AWC Times Fight Magazine 11: Chloe and Peyton versus Bailey and Jayla

This match is part of the East versus West Challenge series for Club bragging rights. Chloe and Peyton are set to take on Bailey and Jayla in the first official AWC tag team match. Chloe is excited for the opportunity to show she is capable of handling Bailey who is the AWC lightweight champion. Peyton and Jayla seem to have taken a dislike to one another in the days leading up to the match. With the fighters all looking to prove something as well as help their Club win the challenge this match is setting up to be a great battle.  

Chloe (5’4 117lbs 20 y/o) lives near Eugene, OR.  She is currently a student at the University of Oregon and a member of the cheer team.  She is studying to be an exercise physiologist or a physical therapist.  She spends a considerable amount of time in the gym as part of the team in various conditioning and strength building exercises.  She loves to hike and be outdoors when she has free time.  Chloe’s response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter  — “I’m the prettiest.  I win at everything I do.  Cheerleaders are athletes.  I plan to show up all these bitches who think cheer girls are weak.  And trust me, I’M A SERIOUS BITCH!”


Peyton (5’9 138lbs 27 y/o) lives near LA.  She currently owns her own specialty clothing boutique and is working on designing her own clothing line.  At one point, she was a very talented amateur surfer and considered trying to compete professionally.  In her spare time she surfs and roller blades to stay in great shape.  Peyton’s response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “This is my world.  Physically I am in great shape and have great power.  No one tells me what to do.  I am the alpha cat.”


Bailey (5’5 118 pounds 19 y/o) lives in the Boston area.  She is currently a student at a major university in the area.  She plays on the lacrosse team and is majoring in exercise science.  Bailey loves the outdoors and in her free time volunteers at a local children’s hospital.  She is in great shape and works out daily to stay in shape for the team.  Bailey’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I don’t know.  I guess we will find out what makes me good when I get into the arena with someone.  I play a pretty tough game and I don’t back down to anyone.”


Jayla (5’10 140 lbs 28 y/o) lives in Michigan. She currently is a competitive equestrian athlete. Her participation in those competitions means Jayla is very fit and ready to jump right on the rug. All of that working out to compete on horseback means she is in great shape. Jayla’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I am here to take the AWC by storm. In addition to my wrestling capabilities, I like to incorporate cat-fighting techniques in my matches. I’ll scratch, claw, pull hair, punch, kick, and bite. Any fighter who steps on the carpet with me had better be less concerned with winning the match and more concerned with her own survival.”

The fighters arrive at the apartment and prepare for the match. When they are dressed and ready they provided a short statement to the AWC Times before the start of the match. As the fans wait patiently for the match to start, the statements are played on large screens for the fans to enjoy.

The room goes quiet as Chloe’s body fills the screen. “This is exciting to be in the first official AWC tag match. Peyton is so great. I couldn’t ask for a better partner. I’m also super pumped to be fighting against Bailey since she is the lightweight champion. I plan to dominate her every chance I get. I want a shot at her title after tonight!!” The screen goes dark and the fans cheer.

Peyton then fills the screen and she smiles and waves to the fans. “We are going for some points. I think the Club needs us tonight and Chloe and I will deliver. I saw that post Jayla put out there and I will feed her those words one by one while she begs me to stop. She is the one that is going to worry about her own survival tonight!!!”

Bailey then fills the screen and she smiles and waves to the fans. “You know me — I just go handle my business on the rug! Winning the challenge for the Club is the number one goal. Chloe and Peyton need to score some points and I don’t intend to let them. Our team is going to close this one out for the Club!!!”

Jayla then fills the screen and she smiles and waves to the fans. “That dumb blonde bimbo thinks she is tough. She is a retail clerk and a wanna be athlete. I demolished that west coast old lady Belinda and tonight I will demolish Peyton. That little kitty cat will be meowing out her pleas to quit this fight tonight. I’ll ride her like the ugly mule she is before we finish the match tonight!!!”

