AWC Times Fight Magazine 11: Belle versus Lisa

This match is part of the East versus West Challenge series for Club bragging rights. Belle is a relative newcomer with an impressive win to her name and Lisa comes in after a loss in her last match versus Chloe another West Coast Club fighter. Neither fighter wants to concede points to the other Club. Belle wants to show that she is a force to be reckoned with in the AWC and Lisa wants to get back to winning.  

Belle (5’7 135 pounds 32) lives near Denton, Texas.  Belle is a Texas born and bred farm girl having grown up on her parents cattle ranch not far from the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. In her younger days she was a skilled horsewoman and has worked hard on the ranch which provided her with a tight and toned body. Belle participated in the rodeo and won some championships in barrel racing. She stays in shape by continuing to ride and working on the ranch which requires her to perform a variety of strenuous ranch duties. Belle’s short interview response as to why she would be a good Apartment fighter – “Growing up on the ranch, I would get in scuffles all of the time with the ranch hands, who were mostly male. It was there that I learned how to fight and that I could beat most men. The women in the AWC are soft and will learn to fear me and not to mess with Texas.”

Lisa (5’5” 120 lbs 20 y/o) lives near Boston.  She is a full-time student at a small private school in the Boston area.  She was a tomboy growing up and played softball, ran track and competed as a gymnast.   Lisa loves hitting the gym to stay in great shape and likes being the center of attention.  She is very confident in her abilities and believes she is a success in everything she does.  Lisa’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment Fighter — “It’s simple — I’m a winner.  I have competed all my life and I win.  No, I dominate.  That’s why I’ll be a great Apartment Wrestler.”


The two fighters arrive at the apartment and prepare for the match. When they are dressed and ready they provided a short statement to the AWC Times before the start of the match. As the fans wait patiently for the match to start, the statements are played on large screens for the fans to enjoy.

The room goes quiet as Lisa’s body fills the screen. “So this new girl is acting all tough. I bet the West Coast Club is going to regret trusting such an important match to a new girl. She may have did well against that weak bitch Hailey, but tonight will be a whole different type of match. Maybe she will quit early tonight or not even show up. This whole farm girl thing isn’t that interesting. Boring Boring Boring!!” The screen goes dark and the fans cheer.

Belle then fills the screen and she smiles and waves to the fans. “Big fun tonight!! This snotty blue blood from Boston is gonna see just how it goes when she is all twisted up like some livestock!! For being such a loser she sure is confident. Guess I will just have to knock that tad bit of arrogance right outta that loser!!!!”

The screen lights up again and the AWC Times commentators appear. “This should be a fun one to get things started tonight. Belle has only one fight on her record and Lisa has had some ups and downs. They both seem to want to get a piece of the other though.” The second commentator chimes in “You have it dead on. They both have their own reasons to want to come out and show up their opponent. Only one can be a winner tonight.” The first jumps back into the conversation as time runs short on their discussion. “I think Lisa’s experience is going to be the difference maker in what I think will be a close and hard fight.” The second responds “I don’t see this as close as you do. Lisa seems too soft to me to be able handle someone as tough and rugged as Belle. Experience will only carry her so far and that’s where Belle will be waiting to tear her apart.” The screen fades out and goes dark as the crowd noise picks up with the impending start of the match.

Following the video presentations, the fighters enter the apartment from opposite ends. The officiator calls the fighters to the center of the room. The officiator begins “the time limit for this match is 15 minutes. The most submissions or five-count pins in that time will determine the winner unless someone decides to quit the match before the time limit is up. Should someone quit early, the winner will be allowed additional points in the challenge for forcing their opponent to quit.” The crowd cheers as the officiator steps back and motions for the fight to begin.

