AWC Fight Times Mag 5 – Lena versus Kelcie

Leading up to the event Kelcie and Lena had been needling each other quite a bit via social media and while attending the pre-event gatherings.  When confident AWC fighters don’t seem to like each other, you can expect a meeting in the apartment.  Both these fighters believed they were superior to the other and they met up for an unscheduled match to find out who was right.  Will the redhead triumph?  Will the blonde have more fun?

Kelcie (5’3 126lbs 24 y/o) lives near Austin, TX.  She is newly married and works as a manager of a small coffee shop.  Her ambition is to own her own the shop and she sees Apartment Wrestling as an opportunity to get the money to fulfill that goal.  She hits the gym a few times a week and mainly sticks to cardio related classes.  Kelcie’s response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I love the idea of dominating another athletic girl.  My husband will enjoy watching me show off on some other girl that thinks she is something.  I’m in great shape and I’m hot as hell.”


Lena (5’5 127 lbs 24 y/o) lives in Philadelphia, PA.  She works for an insurance company and in her spare time likes to keep in shape by working out.  Lena particularly enjoys workout classes that have an element of kick boxing or other combat sports involved with them.  Lena’s response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I’m good enough to dominate the AWC.  I don’t see any fighters here that are any better than me.  My workouts and experiences in life give me what it takes to rule the Apartment.”


This special challenge match comes as a result of some unfriendly social media exchanges and some verbal sparring throughout new girl fight night weekend.  It appears that Kelcie and Lena formed an immediate rivalry or a slight bit of dislike for one another.  This led to Kelcie appearing shortly after the conclusion of Lena’s match with Keisha and interrupting Lena’s post-match celebration.

Kelcie points across the room threateningly at Lena and calls out “you call yourself a fighter!  That was not enough for you to be an AWC fighter” hisses out the blonde.  The crowd grows quiet and hushed whispering from the crowd can be heard as Lena glares at Kelcie.  “You better head back to your changing room” snaps back a less than amused Lena as she rests her hands on her hips.

“Well you did say anywhere and anytime didn’t you, slut Lena? How about here and how about NOW!?” purrs out Kelcie as the crowd noise level grows as tensions rise out on the rug.  “Oh that sounds like a wonderful idea!!!  Nothing I love more than putting a blonde bimbo in her place!!  I accept, Kelcie!!  You just stay right there.” growls out Lena as she pushes past her and strides over to the officiator.  As Lena moves past the blonde, she bumps Kelcie’s  shoulder with her own causing more loud murmurs from the crowd.  The officiator says “Let’s schedule this, Lena. There is no need to do this now.”  “This fight is happening here and now. I am certainly not backing down from Kelcie.” snaps Lena.  The officiator smiles and agrees to an impromptu match.  Kelcie glares at Lena from across the room with hate and determination in her eyes. “Let’s go, bitch!” calls out Kelcie as she shifts her weight from foot to foot.

00 - Kelcie and Lynn
Kelcie comes out and challenges Lena to a match at the conclusion of the New Girl Fight Night.  After all the social media jabs and verbal digs leading up to the match, this one promised to be a hard match and a hard loss for one of them to accept.

The officiator quiets the room and calls out that a match will occur after a short delay to prepare the room.  “The match will be a best of three falls match lasting 20 minutes.  If no winner is determined by the twenty minute mark the next submission after that point will establish the winner.”  As the room is being prepared, Kelcie calls out “Let’s go, slut Lena, NOW!” The crowd cheers a bit as they now know a match is going to happen and they begin to choose a favorite.

The officiator seeing all is ready calls out “Fight” to get the match underway.  As soon as the command is given Kelcie moves quickly towards Lena and begins to throw a series of wild slaps at Lena.  With each slap, Lena deflects the blow and avoids solid contact.  After several moments of failing to land a blow on a purely defensive Lena, Kelcie switches her approach.  Screaming out “Bitch I’ll own you!!” a confident Kelcie extends her claws and lunges at Lena going for her hair.

HUUUUNNHHHHHH flies from Kelcie’s mouth as Lena anticipating Kelcie’s reckless attack, quickly drops her hips and lunges into her driving a forearm and hand up and under the blonde’s chin driving her head back and stopping her attack in its tracks.  The crowd cheers out and shouts encouragement to Lena as she lands the first effective attack of the match.

