AWC Times Fight Magazine 11: Dena versus Lena

This match is part of the East versus West Challenge series for Club bragging rights. Both of these fighters come into this match following losses. Neither fighter wants to concede points to the other Club.  

Dena (5’5 120 lbs 26 y/o) lives near Fresno.  She is a bartender in a local night spot, works as a hairdresser and occasionally works as a model in the area.  Dena recently dropped out of college, and completed beauty school.  Her goal is to own her own salon.  She views Apartment Wrestling as an opportunity to make that happen.  Dena’s response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter – “Most of those girls are pampered little princess types.  I have worked for everything in my life.  My toughness and hard work will help me succeed.  I will kick ass!!!”


Lena (5’5 127 lbs 24 y/o) lives in Philadelphia, PA.  She works for an insurance company and in her spare time likes to keep in shape by working out.  Lena particularly enjoys workout classes that have an element of kick boxing or other combat sports involved with them.  Lena’s response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I’m good enough to dominate the AWC.  I don’t see any fighters here that are any better than me.  My workouts and experiences in life give me what it takes to rule the Apartment.”


The two fighters arrive at the apartment and prepare for the match. When they are dressed and ready they provided a short statement to the AWC Times before the start of the match. As the fans wait patiently for the match to start, the statements are played on large screens for the fans to enjoy.

The room goes quiet as Lena’s body fill the screen. “I have been looking forward to tonight. I want to help my Club win this challenge. I plan to dominate and destroy Dena to score as many points as I possibly can. There has been plenty of talk and tonight it is all about action and outcome. There are some other things I want to accomplish in the AWC and I have been distracted up to this point. Tonight is the start of the next chapter of my AWC career!!!” The screen goes dark and the fans cheer.

The screen then lights back up again and this time Dena is on the screen. “I think this is a good match up for me. I need to get a win for the Club and I will. I am good enough to be in the AWC and have had some bad luck. I want a win bad and tonight is the night!!!” Before the camera fades away from Dena, Belle can be seen leaning in close to her and Belle says quietly “just approach this like we talked about. Her ribs are probably still hurting so that’s her soft spot.” The camera holds long enough to catch Belle’s comments before fading out.

The screen lights up again and the AWC Times commentators appear. “This should be a pretty good match tonight. Both have had some bad results and this is a good opportunity for one of them to get a win and get things going.” The second commentator chimes in “That’s for sure. Lena showed promise, but really struggled with Kelcie. It sure seemed like a mental issue for her rather than a physical one. I think she let her emotions cost her in those matches.” The first jumps back into the conversation as time runs short on their discussion. “I think Lena wins a close and hard fight. You are probably right about the emotions causing her trouble and tonight she should be able to keep that under control.” The second responds “Definitely not a match where her emotions should get out of control. I don’t see this as close as you do. Lena looks to me to be the better fighter and her record is skewed by her matches with Kelcie. I’m taking Lena and she wins in dominant fashion.” The screen fades out and goes dark as the crowd noise picks up with the impending start of the match.

Following the video presentations, the fighters enter the apartment from opposite ends. The officiator calls the fighters to the center of the room. The officiator begins “the time limit for this match is 15 minutes. The most submissions or five-count pins in that time will determine the winner unless someone decides to quit the match before the time limit is up. Should someone quit early, the winner will be allowed additional points in the challenge for forcing their opponent to quit.” The crowd cheers as the officiator steps back and motions for the fight to begin.

The fighters await the start of the match as they are introduced to the cheers of the crowd. Both appear confident and ready for the upcoming match as they patiently await the start. The crowd cheers and calls out for their favorite fighter as the match gets started.
In the opening moments of the match the two fighters work to gain control of their opponent. Dena tries to execute on Belle’s suggestions and lands a couple blows to Lena’s body. Her opponent grunts and Dena’s effort leaves her exposed as Lena drives a hard slap into Dena’s undefended face. The blonde cries out in pain as the sound of flesh on flesh rings out through the apartment. The blow stuns the blonde forcing her to stagger off balance as the red head pursues. “You’re all mine!!’ hisses out Lena as she follows up on her advantage.
Lena slides around the struggling blonde and uses her hair to yank her into control. Keeping Dena off balance and thrashing around, Lena begins to land hard slaps to Dena’s exposed chest. OOOOOHHHHH UNNNNGGGGGG AGGGHHHHH cries out Dena as Lena lands multiple shots to her body. “MY TIT AGGGHHHH!!!!” cries out Dena as she struggles to escape Lena’s attacks.
Lena yanks Dena to the floor and wraps her arms around her opponent’s neck in an attempt to choke her into submission. UNNNGGGGGHHH grunts out Dena as she tries to pull Lena’s arms off of her neck and head. “SUBMIT TO ME NOW!!!!” yells out Lena as the crowd cheers. The blonde manages to get a good grip on Lena’s arm and pulls it back enough to keep the redhead from choking her as she tries to wiggle out of her predicament.
Lena yanks the blonde to her back and climbs over the top of her. “How about we put an end to this right here and now bitch!!!” MMMMPPHHH gasps out Dena as Lena plants her ass right on her face. Dena reaches up and tries to shove the redhead’s ass off her face, but makes almost no progress as Lena grinds her backside down hard into her opponent. With Dena preoccupied with her situation, Lena takes the opportunity to reach down and squeeze her breast forcing a muffled cry from Dena. MMMPPPHHHH. With Dena pinned to the floor the officiator counts 1 — 2 — 3 —- 4 and 5. “That’s a pin for Lena. Let her up!!!” Lena smiles and climbs off her gasping opponent. “That’s 1 point!!!” chirps Lena.

