AWC Times Fight Magazine 11: Hannah versus Summer

This match is part of the East versus West Challenge series for Club bragging rights. Both of these fighters come into this match with the goal of scoring points for their Club. Neither fighter wants to concede points to the other Club.  

Hannah (5’4 115 pounds 20 y/o) lives in Alabama.  She is currently a student with hopes to become a doctor someday.  When she isn’t studying, Hannah works at a local gym where she teaches classes and does some personal training.  She is in great physical shape.  Hannah’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I’m super fit and strong for my size.  I can run circles around these girls.  They have nothing I can’t handle.”


Summer (5’9 135 pounds 25 y/o) lives in Las Vegas.  Summer is a showgirl and dancer.  She does some modeling work on the side.  She is in great shape with a well-toned body.  She is considering a move to LA to try and get an acting career started.  Summer’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “Nothing will surprise me.  I have dealt with plenty of jealous bitches in my line of work.  If it isn’t your fellow dancer, it’s some jealous wife or girlfriend.  I have been in plenty of fights.  This should be easy enough.”


The two fighters arrive at the apartment and prepare for the match. When they are dressed and ready they provided a short statement to the AWC Times before the start of the match. As the fans wait patiently for the match to start, the statements are played on large screens for the fans to enjoy.

The room goes quiet as Hannah’s body fill the screen. “This is going to be fun tonight. This tall girl hasn’t had much success and it won’t start tonight. My fans want me to win big for the Club and Summer is going to suffer. It isn’t personal so hopefully she won’t feel too bad about losing and getting beat up by me tonight!!” The screen goes dark and the fans cheer.

Summer then fills the screen and she smiles and waves to the fans. “Hey everyone!!! It’s going to be a big night tonight for me. Just look at the blonde they sent to fight me. No way she can handle me. I’m going to kick her butt tonight and get the points for my Club. No way I let her win!!!!”

The screen lights up again and the AWC Times commentators appear. “This should be a fun one to get things started tonight. Both have had struggled and this is a good opportunity for one of them to get a win and get things going.” The second commentator chimes in “That’s for sure. Both these fighters have shown promise, but they haven’t been able to convert that to success in the AWC.” The first jumps back into the conversation as time runs short on their discussion. “I think Hannah has looked a little stronger so far so look for her to win a close and hard fight.” The second responds “I don’t see this as close as you do. Hannah looks to me to be the better fighter and I think she wins convincingly.” The screen fades out and goes dark as the crowd noise picks up with the impending start of the match.

Following the video presentations, the fighters enter the apartment from opposite ends. The officiator calls the fighters to the center of the room. The officiator begins “the time limit for this match is 15 minutes. The most submissions or five-count pins in that time will determine the winner unless someone decides to quit the match before the time limit is up. Should someone quit early, the winner will be allowed additional points in the challenge for forcing their opponent to quit.” The crowd cheers as the officiator steps back and motions for the fight to begin.

Hannah and Summer move slowly towards one another as they study their opponent and prepare to start the match. With a surge forward, Summer pushes off and grabs for Hannah’s hair. The blonde is ready for the move and reaches up and grabs hold of her opponent as they begin to struggle for control of the fight.
After several moments of struggling the fighters topple to the floor. Summer quickly rolls her body slightly atop Hannah’s as she works to trap the blonde. “Got ya!!!” hisses out Summer as she hooks the struggling blonde’s leg yanking it up trying to pin the blonde to the floor. UNNNHHHHH grunts out Hannah as she struggles to avoid being pinned by the tall raven haired fighter. “Count her!!!” grunts out Summer as she leans back pulling the leg to secure the pin. The officiator loudly calls out “1 . . 2 . .” as the pin count begins.
The officiator calls out “3” before Summer cries out AAAAAIIIEEEE in a loud and high pitched scream. Hannah secures a grip on her hair and yanks her head and neck backwards before Summer can get the count any further than 3. “Not even close bitch!!!!!” snarls the blonde battler as she pulls Summer into her clutches. Using the hairpulling to full effect, Hannah is able to loop her arms around Summer’s neck capturing her in a rear choke hold. ACKKKKKK ACKKKKK gasps a trapped Summer as the blonde throttles her and cuts off her air supply.
Hannah manages to choke Summer for a long several moments before her opponent is able to slip free of the hold. Summer rolls over and tries to push off the floor to escape, but Hannah is in hot pursuit and stays right with her opponent. “Where do you think you’re going!!” hisses out Hannah as she slides behind her opponent and grabs hold of her to prevent her escape. “Geh…awwwfff” pants out Summer as she tries to shake the blonde.
Hannah twists and yanks Summer over to her side and forces her back to the floor. Before Summer can slip free, the blonde reaches around and resumes choking her opponent while controlling her arm to avoid her escape. “Submit to me!!!” snarls Hannah as Summer gasps and struggles to get air. “STOP STOP!!!” gasps out Summer knowing she isn’t breaking free and wanting to avoid any further damage from her opponent’s choke.
Hannah releases Summer and raises her arm in celebration. “That’s one!!! You want to quit now to avoid more!!!” taunts the blonde as Summer pushes off the floor shaking her head and trying to catch her breath. “Fuck no!!! snaps out an obviously annoyed Summer.

The officiator announces Hannah as the winner of the first fall. “The time remaining is now 11 minutes and 15 seconds! Prepare yourselves for the next fall which starts in 10 seconds!!” Summer and Hannah both rise to their feet and intently stare at their opponent. “FIGHT!!!!” calls out the officiator.

