AWC Times Fight Magazine #4 Sarra versus Viv

The AWC welcomes these two rookies meeting up close to home in South Florida to settle a score.  Maybe they will both end up fighting in the AWC in the future, but this match-up is all about settling a score.  Sarra and Viv have been seeing the same guy.  They didn’t like each other much to begin with and Mr. Wrong has lit a fuse that is set to cause a major explosion.  Someone is going to get humiliated before the night is over.  Will it be hot-tempered Viv or calculating Sarra?

Sarra (5’6 131 pounds 24 y/o) lives in South Florida.  Sarra works as a lifeguard and enjoys outdoor sports activities.  Sarra tends to be calm and collected.  Sarra’s workout schedule and swimming requirements means she is strong and fit.  Sarra’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I’m in great shape.  I can outlast and outwit any fighter.  I’m a survivor on the rug.”


Viv (5’2 125 pounds 24 y/o) lives in South Florida.  Viv is currently completing her studies in a medical field.  Viv is a fun loving girl that likes to party and dance.  She has a short fuse and a nasty temper.  Viv played some soccer in her earlier years and has a powerful lower body she has maintained in the gym.  Viv’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I don’t take shit from anyone.  If you cross me I will take you apart and make you beg me.  I won’t be upstaged by any bitch.”


The fighters are introduced and the rules are presented.  The match will be a one fall fight with the first to submit losing.  This match will be a no holds barred fight with the exception that blows to the head will not be allowed and there will be no time limit.  Each fighter has expressed the desire to humiliate the other so they will be allowed to punish their opponent after a submission should they chose to do so.

