AWC Times Fight Magazine 11: Rebecca versus Viv

This match is part of the East versus West Challenge series for Club bragging rights. Viv has a limited number of fights and wants to continue her winning streak and Rebecca comes in after a hard loss in her last match. Neither fighter wants to concede points to the other Club and these two proud fighters have a bit of a mean streak to them. Only one will exit the match with a win.  

Rebecca (5’6 135 pounds 23 y/o) is a recent graduate of the U of A.  She moved to San Diego to take a job as a nurse in a local hospital.  She lives a somewhat active lifestyle.  Played sports in high school, but not at the college level.  She believes she is strong and has been working on her cardio in anticipation of participating in the Club.  Rebecca’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I am strong and have been an athlete all my life.  I have never backed down to a challenge in my life and I don’t expect to start now.”


Viv (5’2 125 pounds 24 y/o) lives in South Florida.  Viv is currently completing her studies in a medical field.  Viv is a fun loving girl that likes to party and dance.  She has a short fuse and a nasty temper.  Viv played some soccer in her earlier years and has a powerful lower body she has maintained in the gym.  Viv’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I don’t take shit from anyone.  If you cross me I will take you apart and make you beg me.  I won’t be upstaged by any bitch.”


The two fighters arrive at the apartment and prepare for the match. When they are dressed and ready they provided a short statement to the AWC Times before the start of the match. As the fans wait patiently for the match to start, the statements are played on large screens for the fans to enjoy.

The screen lights up and Viv comes onto the screen. “I am pumped to have this chance to represent our team in this challenge. There has been a lot of talk and now its time to see just which Club can do better. I think our team is going to win this and I plan to add some points to our score. Rebecca won’t be a match for me. I’m going to own her and punish her until she screams out her surrender to me!!! The fans let out a loud cheer as the screen fades to darkness.

The screen lights up again and this time Rebecca fills the screen. “The East Coast girls are disrespecting us. It really isn’t about who has the better Club for me. It is all about who is a better fighter. Tonight I’ll make Viv surrender to me. When I am finished with her she will admit to all of you who’s the better fighter!!! Then I want to challenge Raine and beat her again and take what is mine!!! She shouldn’t be the champion of the Club. It should be me!!!!”

The screen lights up again and the AWC Times commentators appear. “These two are both top notch fighters. This should be a hell of a fight. Rebecca has had some tough losses and Viv is undefeated and maybe a bit untested.” The second commentator chimes in “We are on the same page on that one. Viv might be a real force in the AWC. We just don’t know yet. Rebecca has been a top-notch fighter, but has struggled lately.” The first jumps back into the conversation as time runs short on their discussion. “I think Rebecca’s experience helps her win out in what will be a heck of a fight!!! I expect it to be a low scoring battle.” The second responds “So far no one has beaten Viv. She looks darn tough to me. This will be more of a brawl than a wrestling match. Under that style I think Viv will give Rebecca a pretty solid beating.” The screen fades out and goes dark as the crowd noise picks up with the impending start of the match.

Following the video presentations, the fighters enter the apartment from opposite ends. The officiator calls the fighters to the center of the room. The officiator begins “the time limit for this match is 15 minutes. The most submissions or five-count pins in that time will determine the winner unless someone decides to quit the match before the time limit is up. Should someone quit early, the winner will be allowed additional points in the challenge for forcing their opponent to quit.” The crowd cheers as the officiator steps back and motions for the fight to begin.

