AWC Times Fight Magazine 12: Misty versus Zarah

Several fighters from the International Catfight Coalition have challenged the AWC as part of an effort to prove the strength of the ICC compared to the AWC. There has been some rumor and speculation that these top tier ICC fighters want to invade the AWC and become title holders in the AWC and force a merging of the organizations. In this first series of matches, the AWC fighters were hosted by the ICC at its cage arena. First up are Misty from the ICC taking on Zarah from the AWC. Both are lightweight fighters. Zarah’s success in the AWC finally hit a wall in the form of Bailey in the lightweight championship match. Zarah is eager to return to her winning ways and particularly as she represents the Club against the ICC. That task will not be easy as Misty comes in with a very substantial winning record in the ICC and is the currently ICC lightweight champion.

Misty (5’5 115 lbs 24 y/o) lives in Montana.  Misty is in the rodeo industry. She is currently the Rodeo Catfight League champion and International Catfight Coalition lightweight champion. She spends a lot of time working with animals and following the rodeo circuit. She works out regularly and is in great shape. Misty’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “Cowgirls take zero shit from anyone. I am a champion in the RLC and ICC. Our fighting style makes us much tougher than our AWC opponents. If you step up to me you should plan on picking yourself up from the ground!!”

Zarah (5’4 110 lbs  23 y/o) lives near San Francisco.  She is self-employed as the COO of a small technology start-up in Silicon Valley.  Her family is originally from India and they are quite wealthy.  This wealth has enabled Zarah to get a business degree from NYU and not to pursue her career as a young entrepreneur.  She stays remarkably fit and does some modeling on a part-time basis.  She thinks her focus and discipline makes her a star in the making in the apartment fighting realm.  Zarah’s response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I’ve got the best trainers, the best resume, and the best looks of all the fighters at the Club.  This is just one more challenge for me to overcome, and I always break down and overcome anything that challenges me.  The other women in the Club would do best to stay out of my way.  I’m destined to be a champion.”


The first match of the ICC/AWC Cage Invite features Zarah and Misty. The two have exchanged some tense words via social media and in personal messages leading up to this fight. Each wants to get the opening win for their organization in the opening fight of the night. The air is thick with tension as the two face off from across the cage as the officiator prepares for the match to begin.

“The rules for tonight’s match are simple. You will fight to a submission. It will be best of three submissions or when the time expires after fifteen minutes the match will end. You will break up the fight any time you are instructed to do so or you will be disqualified.” The crowd cheers as the announcements come to a close and the match is ready to begin.

