AWC Fight Times Magazine 5 – Kelcie versus Marie

Kelcie enters the fight with a 1-0 record and a huge chip on her shoulder.  Marie comes in following a tough loss to a more experienced AWC fighter.  Marie wants to put Kelcie in her place and get a win.  Kelcie wants to keep her record undefeated to back up her claims to be the best new fighter entering the AWC.  Kelcie has been doing a lot of talking, will she back it up or will Marie shut her mouth?

Marie (5’5 117 lbs 28 y/o) lives near Cincinnati, OH.  She is married and is currently going to school working towards a marketing degree.  In high school she was a cheerleader and track participant.  She is a regular at the gym and teaches several cardio fitness classes a week.  Marie’s response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I’m in great shape unlike most women.  My opponent’s won’t be able to keep up with me.  I might look small, but I’m super strong for my size.”


Kelcie (5’3 126lbs 24 y/o) lives near Austin, TX.  She is newly married and works as a manager of a small coffee shop.  Her ambition is to own her own the shop and she sees Apartment Wrestling as an opportunity to get the money to fulfill that goal.  She hits the gym a few times a week and mainly sticks to cardio related classes.  Kelcie’s response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I love the idea of dominating another athletic girl.  My husband will enjoy watching me show off on some other girl that thinks she is something.  I’m in great shape and I’m hot as hell.”



0 - Kelcie and Marie
Kelcie and Marie face off as their match is about to start.


01 - Kelcie and Marie
Kelcie launches a wild attack as she overwhelms Marie in the opening moments of the fight.  As Kelcie begins landing hard slaps on Marie’s face, her opponent has no answer for the assault.
02 - Kelcie and Marie
Kelcie grabs Marie by the hair and slams her struggling opponent into the wall with a loud THUD!!!
03 - Kelcie and Marie
Marie slumps down as she is trapped against the wall.  Kelcie takes advantage of Marie’s lack of any offense as she drives her knee into her opponent’s exposed belly.
04 - Kelcie and Marie
Kelcie knocks Marie to the floor and slams her foot into her back several times driving her opponent to the floor on her belly.
05 - Kelcie and Marie
With Marie flat on her belly, Kelcie folds her feet up to her ass and sits down atop her feet.  Yanking back on Marie’s arms, Kelcie bends her opponent back as she applies her finishing hold she named the coffee grinder.  Marie screams out her submission in pain as Kelci bends her back.
05a - Kelcie and Marie
Another view of Kelcie applying the coffee grinder hold on Marie.
06- Marie and Kelcie
Kelcie holds her battered opponent up and on display as she strips her top off. ‘This is what happens to people that test me!!!” Calls out Kelcie as the officiator declares her the winner in this fight that lasted less than five minutes.