00 - Viv and Sarra
Sarra and Viv enter the room prepared to destroy their rival.  As the fighters separate, Viv calls out “I’ll humiliate your fat ass today bitch!!!”  The small crowd in attendance laughs and claps in support of Viv as Sarra pulls her hand up and gives Viv the finger.  “No skank whore like you is gonna beat me!  You are a humiliation to yourself slut!!!” replies Sarra.  The command to fight is given as the two seem to be intent on continuing the war of words.
01 - Viv and Sarra Lock Up
Sarra gets two hands in Viv’s hair and begins to twist and tug at her shorter opponent. Not to be outdone by her enemy, Viv goes for Sarra’s hair and tries to press her hand into Sarra’s face to force her to defend herself.
02 - Sarra Forces Viv to the Floor
“You’re not going to see him again you trashy whore!!!” hisses out Sarra as she takes control.  Sarra is able to battle past Viv’s attempts to claw at her face and uses her two-handed grip on Viv’s hair to overpower and force her opponent down to her knees on the floor.  “You’re too weak to take me!!” hisses out Sarra as Viv grunts in pain from the hairpulling tactics used by Sarra.
03 - Viv Hooks a Leg
With Sarra confidently forcing Viv to her knees, she overlooks Viv’s hands as they work into her legs getting a solid grip before pushing upwards off the floor with a loud growling sound. YAHHHHH!!! calls out Viv as she pushes to a squat position using her strong lower body to force her way up.  As Viv brings Sarra’s leg up with her, her opponent is forced to release her grip on Viv’s hair and struggle to keep from being thrown off balance.  “I’m gonna fucking kill you!!!” screams out Viv as she continues pushing upright and ultimately toppling Sarra over.
04 - Viv Bending Sarra View 2
“I’m going to screw him and make you watch bitch!!” snarls out Viv as the momentum shifts.  After knocking Sarra to the floor on her back, Viv menacingly stands over her prone opponent.  Before Sarra can react, Viv snaps a kick into the back of Sarra’s leg causing a yelp of pain from Sarra.  Keeping a grip on Sarra’s leg, Viva steps in close and begins twisting Sarra’s ankle causing yet more cries of pain from Sarra.
04 - Viv Bending Sarra
Another view of Viv twisting and bending Sarra’s ankle.
05 - Viv Slaps and Punches at Sarra
Sarra’s struggles to break free manage to bring Viv to the floor as the struggle continues.  Viv drops down atop Sarra and manages to slip a few shots into Sarra’s large breasts.  “These tits aren’t firm” hisses out Viv as she drops insults on Sarra along with the punches.  Sarra pushes back against her opponent trying to get free.
06 - Viv Mauling Sarra
“You ready to submit to me loser” hisses Viv as she slides atop a struggling Sarra.  Using her dominant position atop her opponent, Viv rips and mauls at Sarra’s face and head as her larger opponent squeals out in pain.  Struggling desperately to shake Viv off of her, Sarra grunts out “Fuck you!!!”
06 - Viv Mauling Sarra View 2
Another view of Viv Mauling Sarra as they battle on the floor.
07 Sarra Triying to Escape
Sarra struggles to escape and and manages to roll herself and Viv over onto their backs.  Viv slides her legs up and tries to get a scissor hold on her opponent as Sarra goes for Viv’s hair yanking at it and grinding her hip into Viv’s groin.  “Let GO!!!” groans out Sarra as she wiggles and squirms making it hard for Viv to maintain her grip.
08 Facing Off Again
After struggling for a bit, Sarra is able to slip free of Viv’s grasp.  The fighters get back to their feet and Sarra holds her hand over her belly as she looks a bit battered at this point.  Viv has controlled the first minutes of the fight and she points directly at Sarra.  “Bitch you better quit now or I’m gonna mess you the hell up!!!” yells out Viv as she starts moving at Sarra.
9 - Sarra Yanking Viv By the Hair
As Viv closes on Sarra the two begin to swing slaps at one another and after a few short moments Sarra gets two handfuls of Viv’s hair and pulls her opponent off balance and starts to drag her forward to control her with the hair pulling attack.  “Fucking bitch!!!” screams out Viv as her hair is yanked and tugged by Sarra.
10 - Sarra Slings Viv into the Wall
“Come on bitch!!!’ yells out Sarra as she yanks tugs and eventually slings Viv off balance and into the wall with a loud THUD sound.  Viv collides with the wall and groans out as the hard surface knocks some of the wind out of her.
11 - Sarra Hammers Viv's Body
Viv grabs Sarra by the hair and tries to fight herself away from the wall.  Sarra drops her  hands and finds Viv’s exposed belly as she rocks Viv with several hard blows to her breasts and ribs.  OOOMMPPHH OMMMPPHHH grunts out Viv as Sarra wears down her opponent.
12 - Sarra Smothers Viv
Sarra presses her body in tight against Viv and mashes her into the wall.  Wrapping her arms around Viv’s head she pulls  her head into her chest mashing her face into her breasts and making it hard for Viv to find air.  MMMPHHHH sputters out Viv as she struggles to get free of Sarra’s grasp.  “How firm are they now bitch….What’s the matter can’t find air??” snarls out Sarra.
13 - Sarra Takes Viv to the Floor and Breat Smothers Her
Viv pushes her way off the wall slightly and gasps for breath as Sarra’s body is forced back. “Bitch!!” gasps out Viv. Sarra immediately drags her opponent to the floor and shoves her way atop her. “Where you think you’re going” hisses Sarra as she pins Viv to the floor and slides her body over Viv’s mashing her breasts into her opponent’s face again. Sarra slides her legs around trying to hook Viv’s legs to pin her immobile. “You ready to pass out whore!!!” taunts Sarra.
14 - Battling on the Floor
“Get the hell off me” grunts out Viv after she pushes and bucks her hips several times before finally twisting and rolling Sarra off to the side.  “Fuck!!” groans out Sarra as she is surprised by Viv being able to muster the strength to kick free.
16 - Viv Lands Some Punches to the Sarra's Belly
After several moments battling on their sides for control, Viv as able to hook her legs around Sarra’s and force her opponent on to her back.  “Gonna spread em for you” taunts Viv before she lands several quick blows to Sarra’s belly.  OOOHHHFFFFF gasps out Sarra as she tries to fight free but finds both of her arms trapped by Viv.
17 - Viv Lands Some Punches to Sarra's Chest
With Sarra struggling to break free, Viv is able to roll herself more firmly atop her opponent and shoves a hand under her chin forcing her head back and banging it off the floor. UNNHHHHH groans out Sarra as the blow stuns her momentarily. “Now you’re mine” hisses Viv. She lands another series of blows to Sarra’s body only this time focusing them on her large round breasts. “Nice and flat when I finish” grunts Viv as she hammers away at Sarra.
18 - Viv Bending Sarra
“Get off” moans out Sarra as she tries to struggle and roll to her side to escape Viv’s grasp. Viv moves quickly and secures a grip on Sarra and slides her body around as she works to role her gasping opponent back onto her back in the middle of the floor. “Get back here. My man is watching me whip your ass!!!” snarls out Viv.
19-5 - Viv Gets a Head Scissor on Sarra
Viv slides around behind Sarra and grabs both of her arms.  “Fucking bitch!!!” snarls out Viv as the snaps her legs shut around Sarra’s head.  “I told you that you were no match for me” continues Viv.  Sarra kicks her legs wildly as Viv mashes her head between her strong thighs.  With Sarra’s arms firmly in her grasp, Viv applies the pressure and grinds away on Sarra’s  head.  “AAHHHGGGGHHHHH” cries out Sarra as her head is crushed by her opponent.  “STOP STOP you win” screams out Sarra.
19 - Viv Scissoring Sarra
Viv unlocks her legs and pivots her body.  She keeps Sarra on her back and slides her body over the top of her gasping and groaning opponent.  “You ready to kiss my ass” hisses out Viv as she grinds her upper body downward applying pressure to Sarra’s chest as she simultaneously crushes her head between her powerful thighs.
19 - Viv Scissoring Sarra View 2
Another view of Viv trapping Sarra flat on her back and in a nasty reverse head scissors.
20 - Viv Sitting Atop Sarra
“Go ahead and kiss it some more you whore!!!” teases Viv as she releases the scissors hold and slide her ass back into Sarra’s face. “Please stop please” pleads Sarra as Viv raises her hands. “See what you like” calls out Viv to the man in the crowd. “Go ahead and keep kissing my perfect ass” taunts Viv.
20 - Viv Sitting Atop Sarra View 2
A close up view of Viv’s ass smashed into Sarra’s face.
21 - Viv Exposes Sarra
Viv reaches down and grips Sarra’s bikini top and yanks it several times pulling it free before tossing it aside.  “Let’s give everyone a good look at these fat and sloppy tit!!” calls out Viv.  Sarra lets out several muffled cries as Viv presses her ass back into her opponent’s face.
22 - Viv Stands Over Sarra
Viv stands over a downed Sarra and celebrates her victory.
22 - Viv Stands Over Sarra View 2
Another view of Viv celebrating her victory as Sarra lies helpless under her opponent’s foot.
23 - Viv Displays Sarra
Viv yanks Sarra up off the floor and displays her to the crowd as she poses to celebrate the win over her rival.