breast and nipple being gouged and clawed by Sasha.  “You will surrender to me!!!” screams out Sasha as the crowd cheers wildly to spur on the fighters.

Ignoring the pain in her chest, Sara focuses her efforts on trying to launch a counter attack on Sasah.  YAAAAAAAHHHHH screams out Sara as she struggles to get a firm grip on Sasha’s hair as she battles through the pain of Sasha’s breast attack.  With the blonde focused on mauling Sara’s chest, she is unprepared for the quick yanking assault and loses her balance as Sara pulls her forward.

22 - Sara Drags Sasha Over
Sara makes a hard push up as she pulls Sasha over her shoulder.  The Russian fighter is surprised by the move and is pulled off balance.  With Sasha now more fully on her shoulder area, Sara is able to get both hands into her hair to add to her leverage as she tries to drag Sasha over her shoulder and to the floor.
22 - Sara Drags Sasha Over View 2
Another view of Sasha being yanked over the top of her opponent on her way to being slammed to the floor.
23 - Sasha Goes to the Floor Hard
After a brief struggle, Sara manages to get enough leverage to drag Sasha over her shoulder and throw her to the floor.  Sasha lands hard on her back and moans out as Sara prepares to continue her attack.  Sara curls her fingers into a claw shape as she reaches for a defenseless Sasha.
23 - Sasha Goes to the Floor Hard View 2
Another View of Sasha hitting the floor hard.

“Dirty cheating slut!!!” screams out Sara as Sasha moans out in pain.  The Russian fighter, now dazed and struggling to recover, flops helplessly on the floor as she tries to roll free.  Not giving her opponent a moment of respite, Sara grabs hold of Sasha’s hair and yanks her off the floor pulling her closer as she drops to a full kneeling position.  “You will pay now!!!”

Taking advantage of a stunned Sasha, Sara slaps her hand on Sasha’s chest and rakes her nails across her bare breasts forcing a scream from the disoriented Russian blonde.  With Sasha still struggling, Sara quickly grabs her by the hair and moves her into a bad spot.  The crowd cheers in anticipation for the next hold as they see a scissors hold coming.  Sara locks her long legs around the Russian’s head and begins to apply the pressure forcing more moaning and gasping from Sasha.

24 - Sara Locks on a Head Scissors.png
Sara drags a disoriented and dazed Sasha into position as she clamps down a tight head scissor hold on her Russian opponent.  Sara applies incredible pressure with her long legs as she traps Sasha and works to drain all the fight from her.  The move causes the crowd to cheer wildly as the Russian cries out in pain.
24 - Sara Locks on a Head Scissors View 2
Another view of the action as Sara clamps down a tight head scissor hold on Sara.

After spending a few minutes wearing Sasha down with the crushing head scissor hold, Sara shifts her attack.  Opening her legs and spinning around, Sara presses into Sasha as she positions her for the pin to end the match.

“Let’s pin you now bitch!!!” hisses out Sara as she tries to mount the clearly hurting  blonde.  Sasha, however, doesn’t want to face the humiliation of losing to Sara and resists with a flurry of activity as the Romanian fighter struggles to mount her for the pin.

25 - Sara Goes For a Pin and A Struggle Erupts
After several moments squeezing Sasha’s head, Sara decides to go for the pin to finish the match.  Sasha struggles to avoid Sara’s pin and claws at Sara’s bare breasts.  Sasha effort forces a grunt of pain from her opponent as Sara’s face shows flashes of anger at the Russian’s continued resistance.
25 - Sara Goes For a Pin and A Struggle Erupts View 2
Another view of Sasha trying to avoid being pinned by Sara.

“Have it your way” snarls out Sara as she abandons her attempt to simply pin Sasha to the floor.  In response to Sasha’s struggling to avoid the pin, Sara pulls back slightly and lines up her knee for a shot to the Russian’s belly.  Unable to see the shot coming, Sasha is caught unprepared and absorbs the blow with a loud UNNNNFFFFF as the air is pushed from her body.  The crowd cheers wildly as Sara steps up the punishment on Sasha.

26 - Sara Puts Knee Into Sasha
“Lay still you stupid bitch!!!” screams out Sara as she pushes herself into her opponent.  Sasha’s resistance is met with a hard knee into her body as Sara forces the gasping Russian onto her back yet again as she works to finish off her stubborn opponent.
26 - Sara Puts Knee Into Sasha View 2
Another view of Sara planting a knee into Sasha’s belly.

