AWC Times Fighter Review – Drury

At the time of this review, Drury remains a top fighter in the AWC.  With a history of having competed in various types of wrestling competitions in college, Drury has some experience with wrestling.  She has also demonstrated a tendency to be willing to mix it up and brawl with opponents.  At her core, Drury appears to be a street fighter that relies more on overwhelming her opponent than on trying to finesse her way to a win.  Her compact size and strong frame at 5’2 and 115 pounds also serves her well.  She has shown good strength in her fights and avoided being overwhelmed.

Strengths – Mean streak, toughness/attitude, strong frame

Weakness – Height may expose her against fighters with reach advantage.  Potential lack of good technical skills

Overall Drury is a very good fighter.  The knock on her to date is her potential lack of challenging opponents.  She did well in her recent fights with Peyat and Bailey which quiets some of this concern.  Once we see her in a fight with a larger fighter or one with more technical skills we will have a better idea of just how well Drury will measure up in the top tier of the AWC.