AWC Times Fight Magazine 10 – Quick Hits and Hairpulls 3

Quick hits from around the world of the AWC.  A number of matches took place in the recent weeks and the AWC Times was there to provide coverage and pass along the results. These matches featured some promising newcomers and some key matchups within the Clubs. Each of the matches were one fall matches and we are bringing you some highlights from each match.

Belle versus Hailey

Hailey welcomed newcomer Belle to the AWC West Coast Club. While Hailey was hoping to show the newcomer her place in the Club, it turned out that Belle put Hailey in her place instead. That place happened to be screaming out a submission to Belle and being battered about throughout the duration of their five minute match. I guess we can now say “Welcome to the AWC to Belle”.

Belle and Hailey being introduced before the start of their match. Hailey is looking for a much needed win at the expense of the newcomer from Texas. Obviously, Belle wants to start off her AWC career with a win so only one of these two will achieve their goal.
Belle got things off to a quick start as she secured Hailey and landed a series of hard knees to her opponent’s body.
Belle roughed Hailey up throughout the duration of the match as she dominated her more experienced opponent. After softening up Hailey, Belle displayed her strength by hoisting her opponent into the air and bending her in a painful hold.
After forcing Hailey to admit her defeat, Belle posed over her all twisted up opponent. Looks sort of like Belle might have treated Hailey like some livestock on the ranch as she posed in celebration.

Catrin versus Milena

Milena, coming off a hard loss to Zora, looks to stop the early success of Catrin as they do battle in a matchup with Number One contender implications in the European title hunt. Milena needed the win to insert herself back into the conversation and Catrin looking to close the door on Milena’s hopes for a title match and position herself as a legitimate contender. In the end, Catrin dashed Milena’s hopes in a short fight where Catrin roughed up and submitted Milena in less than 3 minutes.

With European Club title implications at stake, Milena and Catrin met up in a highly anticipated match. In the end, Catrin dominated and demolished her blonde opponent.
Catrin battered Milena early and often as she trapped her opponent against the wall and pummeled her senseless.
With Milena unable to resist her attack, Catrin trapped her and bent her backwards forcing her to cry out her surrender.

Zora versus Shayla

In another key battle with Number One contender implications in the European Club, Zora matched up with Shayla. Both have been very successful and Zora’s start has been on the rise. Shayla intended to solidify her claim to a title fight and at the same time deflate Zora’s claims to be a top fighter in the Club. Shayla got off to a good start and almost forced a submission out of Zora on several occasions. Unfortunately for Shayla, she underestimated Zora’s toughness and resilience and in the second half of the fight is dominated and battered before being forced to cry out her surrender after a grueling 12 minute battle. Zora thoroughly humiliated Shayla after the submission causing the tough blonde to break down in tears on the floor.

Zora and Shayla prepare to face off in a match with significant implications in the title picture for the European Club.
In the early stages of the match it is all Shayla as she seems to be able to overpower and outwrestle Zora at will. At this point, Shayla is attempting to crush the fight out of her opponent and force a quick submission.
Unable to get a submission with the quick bearhug, Shayla is forced to take the fight to the floor as Zora made it next to impossible to maintain her hold. After some grapping, Shayla looks to choke the fight out of her Greek opponent as she again demands Zora submit. For the first four minutes of the fight Shayla is all over Zora as she punishes and wears down her opponent.
Zora breaks free and turns the tables on Shayla as she mounts and pins the German blonde to the floor. Shayla is completely on the defensive as Zora repays her with slaps to the head and punches to the body and chest. Zora spends a couple minutes dominating Shayla with a prolonged series of pinning and pummeling the blonde.
With Shayla battered and worn down, Zora drags her into a backbreaker submission hold as she wrenches her back and bends her over backwards. Shayla promptly submits to Zora’s demand that she surrender. To add insult to injury, Zora forces Shayla to say “Zora is the better woman and deserves to be the number 1 contender and I don’t!” Shayla is devastated by the submission and breaks down sobbing on the floor after the match ends.

Katya versus Inga

In another match featuring a newcomer to the European Club, Inga faced off against Katya. Inga looked to rebound at the expense of the new girl, with Katya wanting to get off to a successful start in the AWC. Inga sorely underestimated the new Russian fighter. Katya’s wild and reckless attacks were too much for the blonde to handle as she was overwhelmed by Katya. The new fighter dominated Inga in a 5 minute battle and then issued a series of bold challenges to the European Club.