With Sasha unwilling to be pinned to end the match, Sara steps up the intensity of her punishment as the crowd cheers her on wildly.  Climbing to her feet, Sara grabs Sasha by the hand and drags her off her back and up to her knees using her arm to control her.  The twisting of the wrist and arm force whimpers of pain from Sasha as she is unable to defend herself from Sara’s attack.

27 - Sara Ripping at Sasha
“You don’t want to be pinned to finish this bitch . . . THEN I WILL BREAK YOU FOR GOOD!!!” yells out Sara as she climbs to her feet hovering over the gasping Russian.  Sara grabs an arm and uses it to drag Sasha off the floor bringing her to her knees in front of her as she bends the Russian’s wrist back sharply.  The move forces Sasha to cry out in pain as Sara continues to punish her.
27 - Sara Ripping at Sasha View 2
Another view of Sara dragging Sasha up to her knees.
28 - Sara Trying to Finish Sasha
Sara maneuvers Sasha between her legs again as she tries to squeeze and mash the fight out of the stubborn Russian.  “You like your head between my legs do you whore!!” screams out a furious Sara as she again puts pressure on Sasha.
28 - Sara Trying to Finish Sasha View 2
Another view of Sara trying to finish off Sasha.

“You like me squeezing and crushing you don’t you my little playtoy!!!” taunts Sara as she releases her crushing scissor hold.  The gasping and moaning Sasha sits helplessly on her ass as Sara pulls her arms up gripping them in her hand.

“Please!!!” gasps out Sasha just as Sara grabs hold of her face and chin and begins to did her claws into the defenseless Russian’s face.  “Now you scream to me!!!” growls out Sara angrily.  The crowd continues to cheer Sara on as she mauls the helpless Russian.  The battle not yet over, but seemingly no longer in question.

“STOP I GIVE TO YOU!!!! STOPPPPP!” screams out Sasha as the searing pain of Sara’s claws in her face finally force Sasha to cry out for relief.  The crowd suddenly quiets down as they intently watch Sara’s reaction to the surrender.

29 - Forcing a Final Surrender
Sara switches tactics as she feels Sasha’s resistance weakened.  Now able to hold both of Sasha’s hands with one of her own, Sara begins tearing at Sasha’s face and chin as she holds her helpless. The blonde screams in agony as she is rendered unable to defend herself from Sara’s brutal attack.  Sasha screams out her surrender as Sara rips at her face.
29 - Forcing a Final Surrender View 2
Another view of Sara’s brutal finishing attack.
30 - Standing over a downed Sasha
Sara standing over a prone and defeated Sasha. “now its time for you to be pinned to show just how pathetic and helpless you are!!!”
30 - Standing over a downed Sasha View 2
Another view of Sara standing proudly over her battered opponent.
31 - Pinning and Humiliating 1
Sara applies a cross body pin on the limp and defenseless Sasha. Sara reaches down in the process and taps her hand atop the triangle of Sasha’s bikini bottoms.
31 - Pinning and Humiliating 1 View 2
Another view of the cross body pin.
32 - Sara Continues the Humiliation
Sara continues to humiliate Sasha during the pinning phase as she runs her hands across her opponent’s inner thighs and crotch area. Sasha remains flat on the mat allowing the officiator to count towards the mandatory thirty second pin time.
32 - Sara Continues the Humiliation View 2
Another view of Sasha helplessly pinned and embarassed by Sara.
33 - Sara applies the final reverse face sit
As the officiator begins to near the count to thirty, Sara slides back and shoves her ass roughly down and into Sasha’s face forcing the Russian to groan out and struggle to breath. As the officiator reaches thirty, Sara throws her hands up in the air to celebrate her win in the tough rematch.
33 - Sara applies the final reverse face sit View 2
Another view of the face sitting finale.

The crowd cheers loudly for Sara as she enjoys her final moments tormenting Sasha who is unable to stop Sara from humiliating her in front of the large crowd.  After enjoying herself at Sasha’s expense, Sara climbs to her feet and stares down and Sasha and then slowly licks her lips.  The crowd roars loudly at Sara’s gesture as she begins to circle slowly around Sasha.

“Are you ready to be my toy little Russian whore???” teases Sara as Sasha begins to quietly sob.  Sara slowly pulls the beaten blonde to her knees and begins to walk her around the room by her hair to display her to the crowd.  After several minutes of tormenting Sasha, Sara turns and heads to the hallway taking Sasha along with her.

Stay tuned for more on this fight as Sara takes Sasha out of the room and down the hallway.  What lies in store for Sasha?