At the announcement to begin, Hannah leaps at Summer hoping to continue her advantage from the prior fall. YAAAAHHHH yells out Summer as she grabs hold of Summer’s hair and lashes out with a punch aimed at her opponent’s chest. Summer shoves her hands up to defend the attack, but Hannah is too quick and strong as she forces through Summer’s defenses. The punch slashes in and lands on Summer’s exposed chest with a loud THUD as the blonde seizes the initiative. “You’re too slow!!! taunts Hannah. OOOHHHHHH groans out Summer as she pulls her arm down to protect her body.
Hannah slips around Summer moving to her backside. “Gonna choke your ass out!!! hisses the blonde as she tries to wrap her arms around her opponent’s neck and secure another chokehold. NNNGGGGGHHH grunts out Summer as she grabs hold of Hannah’s arms to prevent her from applying the choke. “Give it u…….” snaps the blonde as her demand is cutoff by Summer twisting and yanking the blonde to the side.
“Fuck you!!!” yells out Summer as she twists her surprised opponent off balance and reverses their positions. Finding herself behind her surprised opponent, Summer wastes no time in grabbing her opponent’s hair and yanking her head back. AAAAGGHHH cries out Hannah as she is suddenly twisted off balance and out of position. Before the blonde can recover, Summer lifts several quick knees into her kidneys and ribs. The blows land with hollow THUMP sounds as Hannah gasps out in pain from the attacks.
The blonde drops to her knees as Summer yanks her head and neck back. “My neck!!!!” screams out Hannah as Summer wraps up her struggling opponent and lifts another knee into Hannah’s chest repaying her for the early punch in the fall. The blonde is completely off balance as Summer aggressively punishes her on multiple fronts.
Summer drags Hannah to the floor as she wraps her legs around her body and arms around her neck. “Surrender to me bitch!!!” yells out Summer as she tightens her legs into a body scissors and secures a tight choke hold on Hannah. UUUHHH UUHHH ACCCKKK gasps and chokes the blonde as she is choked and squeezed by Summer. After a few moments of struggling in vain, Hannah taps out her surrender on Summer’s thigh.

The officiator announces Summer as the winner of the second fall. “The match is now tied up at 1 fall each. The time remaining is now 7 minutes! The next fall will start in 10 seconds!!” Summer stands watching as Hannah climbs to her feet holding her neck and looking out of breath. “FIGHT!!!!” calls out the officiator.

Summer moves forward cautiously expecting Hannah to be attempting to lure her into a trap. The start of the fall gets off to a slow start as Hannah seems more interested in recovering a bit than she is in attacking Summer. After a moment, Summer jabs out an arm and Hannah’s responds slowly to block the shove on her shoulder. UNNNHHH grunts Hannah as she tries to grip the hand that jabs her chest and shoulder area.
Summer immediately notices Hannah’s behavior is not a trick and quickly grabs her by the hair with both hands. “AAAAAAAAHHHHH my neck!!!” screams out an apparently injured Hannah as Summer shakes her head side to side and yanks the blonde off balance. Following up on her hair yanking, Summer lands a hard kick directly in Hannah’s crotch. The loud THUMP of the kick causes the crowd to gasp out as Hannah cries out before collapsing to her knees.
“You’re all fucking mine now!!!” yells out Summer as she steps in to her downed opponent and slams her knee into her chest. The blonde topples over and Summer’s grip on her wrist causes the blonde to go over sideways and twist around as she goes to the floor. UNNNNNNHHHH moans out the blonde as Summer pursues her to the floor.
Maintaining her grip on Hannah’s arm she twists and pulls the blonde between her legs and locks on a neck scissor hold. Securing the blonde’s hair, Summer continues to torture Hannah’s apparently injured neck. Pulling and twisting her head and neck back to the side as she holds her in place with her legs. “I’ll break you neck bitch!!!” snarls Summer as her blonde opponent moans out in pain. NNNNGGGHHHHH!!! “Submit to me!!!’ demands Summer and promptly gets a moaned out “NNNOOOOOO!!!” from Hannah.
“Fine!!” snaps Summer as she unlocks her legs and quickly rolls the blonde over to her stomach keeping her trapped on the floor. Hannah weakly attempts to break free, but it is clear that Summer has her completely under her control at this stage of the match. “You’re done for!!!” hisses out Summer as she mounts Hannah’s back and yanks her head back forcing a scream from Hannah. AAAAAIIIIEEEEE!!! cries out the blonde as Summer locks on her hold. Pulling Hannah back by the hair and gripping her chin and slowly twisting and pulling her head to the side. Hannah cries out in pain trying to push free, but she is firmly trapped under Summer and getting mauled.
After a few moments Hannah cries out “I GIVE I GIVE!!!” Summer gives her head another tug and twist before slapping her body back down onto the floor roughly. “You’re finished!!!” yells out Summer menacingly as she raises her hands to celebrate her win of the third fall. “If you get up I’ll break your ass for good bitch!!!” snarls Summer as the blonde clutches her head and moans in pain under her.

The officiator calls out “the winner of the third fall of this match — Summer!! Summer leads the match 2 falls to 1!” Hannah remains on her stomach clutching her head as Hannah straddles her. The officiator calls out “the time remaining is now 3 minutes and 15 seconds!” The blonde moans out “I’m done” as Hannah starts to rise up. “Say it again bitch!!! snaps out Summer. “No more . . .you win . . . no more . . . please I’m done!!” The officiator calls out “THIS MATCH IS OVER!!!! YOUR WINNER 2-1 SUMMER!!!!!”