AWC Times Mag 7: Bailey versus Selena – Lightweight Tourney Match

In another of the lightweight championship tournament elimination matches, these two hellcats face off to keep their hopes alive.  Selena has a chip on her shoulder and has trampled fighters similar sized to her.  Bailey isn’t the type to be trampled.  Which one comes out on top and which one exits the tournament stage?

Bailey (5’5 118 pounds 19 y/o) lives in the Boston area.  She is currently a student at a major university in the area.  She plays on the lacrosse team and is majoring in exercise science.  Bailey loves the outdoors and in her free time volunteers at a local children’s hospital.  She is in great shape and works out daily to stay in shape for the team.  Bailey’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I don’t know.  I guess we will find out what makes me good when I get into the arena with someone.  I play a pretty tough game and I don’t back down to anyone.”


Selena (5’5″ 112 lbs 24 y/o) lives near Mexico City.  She works as an administrative assistant to a wealthy business owner.  She is a frequent participant in the local night life and wants to eventually relocate to Los Angeles and pursue a career as a model.  She became interested in fighting in the Club through her boss who hopes to promote her to a championship career.  Selena’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I am in excellent shape.  I work out hard and I play hard.  I am always the prettiest girl in the room.  I have had to fight for everything I have gotten in life and I’m ready to kick another girl’s ass to get where I want to go.”


Before the fighters enter the arena a large TV screen on the wall broadcasts a short video segment of the Apartment Wrestling Internet Show featuring two of the hosts talking about the upcoming match between Bailey and Selena.  “Im looking forward to seeing Bailey back in action. She is one tough girl. I know she really wants a shot at the lightweight title. Selena is no joke. She has really kicked ass when fighting against other lightweights. This one is gonna be close, but I think Bailey can outlast Selena.” The second commentator nods in agreement. “The desire is there for both of them. No question they both want this one pretty badly. Only one of them will get her way and I think that will be Bailey.”  The screen goes dark as the fighters come out of the dressing rooms to the main room.

Both fighters now enter the main arena room where the fight will be held.  The room layout consists of a wide open space for the fighters with no furnishings and very large windows overlooking an ocean.  The crowd is buzzing with excitement and energy as they wait for the fighters to appear.

The officiator of the match calls out for everyone’s attention and introduces both fighter.  The girls are brought out to the center of the room together and given a quick summary of the rules.  “You have both done this before.  There are no rules for tonight’s fight.  The match will consist of four 4 minute rounds with a 1 minute rest period at the end of each round.  The first one to force the other to submit is the winner.  When a round ends I will call for a break and we will resume after the short rest period.  After four rounds the fifth round will be untimed and will continue until someone submits to end the match.  The match will start when I say so and will not end until we have a submission.”

Bailey and Selena stand ready to begin the match. As the fighters stand ready to being, the officiator seeing everyone is ready to begin steps away and calls out “Ladies you may now begin — FIGHT!!!” The two moves across the floor circling one another as the crowd begins calling out encouragement to the fighters.
After feinting and moving around one another, they push forward and grab hold of one another and each begins to struggle to gain control over the other. The crowd cheers on their favorite as they grapple and swirl about the floor for several moments trying to gain an advantage over their opponent.
After several moments of fighting for position, Selena gains an advantage over Bailey as she captures her right arm. The blonde tries to pull back and away as Selena attempts to land a kick on Bailey’s lower leg. Bailey’s movement back saved her from taking the slashing kick and both fighters grunt and growl at the other as they battle. The officiator calls out “2 minutes remaining!!!” as Selena tries to gain an arm hold and Bailey tries to slip free.
Bailey slips free of Selena’s grasp and manages to yank the Mexican fighter off balance with a handful of her hair. UNNNNHHH groans out Selena as she tries to maintain her balance as her neck is twisted by Bailey’s attack. As Selena struggles to stay upright, Bailey follows up with several short jabs to Selena’s breast and upper belly. “GOT YA!!!” hisses out Bailey as she continues her assault on Selena.
Selena drops to the floor and Bailey moves swiftly behind her opponent and captures her in a sleeper type hold. As she throttles Selena, Bailey tries to twist and yank Selena’s head from side to side to add to the pressure on her opponent. Selena cries out in pain as her neck is wrenched sharply by Bailey’s attacks. “SUBMIT TO ME!!!!” yells out Bailey and the crowd roars its approval as the blonde has firmly taken control of the first round of this match. The officiator calls out “1 minute remaining!!!”
Not getting the submission she demanded and with time running short, Bailey switches up her attack. Yanking back on Selena’s neck, Bailey slides her knees up and bends her opponent backwards maintain the pressure on her neck as well as grinding away at her low back. Selena moans out “No No No!!!” as Bailey pulls and stretches her back looking for a submission before the end of the round.

“Give it up!!!” growls out Bailey as she pulls her back and bends her awkwardly. “NNNGGGHHH NO NO NO!!!” groans out Selena as she continues to hold on for the end of the round. “TIME IS UP!!!!” yells out the officiator “Let her go!!!” The crowd cheers loudly as Bailey drops Selena out of her hold and climbs to her feet. Bailey shakes her head in frustration at not getting a submission from Selena. “It’s over for you!!!” taunts Bailey as she slides smoothly across the floor to wait for the next round of the match to begin.

