AWC Times Edition 1

The entire AWC fan base is excitedly awaiting the upcoming matches in the AWC world tournament. To be honest, so am I. I don’t just write stories and cover the AWC. Above all else I am a big fan of the sport.

As a fan, I find the Club structure to be a bit out of touch with the direction the sport seems to be heading. The world tournament highlights the impact of the growth of independent fighters around the world. Not only are there plenty of fighters being sponsored by wealthy individuals, but those girls are winning at a pretty high rate.

I’ve been hearing plenty of rumors about the various Clubs trying to go out and sign these talented newcomers. The only problem with that is the varying geographic locations for the independents may disqualify the girls from able being to join a particular club.

Keep an eye on this trend. With half the world tourney survivors at this point being independents, it might be awfully tough to convince these successful fighters to change just for purposes of changing.

Ill bring you more when I get further information.