The fighters stand ready for the start of the match as they are introduced to the cheers of the crowd. Both fighters appear ready for the match tonight and are full of confidence. The crowd is buzzing with excitement as they cheer and call out to their favorite. Tensions are running high as the standings in the challenge are very close.
In the opening moments of the match, Rebecca attempts to grapple Viv. The blonde manages to avoid Rebecca’s efforts as the fighters swirl around in a circle trying to gain the early advantage. After several moments, Viv lands the first telling blow of the fight as she manages to jam her knee into her raven-haired opponent’s groin. Rebecca gasps audibly and staggers off balance as she reels from Viv’s shot to her body.
“Your ass is mine now!!!” screams out Viv as she follows up on her early advantage over her visibly hurt opponent. Moving behind Rebecca, Viv gets a solid grip on her opponent’s hair and begins yanking and dragging Rebecca in a circle before slamming her chest first into the wall with a resounding THUD. UUUUHHHHNNN groans out Rebecca as Viv mashes her into the wall and yanks her neck back and forth using Rebecca’s hair as a handle.
“You ready to surrender your ass to me!!!” hisses out Viv as she drags Rebecca away from the wall as she hooks her arm and yanks on her hair. Rebecca reaches back and struggles to break free of Viv’s grip as she tries to battle her way back into the fight. “Fuh off!!” grunts out Rebecca as the crowd erupts in cheers at her response.
Viv yanks Rebecca around and twists her trapped arm behind her back putting pressure on Rebecca’s shoulder. UNNNHHH groans out Rebecca again as the early moments of the match are all Viv. The officiator calls out 5 minutes have expired as Viv bends Rebecca’s arm upward. “Then I’ll fucking break your arm” snarls out Viv as she continues to apply pressure to her opponent.
After several moments in Viv’s arm hold, Rebecca is able to twist her body and spin free of the hold. Viv grabs for Rebecca’s arm to regain control of her opponent, but Rebecca moves too quickly for Viv and jams her palm into the blonde’s chin driving her head back and forcing a grunt of pain out of Viv. The crowd noise goes even louder as the fighter’s resume battling for control.
Rebecca manages to wrestle Viv to the floor and the fighters skirmish on their knees. Viv appears to be gaining the upper hand as she yanks on Rebecca’s bikini top partially exposing her breast to the crowd. “Bitch!!!” grunts out Rebecca as she shoves her elbow back towards Viv’s head. The elbow lands solidly on Viv with a THUMP surprising her and the crowd as she loses her grip on Rebecca.
Rebecca grabs Viv by the hair and slings her over and to the floor driving her down with a THUD. Viv fights back as Rebecca attempts to slide over the top of her and pin her to the floor. The struggle for control resumes as Rebecca tries to bear down on Viv.
Unable to get atop her opponent, Rebecca struggles to keep Viv on the floor. The blonde is able to push her way up to her knees, but before she can get very far, Rebecca pushes in close and mashes Viv’s face into her chest cutting off her air supply momentarily. With about 8 minutes of intense fighting behind them, the sudden lack of air impacts Viv significantly as she struggles to pull free from Rebecca. “Suffocate whore!!!” yells out Rebecca a she pushes forward into Viv.
Rebecca topples the blonde to the floor as she forces her way atop the struggling blonde. “Get off me” groans out Viv in frustration and pain as they struggle. Viv’s expression shows fatigue from having been fighting hard for a prolonged period and then being breast smothered by Rebecca. “Why don’t you make me loser!!!” snaps out Rebecca. The blonde tries to shove Rebecca off, but Rebecca manages to land a hard blow to the blonde’s head with her open palm.
Viv flops back onto the floor and Rebecca surges forward now that her defenses drop. Taking full advantage of the opportunity, Rebecca drives her knee into the blonde’s belly. OOOOHHHHHHFFFFF gasps out Viv as the air is driven from her body by Rebecca crashing down onto her body. “Now you’re mine” yells out Rebecca as her opponent is gasping and wheezing for air on the floor.
Taking advantage of her defenseless opponent, Rebecca slides around Viv and grabs her by the hair. Using the blonde hair as a handle, Rebecca drags Viv into a head scissor hold that she locks tightly on Viv. “Submit your ass to me NOW!!!!” yells Rebecca as Viv gasps and groans in the tight choking scissor hold. After only a moment or two, Viv wildly taps at Rebecca’s leg signaling her submission.
“Release the hold” calls out the officiator as Viv signals her submission. Rebecca lets go and climbs to her feet standing over Viv. “You’re no match. I’m going to make you my little bitch now!! Submit the fight to me now before I have to hurt you slut!!!” demands Rebecca as she crowd cheers her on. Viv holds her head and sucks in air as she slowly rises to her feet looking a bit winded.