With both fighters climbing to their feet, the officiator checks the timer for the remaining time in the rest period.  “We will begin round 2 shortly and it will also have a duration of four minutes.  Again, if anyone submits in this round the winner will be declared.”  With the timer on the rest period expiring, the officiator calls out “FIGHT!!!”

Upon the command to FIGHT, Selena quickly darts at Bailey catching the blonde by surprise. Selena grabs hold of Bailey’s hair and yanks her opponent off balance. “Come on!!!” yells out Selena as she yanks and tugs at Bailey’s hair as the blonde struggles to fight back against the aggressive Mexican fighter.
Using the grip on Bailey’s hair, Selena pulls her into a tight headlock as she wraps her arms around Bailey’s head and neck. Bailey pushes against Selena and struggles to pull her head free of Selena’s grasp. “Get off me!!!” grunts out Bailey as Selena pulls and yanks on Bailey’s head and neck. “One minute has expired . . . Three minutes remain” calls out the officiator.
After a bit of struggling, Bailey is able to extract herself from Selena’s headlock. She hooks Selena’s arm and pulls it behind her back. “Got ya now!!!” hisses out Bailey as Selena grunts out in pain. Selena tries to twist her body to alleviate the pressure on her shoulder as Bailey works hard to maintain her grip.
Selena breaks free of Bailey’s grip and tries to slip away from Bailey. The blonde pursues Selena and shoves her knee into Selena’s thigh forcing a cry of pain from Selena. “You’re not getting away from me!!” yells out Bailey. “Two minutes expired . . . Two minutes remaining!!!” calls out the officiator. The crowd loudly cheers support out to their favorite as the fight swirls across the room.
Selena slips free and turns to face Bailey. The two fighters grab hold of one another and a wild struggle breaks out for control as each grabs the other and tries to out wrestle them. Grunts and groans come from both fighters as they battle for several moments.
Selena takes control as she yanks Bailey into a face lock hold. Selena slips her arms around Bailey’s neck and tries to choke the fight out of her opponent. Bailey grabs hold of Selena and struggles to pull her off balance to escape the hold. The officiator calls out “Three minutes have expired . . . one minute remaining!!!”
Selena drags Bailey to the floor and maintains her grip around her neck. Bailey gasps and struggles to catch her breath as Selena continues to strangle her. Using her body weight to trap Bailey, Selena pulls her arm back fully immobilizing Bailey. ACCCCCKKKK gasps out Bailey as she struggles to breathe in Selena’s grasp. “Submit or I’ll choke you out!!!” growls out Selena.

“NNNGGHHH” gasps out Bailey as she struggles to avoid being choked out by Selena. The Mexican fighter keeps the pressure on as the round is close to ending. “GIVE IT UP!!! CHECK HER!!!” yells out Selena showing her frustration that Bailey has not submitted. “NNNGGGHHH!!” groans out Bailey. “TIME!!!!” yells out the officiator “Release her!!!” “FUCK” yells out Selena as Bailey is able to run out the clock on the round forcing Selena to release the hold. “You’re lucky bitch!!!!” snarls Selena as she releases the hold and climbs to her feet.

Bailey climbs to her feet rubbing her neck and shoulder as she shakes off the impact of Selena’s attack at the end of the round. With both fighters appearing ready, the officiator calls out “We will begin round 3 and it will also have a duration of four minutes.  Again, if anyone submits in this round the winner will be declared.”  The officiator calls out “FIGHT!!!”

Bailey and Selena begin to circle as the 3rd round gets underway. Selena hisses out “You’re all mine now!!!” and Bailey snaps back “In your wildest fantasy maybe!!!” The crowd cheers its approval as each fighter feints and moves side to side looking for a weak spot in their opponent’s defenses.
Bailey feints a hard slap towards Selena’s head and her opponent takes the bait raising her hands up to defend from the attack. Bailey drops to her knees going in low in a driving tackle type move into the lower body of Selena who is caught off guard an unprepared for the attack. The Mexican fighter grunts out as Bailey’s shoulder catches her hard. At the same time Bailey wraps up her opponent and finishes the tackle knocking Selena to the floor.
Maintaining her grip on Selena’s leg, Bailey quickly pulls the leg bag while hooking Selena by the arm as she bends her opponent. Selena cries out in pain as her body is bent after being roughly thrown to the floor. “Give it up!!!” hisses out Bailey as she digs her knee into Selena’s low back and twists her body across it. “NNNGHGGGHHHH NOOOOO!!!” “Two minutes have expired and there are two minutes remaining!” chirps out the officiator as Bailey continues to apply the pressure forcing gasps of pain from Selena.
“You’re not going to run out the clock this time!!!” growls out Bailey as she uses her grip on Selena to shift her hold. Quickly rolling to the side, Bailey yanks Selena solidly between her legs and catches her in a scissors around her ribs. YAAAAAAGHHHHH cries out Selena as Bailey wraps up her opponent’s legs to help keep her trapped. NNGGGGGGHHH grunts out Bailey as she squeezes down with her legs as hard as she can forcing a gasping and garbled cry of pain from Selena. With two minutes left in the round, Selena is desperate to escape as she thrashes and twists her upper body the best she can. Selena’s efforts are met with a series of pulsing of Bailey’s strong legs forcing gasps and groans from Selena. After a prolonged period, Selena gasps out “No more!!! I Give!!!”
Bailey releases Selena from the hold and climbs her feet to stand over her opponent. The crowd cheers out in support of Bailey and the officiator calls out “you winner at 3 minutes and 30 seconds in the third round — BAILEY!!!”