The screen lights up again and the AWC Times commentators appear. “Peyton and Jayla have put out some strong comments about this fight tonight while their partners seem t to be keeping things cool. This will be crazy fun to watch. Maybe with the emotions running high someone will make a key mistake.” The second commentator chimes in “This format has the potential for a wild fight. Both teams want to win this one. Chloe wants to show she deserves a title shot and Peyton and Jayla have what looks like a bit of a grudge to work out. Lots of interesting drama here.” The first jumps back into the conversation “I think Jayla is going to be a handful tonight. I’m giving the edge to Bailey and Jayla in what is going to be a close battle.” The second responds “I don’t know about that. Really the team dynamic is going to be super important. Chloe has a bit of a chip on her shoulder tonight. I see the West Coast girls winning this one.” The screen fades out and goes dark as the crowd noise picks up with the impending start of the match.

Following the video presentations, the fighters enter the apartment from opposite ends. The officiator calls the fighters to the center of the room. The officiator begins “the time limit for this match is 30 minutes. The most submissions or five-count pins in that time will determine the winning team unless a team decides to quit the match before the time limit is up. Should any fighter quit early, the other team will be allowed a bonus point for eliminating an opposing fighter. Only one fighter is allowed to be active for a team at any time until the 25 minute mark when any fighter not eliminated may join the fight. If an opposing fighter is in the area directly next to the tag location for the opposing team, the fighters may double team that opponent without penalty. Remember to follow my instructions or a fighter may be ejected from the fight leaving her teammate to fight alone!!!” The crowd cheers as the officiator steps back and motions for the fight to begin.

The four fighters are introduced to the cheers of the crowd as the first ever official AWC tag team match is about to get underway. The teams move to their sides of the room and Chloe and Bailey move out to the center of the room ready to start the match for their team.
Bailey and Chloe circle one another for a few brief moments as they look for an opening to launch their attacks. Jayla calls out “get her girl you got this” as the circle tightens. Bailey lunges forward throwing a punch at Chloe’s chest but she is prepared for the attack and catches Bailey by the arm yanking her off balance. UNNNHHH grunts out Bailey as she staggers forward trying to maintain her balance.
Slinging the arm forward, Chloe snaps a quick kick into the belly of Bailey forcing a loud gasp OOOOOOFFFFF as the foot lands with a THUMP on Bailey’s body. “Yeah kick her ass!!!” yells out Peyton as Chloe takes the fight to her opponent. The hard blow knocks Bailey off balance as she gasps for air from the vicious kick to her belly.
“You want some of me” yells out Chloe as she continues her assault on Bailey who is forced to her knees and struggling to defend herself. Chloe launches forward grabbing her opponent by the hair and landing a series of knees into her chest and belly as Bailey cries out in pain and gasps for breath. Jayla points across at Peyton yelling out “bitch you’re all mine!!!” as her partner gets hammered with another series of knees to the body.
The knees drive a moaning Bailey to her back on the floor. Chloe steps to her opponent’s feet and hooks Bailey’s legs pulling her across the floor towards her side of the room. “Let’s go princess I want to introduce you to Peyton!!!” taunts Chloe as she drags Bailey the several feet towards her corner. “Yeah babe you got her!!!” yells out Peyton as Chloe approaches. “You fucking cheaters!!!” screams out Jayla as she watches Chloe dragging her partner into the opposing area of the room.
Chloe flips Bailey over to her belly and kicks her in the back before stepping over the top of her and hooking her leg up. “You ready to give yet!!” taunts Chloe as she bends Bailey’s leg back and twists it to the side. Bailey lets out a cry of pain at the attack and the crowd cheers on Chloe as she continues to dominate the early moments of the fight. “Get off me” groans out Bailey as Chloe punishers her leg. Chloe drops Bailey’s leg and grabs her by the hair pulling her off the floor and to her knees as she brings her up. Bailey cries out again in pain as her hair is yanked hard to bring her up off the floor. AAAIIIIEEEE!!! Jayla yells out “Don’t you dare bitch!!!” as Peyton reaches out from the corner and grabs for Bailey.
Peyton takes Bailey by the arms and positions her on her knees in front of her pulling both arms back and holding them tight. “Hammer this bitch!!!!” hisses Peyton as Chloe drops to her knees in front of a trapped and defenseless Bailey. Chloe begins to pummel Bailey’s chest and belly with a long series of rights and lefts using her like a punching bag. OHHHHH UNNNHHHH OOOOOOOFFFF gasps out Bailey as she takes a pounding. “Let her go!!!” screams out an angry Jayla from the opposite side of the room.
Chloe rises to her feet and Peyton shifts her hold. “How bout we stretch you out a bit!!!” teases Peyton as she pulls back on Bailey’s arms and shoves her foot into her back forcing yet another cry of pain from Bailey. Chloe grips Bailey by the hair and chin and hisses “I know you want to submit to me!!!” Bailey moans out a weak NOOOOOO. Peyton lets go of the arms and uses her foot to drive Bailey face down onto the floor with a THUMP.
Chloe uses her foot to roll Bailey to her back before dropping to the floor. Grabbing Bailey by the hair, Chloe tugs her head between her legs and locks her into a head scissor hold and pulls her leg back. “Surrender or be knocked out bitch!!!” hisses out Chloe menacingly. “Just give up!!!’ cries out Jayla knowing her partner is being worn down further by being stubborn. After several moments in the scissor hold, Bailey moans out “GIVE” to her tormenter. Chloe immediately releases the scissor and jumps to her feet in celebration of the first submission.
Jayla comforts Bailey and assists her back to their side of the room as Chloe and Peyton exchange high fives to the cheers of the crowd. Jayla is seething in anger at the double team attacks on Bailey and yells out angrily “you cheating bitches!!!” Peyton and Chloe ignore Jayla’s angry shouting and continue to celebrate in what looked to be an attempt to make Jayla even more angry and frustrated.

