AWC Times Mag 7: Kelcie versus Lena 2 – The Rematch

This one takes almost no introduction.  They fought in an unscheduled match at new girl fight night after showing an instant dislike for one another.  The match was hard fought and ended in controversy.  Kelcie tortured Lena in her coffee grinder finisher after stunning the redhead and stripping her topless.  Did Kelcie get that win because of her potentially illegal blow that seemed to stun and disorient Lena?  Did Kelcie take advantage of Lena and catch her directly at the end of her match while she was already worn down a bit too much?  Lena and her fans demanded this rematch.  Kelcie seemed to be dodging it.  Here it is?  Will Kelcie come out on top again or will Lena have her revenge?  The AWC’s lucky fans now know the answer to that perplexing question.

Kelcie (5’3 126lbs 24 y/o) lives near Austin, TX.  She is newly married and works as a manager of a small coffee shop.  Her ambition is to own her own the shop and she sees Apartment Wrestling as an opportunity to get the money to fulfill that goal.  She hits the gym a few times a week and mainly sticks to cardio related classes.  Kelcie’s response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I love the idea of dominating another athletic girl.  My husband will enjoy watching me show off on some other girl that thinks she is something.  I’m in great shape and I’m hot as hell.”


Lena (5’5 127 lbs 24 y/o) lives in Philadelphia, PA.  She works for an insurance company and in her spare time likes to keep in shape by working out.  Lena particularly enjoys workout classes that have an element of kick boxing or other combat sports involved with them.  Lena’s response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I’m good enough to dominate the AWC.  I don’t see any fighters here that are any better than me.  My workouts and experiences in life give me what it takes to rule the Apartment.”


The two fighters arrive at the apartment and prepare for the match. When they are dressed and ready they provided a short statement to the AWC Times before the start of the match. As the fans wait patiently for the match to start, the statements are played on large screens for the fans to enjoy.

The room goes quiet as Lena’s body fill the screen. She is wearing camouflage lingerie and smiles broadly for the camera. She is asked to tell the fans what is on her mind and she immediately launches her response to the inquiry. “I didn’t think tonight was going to happen. Ever since Kelcie cheated to beat me at the new girl event night, she has refused my requests for a rematch. I should have listened to the officiator that night. I was tired and not ready to take her on. And to make it worse, she cheated to win. She can’t fight. She just uses dirty tricks and runs her mouth. And what she did posting that image to social media to humiliate me is going to cost her tonight. I don’t think she will make it the whole length of this match tonight. I’ll make her quit this fight and beg me for mercy! She is going to pay big time!!!” The screen goes dark as the fans cheer Lena’s remarks.

The screen then lights back up again and this time Kelcie is filling the screen. She is wearing a lace floral patterned lingerie set as she twists and turns to show off her body to the camera. Before the interviewer can ask Kelcie suddenly blurts out “Really! I mean really! Who does Lena think she is? Like she should be able to demand a rematch. She got her ass beat. Y’all all saw it. I should be fighting for a championship tonight instead of dealing with this fraud of a fighter again. This isn’t fair to me or to the AWC fans that came to see a real fight here. I’m not scared of that bitch. I didn’t cheat to win a fight I wasn’t losing or in danger of losing it. I had that fight under my control last time. And tonight I will prove once and for all who is better. And Lena will know too when I’m finished with her. All those cry baby fans sticking up for her should be demanding I get a chance to fight for a title. Tonight will end just like last time with me walking out of the apartment a winner — just like it always does!!!”

The screen lights up again and the AWC Times commentators appear. “I’m pretty surprised that Kelcie ended up being forced to take this rematch this soon. Maybe there is more to this. Maybe she just got tired of being harassed by the fans. We know Lena is motivated to have her revenge, but don’t miss the fact that Kelice is a bit tired of all the talk. So we have two equally motivated fighters looking to prove a point.” The second commentator chimes in “No doubt about it. These two really don’t like each other. They both intend to be satisfied tonight and we all know one of them is going to be crushed when she ends up beaten on that rug. My gut tells me Lena has the edge in wrestling skills, but I think Kelcie might have an edge in the intangibles or just plain dirty meanness.” The first jumps back into the conversation as time runs short on their discussion. “I think Lena wins a hard fight. That hot fire of revenge and embarrassment is burning hot inside her.” The second responds “You are right about that and I think it ends up costing her the fight before the night is over. I’m picking Kelcie even though I really want to see Lena have her revenge tonight.” The screen fades out and goes dark as the crowd noise picks up with the impending start of the match.