The officiator announces Rebecca as the winner of the first fall. “The total elapsed time for the first fall is 10 minutes and 45 seconds! Prepare yourselves for the next fall which starts in 15 seconds. There is now 4 minutes and 15 seconds remaining in this match and Rebecca leads 1 fall to none over Viv.” Viv gathers herself as the second fall is about to begin. “FIGHT!!!!” calls out the officiator and Viv springs into action.

Viv lunges forward immediately as the second fall begins and drives her shoulder directly into her unsuspecting opponents chest. OOOHHHHHNNNNN groans out Rebecca as Viv slams into her full force.
Viv is a whirling ball of fury as she grabs hold of Rebecca’s arm and swings her stunned opponent in a circle before flinging her into the wall. THUMP echoes as Rebecca crashes hard into the wall taking the full force on her back. “You wanna fucking go bitch!!!” screams out Viv as she continues her wild attack on Rebecca.
AGGGHH “Fuck!!!” groans out Rebecca as Viv rushes towards her and slams her body into Rebecca full force mashing her against the wall. UNNNNNFFFFF gasps out the raven-haired fighter as Viv steps back and begins to slam punches to her opponent’s exposed body. UNNNFFF UGGGGGHHH OOHHHHHFFF gasps and moans out Rebecca as she is powerless to stop the pounding to her body.
“I will destroy you bitch!!!” yells out Viv as she yanks Rebecca away from the wall. Rebecca staggers along as Viv drags her several feet across the floor finally slamming several knees into Rebecca’s body before flinging her headlong into the sofa as she flips Rebecca over. The crowd is more or less quiet as they are as stunned by the brutal attack being unleashed by Viv on her battered opponent.
Rebecca dangles over the end of the sofa unable to roll free. She gasps and moans out “Oh God” as Viv lowers down and kneels over the top of her. “You are gonna wish you never met me!!!” growls out Viv as she traps Rebecca on the sofa and slaps her hand down over the top of Rebecca’s bikini bottoms. Rebecca lets out a loud scream as Viv curls her fingers into a claw and rips at her opponent. “You ready to submit your ass to me!!! Who is the slut now!!!” screams out an angry Viv as Rebecca cries out in pain. “Nnnnnoooooo!!!” cries out Rebecca as she absorbs Viv’s punishment.
“Let’s finish this” hisses out Viv as she rises off of her battered and broken opponent. Rebecca is no longer putting up a fight as Viv has her way with her. Yanking her by the leg, Viv drags Rebecca off the sofa and knocks her to the floor. “You WILL submit to me!!!” hisses out Viv.
Pinning Rebecca on the floor, Viv yanks her arm back and begins to bend Rebecca. Reaching over her prone body, Viv grabs and mashes her left breast forcing a loud wailing cry from Rebecca. “Its all over and you know it!!!” snarls Viv. Just as she prepares to roll Rebecca forward the officiator calls out “TIME HAS EXPIRED THIS MATCH IS OVER!!! RELEASE HER!!!”

The officiator calls out loudly to the room and the crowd is uncertain what has happened. Viv remains seated over the top of Rebecca looking at the officiator with a puzzled look. “The official outcome of this match is 1 fall for Rebecca and 0 for Viv. Your winner is Rebecca!” calls out the officiator.