The officiator announces Chloe and Peyton as the team winning the first fall of the match. “The time remaining in this match is now 23 minutes and 40 seconds! Prepare yourselves to start the next fall shortly. I need a fighter for each team to the center of the room.” Bailey settles onto the sofa as she tries to recover from Chloe’s surprising domination of the first fall. Peyton and Jayla move to the center of the room and Jayla hisses out “your no alpha cat you cheating bitch!” The officiator wastes no time calling out “FIGHT!!!!” to get the 2nd fall underway.

Peyton and Jayla immediately lunge forward going after one another. “Shut your mouth!!” hisses out Peyton as they struggle for control grunting and pushing against one another and tugging their opponent’s hair. “Make me you pig” grunts out Jayla in response. The two appear fairly evenly matched in strength as neither is able to overpower her opponent. The crowd cheers loudly as the struggle continues for several moments.
Jayla shifts her strategy and pushes a hand into Peyton’s chest surprising the blonde as she suddenly worries her top might be ripped free. Jayla uses the momentary hesitation by her opponent to slip her leg behind Peyton and at the same time yank her hair to pull her off balance and trip her up. “Loser!!!” hisses out Jayla as Peyton is toppled over. “Get her Peyton” yells out Chloe to encourage her partner.
With Peyton going to the floor Jayla pursues her and slips behind the blonde. Jayla wraps her arms around Peyton’s head trying to get a rear choke hold applied on her opponent. “Come here my kitty!!!” hisses out Jayla as the blonde grabs at her opponents arms and thrashes about working to prevent Jayla from getting a solid grip on her. Jayla tries to throw a leg over the top of Peyton to hold her in place but the blonde is able to block that attack.
Jayla is unable to get her grip locked in tightly on Peyton and the blonde is able to fight her way free of Jayla’s attempted choke hold. “Meow Meow” teases Peyton as she manages to reverse things and take control of the red head. Sliding atop Jayla, Peyton locks in a tight headlock pulling her opponent’s face into her chest. MMMPPHHH gasps out Jayla as she is momentarily smothered and her head crushed by Peyton. “Stronger than you!!!” grunts out Peyton as she applies the pressure to her opponent and rubs her breast into her opponent’s face.
Jayla shoves her hand into Peyton’s face forcing her head back slightly and then hooks her with her leg dragging the surprised blonde off balance and to the floor. Jayla locks her head in a scissor hold forcing grunts of pain from the blonde. “You fucking bitch!!!” growls out Jayla as she takes control of the action squeezing the blonde and hooking her leg trying to force a surrender. “SUBMIT TO ME!!!” yells Jayla as the blonde grunts from Jayla’s hold. “Fuck off!!!” gasps out Peyton as Chloe looks on intently. “Get free girl Get free!!!” Chloe calls out in support of her partner.
Peyton manages to slip her head free of the scissor hold before Jayla is able to get it fully locked into place. UNNNHHH grunts out Jayla as she rolls over scrambling to stay ahead of Peyton. The blonde tries to scramble to her knees and slides closer to her team’s side of the room. “Got ya” growls out Jayla as she slips onto the backside of Peyton and forces her to the floor trapping her again as she transitions to another hold attempt.
Jayla flattens the blonde out on the floor and blocks Peyton’s attempts to slip free. UNNHHHH grunts out Peyton as she tries to crawl free of Jayla. The red head quickly pivots and swings her legs over Peyton’s back and mashes her ass into the blonde’s low back forcing the blonde down hard. OOOHHHHFFFFF groans out Peyton. The shortness of breath from Jayla driving her ass down allows the red head to hook her opponent’s leg and yank it up bending it awkwardly. AAAGGHHHHH cries out Peyton as she struggles to reach Chloe’s outstretched hand. “Submit to me or I’ll break it bitch!!!!” growls Jayla menacingly as Peyton absorbs the punishment and reaches for Chloe to tag. “Watch out!!!” yells Bailey from across the room as Chloe and Peyton tag hands without Jayla seeing the tag coming.
Immediately upon being tagged Chloe leaps into action grabbing the redhead into a quick headlock. UNNNGGGHHH grunts out Jayla as her neck is suddenly wrenched and twisted by her blonde opponent. Peyton slides forward to the corner as Chloe beings to land open handed slaps on Jayla’s face as the stunned redhead tries to stagger free of the hold. After a few short moments Jayla is able to shove the blonde off of her and the two go staggering forward and topple to the floor.