Following the video presentations, the fighters enter the apartment from opposite ends. Lena stands watching as Kelcie enters the room and gives her husband a kiss before waving at Lena. “Bitch you can save that unless you are surrendering the match!!!” yells out Lena as the fans cheer. Kelcie smiles and chirps back “you asked for tonight and you are gonna sure get it tonight sweetie!!!” The crowd noise picks up and the fighters go silent as they wait for the officiator to be ready.

The officiator calls the fighters to the center of the room. “The last time you fought there was controversy about the rules. To avoid this concern, tonight there will be limited rules. Anything goes in the match although I have the discretion to stop the action if I see something that could result in serious injury to one of you. If I choose to stop the action, the fighter in control will be awarded a fall. Do you both understand that my command to stop must be obeyed for the safety of each of you and that you are considered to have submitted the fall if I choose to stop the action?” Both fighters nod their agreement as they continue to glare at one another.

The officiator continues “the time limit for this match is 25 minutes. The most submissions in that time will determine the winner unless someone decides to quit the match before the time limit is up. Should someone quit early, the winner we be allowed 3 minutes to punish the loser so long as they are not injuring their opponent. In other words, quitting early will not spare you from being punished or humiliated. At the end of the time limit, the winner will have 3 minutes to punish the loser as well. Since this is a revenge rematch this 3 minutes is for the winner will be satisfied and the loser to suffer the consequences.”

Kelcie and Lena facing off at the start of the much anticipated rematch.

The officiator steps back out of the way and looks at both fighters. Seeing they are both ready, the officiator raises an arm and then drops the arm. “The time begins for the first fall now — FIGHT!!!” calls out the officiator as the crowd lets out a loud roar of approval.

Kelcie and Lena immediately rush across the floor and collide with one another as they grapple for control as the match gets underway. The fans cheer loudly as the fighters grunt and growl at one another as they battle in the early moments of the match.
After several moments of back and forth grappling, Lena manages to catch Kelcie’s arm and twist her around pulling the arm behind her back. “I’ll break it bitch!!!” snarls out Lena as she demands that Kelcie submit. The blonde cries out in pain, but refuses to concede the first fall. The Lena fans erupt yelling out there support as she puts Kelcie in some pain at this point. A few fans even yell out taunts to Kelcie. The fans in the room seem to be fairly heavily in Lena’s camp for the fight at this juncture.
Kelcie is able to slip free of the arm hold and the two fighters exchange a flurry of slaps on one another landing open handed blows on one another’s body and face with loud smacking sounds. WHHHHHAAAAPPP THHHUDDDD resound throughout the room as flesh meets flesh as the two angrily punish one another without much regard for defending themselves. Both let out grunts and cries of pain during the wild exchange.
Kelcie manages to force Lena down to her knees after several moments of wild slapping and grappling. With one hand gripping Lena’s wrist she swings a wild and powerful punch aimed and Lena’s head. “I’ll demolish you!!!” screams Kelcie as she unloads the blow. Lena is able to quickly push her right hand up and force what had the potential to be a fall, and maybe fight ending, roundhouse punch to miss her head. “Fuck you whore!!!” yells out Lena as she narrowly avoids the brutal shot Kelcie attempted to drop on her.
Kelcie’s attempt to knock Lena’s head off left her exposed to Lena’s vicious counterattack. The redhead scored with hard punch of her own to Kelcie’s body forcing the blonde to double over. Gripping Kelcie by her hair, Lena hammers several more nasty uppercut blows into the blonde’s belly and breasts forcing groans and gasps from the blonde. As Kelcie is doubled over her head hovers directly over Lena’s shoulder as Lena drives the breath from her opponent she can feel it on her own shoulder. “I don’t hear you fat ass mouth now whore!!!” grunts out Lena as she punishes Kelcie. “You’re gonna be submitting this match to me!!!!”
Using her grip on Kelcie’s hair, Lena yanks her down the floor with a crash rolling the blonde to her back. sliding her body over the top of Kelcie’s chest, Lena quickly traps Kelcie’s arm with her legs and grabs her tightly by the hair pulling Kelcie’s face into her chest. The already out of breath Kelcie finds herself quickly trapped in a tight smother hold as Lena bears down on her. “I’ll smother you out cold!!! SUBMIT TO ME!!!” demands Lena as Kelcie frantically pulls at Lena’s hair and kicks wildly. Her efforts to dislodge the red head fail miserably and Kelcie quickly taps out a surrender to avoid being smothered out.