01 - Kelcie and Lynn
Kelcie recklessly goes for Lena’s hair and is met with a hand and forearm to the chest and neck as Lena bends her backward forcing her off balance.

Lena drops her hips and continues to push towards Kelcie forcing the blonde off balance as she moves her back several staggering steps.  “Watch the wall” yells out a male voice as Lena appears to be driving Kelcie back.

“We will see who is getting owned!!!” snarls out Lena as she maintains her advantage.   Kelcie reacts just as suddenly as Lena earlier and lifts a quick knee up and into Lena’s body.  OOOHHHHHNNNN groans out Lena as the knee lands solidly in her groin area stopping her progress just as quickly as it started.

02 - Kelcie and Lynn
Kelcie lands a solid knee into Lena as the redhead tries to drive the blonde back and towards the wall.  Lenas legs waiver immediately as Kelcie’s blow shocks her.

Lena involuntarily drops to her knees as the blow temporarily takes the strength from her lower body.  With Lena stopped in her tracks, Kelcie reaches up and readies an open hand.  As Kelcie twists her body to swing her hand, Lena launches an uppercut from her knees.  The punch goes wide of its target glancing off of Kelcie’s thigh.  Its intended target though was clear though as Lena intended to return Kelcie’s knee with interest.

As the uppercut went wide of intended target, Kelcie’s open hand comes shooting downward and lands directly on Lena’s face.  The loud WHHHAPPP sound of flesh on flesh echoes throughout the apartment.  A collective OOOOOOO sound erupts from the crowd as Lena yelps out in pain from the impact of the slap.

03 - Kelcie and Lynn
Lena misses wide of her target as she launches an uppercut towards Kelcie.  The blonde rewards Lena’s effort with a vicious slap to the face.  Lena cries out in pain as the crowd gasps at the hard blow.

“I’m gonna punish you now whore!!!” hisses out Kelcie as she plays to the crowd following the vicious slap to the face.  Kelcie lands a second quick slap to the head before pivoting back and loading up her right leg.  The move is horribly telegraphed as the whole crowd can see the knee being readied for Lena’s chest.  Much to Kelcie’s dismay it was not just the crowd that saw the move coming as her opponent did as well.

Just as Kelcie was about to launch what might have been a match or fall ending knee to the chest, Lena grabs her by the leg and yanks her off balance.  Kelcie is completely unprepared for Lena’s counter attack and loses her balance dropping to the floor with a crash and a loud yelp of pain and surprise.  A loud voice in the crowd yells out “Get her Lena!!! Kick her ass!!!”

04 - Kelcie and Lynn
Before Kelcie can capitalize on her advantage, Lena quickly reverses the momentum of the fight as she catches Kelcie’s leg and yanks it out from under her. Kelcie immediately loses her balance and topples over to the floor on her ass with a loud crashing sound and a yelp of surprise and pain.

Before Kelcie can escape, Lena quickly drops to a seated position and grabs the blonde’s leg.  Quickly tucking the leg under her arm, Lena tries to secure a leg bar style hold on Kelcie.  “Get out of that” yells out a male voice in the crowd as Kelcie tries to shake off her hard impact with the floor.

“Let’s see how you like this!!!” hisses out Lena as she secures the leg with both hands and slides her leg over the top of Kelcie’s leg above the knee.  Pressing one direction with her arms and the other with her leg, Lena puts the pressure on Kelcie’s knee.  The blonde screams out in pain and grabs for Lena’s foot in an attempt to relieve the pressure on her knee.

05 - Kelcie and Lynn
Lena quickly turns this in a wrestling match on the floor as she secures Kelcie’s right leg and applies a considerable amount of pressure to her knee.  The blonde screams out in pain as Lena seems to enjoy the blonde’s pain.

As Lena puts pressure on Kelcie’s knee, the blonde squeals out in pain and grabs at her opponent’s foot trying to find a way to get her leg free of the redhead’s grasp.  After a few moments of unsuccessfully struggling to break free, Kelcie pulls her left leg up to try and kick at Lena’s body.  Lena reacts to her attempt quickly sliding her leg off of Kelcie’s knee and dropping her leg over the top of Lena’s left leg pinning it to the floor.  Just as quickly, Kelcie slides her left leg over the knee to replace her other leg and resumes the pressure on the blonde’s leg.  Her efforts are met with loud cries of pain as Kelcie’s knee is bent.