The two fighters stand across the room from one another staring intently at their opponent as they are introduced to the cheering crowd. Lisa smirks and waves to her fans before loudly calling out “It isn’t too late for you to mosey on back down to the ranch!!!” The crowd laughs and cheers at Lisa’s taunt as Belle’s facial expression turns to one of anger. “I’ll beat your ass good tonight whore!!!’ growls out Belle. The officiator calls out “The match will now begin. FIGHT!!!!”
The fighters immediately lunge forward crashing into one another with a loud slapping of flesh against flesh. Grunts can be heard coming from both fighters as they struggle to gain control of their opponent. “BITCH!!!” “WHORE!!” “GIVE IT UP!!” can be heard from the fighters as they grunt and struggle with their bodies pressed together vying for the early edge. For several moments neither fighter is able to overpower the other as the crowd cheers on their favorite of the two hoping to push them to gain that control.
“Gotcha your ass now!!!” yells out Belle as Lisa stumbles allowing Belle to use a grip on her hair to spin her around and force her to the floor in front of her. “Noooo!!!!” cries out Lisa as Belle yanks hair and forces Lisa forward. “You’re no match!!!” hisses out Belle as Lisa struggles to slide free to no avail.
Belle climbs over the top of Lisa’s back as she forces her opponent onto all fours. “Gonna ride your ass around this room you blue blood slut!!!” screams out Belle taunting her opponent. The crowd cheers and laughs at the prospect of Belle making good on her threat. “Surrender my little giddyup!!!” teases Belle as Lisa growls out in anger underneath her.
Belle taunts rather than applying a submission hold come back to haunt her as Lisa pushes her way out from under Belle taking the rookie fighter by surprise. “Fucking bitch!!!” snaps out Lisa as she upends Belle with a grip on her legs. Belle topples to her stomach on the floor and Lisa slides under her backside hooking and twisting Belle’s leg up immobilizing her opponent. UNNNHHHH moans out Belle as her leg is twisted and bent awkwardly and Lisa plants her weight on Belle’s backside pinning her helplessly to the floor. Yanking the leg and twisting the ankle Lisa yells out “Now who is gonna submit!!!” as she taunts Belle.
With a yank on the leg, Lisa causes a loud cry of pain from Belle forcing her completely to the floor. With Belle on her belly, Lisa shows her experience and quickly rotates her body driving her ass into her opponent’s upper back. UNNNHHHFFFFF groans out Belle as the wind is forced from her. Using her grip on Belle’s leg, Lisa pulls back sharply and spreads Belle’s legs before slapping her on the ass. “You’re all mine you redneck slut!!!!” yells out Lisa. “Submit to me NOW!!!” Belle grunts out “Fuck you!!!” and Lisa slaps her again this time landing the slap on her crotch area from the back forcing a gasp of pain from Belle. Rather than remove her hand, Lisa curls her fingers and claws into Belle’s exposed crotch area applying a claw hold. AAEEEEEIIIIIIII screams out Belle as the sharp pain explodes through her body. Trapped defenseless under Lisa, Belle screams out “I GIVE!!!!! I GIVE!!!!!” to stop the clawing attack. Lisa pulls her hand back and slaps Belle on the ass one more time before sliding off of her opponent.
“Oh fuck!!!” cries out Belle as she lays on the floor after the clawing attack applied by Lisa. Lisa hovers over her as the crowd cheers at the submission. “I’m going to shred you to pieces bitch. Don’t think you can insult me and talk shit to me like that without paying for it.” snarls out Lisa as she climbs to her feet and moves back.

The officiator calls out Lisa as the winner of the first fall. “The time remaining is now 9 minutes and 10 seconds! Prepare yourselves for the next fall which starts shortly!!” Belle climbs to her feet with Lisa standing across from her smiling. “Ready for some more of this ass whipping!!!” taunts Lisa as Belle’s face turns to an angry frown. Before Belle can respond the officiator calls out “FIGHT!!!!”

At the command to start Lisa quickly lunges forward into Belle and shoves a hand into her face. UNNNHHHHH moans out Belle as Lisa goes right back on the offensive. “You’re weak!!!” snaps out Lisa as she pushes Belle back forcing her to give ground. “Get your hand off my fucking face!!!” screams out Belle in a combination of frustration and range as Lisa proves to be a tougher opponent that she expected.
Lisa drives Belle off balance and onto the sofa behind her as she continues to try and press her advantage. Belle grips Lisa’s hair and tries to get her legs up to prevent her opponent from getting atop her on the sofa. “Get down there!!!” hisses out Lisa as she presses forward trying to overwhelm and pin Belle onto the sofa.
As Lisa comes in atop her Belle twists her body and uses the momentum to roll Lisa off to the side. “Get off me!!!” snaps out Belle as she rolls her opponent over to her side. The arm of the sofa catches Lisa preventing her from being able to roll free of the sofa and Belle quickly wraps an arm around Lisa’s throat and hooks her with her leg to hold her in place. UNNNHHHH groans out Lisa as her body is mashed and trapped. With her one arm trapped, Lisa uses her only free arm to reach back and grab hold of Belle’s hair hoping to force her to release her grip by using some hair pulling. Belle grunts and swings her left arm over the top of Lisa’s body and lands a hard open handed slap on Lisa’s breast. AAAAIIEEACCCKKK cries out Lisa as she suddenly gasps as her throat is squeezed. Belle closes her fingers and digs in clawing at Lisa’s breast as she begins to punish her opponent. “Payback time!!!!” hisses out Belle as she closes down the claw hold.
“Oh God my tit!!!!” screams out Lisa as Belle works over her undefended chest mashing and clawing as Lisa squirms and fights to escape Belle’s clutches. Lisa rolls to her side trying to slide off the sofa but Belle is all over her as she tries to slide free. Belle wraps Lisa up pinning one arm and trapping the other as she mashes her shoulder over Lisa’s face pinning her firmly to the sofa. “You’re all tied up now tough girl!!!” taunts Belle as she uses her legs to hook and control Lisa’s lower body. Shifting her grip to Lisa’s other breast, Belle rakes and mashes her target forcing screams of pain from Lisa. AAIIIEEEEEE echoes through the apartment before Belle forces her shoulder down and smother’s off some of the scream.
“How you like this!!!” yells out Belle as she shifts position dragging her helpless opponent over to her belly. MMMPPHHH mutters out Lisa as Belle quickly mashes her face into the sofa cushion to prevent her from communicating. Wanting to make sure Lisa doesn’t submit yet, Belle mashes her head down to silence Lisa and lands several looping punches to Lisa’s ribs and the side of her breast before quickly yanking her by the hair and tossing her to the floor next to the sofa. “Not so fucking tough now are ya bitch!!!!” growls Belle menacingly as Lisa lets out a low moan.
With Lisa sprawled on her back gasping for air, Belle lines her up and lunges atop her forcing a loud UNNNNNFFFFF from Lisa. Following up after the impact, Belle pins Lisa to the floor and slides her chest over her opponent’s face. MMMPHHHH gasps out Lisa as her air is cutoff by Belle’s soft breasts swallowing her nose and mouth. “I’m just getting started showing you all my assets” teases Belle as the officiator begins to count the pin “1 . . . 2 . .” MMMPHHHH gasps out Lisa unable to communicate and her arms pinned to the floor by Belle’s one hand. With her other hand Belle pulls Lisa’s head in tightly to her chest to make sure she can’t breathe or speak. “3 . . . 4 . . . 5!!! That’s a pin the fall is over!!!” Belle wiggles her chest side to side rubbing Lisa’s face with her breasts. “I bet you enjoyed that didn’t you!!!” taunts Belle as she climbs off of Lisa.
Belle stands over Lisa and raises her hands up to celebrate her win in the second fall. “All tied up now bitch!!!” hisses Belle as her opponent remains on her back trying to catch her breath. As Lisa slowly rolls over and climbs up she clutches at her ribs and chest following Belle’s heavy punishment of those areas. “You shouldn’t have started that dirty cheating shit!!! Payback is hell for soft bitches like you!!!!’

