AWC Times Fight Mag 1 Glenna versus Lisa

The first fight of the round robin tournament featured Glenna and Lisa.

Glenna (5’4 115 pounds 26 y/o) lives near Sydney Australia.  Glenna works as a receptionist in a professional services firm.  Her favorite leisure activity is to bicycle and swim.  She has participated in a small local club that oil wrestles in various night spots in Australia.  Glenna’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I’m very fit.  I have been on the mat a number of times and understand just what is expected out there.  I like to win and there is nothing more satisfying than controlling another girl and making her give up.” Coming into the tournament Glenna is 0-3 with losses to Bao, Anushka, and Drury.

0 - Glenna Pre-Fight
Glenna Standing Ready for the Fight to Begin

Lisa (5’5” 120 lbs 20 y/o) lives near Boston.  She is a full-time student at a small private school in the Boston area.  She was a tomboy growing up and played softball, ran track and competed as a gymnast.   Lisa loves hitting the gym to stay in great shape and likes being the center of attention.  She is very confident in her abilities and believes she is a success in everything she does.  Lisa’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment Fighter — “It’s simple — I’m a winner.  I have competed all my life and I win.  No, I dominate.  That’s why I’ll be a great Apartment Wrestler.”  Coming into the tournament Lisa is 1-1 with a loss to Drury and a win over Sofia.

0 - Lisa Pre-Fight
A Confident Lisa Ready to Take on Glenna.  Prior to the tourney start Lisa engaged in a social media blitz to tell the world she intended to kick ass and win the tournament.  She carried that confidence into the Apartment for fight night as she proclaimed a quick win over Glenna.
1 - Lisa Lands a Hard Slap
Lisa and Glenna Face Off and Lisa Lands a Series of Hard Slaps to Glenna’s Face as she Overpowers Glenna’s Defenses.  Glenna screamed out in pain from the slaps as she was unable to defend or counter Lisa’s attacks.
2 - Lisa Yanks Glenna Off Balance by Her Hair
With Glenna Stunned by the Hard Slaps, Lisa Takes Advantage by Securing a Grip on Glenna’s Long Red Hair with Both Hands and Begins Whipping Glenna Back and Forth.  Lisa let out several curse words as she whipped Glenna around by her hair.  The red head screamed out as she tried to get free of the violent hair pulling.
3 - Lisa Rips Glenna Off Her Feet
Lisa Yanks a Screaming and Defenseless Glenna Off Her Feet with the Violent Hair Pulling. The Australian beauty has no answer so far and is completely at the mercy of a nasty and rough fighting Lisa.
4 - Lisa Lands Hard Slaps to Glenna
Glenna lands squarely on her ass as Lisa steps over her shoulder trapping her in front of her. With hard yanks to the hair, Lisa pulls Glenna back and exposes her to direct hits to the face as she continued to land brutal slaps on Glenna. The stunned red head cries out as she flails around helplessly.
5 - Lisa Bends and Punches Glenna
Lisa drives Glenna to her back on the floor and steps over the top of her. Now showing off a bit of wrestling skill, Lisa hooks Glenna’s leg and bends it up as she pushes her body forward. Not satisfied with the leg hold alone, Lisa begins driving punches to Glenna exposed belly. The helpless red head is pinned and now battered by Lisa. As Lisa punches at Glenna’s belly, she resumes her trash talking of the beaten red head.
6 - Lisa Finishing Off Glenna
Lisa releases the one leg and slides her body over so she can fully pin Glenna’s arm to the ground. With the battered Australian trapped under her, Lisa ups the ante another notch as she slaps her hand down over Glenna’s exposed mound and begins to claw at her body. The moans and gasps from Glenna are suddenly converted to screams of agony.
7 - Lisa Getting the Win
After mauling Glenna’s body, Lisa forces a screaming submission from Glenna. Not satisfied with the simple surrender, Lisa slides over the top of Glenna pinning her helplessly underneath her knees and begins to slap her face. With each slap Lisa forces Glenna to beg for mercy.

After dominating and destroying Glenna, Lisa climbs off her battered body and makes several comments to the crowd in the room about how the tournament title is all hers.  She tops things off by yelling loudly enough for Chloe who is in a nearby bedroom to hear that she intends to brutalize the “cheerleader princess if she can survive her fight with Glenna!”