“Not fast enough” taunts Lena as the crowd cheers loudly.  “You ready to submit to me!!” hisses out Lena as Kelcie lays back flat on the floor and cries out in pain.  “Just give” yells out the same male voice from the crowd.  After a prolonged period in the hold, Kelcie finally yells out “STOP I GIVE!!!”

06 - Kelcie and Lynn
Kelcie is unable to escape Lena’s leg hold as the redhead applies a submission hold to the blonde’s leg.  After several moments in the hold, the blonde screams out her surrender.

The officiator steps up close and calls out “That’s enough Lena she submits” and then continues on “the winner of the first fall at the nine minute mark — LENA!!!”  Lena, rather than immediately let go, gives Kelcie one more squeeze as she adds a little extra pressure to her leg.  UNNNNHHHH moans out Kelcie as she feels the pain shoot through her leg.

“That is for the knee to my groin!” snaps out Lena as she climbs to her feet and finds her water bottle for a sip. Kelcie is slow to climb to her feet as Lena waits. “Come on, Kelcie. Get up and fight me! You wanted this challenge!!!” taunts Lena hoping to get the blonde to engage faster than she might otherwise take in the short break between falls.  “You tried to injure my leg bitch!!” pouts Kelcie as she readies herself to resume the fight.

06a - Kelcie and Lynn
Lena stands over Kelcie as she clutches her tender knee.

With both fighters ready to start the officiator calls out “The is the start of the 2nd fall.  Remember at the 20 minute mark if there is not already a winner I will announce next submission wins the match.  You may now fight!!”

The two fighters pull their hands up and begin to slowly circle one another as they look for an opening in their opponent’s defenses.  The crowd becomes louder in their efforts to motivate their favorite.

07 - Kelcie and Lynn
The fighters face off as the officiator calls for the start of the 2nd fall of the match.

After a short period of circling, Kelcie feints a couple of slaps at Lena’s head without any real success or reaction from Lena.  Before the blonde can launch her next attack, Lena quickly pivots and lashes out with a foot at Kelcie’s leg.  The blow lands with solid contact forcing a yelp of pain from Kelcie as Lena punishes that sore leg.

Kelcie staggers a few steps back but manages to keep her balance.  The crowd erupts loudly as the first significant damage of the fall is dealt out.

08 - Kelcie and Lynn
The two fighters spar and position for control of the early moments of the second fall.  After several moments, Lena lands a hard sweeping kick to Kelcie’s already hurting knee.  The blonde lets out a loud yelp of pain as she struggles to maintain her balance.

Kelcie cries out in pain and staggers several steps backwards as she struggles to maintain her footing.  “You bitch” cries out Kelcie as the red head drives forward and wraps her arms around Kelcie’s other leg securing it and then popping up right.  The yanking upwards forces Kelcie to hop on her sore leg several times as she tries to stay upright while Lena yanks her good leg up challenging the blonde’s ability to remain upright.

The crowd becomes even more vocal as they call out support for their preferred fighter.  Lena keeps the pressure up on Kelcie as she forces the blonde to put her weight on her sore leg.  Each jump up and down causes the blonde to grimace in pain and grunt out loudly.

09 - Kelcie and Lynn
Lena drives in quickly lifting Kelcie’s other leg off the floor forcing the blonde to struggle to keep her balance by putting her weight on her sore and hurting leg.  Lena shows here that she is a smart fighter and a very good wrestler.

After forcing the blonde to take multiple hopping steps to stay upright, Lena rises up further and forces the blonde to fall backwards to the floor on her backside.  “Ooops!!!” taunts Lena as the blonde hits the floor with a crashing THUD.

With Kelcie appearing to be momentarily stunned, Lena grabs her right leg and goes back to work on her tender leg.  Grabbing the ankle, Lena twists around and faces the opposite direction before sitting down atop the blonde.  With Kelcie’s leg in her grasp, Lena twists her knee and ankle as she puts pressure on her opponent’s already tender and sore leg.

“You wanna give up again!!!” teases Lena as she works on bending her opponent’s leg in directions it isn’t designed to go.  Kelcie reaches up and grabs hold of Lena’s bikini top as she tries to use it to leverage the redhead out of her controlling position atop the blonde.

