AWC Fight Times Mag 5 – Lena versus Keisha

Keisha looks to get a win after losing her last match.  Lena is in her first fight in the AWC.  That doesn’t seem to keep Lena from boasting about how well she will do at rookie fight night.  Lena thinks she is on her way to being a champion in the AWC.  Will she step on Keisha as she makes her way forward?  Or will Keisha teach the redhead a hard lesson?

Keisha (5’6 121lbs 22 y/o) lives in Washington, D.C.  She is newly married and a student at Georgetown studying political science.  She hopes to attend law school after wrapping up her undergraduate degree.  Keisha is an avid tennis player and stays in shape by playing tennis several times a week.   She and her husband enjoy outdoor activities and like to bike and hike whenever they have the time.  Keisha’s response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I’m a competitor by nature.  I feed off of the competition and I love to crush other’s spirit when I win.  I’m mentally tough and that will make me a great fighter.  I don’t quit – ever!!!”  This is Keisha’s first match in the AWC.


Lena (5’5 127 lbs 24 y/o) lives in Philadelphia, PA.  She works for an insurance company and in her spare time likes to keep in shape by working out.  Lena particularly enjoys workout classes that have an element of kick boxing or other combat sports involved with them.  Lena’s response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I’m good enough to dominate the AWC.  I don’t see any fighters here that are any better than me.  My workouts and experiences in life give me what it takes to rule the Apartment.”


The fighters are introduced and the rules are presented.  The match will be a one fall fight with the first to submit losing.  This match will be a no holds barred fight with the exception that blows to the head will not be allowed and there will be no time limit.

0 - Lynn and Keisha
Lena and Keisha preparing to get their fight underway.


01 - Lynn and Keisha
In the opening moments of the match, Keisha lands a couple good punches into Lena’s chest.  Keisha seems to believe Lena’s large chest may be a disadvantage in the match as she targets them early.
02 - Lynn and Keisha
Lena manages to out grapple Keisha and send her flying towards the sofa a she slings her opponent by her hair towards the wall.
03 - Lynn and Keisha
Keisha collides with the sofa and rolls into the wall behind it with a loud THUD.  Lena seeing her exposed opponent goes on the attack as she follows her to the sofa.
04 - Lynn and Keisha
Looking to soften her opponent up, Lena grabs her arm and pushes it up exposing Keisha ribs for a well placed knee or two.  Keisha moans out in pain as her arm is bent and her ribs are punished.
05 - Lynn and Keisha
Keisha struggles to roll o her back as Lena continues her attack.  The redhead clearly looking to finish this fight quickly.  Looks like seeing Kelcie demolish Marie has Lena looking to make sure she puts her opponent away just as convincingly.
06 - Lynn and Keisha
Keisha takes advantage of Lena pressing the attack and pulls the redhead off balance.  Fighting on the sofa can be tricky and Lena slips to the floor as Keisha attempts to lock in a scissor hold on the redhead.  “I will kick your ass!!!” snaps Keisha as she references some of Lena’s pre-match comments.
07 - Lynn and Keisha
Lena avoids the scissor hold but in the process ends up flipped off the sofa.  Crashing to the ground, Lena moans out from the impact only to have Keshia crash down atop her.  Moving quickly Keisha pins Lena to the floor and mashes her breasts down over Lena’s face.  MPPPHHHHH sounds come from Lena as Keisha locks on a nasty smother hold.  “Gonna smother you out!!!” hisses Keisha as she leans into the smother attempt.
08 - Lynn and Keisha
After several moments of smothering Lena who is unable to escape Keisha sits upright.  “You’re all done now” taunts Keisha as she thinks she has Lena all wrapped up.  Keisha starts to slide forward to apply a face sit on Lena, but the redhead quickly shoots her legs up and tries to catch Keisha before she can get situated.
09 - Lynn and Keisha
The redhead gasps for breath as she is a bit winded from the prolonged smothering attempt.  With Keisha no longer mashing her chest into her face, Lena is able to recover enough to catch her opponent unprepared.  Using her long and powerful legs, Lena topples Keisha off of her perch atop Lena.  Using her legs, Lena is able to drive Keisha to the floor slamming her onto her back with considerable force.


10 - Lynn and Keisha
Lena is able to twist her stunned opponent to the side as she gets her legs wrapped tightly around Keisha’s ribs.  Keisha immediately begins to grunt and moan from the power of the scissor hold on her exposed ribs and stomach.
11 - Lynn and Keisha
Keisha gasps and moans for several minutes as she refuses to surrender the match to Lena.  The redheaded fighter squeezes the resistance out of Keisha before rolling up to a seated position.  Using her legs to hold Keisha still, Lena slaps Keisha on her ass several times as she asks if she is ready to admit who is the better woman.
12 - Lynn versus Keisha
Keisha unwisely refuses to surrender the match even though she is barely resisting Lena at this point.  Lena rolls Keisha into position and wraps her legs around her opponent’s head and neck locking in a devastating figure four scissor hold.  “You’re done!!!!” yells out Lena as she squeezes Keisha.  “Spin the roulette wheel and see what you get!!” taunts Lena as Keisha screams out her submission.
13 - Lynn versus Keisha
Standing over her battered and destroyed opponent, Lena accepts the cheers of the crowd.  The officiator calls out “Your winner by a submission at the 10 minute and 35 second mark, LENA!!!!”