AWC Times Fight Magazine 6

Quick hits from around the world of the AWC.  A number of matches took place in the recent weeks and the AWC Times was there to provide coverage and pass along the results.

Raine versus Lola

This match-up featured two fighters with decent records within the West Coast Club.  All expectations were for a close and tough battle.  It didn’t quite work out that way once the battle got underway.  Raine dominated this match from start to finish demolishing Lola much to the surprise of fans.  Lola had no answer for Raine’s rough tactics to start the match and after being battered about by Raine fell victim to a series of holds forcing the blonde to cry out her surrender to the mean redhead after only five minutes of fighting.

01a - Raine and Lola
Raine lands numerous blows on Lola including a series of vicious knees to the body.


01 - Raine and Lola
Another view of Raine landing hard knees on Lola’s belly.


02 - Raine and Lola
Raine traps the blonde’s head between her thighs and bends her arms holding her immobile as she crushes the fight from her.


02a - Raine and Lola
Another view of Raine crushing Lola and bending her arms behind her back.


03a - Lola and Raine
Raine celebrates over a battered and defeated Lola.


03 - Lola and Raine
Another view of Raine celebrating her win over Lola.

Anushka versus Charlotte

The Pacific Club matched up two of its top ranked fighters as the positioning for number one contender to take on Bao continues within the Club.  The match was highly anticipated with both fighters making a strong case for why they would win this fight.  The fans were not disappointed as the two fought a tough match until one finally subdued the other.  Control of the fight switched back and forth multiple times over its twelve minute duration before Anushka finally captured a tired and worn down Charlotte and forced a submission.

01 - Anushka versus Charlotte
In the early moments of the fight Charlotte captures Anushka and tries to lock on a choke hold to end the fight quickly.


02 - Anushka versus Charlotte
The fighters struggle and Anushka starts to gain the upper hand as she outwrestles Charlotte on the floor.


03 - Anushka versus Charlotte
Anushka mounts Charlotte and bends her leg back sharply causing the redhead to cry out in pain. Anushka demands her opponent surrender, but Charlotte refuses.


04 - Anushka versus Charlotte
Charlotte is able to escape and after a struggle manages to get behind Anushka and applies a sleeper/choke hold trying to wear the Indian fighter down and get a knockout.


05 - Anushka versus Charlotte
Control reverses again as Anushka is able to escape and drive her body into Charlotte. The redhead is gasping and panting for breath as Anushka starts to outmaneuver her with her speed.


06 - Anushka versus Charlotte
Anushka is able to get behind Charlotte and punish her back. After several moments of controlling the redhead, Anushka pulls her backwards and bends her drastically. A tired and hurting Charlotte screams out her surrender.


07 - Anushka versus Charlotte
Anushka tosses Charlotte onto her face and celebrates over the top of her beaten foe. While kneeling over Charlotte, Anushka challenges Bao to a fight for the Club title.

Belinda versus Zora

The European Club sent Zora to visit the West Coast Club where she met Belinda.  Zora has been making noises about wanting a European Club title fight and needs a good showing on her trip to the U.S.  Belinda has struggled and needs a solid fight to get back on track.  The match turned out to be a good battle between a relative newcomer and an AWC veteran.  Belinda was able to give Zora some real problems before Zora was able to finish her off with a rough and vicious attack after a ten minute long battle.  Zora celebrated the win and issued a challenge to Alessandra for a title match.

00 - Belinda and Zora
Belinda and Zora prepare to tangle.


01 - Belinda and Zora
In the early moments of the fight Zora lands a nasty kick to Belinda’s crotch doubling the blonde over and stunning her.


02 - Belinda and Zora
Zora follows up and tries to choke the blonde into an early submission.


03 - Belinda and Zora
Belinda sends Zora tumbling and goes on the offensive bending and twisting Zora’s long limbs.


04 - Belinda and Zora
The fighters both struggle for control as Zora tries to catch Belinda with a scissor hold.


05 - Belinda and Zora
Zora pins Belinda to the floor and tries to choke the blonde again. Both fighters are showing some signs of fatigue at this point.


06 - Belinda and Zora
Belinda reverses things and catches Zora in a face lock hold she attempts to convert to a choke hold.


07 - Belinda and Zora
Zora escapes and lifts Belinda up and slams her hard to the floor with a thunderous crash. The blow knocks Belinda senseless leaving her exposed to Zora’s attacks.


08 - Belinda and Zora
Zora forces a painful surrender from Belinda after a back and forth battle.

Catrin versus Melinda

The European Club sent Catrin to visit the East Coast Club where she met Melinda.  Catrin won her first match shockingly upsetting one of the top fighters in the European Club and her visit to the East Coast Club gives her an opportunity to continue that momentum.  Melinda sees this fight as an opportunity to get a win over an inexperienced opponent from Europe.  The fight goes back and forth and Melinda almost submits Catrin at a couple of different points before she in turn is forced to submit to a Catrin’s attack on her lower body.

00 Catrin and Melinda

Catrin and Melinda preparing to do battle.

01 Catrin and Melinda

In the early moments of the match Melinda is able to slip behind Catrin.

02 Catrin and Melinda
Melinda applies a chokehold as she tries to force Catrin to the floor.


03 Catrin and Melinda
Catrin is able to escape and the turn the tables as she lands several punches into Melinda’s belly.


04 Catrin and Melinda
The fight goes to the floor and Melinda bends Catrin back trying to force a submission.


05 Catrin and Melinda
Catrin catches Melinda between her legs and crushes her ribs.


06 Catrin and Melinda
Catrin bends and twists Melinda’s leg as she applies the pressure to her opponent.
07 Catrin and Melinda
Melinda cries out her submission and clutches at her potentially injured leg while Catrin celebrates her victory.