10 - Kelcie and Lynn
With Kelcie dropped to her back, Lena is able to twist Kelcie’s leg around and starts to twist and pull at the knee and ankle.  Kelcie yells out in pain as Lena goes right back to that sore leg.  Kelcie quickly leans up and grabs Lena by the bikini top and tries to keep her from settling in to another leg mauling hold.
10a - Kelcie and Lynn
Another view of Lena going to work on Kelcie’s hurting leg.

Using the grip on Lena’s bikini top, Kelcie tugs back on the strap.  At the same time, the blonde pushes her left leg up and bangs it into Lena’s left thigh.  The combination of the two movements takes Lena off balance and causes her to start falling backwards toward Kelcie.

The off balance redhead tries to twist to fall off to the side of Kelcie to allow her to roll into her opponent.  As she attempts to do so, Kelcie manages to get her other hand into Lena’s thick red hair and pull her back into a choke hold instead of allowing her to roll to the side.

“Got ya!!!” hisses out Kelcie as she quickly wraps an arm around Lena’s chin and grabs hold of her arm.  Using the element of surprise to her advantage, Kelcie slips her left leg over the top of Lena to help hold her in position as she works to secure control of her opponent.

11 - Kelcie and Lynn
After pulling Lena back and off balance Kelcie is able to catch the redhead before she can roll to face the blonde.  With one land locked under Lena’s chin and the other catching her opponent’s arm, Kelcie struggles to get control over her opponent.

“You’re mine now bimbo!!!” hisses out Kelcie as she tries to score with a verbal assault to keep Lena off balance while she works to secure her in her grasp.  As Kelcie pulls back on Lena’s chin, she forces the redhead to groan out NNNNHHHHHH loudly.  The groan spurs the blonde on as she pulls hard against Lena preventing her from rolling to her right to escape Kelcie’s grasp.

“Fuhhhhhh” gasps out Lena as her words are cutoff by Kelcie giving another hard tug pulling the redhead in tight.  Kelcie takes the moment as her opportunity to slide her body a bit and switch up her hold by hooking Lena’s neck under her arm and bending her backwards pulling her head down tight under her arm.  At the same time, Kelcie is able to secure Lena’s left arm under her other arm and slips her hand down atop the redhead’s chest.  The officiator calls out “eighteen minutes have elapsed and in two minutes next fall will win!!!”

“Oh I know you are gonna give it up now!!” taunts Kelcie as she grunts while tightening the grip around Lena’s neck.  The tightening forces a choking gasp from Lena ACCCKKKKKKK just before Kelcie squeezes her fingers down digging into Lena’s left breast.  The grip on the chest mashes Lena’s soft breast between the blonde’s fingers as she demands “SUBMIT TO ME NOW!!!!”

Lena knowing that the clock is now her enemy in this second fall quickly gags out “GIVE” in a raspy voice.  Not wanting to risk losing the fall after the twenty minute mark and giving up the entire match, Lena chooses this moment to end the fall and avoid that risk.  Kelcie, remembering the last fall yells out “That’s right bitch you do submit” and then rather than let go quickly she gives Lena’s breast one more good hard squeeze before letting go and shoving Lena to the floor.  Kelcie quietly hisses to Lena “I’ll be taking that top soon when you surrender the match to me!!!”

12 - Kelcie and Lynn
Kelcie catches Lena and sinks the hold in on her neck as she bends the redhead back and chokes her.  Trapping her left arm under hers, Kelcie is free to maul Lena’s breast to add to her suffering.  Lena is forced to submit the fall.

“Release her” demands the officiator as the blonde lets go of Lena and moves away.  The officiator surveys the room and calls out “at the eighteen minute and thirty second mark Lena submits to Kelcie.  The match is now even and one fall apiece.  The next fall wins the match.  We will take a short rest period and then resume.”

As the officiator continues, Kelcie stands over Lena and leans forward.  “That’s right . . . just get up and let’s finish this once and for all!!!”  Kelcie’s taunts cause the crowd to erupt in noise.  Some in favor of Kelcie and encouraging her to finish Lena for good while a slightly larger part of the crowd boos Kelcie for her taunting.

13 - Kelcie and Lynn
Kelcie stands over Lena taunting her after the end of the 2nd fall.

Both fighters stand ready to start the third and final fall of the match.  The officiator seeing both ready to start calls out “You may fight!!!”  The crowd erupts in cheers and shouts of encouragement as the fighters ready themselves.