Bailey reaches out towards her partner and calls out “I’m here behind you” as the red head slips backwards on her backside trying to get up to defend herself. Chloe on her hands and knees pursues the downed redhead trying to grab hold of her and pull her back towards the center of the room. “Get back her bitch” snarls out Chloe as she hooks her opponent’s foot and tugs at it. Jayla’s outstretched hand makes the tag as Bailey leaps into action.
Chloe releases her grip on Jayla as Bailey leaps forward slapping Chloe hard to the face as she tries to come upright to meet Bailey’s attack. “You’re gonna pay now!!!” snaps out an angry Bailey as she grabs hold of Chloe’s arm and yanks the blonde to keep her off balance. “Get off me” hisses out Chloe as Bailey continues to work her way around her opponent.
Using the grip on Chloe’s arm, Bailey slides around behind her opponent catching her by the hair. “Payback is a bitch!!!” growls out Bailey as she pushes her knee into Chloe’s back. UNNHHHH moans out the blonde as Bailey continues her offensive. Bailey yanks on Chloe’s hair as she maintains control of her opponent. “Submit to me!!!” snaps Bailey as Chloe squirms in her grasp trying to slip free.
Chloe grunts and squirms as she reaches back and manages to hook Bailey’s leg. With a growl and a yank Chloe pulls her opponent’s leg up forcing her off balance. Bailey cries out in surprise as she struggles to maintain her balance. “GET OFF MEEEEE!!!!” screams out Chole as she lifts upward forcing Bailey to try and hop to stay on her feet. Bailey cries out as she is toppled over backwards and comes crashing down to the floor with a loud THUD. “Oh shit!!!” yells out Jayla as Bailey moans out.
Chloe spins around and lunges atop Bailey as she seeks to mount her stunned opponent. “Bitch you’re all mine again!!!’ yells out Chloe as she lands a hard slap on Bailey’s face turning the blonde’s head to the side. Bailey kicks her legs up to keep Chloe from being able to climb over the top of her as she struggles to escape Chloe’s attack.
Bailey manages to thrash and kick free forcing Chloe to adjust her tactics. Jayla reaches forward calling out “TAG OUT TAG OUT!!!” Chloe attempts to land a punch on Bailey’s chest, but her opponent pushes her arm up to block the blow. “Fuck you slut!!!” grunts out Bailey as she rolls free of Chloe and gets to her knees.
Chloe lunges atop Bailey trying to tackler her to the floor as Jayla stretches her hand out to try and tag her partner. “Get back here!!!” snaps out Chloe as Bailey pushes her body forward moving herself closer to tagging Jayla back into the fight. Chloe, realizing she won’t be able to stop Bailey’s escape slides off of her opponent and slaps her on the ass as she retreats to tag Peyton back into the fight. YOOOOWWWW cries out Bailey at the slap as she lunges forward tagging Jayla.
Peyton and Jayla slowly move towards the center of the room and bring their hands up and begin to circle one another. “You got saved last time bitch!!!” snaps out Jayla as they continue to circle one another. “I’m gonna kick your ass!!!” grunts out Peyton as she lunges forward rushing at her opponent.
Jayla anticipates the mad rush and easily sidesteps her out of control opponent. Using her momentum against her, Jayla rams Peyton into the wall with a THUMP. Quickly securing a grip on Peyton’s hair, Jayla mashes her into the wall a second time jamming a knee into her back. UHHHNNNNN moans out Peyton as Jayla punishes her for her reckless attack. Jayla quickly grips Peyton’s bikini top and yanks it free as she forces her opponent to her knees. “Let’s show off those fat cow tits!!!” taunts Jayla as she goes on the offensive hoping to break Peyton’s spirit.
With Peyton on her knees, Jayla tugs back on her hair pulling her back into her grasp. The blonde struggles to fight back as Jayla brings her knee up and jams the side of her thigh and her knee into Peyton’s left breast mashing it. OHHHHHHH moans out Peyton as Jayla continues her attack. “Finish the bitch!!!” yells out Bailey as she watches her partner begin to take control of Peyton.
“Submit to me!!!!” yells out Jayla as she holds Peyton in her clutches. Letting go of the blonde’s hair, Jayla slips her hand under her opponent’s chin and pulls her head back keeping her off balance as she stretches her neck. UNNNNHHH “NOOOO!!!” groans out Peyton. Not getting a surrender, Jayla reaches down with her other hand and grabs hold of Peyton’s bare breast and squeezes her finger closed mashing Peyton’s exposed breast and forcing a loud scream of pain from her opponent. AEEEIOOOOWWWWW!!!!!!