The officiator steps in calling out “release her Lena she has submitted the first fall.” Lena rolls over and climbs to her feet stepping back from Kelcie. The officiator calls out “the score is now 1 fall to none in favor of Lena and the first fall lasted 3 minutes and 15 seconds. There is now 21 minutes and 45 seconds remaining.” As the officiator announces the time and score, Kelcie climbs to her feet. She appears visibly winded from the attacks to her air supply.

As the round ends the screens come to life with the AWC Times commentators appearing on screen. “Wow that was a wild start to this one. Not a lot of wrestling prowess displayed in that first fall.” The second commentator chimes in “yes it was a bit rough and tumble there. Lena seemed to give Kelcie a pretty good thrashing in the last bit of that round.” “She sure did. Kelcie didn’t look too happy about having Lena mash her breasts all over her face as she smothered her there.” “Guess we will see how things go in this next fall. There is a lot of time left in this fight!!!” The screen goes dark as the fighters and the officiator appear ready to resume the fight.

“Yeah you better get ready bitch because I’m just getting started with you!!!” yells out Lena as she awaits the start of the next fall. The officiator checks Kelcie and asks “do you wish to continue?” and the blonde simply nods her head yes. The officiator backs away and calls out “You may resume the fight — start the clock!!!”

“You’re awfully quiet bitch!!” snarls out Lena as she immediately closes on Kelcie as the 2nd fall gets underway. The blonde reaches up and grabs for Lena’s hair as Lena does the same. Kelcie, expecting to Lena to try and overpower her and grapple, goes for her right arm to prevent her from using the hairpull to control her. Instead of grabbing hold of Kelcie with her left hand, Lena shoots a hard looping punch into Kelcie’s right breast mashing it under her fist. Kelcie screams out in pain and the crowd goes wild at Lena’s rough attack.
Lena overwhelms Kelcie as she continues her attack. With Kelcie pushing in close and trying to grab hold of Lena, the red head instead pivots slightly and lands several more punches into Kelcie’s breasts and upper chest. The blonde is crying out in pain at the attacks and flailing wildly as she tries to prevent the blows from landing on their intended targets. Lena is clearly taking advantage of her opportunity at this point as she has Kelcie on the defensive.
Kelcie drops to her knees and Lena slides around behind her gripping her by the hair. “I got something for you slut!!!” yells out Lena as she knees Kelcie in the back before dropping to the floor behind her. Lena pulls Kelcie back over her knees as she yanks back on her chin. “How about this cup of coffee??? SUBMIT TO ME!!!!” yells out Lena as she punishes Kelcie’s back. Kelcie lets out a garbled scream before yelling “I GIVE!!!”

The officiator steps in again calling out “let her go that’s a submission for the 2nd fall.” Lena shoves Kelcie forward to her face and climbs to her feet. The officiator looks down at Kelcie flat on the floor groaning in pain and calls out “the score is now 2 falls to none in favor of Lena. The second fall lasted 1 minute and 45 seconds. There is now 20 minutes remaining.” As the officiator announces the time and score, Kelcie stays on the floor trying to recover from Lena’s attacks.

As the round ends the screens come to life with the AWC Times commentators appearing on screen. “Oh boy. Kelcie was not ready for that approach. And to top it off Lena submitted her in a hold and taunted Kelcie about her own favorite hold. Nice. Very nice.” The second commentator chimes in “that was fast and rough out there. Another fall like that one and this might just be a short fight. Lena is putting on the pressure here.” The screen goes dark as the and attention returns to the fighters.