Lena quickly rushes forward and throws her hands up in the air as if she is going for Kelcie’s upper body.  Lena lets out a loud battle cry YYYYYAAAHHHHH as she rushes Kelcie.  Before arriving at Kelcie, Lena drops to the floor in a spectacular softball slide as she attempts to envelop Kelcie’s leg.  Just as Lena starts her slide, Kelcie starts moving to the left to sidestep the charge.

Rather than envelop one of Kelcie’s legs, Lena slides in out of control and knocks Kelcie’s legs out from under like a base runner breaking up a double play at second base.  Kelcie flies into the air and lets out a loud battle cry of her own AAIIIEEEYYYOOOOWWWW.

14 - Kelcie and Lynn
Lena slides into Kelcie upending the blonde sending her hurtling into the air as her feet come out from under her.

Lena’s high risk attack appears to pay off for her until Kelcie lands atop the redhead.  The blonde crashes down into Lena driving her elbow into Lena’s upper stomach forcing a loud UNNNNNFFFFFF fromLena.  Kelcie gasps out as well upon the impact as she lands hard on a soft object.

The crowd gasps out at the impact and goes quiet for a moment.  The male voice calls out “Come on Kelc finish her!” as the room goes quiet.  Both fighters pause for a brief moment upon the collision as Kelcie lays atop Lena.  The blonde pulls back her right arm and jabs a quick punch into Lena’s rib cage as she shakes off the impact.

15 - Kelcie and Lynn
Kelcie crashes down atop Lena driving her elbow into Lena’s body.  The impact jars both fighters as the fans go quiet in the room.

Kelcie’s punch to the ribs did not pack much power, but upon its impact the fighters magically spring to life again.  Lena quickly shoots her left hand out and snags Kelcie right arm.  With a sudden yank and twist Lena rolls the two of them over and across the floor switching positions.  Kelcie caught by surprise by the sudden move and the power in Lena’s left side suddenly finds herself on bottom just as quickly as she found herself atop the redhead.  Apparently Kelcie had not studied Lena enough to know she is left-handed.

With the fighters pressed body to body, Kelcie’s bikini top slides slightly up revealing her the bottom half of her left breast to the crowd.  This generates a chorus of cheers as the fans are rewarded with a quick peek.  Instantly a grappling match breaks out with both fighters intent on controlling the other.  Lena works at wrapping and securing Kelcie’s legs with her own as she expects her legs to be more powerful than her opponent.  Kelcie, however, is quick and Lena is able to hook one leg as Kelcie plants her second leg on the floor and begins to push off for leverage.

Lena slips a forearm across Kelcie’s throat and tries to choke her opponent and is met with some gasps and ACCCCKKKKK sounds from the blonde signalling to the crowd that Lena has gotten that arm into a bad spot for the blonde.  Seeing an opportunity to needle her opponent, Lena hisses out “Submit or your face will be as red as my hair before I’m ACCCCKKKK!!!!”  Not to be outdone, Kelcie slides her hand up and into Lena’s neck and returns the favor albeit with less leverage as she begins to choke Lena in return cutting off the redhead’s threat.

Lena tries to work a second hand to her opponent’s throat but ends up settling for a grip of Kelcie’s hair as she is unable to get her second hand quickly in position.  Not to be outdone, Kelcie goes right back to the breast attack and digs her fingers into Lena’s exposed breast and squeezes hard as she closes her grip down hard.  The intensity level of the match kicks up into high gear as neither wants to lose the last fall and the battle is up close and personal on the floor.  The match going over the 20 minute mark at this point.

16 - Kelcie and Lynn
The battle for control rages as Lena rolls Kelcie over to her back and gets the upper position for the moment.  Both fighters punish the other as the match crosses over the 20 minute mark.
16a - Kelcie and Lynn
Another view of Lena and Kelcie battling on the floor for control.

With Kelcie painfully squeezing Lena’s breast, the redhead makes a gagging and grunting sound with the blonde’s arm pressing into her own neck.  The crowd cheers loudly trying to will their favorite to a victory here as this grappling on the floor continues for some time with neither really able to subdue the other.