Misty and Zarah stand on opposite sides of the cage as they await the start of the match. Tensions are running high as Zarah and Misty have exchanged unpleasantries through social media leading up to this match. Zarah calls out “You want to beg me now to go easy on you?” which brings loud cheers from the crowd. Misty smirks and calls back “Oh you will see who begs!!!” which generates more loud cheers. The officiator calls out “YOU MAY FIGHT!!!”
At the command to begin the fighters waste no time in lunging across the cage and locking up with one another. A furious struggle for control breaks out as each tries to overwhelm the other. After several moments of exchanging grips and working for position, Misty yanks Zarah forward with a grip on her hair and smashes a forearm into the side of her head. UNNNHHHH groans out Zarah as Misty jams a quick series of several short clubbing forearms into a thrashing and stumbling Zarah.
The combination of the blows and Misty forcing Zarah along pushes the dark haired fighter to her knees in front of Misty. The red head steps in with a short kick to the lower back and ass area of Zarah as her opponent tries to grab hold of her and push her to the ground. Misty is able to avoid being toppled by Zarah’s attempts and slips her leg over the top of her opponent’s shoulder and lands a knee to Zarah’s upper back forcing a groan from Zarah.
After a short struggle Misty fully gets behind Zarah and drops to the ground securing her arm. Zarah tries to twist free as they wrestle on the mat. Misty manages to slip her legs around her opponent with some effort and eventually locks both of Zarah’s arms into her control. Now able to get her legs secured around Zarah’s body, Misty begins to squeeze the fight from her opponent. “You ready to admit I own you!!!” taunts Misty hoping to encourage Zarah to continue resisting and being squeezed. Zarah’s initial grunts of pain and lack of breath convert to gasps and moans as she struggles unsuccessfully to break free of Misty’s grasp. After a prolonged scissoring, Zarah whimpers out “Stop . . . I give!!!” “That’s a submission release the hold” calls out the officiator as the crowd lets out a cheer. Misty smiles and gives her one last squeeze before releasing the hold and shoving Zarah off of her body. “You’re a pathetic bitch!!!” teases Misty as she walks to the side of the cage to await the next fall.
The officiator sees both fighters on their feet and ready and signals Fight!!! “You will pay for that” hisses out Zarah as the two fighters come together in the center of the cage. Misty simply grabs hold of Zarah and ignores her comment. Zarah does the same and the two fighters spin in a circle as they shuffle their feet trying to overpower and out grapple their opponent. The wrestling for control fails to provide a more dominant fighter as each counters the others efforts.
Zarah manages to push Misty back towards the wall of the cage as they continue to grapple for position. With a quick slide back, Zarah disengages and slams her fist into Misty’s belly. Her fist is just a few fractions faster than the knee Misty was preparing to bring up into Zarah’s body. OOOOOOOHHHH grunts out Misty as Zarah pushes her back to the fence and lands a couple more quick blows as Misty tries to fight her way free. “Submit before I beat you to death!!!” snaps Zarah as Misty gets her arms in to protect her body.
Misty manages to push her arm up as Zarah continues her wild punching attacks. Zarah attempts to shift her effort upwards and shoots a blow intended to land on Misty’s head. The redhead deflects the blow away from her head and with Zarah off balance from the attack twists her body off the fence yanking Zarah by the hair. UNNNHHHH grunts Zarah as she is yanked to the side. “Bitch!!” yells Zarah in anger and Misty responds with a well-placed knee straight to the crotch of her struggling opponent. OOOOHHHNNNN moans out Zarah as she suddenly stops her attempts to assault Misty. The sharp knee to the body appearing to have stunned Zarah and the redheaded opponent takes advantage firing several more shots to her opponent’s undefended body.
The blows drive Zarah to her knees as she clutches her battered body. Gasping for breath, Zarah is unable to prevent Misty’s next assault. “Not so mouthy now are you slut!!!!” snarls Misty as she leaps up grabbing the top of the cage and driving her knee into Zarah’s back. Holding herself over her trapped opponent, Misty hammers several knees into her back with loud THUD THUD THUD sounds. OHHHHHHHH moans out Zarah as she finally collapses face down on the floor of the cage.
Misty drops down from the cage and drives one more knee into Zarah’s low back and kidneys as she comes down to straddle her prone opponent. “Where are you now big mouth!!!” yells Misty as she grabs an arm and a handful of hair and begins twisting the arm back. Zarah lets out a weak moan NNNNHHHGGGG as she is more less defenseless and at Misty’s mercy. “You wanna beg me!!!” teases Misty before yanking Zarah’s head up and banging it off the floor.
Misty reaches down and rips Zarah’s bikini top free from her body. “Beg me or I will choke you out with your own top!!!” growls Misty before banging Zarah’s head off the floor a couple more times to emphasize her complete control over Zarah. “I give!!!” gasps out Zarah and Misty yanks her hair again causing Zarah’s scalp to burn from the constant hair pulling. “AND!!!” growls Misty. Zarah sobs out “Please no more . . . Please you win!!!” Misty laughs and shoves Zarah’s head down to the mat as she pushes up off of her. “That was easy enough to beat this pathetic loser!!!!”
Misty rolls Zarah over showing her body to the crowd as she plants a foot on her body. Raising her hand up signaling to the crowd that Zarah is finished. The officiator calls out “Your winner two falls to zero — Misty from the ICC!!!” Misty pumps her fist in the air and calls out to the crowd “this is the best they can find to send here!!!”
Not quite satisfied, Misty reaches down and pulls Zarah up into a seated position. “Look at what happens to little AWC bitches that fight real women!!!” Misty raises her finger to and shakes Zarah’s head side to side as she displays her body to all those watching the feed of the match.