AWC Fight Times Magazine 5 – Nikki versus Peyton

These two promising newcomers face off in a West Coast Club versus European Club batte.  Peyton enters the fight with a win to her name and Nikki comes in following a tough loss to what is viewed as an average veteran.  Will Peyton continue her winning ways as she tries to make a statement in the AWC?  Or will the promising new fighter from Europe get things figured out and get a win?

Nikki (5’4 115lbs 28 y/o) lives in Vienna.  She married the son of an extremely wealthy business mogul.  She spends her time working out and living a life of luxury in comparison to most.  She has become a big fan of cross fit activities and is considering competing in that arena as well.  She is also rumored to have been a member of a local fighting/wrestling club in the area before meeting her now husband.  Nikki’s response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “Skilled and dedicated.  That says it all.  I am committed to being the best and will work hard to prepare my body to fight.  I have skill that most don’t expect me to possess.  Those will make me a winner!”


Peyton (5’9 138lbs 27 y/o) lives near LA.  She currently owns her own specialty clothing boutique and is working on designing her own clothing line.  At one point, she was a very talented amateur surfer and considered trying to compete professionally.  In her spare time she surfs and roller blades to stay in great shape.  Peyton’s response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “This is my world.  Physically I am in great shape and have great power.  No one tells me what to do.  I am the alpha cat.”


The fighters are introduced and the rules are presented.  The match will be a one fall fight with the first to submit losing.  This match will be a no holds barred fight with the exception that blows to the head will not be allowed and there will be no time limit.

0 - Nikki and Peyton
Nikki and Peyton preparing to face one another.
01 - Peyton and Nikki
After some brief grappling back and forth Peyton catches Nikki and pulls her into a tight headlock as she tries to her opponent’s hair to control her.
02 - Peyton and Nikki
Peyton twists and tugs Nikki off balance forcing her to her knees on the floor.  Quickly switching up her attack, Peyton forces a grunt or two of pain from Nikki as she twists and bends her neck.
03 - Peyton and Nikki
Nikki battles her way back up to her feet as the two struggle.  Peyton attempts to catch Nikki with a knee to the body as she attempts to keep her opponent under her control.
04 - Peyton and Nikki
Nikki is able to avoid the majority of the impact of the knee to the body and gets turned quickly.  Catching Peyton unprepared, Nikki jams a hand under her chin forcing the blonde back and off balance.  Peyton groans out as her neck is bent awkwardly.
05 - Peyton and Nikki
Nikki now taking control grabs Peyton by her bikini top to keep her close and presses her head back while at the same time nailing her with a knee into her lower belly area just at her bikini line.  Peyton lets out a loud gasping sound as the air is forced out of her body.
06- Peyton and Nikki View 2
In the process of using Peyton’s bikini top for leverage, Nikki ends up ripping it free of Peyton’s body.  The blonde drops to her knees in front of Nikki and Nikki follows her to the floor.  Yanking the blonde forward by the air, Nikki wraps her up and tries to choke her in a facelock hold.
06- Peyton and Nikki
Another view of Nikki working a choke hold.
07- Peyton and Nikki
Peyton struggles to escape the facelock and manages to break free only to be shoved face down by an alert and ready Nikki.  Maintaining a solid grip on Peyton, Nikki takes advantage of the opportunity to trap the blonde and drive a number of punches into Peyton’s kidneys.
08 - Peyton and Nikki
Nikki rolls the blonde over and applies a choke hold while mauling her  bare breast.  Nikki demands Peyton’s surrender, but the blonde stubbornly refuses to give up the match.
09 - Peyton and Nikki
Unable to force a surrender, Nikki pulls Peyton upright and goes for a choke sleeper hold combo hold on the blonde.  “If you will not submit then I will choke you out!!!” hiss Nikki.
10 - Peyton and Nikki
Peyton is able to slip free from Nikki’s hold before she can lock it in place.  A quick skirmish on their knees breaks out and Peyton lands some hard blows to Nikki’s chest turning the tide in her favor.
11 - Peyton and Nikki
Peyton drives Nikki back and catches her leg bending it awkwardly.  Nikki screams out in agony.  From all appearances, Peyton may have injured Nikki at this point in the fight.  
12 - Peyton and Nikki
Peyton pins Nikki’s arm to the floor and threatens to continue pounding her into a submission.  Nikki stubbornly refuses to submit the match and Peyton smirks as she moves further atop the Austrian.
13 - Peyton and Nikki
Firmly pinning Nikki to the floor, Peyton pulls and tugs on Nikki’s injured leg forcing screams of pain from her opponent.  At the same time, Peyton returns Nikki’s earlier breast mauling a series of punches to her chest.  Nikki is helpless to defend herself and refuses to submit.
14 - Peyton and Nikki
The officiator steps in stopping the match and declares Peyton the winner as the Austrian fighter clutches what appears to be her injured leg.