Not getting a surrender, Jayla yanks Peyton back by the chin and pulls her to the floor locking her legs around her exposed midsection. Clamping down the scissor hold, Jayla growls “SUBMIT TO ME!!!!” Peyton grunts in pain as she tenses her strong abs to try and minimize the damage of the hold. Grabbing hold of Jayla’s leg, Peyton tries to push free only to have Jayla deliver a hard slap to her exposed face. UNNNNHHHH moans out Peyton as Jayla now seems to be dominating the blonde.
“If you aren’t going to submit to me — I’ll just pin your ass!!!” Jayla flattens Peyton on her back and slides atop her opponent. She pushes her ass down into Peyton’s chest and sits firmly atop her opponent. “Count his alpha cat out!!!” taunts Jayla as she rubs her ass side to side atop her opponent. The officiator begins to count as Peyton lies under her opponent. “1 . . . 2 . . . 3” calls out the officiator and Peyton springs to life as she suddenly thrusts up and shoves Jayla forward and off of her. “No pin” calls out the officiator as Peyton rolls over and Jayla turns to attack.
Jayla quickly grabs the blonde and wraps her arms around her in a front face lock style hold. As Jayla works to get her arm into position to choke the blonde, Peyton pushes her hands out and into Jayla’s body as she tries to push her way free. “You’re going down bitch!!!” hisses Jayla as Peyton pushes off and drives into Jayla. HRRRRRNNGGHHHH grunts out Peyton as she pushes forward driving Jayla off balance.
Peyton’s surge forward surprises Jayla and the fans as she sends Jayla crashing to the floor on her back. Jayla’s head hits the floor with a hard CRACK sound as the blonde drives fully atop her opponent driving her weight down on Jayla. “Fucking slut!!! screams out an angry Peyton as she grabs for her opponent’s hair and jams several forearm blows into her opponent’s chest and head. “You want to play rough!!!’ growls Peyton as she begins to hammer her downed opponent. Jayla moans out as she is knocked back and pounded by Peyton as she aggressively pushes atop the red head.
Peyton slides her body around the top of Jayla wrapping her arms around Jayla’s neck and twisting the red head’s neck as she squeezes down on her opponent. UNNHHHHH moans out a dazed and hurt Jayla as she weakly pulls at Peyton’s arms. “I’ll destroy you bitch!!!” snaps out Peyton as she angrily shakes Jayla’s head from side to side getting very little resistance. UNNNHHHHH groans out Jayla as the blonde continues to maul the hurt red head.
Pressing Jayla flat to her back, Peyton mashes her bare chest down onto her opponent’s face momentarily smothering her and cutting off her air. Jayla’s feet weakly thrash on the floor as Peyton torments her dazed and hurt opponent. The officiator moves in and checks Jayla and calls out “1 . . . . 2 . . . . 3 . . . . 4” and then Peyton rolls to the side pulling Jayla’s head with her. AAAAAHHHHHHHH cries out Jayla as her neck is wrenched to the side by the sudden movement. The blonde now clearly toying with her potentially injured opponent as she releases the certain pin and continues to torture Jayla. “I want to hear you say it!!!!” hisses out Peyton as she moves into position to lock Jayla in a scissor hold.
Locking her legs around Jayla’s neck, Peyton squeezes down and forces Jayla’s head to twist and bend back forcing yet another cry of pain from Jayla. AIIIIEEEEEOWWWW yelps out the trapped redhead as Peyton securely locks her in place. “Let’s even this up a bit!!!” snarls Peyton as she yanks Jayla’s bikini top free and mauls her breast at the same time. “Looks like I am the alpha cat here bitch!!!” taunts Peyton in return for Jayla’s earlier comments. “Get the hell off her” yells out Bailey as she starts to move towards the two fighters. Chloe seeing her start to move rushes at her from the opposite side of the room. “SAY IT”!!! growls Peyton menacingly as she pulses her leg yanking back on Jayla’s head and neck forcing another scream of pain. “I GIVE UP!!!” screams out Jayla as she can no longer take the pain.
With Chloe intercepting and shoving Bailey back, Peyton quickly rolls atop Jayla and shoves her ass down over the redhead’s face in a humiliating reverse face sit. MMMPPPHHHH gasps out Jayla as Peyton pulls her head up into her ass. “Kiss the KITTY of the alpha!!!” taunts Peyton as she poses over the top of her demolished opponent. Bailey backs away as Peyton rises off of Jayla.
Chloe raises Peyton’s arm in the air as the two pose over the top of Jayla to celebrate their win of the long and hard fought second fall of the match.