The officiator announces Lena as the winner of the first fall. “The time remaining is now 10 minutes and 30 seconds! Prepare yourselves for the next fall which starts in 10 seconds!!” Dena appears visibly angry after losing the first fall and looks as if she is about to rush her opponent. “FIGHT!!!!” calls out the officiator.

Dena lunges forward and grabs Lena by the hair. YYYAAAAHHHH yells out Dena as she tries to pull the redhead off balance. Lena is prepared for the attack as she clenches her teeth and steps toward Dena rather than try to break her grip. The redhead delivers a short punch into Dena’s chest forcing a loud gasp from her opponent. Dena gasps and staggers back as the crowd lets out a loud cheer of support for Lena.
Lena quickly blunts Dena’s attack and drives the blonde back and off balance. Before Dena can recover, Lena lashes out with a sharp kick directly into Dena’s body. The foot lands with a loud WHAAAAPPP sound as the crowd gasps out with the impact of the blow to Dena. Dena is driven back and she collapses onto the floor with a THUD as she tries to gasp for air with a wheezing sound.
Lena leaps forward with a shout YYYAAAAAIIIIEEEE and launches a couple more kicks into Dena as she struggles to catch her breath on the floor. UNNNHHHH OOOOOOOFFF gasps out Dena as the redhead drives home the attack on her defenseless prey. “You want to see just which Club is tougher!!!” yells out Lena as she steps over the top of her downed opponent.
Using her foot, Lena rolls Dena over onto her back and sits down atop her chest. UNNNNNGGGGHHH moans out Dena as the redhead hovers over her. “You ready to submit to me!!!” hisses out Lena as she presses forward and down into her opponent menacingly. With Dena pinned to the floor again the officiator counts 1 — 2 — 3 before Lena pulls the blonde off the floor to stop the count. “No I want to here her say she submits!!!” snaps out Lena as she slaps the blonde across her face. Dena cries out in pain AAAIIEEEE and quickly gasps out “Stop I give” as Lena smirks. “Release the hold” calls out the officiator as Dena submits the fall.

The officiator announces Lena as the winner of the second fall. “The time remaining is now 7 minutes and 30 seconds! The next fall will start in 10 seconds!!” Lena stands over the blonde flexing and playing to the crowd as Dena rolls over to her hands and knees still trying to catch her breath. “FIGHT!!!!” calls out the officiator with Dena still on the floor in front of Lena.

Lena laughs out as she continues to taunt the blonde as she struggles to recover from the action in the 2nd fall. Lena steps closer and puts a foot on Dena’s ass shoving her forward. “Come on get up and fight me LOSER!!!” teases Lena. “You look about as tough as that bitch Kelcie last time I saw her fighting!!!” yells out Lena. “Hey Belle seems like your girl got bad advice!!!” laughs out Lena as she continues to embarrass her helpless and battered opponent.
After watching the blonde crawl partly across the floor to try and get separation from her, Lena grabs her by the hair and yanks her roughly to her feet. “Let me give you some help!!!” teases Lena as Dena cries out in pain from violent yanking of her hair. Lena drags her across the floor and slings her around as she slaps at her head and her body. Spending several moments just taunting her helpless opponent. “Come on fight back you loser!!!” hisses Lena.
After toying with her opponent, Lena yanks the blonde around and rips her bikini top free. “Here ya go!!!’ yells out Lena as she tosses the bra aside. Slipping her arm around Dena’s neck, Lena begins to choke the blonde forcing her to gasp and struggle for air. ACCCCKK ACCCKKK coughs out Dena as Lena displays her body while choking her.
“Ok lets finish this bitch off!!” hisses Lena as she drags the blonde to the floor and wraps her legs around her body. UNNNHHH moans out Dena as her body is crushed between Lena’s strong legs. Lena slips her arms around her opponent’s neck and resumes choking her while scissoring her body. Within moments, Dena begins to frantically tap Lena’s arm. The officiator steps in quickly and calls out “release the hold” as Dena continues to frantically tap at her opponent’s arm.

The officiator calls out “the winner of the third fall of this match — Lena!!” The crowd cheers out its approval of the redhead’s continued domination of her blonde opponent. With Dena flat on her back trying to catch her breath, the officiator continues “the time remaining is now 3 minutes and 45 seconds! Dena do you wish to continue the match?” The next fall will start in 10 seconds!!” Lena continues to stand over the battered blonde and hisses out “Yeah why don’t you get up so I can kick your ass some more!!!” Dena gasps out “no more . . . no more . . . I’m done” and the officiator calls out “THIS MATCH IS OVER!!!!”

Lena stands over her battered opponent as the crowd cheers for her dominant win of the match. Dena gasps and moans out after surrender the third fall and the entire match to Lena.

The officiator pauses for a moment after announcing Lena as the winner of the match to allow the crowd to cheer the outcome. “The official outcome of this match is 3 falls for Lena and 0 for Dena. Dena also surrendered the match early generating another point for Lena. The East Club is awarded 4 points for this match!”