“Fuck that!!!” screams out Viv and rolls Rebecca onto her stomach and mounts her back. Ripping her back by the hair, Viv begins to bend her opponent forcing another series of painful screams from Rebecca. “I’m not letting this bitch go until she surrenders her ass to me!!!” Rebecca cries out in pain and moans out “get off me” as Viv continues to pull her back by the hair bending her back.
“Say I own you!!!” snaps Viv as she slides her arms around Rebecca to obtain a better grip before yanking back even harder and viciously bending Rebecca backwards. “You win you win…..I give up!!!” screams out Rebecca as she is savagely bent in half by Viv. “No I own you bitch!!!” screams out Viv. Rebecca cries out as the officiator tries to convince Viv to let her go. “You own me you own me!!!! I’m your bitch!!!” screams out Rebecca.
Viv finally releases Rebecca and kneels behind her. “Now I am really going to break your ass!!!” snaps out Viv. From across the room, Callie approaches in her street clothes. “Get off of her right now!!” snaps out Callie. Viv looks up before turning back to Rebecca and yanking her by the hair. “Get up now!!!”
Callie quickly leaps forward and grabs Viv by the hair dragging her off of Rebecca. The battered fighter lies flat and moans out in pain as Callie drags Viv away from her. “I told you to leave her alone!!!” hisses Callie as she pulls the blonde’s hair. “Cheating whores” gasps out Viv as she tries to slip free of Callie’s grasp.
Viv tries to fight her way free, but Callie is all over her. As Viv tries to turn and attack, Callie delivers several stinging slaps to Viv’s face driving her back towards the wall. Viv stumbles and staggers under the attack as Rebecca rolls to her knees and remains down on the floor. The crowd noise goes up as Tisha enters the area and starts to move quickly across the floor towards Viv and Callie.
Callie drives Viv to the floor in front of her and moves forward to continue her attack on her downed opponent. Viv puts her hands up to protect herself from Callie’s anticipated attacks and yells out “Get off me!!!” Callie snaps “You should’ve left her alone!!!” as she moves forward to launch her assault. Before Callie can do so Tisha arrives at her backside and yanks her by her long blonde hair before Callie realizes she is under attack. Tisha immediately launches a barrage of punches into Callie’s low back and kidneys as the blonde is unable to defend herself from the sneak attack. “Maybe you should mind your own business you fraud!!!” yells out Tisha.
Callie manages to turn towards Tisha and begins to fight back from the surprise attack. In a matter of a couple short moments, VIv is back on her feet and grabs Callie from behind. “Now you’re in big trouble” hisses Viv as she traps the blonde in her clutches. Tisha unloads a series of knees to Callie’s body as Viv holds her in place. Each blow to Callie’s unprotected body lands hard forcing her to gasp and moan out in pain.
Callie sinks to her knees and Viv follows her to the floor holding her arms trapping Callie and exposing her body for Tisha to continue her onslaught. “Smash her ass!!!” calls out Viv as Tisha rips Callie’s tank top off of her body exposing her bra and belly. “That title should be mine” hisses out Tisha as she begins punching Callie. The defenseless blonde takes repeated punches to her breasts and midsection as Tisha works her body over and Viv holds her in place to allow the savage beating.
Viv finally pulls Callie to the floor as the blonde tries to catch her breath from the pounding she has received. Viv doesn’t give her much of a chance to recover as she moves forward putting her ass directly over the top of Callie’s face and pins her arms under her knees. “Get a good look bitch” taunts Viv as she begins punching away at Callie’s ribs and belly area. Callie lets out repeated gasps and moans. Tisha takes the opportunity to remove Callie’s skirt and tossing it to the crowd. Tisha then removes her own dress and steps forward towards Callie’s lower body. “I’ll give her a good look at the ass that is going to own her title soon!!!” smirks Tisha and then she begins to launch kicks into Callie’s exposed groin.
Viv climbs off of Callie and allows Tisha to move in over her upper body. “Here is another close up of my dominating ass!!!” teases Tisha as she sits down fully engulfing Callie’s face in her ass. Reaching back Tisha pulls Callie’s face in deeper using her hair as a handle. MMMPPHHH MPPPHHH comes from Callie as she is smothered by Tisha. Viv laughs at Callie and then sits down on her leg and punches the battered blonde in the groin several times. “Don’t ever attack me like that!!!” hisses out Viv as she lands the blows on Callie.
Viv and Tisha climb off of Callie and stand over her as she rolls to her side in pain and trying to catch her breath. “Next time how about we do this for the title!!!” snarls out Tisha as she stands over and taunts Callie. Viv slowly pulls her arms up and flexes as she stands over Callie. “West Coast blows!!!” hisses out Viv as security enters the area to bring the attack and tormenting of Callie to a close.