Lena waves to the fans in the room and adjusts her bra and panties as she watches the officiator lean down to check on Kelcie. The officiator asks “are you able to continue?” Before Kelcie can respond, Lena yells out “You should just stay down there and surrender this fight!!! You can’t beat me.”

Lena taunts Kelcie between falls as the blonde tries to recover from the 2nd fall.

Kelcie pushes up off the floor as Lena raises her arm in victory. “This isn’t over!!!” yells out Kelcie as she rushes at Lena. The officiator leaps out of the way and yells out loudly “You may fight!!!”

As Kelcie springs up from the floor and rushes at Lena, the redhead drops down slightly and lunges forward to meet the blonde’s attack. The two fighters slam together with a THUD as they immediately grab and tear at their opponent. Both Kelcie and Lena grunt and groan out as they struggle to subdue the other. The crowd’s cheers become loud as they encourage their favorite to gain control and punish the other.
YYAAAAAAHHHH yells out Kelcie as she pushes hard into Lena and yanks back on her hair. The red head staggers back under the pressure of the attack and is pressed into the wall as Kelcie surges forward. UNNNHHHH moans out Lena from the impact with the wall. “I’ll kick your ass!!!” screams out Kelcie as she starts hammering punches into Lena’s chest and belly. As Lena tries to force her way off the wall, she is roughly shoved back under the impact of the punches and Kelcie shoving her other arm across her neck pinning her in place.
Kelcie steps back and grabs hold of Lena’s right arm and the redhead drops to her knees and tries to lean forward from the attacks on her body. Lena moans out as Kelcie pulls her back upright by the arm. “Oh no you don’t!!!” snaps out Kelcie before she lashes out with a kick landing the top of her foot solidly on Lena’s exposed belly. OOOOOOFFFFF gasps out Lena as she starts to gag from the impact of the shot. She quickly taps her hand on the floor before Kelcie can follow up the kick with another attack.

The officiator steps in quickly calling out “that’s it!!! THAT’S IT!!!! Let her go that’s a submission of the 3rd fall.” Kelcie pauses and roughly shoves Lena over onto her side as she appears frustrated about not being able to continue her attack. The officiator calls out “the score is now 2 falls to 1 in favor of Lena. The third fall lasted 3 minute and 30 seconds. There is now 16 minutes and 30 seconds remaining.” As the officiator announces the time and score, Lena remains flat on the floor groaning and panting as she tries to recover from Kelcie’s attacks.

As the round ends the screens come to life with the AWC Times commentators appearing on screen. “Just when it looked like this might be a one-sided affair Kelcie comes to life. I think maybe Lena pissed her off just a bit in that prior fall. That got rough really quick. This is still anyone’s fight.” The second commentator chimes in “oh absolutely that was rough and hard battling there. I noticed that Kelcie seemed to look a bit stronger than Lena as she overpowered her there in that little matching of brute strength. Even though Lena took some heavy punishment there, I did notice that Kelcie is also breathing heavily as well. I agree this is anyone’s fight to win still.” The screen goes dark as the and attention returns to the fighters.

“I’m just getting started hurting you bitch. You want to try and embarrass me with that hold!!!” snarls out Kelcie as she then smiles and waves to the crowd as she steps away from Lena and waits for the start of the 4th fall of the match.

As Kelcie circles away from Lena, the redhead slowly makes her way to her feet. The officiator steps in close to check on Lena. The officiator asks “are you able to continue?” “Yeah — I’m good. I can take her!” mutters Lena to the officiator.