The officiator announces Chloe and Peyton as the team winning the second fall of the match. “The score is now 2 falls to 0 for Chloe and Peyton. The time remaining in this match is now 10 minutes! Prepare yourselves for the third fall.” Bailey starts making her way to the floor after trying to tend to Jayla. The redhead remains lying on the floor by her corner of the room holding her neck and moaning out in pain. The AWC medic is checking on her as the Chloe moves forward to meet Bailey for the start of the third fall. The officiator calls out “FIGHT!!!!” to get the fall underway.

The two fighters collide as Bailey aggressively tries to take control of the fall. The blonde appears fully aware that her partner is in no condition to continue the fight and that she has about five minutes to eliminate Chloe before the free for all for the remaining five minutes begins. The two fighters grunt and strain as they try to overpower their opponent.
After several moments of struggling for control, Bailey is able to slip around behind Chloe as she tries to secure a chokehold on the blonde from behind. “Give it up” chirps Bailey hoping to convince Chloe to quickly surrender the fall. Without answering Chloe continues to struggle to prevent Bailey from securing her grip before finally slipping an elbow into her opponent’s body forcing a loud OOOOFFFFF from Bailey.
With Bailey gasping and temporarily incapacitated by the elbow, Chloe turns and pursues her stumbling and gasping opponent. Grabbing her by the arm, Chloe twists Bailey’s arm behind her back trying to secure a solid grip on her opponent and to cause her some pain. Bailey struggles forward trying to slip free of Chloe before she can fully lock in her hold. “Get her Chloe” yells out Peyton her corner. As Bailey begins the slip free the AWC medic begins to assist Jayla in leaving the room.
Bailey and Chloe go to the floor as Bailey slips free of her opponent’s clutches. “Get back here!!” hisses out Chloe as Bailey comes to her knees and the battle for control in the early stages of the third fall resumes. Bailey noticing her partner leaving the apartment realizes she needs to knock Chloe out of the fight quickly. With the West Coast lead in this match the challenge is now either team’s to win for their Club. Bailey lands several quick chopping punches to Chloe’s body as her opponent attempts to tie her up as they clash. UNNNHHHH OHHHHHH grunts out Chloe as the blows land on her. “Give it up!!!” grunts Bailey as she sees the expression on her opponent’s face messaging clearly that she is feeling the pain of Bailey’s attack.
Grabbing ahold of her unprepared opponent, Bailey yanks Chloe forward taking her down towards the floor. “Get down here” snarls Bailey as she yanks and maneuvers Chloe trying to pull her down to the floor. UNNHHHH grunts out Chloe as she tries to wrap her arm around her opponent and maintain her balance under Bailey’s attack. “You got it girl!!!” calls out Peyton as she intently watches the fighters struggling in front of her knowing that she is about to be free to enter the fight for the final minutes of free for all rules time.