With her hand buried in Kelcie’s hair, Lena lifts her arm tries to drive it back down into Kelcie’s neck again giving the blonde a forearm into the throat.  Before she can return her arm to the blonde’s neck Kelcie is able to push her chin down enough to take the brunt on her chin.  At the same time, Lena unhooks her right leg from Kelcie and pushes it up readying a strike towards Kelcie’s groin.

YAAAAAHHHH yells out Kelcie and presses hard bucking and twisting her hips in response to Lena’s attempts to keep her subdued.  With Lena slightly out of position, the blonde tosses her off and rolls her over to her back.  Pressing forward, Kelcie works to slide her body atop the redhead as the struggle for control continues.  Before Lena can block Kelcie’s left hand, the blonde lands a nasty slap directly into Lena’s exposed face with a thundering crack of flesh on flesh resounding through the apartment.

17 - Kelcie and Lynn
Kelcie rolls Lena off as they struggle on the floor.  The blonde lands a nasty slap into Lena’s exposed face as the redhead hooks an arm around the blonde’s head.
17a - Kelcie and Lynn
Another View of Lena and Kelcie battling on the floor

YOOOOWWWWWW yelps out Lena as the Kelcie scores with another slap to her face that the blonde converted into a clawing attack as a follow-up.  Kelcie pushes Lena’s arm off of her neck and slips under it as she prepares to push Lena to her side.  The redhead goes on the attack just as Kelcie starts trying to move the redhead where she wants her.  With Kelcie’s hand clawing at her face, Lena goes after that arm with both hands trying to pull it off her face and immobilize it.

As Lena twists her upper body to get both hands on Kelcie’s left arm, she moves directly where Kelcie wants her go.  Pushing with her lower body and her right hand, Kelcie turns Lena to her side giving her a position behind the redhead.  Lena tries to react to what could be a dangerous spot for her, but Kelcie has the momentum and advantage on her side.

“You’re all mine” hisses out Kelcie as she gets Lena to her side and throws a leg over her hip to hold her in position.  Lena loses track of Kelcie’s left arm and the blonde grabs her chin roughly digging her nails into it as she presses her chest down over Lena’s upper torso mashing her to the floor.  Kelcie yanks her right hand back and as the officiator moves around the fighters for a view of the hand on the chin, the blonde slams an open handed blow into the back of Lena’s head.

UNNHHHH moans out Lynn as the blow looked hard enough to knock her senseless.  The crowd boos and protests the blow as Lena groans out again.  NNNNGGGHHHH.  The officiator looks on obviously missing the blow to the back of Lena’s head.

18 - Kelcie and Lynn
Kelcie rolls Lena to the side and gets to her back side just before landing a nasty open handed blow to the back of her head.

Kelcie grabs Lena’s arm and pulls it back securing a solid grip on it as the redhead is unable to resist.  The blow to the head has Lena out of sorts and Kelcie seizes the advantage she gained by her dirty tactic.  The crowd continues to voice their displeasure with Kelcie’s actions.

“Your nothing bitch!!!” screams out Kelcie as she pulls the arm back and pushes herself higher atop Lena.  With the redhead stunned and not resisting, Kelcie goes to work slamming a series of punches into Lena’s chest and upper abdomen.  THUD THUD THUD sounds out punctuated with HUNNNHHHH UNNNHHHHH OOOOOOMMMPPPP from the redhead.

19 - Kelcie and Lynn
Kelcie takes advantage of stunning Lena with the dirty shot to the back of the head by trapping her arm and pounding punches to Lena’s chest and upper belly.

Lena takes the series of shots to her body without resistance.  The officiator moves closer and looks in to see if Lena is still in the fight.  Before the officiator can get a good look Kelcie presses Lena to her chest on the floor.  As Kelcie positions herself atop Lena’s low back she grabs hold of Lena’s bikini top and rips it free tossing it aside.

“You should have expected to be ground up!!! Coffee from the grinder” yells out Kelcie as she sits atop Lena’s ass and yanks the redhead up bending her back.  Slipping an arm under Lena’s chin she cranks the pressure up getting only moans from Lena.  The majority of the crowd continues to protest and call out occasional boos at the state of the match.

“SUBMIT NOW!!!” yells out Kelcie.  Lena continues to moan out seemingly dazed or maybe even unconscious.  The officiator seeing Lena non-responsive steps in and stops the fight.  “That’s it Kelcie this fight is over.  The winner of the 3rd fall and winner of the match KELCIE!!!”

20 - Kelcie and Lynn