Kelcie and Lena go right after one another as the 4th fall gets underway continuing the fast and furious pace of the match. Both fighters grab the other and try and take control of the action. Lena begins to shake Kelcie’s head twisting at her neck as the blonde attempts to return the favor in the early moments of the fall. As Lena begins to gain the upper hand in the hair pulling duel, Kelcie switches her left hand off her opponent’s hair and jabs a punch to Lena’s body.
Lena gasps out and Kelcie quickly pivots as a surprised Lena clutches her body. Taking advantage of her surprised opponent, Kelcie lifts a knee to Lena’s body and then grabs her by the hair as she doubles up from the blow. “Fucking bitch!!!” snarls Kelcie as she lifts a series of several knees into Lena’s body while controlling her positioning with Lena’s hair. OOOOOHHHHH UNNNHHHH groans out Lena.
Kelcie drags Lena to the floor and locks her strong legs around Lena’s neck. The redhead cries out “Noooo” as Kelcie quickly snaps the legs shuts and begins to squeeze her opponent’s head. The crowd cheers wildly as Lena suffers in Kelcie’s scissor. The blonde squeezes away on Lena for several long moments before demanding “Submit it to me!!! Admit I’m better!!!” “Fuuu offff!” gasps out Lena. The officiator checks on Lena to make sure she isn’t risking a serious injury by the hold as Kelcie crushes away on her opponent with the scissor hold.
“Ok have it your way!!!” smirks Kelcie as she grabs Lena by the hair and drags her further up her body and slides to the side of her opponent. Lena tries to struggle free, but Kelcie quickly overpowers her and shifts her scissor hold to Lena’s body. As Lena gasps out and tries to push Kelcie’s leg off of her body, her opponent slips an arm around and locks on a choke hold to go with the scissor hold. AACCCCKKK gasps out Lena as Kelcie chokes and crushes the breath from her. “Do you want to submit Lena???” asks the officiator as she gasps for air. “Yeah bitch . . . just croak it out how you give to the better woman!!!” taunts Kelcie as she plays head games.
With Lena about to pass out, Kelcie releases her scissors and choke hold. Instead of choking her into a forced submission, the blonde rolls her to her belly. “Oh poor stubborn girl!!! Don’t you want to give up???” teases Kelcie as she sits down on the redhead’s back and yanks her arm back twisting it and yanking on it. AGGGHHHH cries out Lena “Get off me!!!”
Kelcie smirks at the crowd as she rotates herself to sit atop Lena’s back. The blonde hooks her arm over her leg and grabs the dangling redhead by the chin pulling slowly back on her head. “Poor little Lena!!!” teases Kelcie as she hopes to taunt Lena into continuing to unwisely absorb punishment instead of surrender. The redhead grunts out in pain and lets out a moan NNNGGHHHH as her Kelcie slowly applies pressure to the hold. “Mmmmm time for a little coffee right bitch!!!” hisses out Kelcie as she then yanks back on Lena. The redhead cries out AAIIIIEEEOOOOWWW I GIVE UP I GIVE UP!!!!

The officiator calls “BREAK BREAK BREAK That’s a submission!!!” Kelcie smiles and roughly shoves Lena off her of leg and mashes her to the floor as she presses down and stands up over the top of Lena. The officiator continues “the score is now tied at 2 falls each. The fourth fall lasted 7 minutes. There is now 9 minutes and 30 seconds remaining.” With Lena lying on her belly and Kelcie standing over her, the officiator watches carefully.

Kelcie remains standing over a downed Lena to taunt the redhead. “You wanted this fight bitch!!! Get up and fight me!!! Or just admit you can’t win and save yourself some real pain!!!” The crowd boos loudly as Lena covers her face and tries to ignore Kelcie hovering over her showing off at her expense.

As the round ends the screens come to life with the AWC Times commentators appearing on screen. “That’s not good for Lena. Kelcie has just taken the 2nd straight fall from her to tie things up. That was a long 7 minutes with mainly Kelcie trapping and punishing Lena. I hope Lena has some fight left in her or the remaining 9 and 1/2 minutes is gonna seem like forever.” The second commentator chimes in “yeah Lena should have given that fall up much earlier instead of taking all that punishment. Her pride may have gotten the best of her there. If she doesn’t do something to start the 5th fall this might turn ugly. We know Kelcie has a nasty side to her. I think it is still anyone’s fight. Don’t count Lena out yet!.” The screen goes dark as the and attention returns to the fighters.

With Lena climbing to her feet the officiator moves close to her. “Do you wish to continue?” Before Lena can answer a loud voice from the crowd yells out “Come on, Lena!! Get up and kick Kelcie’s ass just like you did in the first two falls. I believe in you. Fight hard. You can do this, babe!” Lena raises her hand and gives a short wave to the tall, good looking guy and turns to the officiator “I’m not quitting!!!”

The fighters stand ready to resume and the officiator steps back and announces loudly “9 minutes and 30 seconds remain in this match — YOU MAY NOW FIGHT!!!!”