Bailey drags a struggling Chloe fully to the floor and forces her down on her chest mashing her to the hard floor. “Give it up before I have to break you!!!” snarls Bailey as Chloe groans out from the attack. Bailey slides her knee over the top of Chloe’s back as she works to try and mount her opponent’s back. Yanking up on her arm and chin Bailey begins to apply a sort of backbreaker chinlock hold on Chloe. “SAY IT BITCH!!!!” growls out Bailey knowing she only has a few moments to submit her opponent before the free for all period begins. “NNNOOOOO!!!” moans out Chloe as she clenches her teeth and grabs for Bailey’s leg to slow down her attempt to fully mount her back. The officiator calls out “25 minutes have elapsed all fighters may now join the fight!!!”
Peyton wastes no time leaping forward and going on the attack to rescue Chloe from Bailey’s grip. Grabbing Bailey by the hair she yanks her forward across Chloe’s body forcing the two into a sort of pile as Bailey loses her grip on a groaning and gasping Chloe. Dragging Bailey forward, Petyon manages to pull her across the top of and off of her partner allowing Chloe the opportunity to recover and slip free of Bailey. Yanking Bailey forward, Peyton mashes her into the floor forcing a groan from Bailey as she now finds herself on the receiving end of the punishment. “Now you’re gonna get it!!!” hisses Peyton as she captures Bailey.
Peyton rolls Bailey to her stomach as she pulls her leg up immobilizing Bailey. With Bailey in an awkward position, Peyton shoves a series of kicks into her defenseless opponent’s back and kidneys as Chloe gets to her feet and shakes off the effect of Bailey’s attacks. OOOOHHHHHH UNNNNNNNHHHH grunts out Bailey as she is unable to escape Peyton’s attacks. The big blonde now wearing down and punishing Bailey as her partner Chloe moves back towards them.
“Not so tough are you slut!!!” screams out Chloe as she drops to her knees and grabs Bailey’s other leg bending it up and pinning it so Bailey cannot escape the attacks. Peyton holds her other leg firmly and shoves her foot into Bailey’s low back mashing her and trapping her immobile on the floor. “Beg for mercy bitch!!!” taunts Peyton as Bailey cries out in pain. “Get off!!!” screams the trapped blonde as the crowd cheers on the West Coast team. The outcome of this match no longer in any sort of doubt with Jayla gone from the room and Bailey taking a series beating as she is double teamed by Chloe and Peyton.
Chloe pulls Bailey’s arm back bending it awkwardly as she uses her leg to trap Bailey’s leg. With her free hand Chloe balls it into fist and leans forward and begins hammering punches into Bailey’s kidneys. THUD THUD THUD echoes through the room followed by cries of pain as Bailey is being battered. Peyton drops down continuing to secure Bailey’s other leg and follows Chloe’s lead as she starts driving heavy punches into Bailey’s back. “Oh God stop!!!” cries out Bailey as she continues to take a beating at the hands of the West Coast blondes. “Your title is mine!!! You don’t deserve it!!!!” yells out Chloe as Bailey continues to cry out her surrender. “Please stop . . . Please . . . I give I give!!!!” screams Bailey.
“The officiator steps in yelling out that’s a submission and this match is over!!!” Peyton drops her grip and rises to her feet raising her hands as Chloe leans forward and snarls “I’m coming to get it and I own your ass!!!” to Bailey as she pushes the blonde to her back. The officiator sharply demands “GET OFF OF HER NOW!!!” as Chloe smiles and climbs to her feet. Chloe and Petyon pose over the top of their demolished opponent as she lies on the floor unmoving and moaning out in pain. “Your winner 3 falls to 0 is the West Coast Club team of Chloe and Peyton!!!!” The announcement causes a loud chorus of cheers from the West Coast fans as their fighters stand victoriously over their beaten opponent.