Katya and Inga face off as they are introduced to the crowd. Katya stares intently at her blonde opponent while she smiles and plays to the crowd generating lots of loud cheers of support.
The fight gets underway with a wild struggle for control. After several moments of slapping and hairpulling, Katya gets behind Inga yanking the blonde around by the hair while landing a series of slaps to her head and face forcing cries of pain from the blonde. “I’ll demolish you bitch!!!” screams out Katya as she punishes Inga.
Katya forces Inga to her knees on the floor as she continues to overwhelm and control the blonde. Taking advantage of Inga’s inability to escape the attack, Katya yanks her head back and forth by the hair as she loops several punches around her opponent’s body and into her chest. The crowd becomes as wild as Katya as they cheer on the wild Russian.
“You are no match for me!!!” yells out Katya as she roughly shoves the blonde onto her stomach. “Get off me!!!” cries out Inga as she struggles to roll free of Katya’s attacks. The Russian shoves a couple kicks to her ribs as she continues to rip at the blonde’s hair to keep her under control.
After several moments of Inga struggling to escape Katya’s grasp, the Russian drives down and jams a knee into Inga’s back. AAAIIIEEEEE cries out the blonde as her vicious opponent continues to maul her. Gripping the blonde’s arm and chin, Katya bends her opponent back as she grinds her knee into her spine. “Say it you bitch!!!” demands Katya as Inga cries and moans in pain. After several yanks to creating more pressure on her back, Inga cries out “I GIVE I GIVE NO MORE!!!”
Katya throws Inga back to the floor on her face and springs to her feet. “Look at this!!” she yells out to the cheering crowd. “I said look at this!!! I will come for you Sara and take the title and revenge your acts!!!” Before leaving the room, Katya kicks Inga in the back one last time and struts in a circle for the crowd.

Soo Min versus Britta

This next match up came to us from the Pacific Club as winless Britta takes on Korean newcomer Soo Min. Britta viewed their match as a great opportunity to get a win, while her opponent came into the fight with all the confidence of a new fighter. Britta vowed to make the match a short one and she held true to her word. Britta went right after Soo Min trying to overwhelm the rookie fighter, but was unable to secure a solid hold on Soo Min. After a few minutes of action, Soo Min was able to turn the tide with her own leg twisting hold and some added stomps to her opponent’s body. Britta was forced to submit to a devastating head scissor hold after about 5 minutes of fast paced action.

Britta and Soo Min are introduced to the crowd as the new girl looks to make an early impression on the Club and its fans. Britta smiles and waves to the fans as she enters the room and paces around awaiting the start of the match. Britta seems to be the crowd favorite, but the new girl has her supporters in attendance as well.
In the early moments of the match, Britta manages to get Soo Min trapped and drags her over her knee while yanking at her leg. Britta demands a surrender as she tries to get a solid ankle hold on the Korean rookie.
Continuing with her advantage, Britta drops Soo Min to the floor on her back. The Korean fighter grunts out from the impact as the blonde Aussie tries to overwhelm her for a quick win. Britta continues struggling with her squirming opponent as she tries to lock on an ankle hold. “Hold still!!!” growls out Britta as they struggle.
Soo Min topples the blonde and in the ensuing struggle for control manages to catch Britta by the leg as she twists and yanks on the blonde. “How you like it!!!” yells out Soo Min as Britta yelps out in pain. The Korean fighter takes advantage of her position and drives her foot into the trapped blonde’s belly and chest with several slashing kicks to knock the fight from Britta.
With Britta laying on her back gasping for air, Soo Min slips her body lower and wraps her legs around Britta’s head and locks her in a brutal head scissor hold. Britta screams out in agony before her cries are muffled by Soo Min’s thigh. Adding to the attack, Soo Min begins jabbing short punches into Britta’s exposed and defenseless belly. After several moments trapped and suffering in Soo Min’s grasp, Britta taps out her surrender.

Charlotte versus Shriya

The Pacific Club brought us another important match as Shriya and Charlotte both looked to rebound from losses. At one point Charlotte was a contender for the Pacific Club title. Since being knocked out by Bao she hasn’t been the same. This could be a make or break fight for her. Shriya, on the other hand, was embarrassed by Anushka in her last match and sees this as a chance to score a meaningful win over a tough opponent. Much to the surprise of all in attendance, this match turns out to be a one-sided domination as Charlotte makes a strong statement by demolishing what was expected to be a tough opponent.

Charlotte and Shriya enter the apartment as they prepare to face off. Both fighters are confident of their chances to get the win in today’s match. As the fighters are introduced, Shriya smirks and quietly hisses “You will be my bitch today when we are through!!!”
Shriya aggressively goes on the attack to start the match, but Charlotte easily deflects Shriya’s reckless attacks. In a matter of moments, Charlotte takes advantage of Shriya’s wild attacks and drops her opponent to the floor with a crash.
With Shriya stunned by the slam to the floor, Charlotte goes on the offensive in the early moments of the fight. Charlotte secures Shriya’s leg and slams repeated stomps to her opponent’s exposed body.
Charlotte continues to dominate a struggling and hapless Shriya. The redhead continues to attack Shriya with body strikes as she quickly breaks down and demolishes Shriya’s defenses.
A pleased Charlotte celebrates Shriya’s surrender. Charlotte can be heard commenting on Shriya being her bitch as Charlotte did not appreciate Shriya’s mouthy behavior prior to the match.