Kelcie moves forward aggressively and throws and overhand blow at Lena. The redhead easily shoves a hand up and deflects Kelcie’s attempt high and off target of its intended mark. Lena takes advantage of Kelcie being off balance and lands a hard slap to the blonde’s exposed face with a loud WWWWHHHAAAPPP ringing through the apartment. “You like that bitch!!!’ screams out Lena after landing the shot on Kelcie.
The hard slap shocks Kelcie and Lena follows it up with several more stinging slaps to Kelcie’s body and face as she moves forward to press her advantage. Kelcie is forced back as the aggressive redhead goes on the attack in the early stages of the fall. The crowd cheers her on as she tries to punish Kelcie. “Come on bitch Come on!!!” yells out Lena as she tries to intimidate Kelcie.
Lena forces Kelcie to the floor and tries to climb atop her and trap her. Kelcie quickly pushes her leg up and blocks Lena’s attempt to climb atop her. They struggle for control as Lena tries to work her way around the leg and pin the blonde to the floor.
Kelcie is able to force Lena back and the redhead continues to aggressively try to battle her way past Kelcie’s defenses. Kelcie manages to snap Lena with her legs as she catches her arm in her grasp as well. Lena, realizing she is trapped struggles to pull back and remove herself from the position she finds herself stuck in. “Got ya now!!!” hisses out Kelcie as she twists her hips.
THHHUDDDDD resounds throughout the apartment as Kelcie uses Lena’s struggling against her to slam her to the floor on her back. With Lena being somewhat off balance in her attempts to escape, Kelcie twists her hips and drives her down. “Oh did that hurt!!!” Kelcie taunts as Lena moans out from the impact. Wasting now time, Kelcie wraps her legs around Lena and squeezes. “You wanna quit!!!” hisses out Kelcie.
“NNNOOOO” grunts out Lena in response to Kelcie’s demand to surrender. The blonde grunts her disapproval and then releases Lena momentarily. The redhead tries to roll free, but Kelcie maintains a solid grip on her opponent as she shifts positions and relocks her legs around Lena’s body. UNNNHHHHHH moans out Lena before Kelice grabs her head and bends her back hooking her neck under her arm. Now bending and stretching her opponent’s body while scissoring it Kelcie hisses out again “YOU WILL SUBMIT TO ME!!!” The blonde follows up her command by slapping her free hand down atop Lena’s breast and begins to squeeze her soft breast between her fingers. Lena begins to frantically tap her hand on Kelcie’s arm to surrender the fall to the blonde.

At the signal of Lena’s submission, the officiator steps in again. “BREAK IT UP!!! RELEASE HER!!” as Lena frantically continues to tap at Kelcie’s arm to signal her submission of the fall. Kelcie releases the grip on Lena’s neck and as the redhead comes upright, she hisses “Oh you are all mine bitch!!!” to Lena before roughly shoving her to the side. The officiator continues “the score is now 3 falls to 2 in favor of Kelcie. The fifth fall lasted 4 minutes and 30 seconds. There is now 5 minutes remaining.”

Kelcie climbs to her feet and raises her hands in celebration as she takes in the cheers of the crowd. With Lena sprawled out on the floor clutching at her ribs, the crowd cheers loudly in support of their fighter with a mix of encouragement to Lena that she can do it countered by others encouraging Kelcie to finish it.

Kelcie stands over Lena as she clutches at her ribs. The blonde enjoys the cheers of the crowd while the redhead desperately tries to shake off her pain to get ready to resume the fight.

As the round ends the screens come to life with the AWC Times commentators appearing on screen. “I think this one is all over except for the humiliating final surrender. I think Lena had a shot before she absorbed another long series of scissor holds. I hope for Lena’s sake she has some gas left in the tank or this will be a rough stretch for her. The second commentator chimes in “I think that fourth fall really hurt her chances tonight and that last fall probably sealed it up. I hate to agree with you, but that’s how I see it too!” The screen goes dark as the and attention returns to the fighters.