The officiator announces Belle as the winner of the second fall. “The match is now tied at one fall for each fighter. The time remaining is now 4 minutes and 10 seconds! The next fall will begin shortly!!” Lisa climbs to her feet trying to shake off the effects of the punishment she took in the second fall as Belle looks on intently. “Not talking much now are you bitch!!!” teases Belle as the fighters wait for the signal to begin the third fall. “FIGHT!!!!” calls out the officiator.

At the command to fight Belle aggressively goes after Lisa wanting to follow up on her possible advantage coming out of the last fall. The two grab hold of one another and spin in a circle as a short struggle breaks out for control of the 3rd and critical fall. “Get off my hair!!!” grunts out Lisa as Belle’s hairpulling attacks seem to frustrate Lisa. After several moments the fighters end up on their knees on the floor as the struggle continues.
The two struggle on their knees with Lisa being harder to subdue than Belle anticipated. The two exchanges some slaps and punches to each other’s bodies as the intensity increases at this late stage of the match. After several moments Belle lands a hard slap on Lisa’s face that goes undefended turning her head and stunning her opponent. AAAAGGHHHHH cries out Lisa as Belle tugs her head down forcing Lisa to her hands and knees. “Fuck you!!!!” cries out Belle in anger as she seems to gain the upper hand for the moment.
With Lisa pulled down onto her hands and knees Belle quickly tugs Lisa’s head under her arm and catches her opponent in a front face lock style hold. Lisa struggles to push free as Belle secures her arm around Lisa’s neck as she begins to choke her opponent. “I’ll put you out slut!!!!” snarls Belle. ACCCCKKKK gasps out Lisa as she pushes against Belle trying to escape. Lisa is rewarded with a couple overhand slaps to her upper back sending loud WHAP sounds as Belle’s open hand lands on Lisa’s exposed back. The officiator announces “2 minutes remaining” as Belle lands her slaps.
With time running short, Belle shoves Lisa to the floor on her stomach. Lisa groans out as Belle quickly spins and mounts her back. “Let’s get your submission now!!!” taunts Belle as she grabs Lisa by the foot. “Nooooo” moans out Lisa as her leg is pulled up in Belle’s grasp. With Lisa’s foot secured, Belle reaches down and grabs Lisa under her chin and tugs back on her opponent. AAAIIIIEEEE cries out Lisa as her back and neck are suddenly bent back by Belle. Belle applies pressure to Lisa’s back by pulling her upper body and leg together as she bends Lisa into a C shape. “SAY IT!!!” demands Belle as Lisa tries to hold on to run out the clock. After several moments in the hold Lisa cries out “I GIVE I GIVE!!!!” Belle drops her opponent back to the floor and immediately begins to untie her bikini top. The officiator looks on and allows Belle a moment before officially ending the match as Belle is no longer applying physical punishment to Lisa.

The officiator announces “The winner of the 3rd fall by submission and the winner of of the match with time expiring — BELLE!!!!!” The crowd lets out a cheer as Belle continues to humiliate her opponent and display her to the crowd. The officiator continues “The final score of the match is 2-1 in favor of the West Coast Club!”