With the screen going silent, the officiator moves close to Lena who has slowly gotten to her feet to check on her. As the officiator approaches, the same loud voice yells out “Lena! Do it now!!! Show everyone how good you are! Really make her feel it. You’ve got this!! Land that shot like we practiced!!!” The officiator smiles, but Lena’s head remains down as she clutches her ribs. Another voice yells out “No chance bro!!! No chance my girl is gonna bust her up good!!!” As the fans chirp back and forth, Kelcie yells out “you wanna submit the match now!!!” Lena ignores Kelcie and looks to the officiator and quietly says “I can beat her still!!! I want to continue the fight! The officiator steps back and calls out “5 minutes remaining in the match!!! YOU MAY NOW FIGHT!!!”

As the command to fight is given, Lena looks to still be feeling the effects of the punishment of the last two falls. Kelcie seeing her opponent still holding her body as the fall gets underway rushes across the floor at her opponent. The crowd lets out a loud cheer as the command to fight is given and as Kelcie starts to rush at Lena a quiet falls over the crowd.
As she approaches Lena, Kelcie drops her shoulder and lunges forward colliding with Lena on the run. A loud WHACKKKK resounds as Kelcie slams in to Lena driving her backwards from the force of the impact. The redhead’s arms fling back as she is driven off her feet by the hard tackle.
Lucky for Lena the tackle drives her back and slams her to the sofa rather than the floor. A loud gasp resounds from the crowd as Lena is driven down hard. Kelcie quickly disengages from the tackle and rolls her opponent over on the couch as the crowd begins to come to life again.
With Lena flipped over to her stomach, Kelcie straddles her opponent. “This bitch has nothing left!!!” yells out Kelcie as she hooks her opponents legs and tucks them under her arm. UNNNHHHHH moans out Lena as she is pressed into the sofa as her lower half is lifted up by Kelcie. “Go ahead bitch MOOOOO out for the crowd you cow!!!” As Lena tries to push her upper body off the sofa and pull free of Kelcie the blonde lets out a laugh and hooks her opponent’s arms lifting her. “Let me help you sweetheart!!!” taunts Kelcie as she lifts and bends Lena forcing whimpers of pain from Lena.
Kelcie turns and slowly as she dangles a moaning Lena in her grasp. With a quick drop to the floor, Kelcie smashes Lena down with BANNNNNNGGGGGG!!! Sitting atop Lena’s back, Kelcie smiles to the crowd and then grabs hold of Lena’s leg hooking it under her own. “Let’s grind this bitch up!!!” hisses out Kelcie as she references her favorite hold. “Noooo!!!” moans out Lena as the blonde grabs her my the hair and pulls her upper body off the floor. Sliding her arms into position she hooks Lena’s arm and wraps the other under her neck as she fully bends her back. With Lena’s arm hooked, Kelcie finds the clasp to her bra with her hand and unhooks it while she holds a moaning Lena in place.
With the bra unhooked, Kelcie reaches down and rips it free and flings it away before reapplying her grip on her opponent’s neck. “SUBMIT TO ME!!!!” yells out Kelcie as she bends Lena back forcing a scream. AAAGGHHHHH ” MY BACK” screams out Lena as she is trapped by Kelcie. “Stop Stop please stop!!!” cries out Lena as Kelcie yanks back on her body bending her even further.

Lena’s submission brings the officiator in quickly. “LET HER GO!!” Kelcie releases the grip on Lena’s arm and neck and lets her fall to the floor under her. The officiator continues “the score is now 4 falls to 2 in favor of Kelcie. The fall lasted 3 minutes and 30 seconds. There is now 1 minute and 30 seconds remaining.”

Kelcie remains kneeling over Lena after the fall ending. “I want her to quit this match. You hear me bitch!!!” NNNHHHHHHHH moans out Lena as she lies under Kelcie. “SAY I QUIT OR I PUT THE COFFEE GRINDER BACK ON YOU RIGHT NOW!!!” The officiator leans in “Lena you may choose to quit or continue. If you continue the next fall will begin shortly. What would you like to do?” Lena does not answer and Kelcie slaps her on the head. “ANSWER NOW OR FIGHT ME!!!!” “Please no more. I quit the match!!!” cries out Lena as she recognizes she is unable to continue to fight back.
Kelcie climbs to her feet and grabs Lena by the hair and drags her opponent off the floor. “I bet you wish you never asked for a rematch!!!” With Lena on her knees Kelcie drags her by the hair around the room in a small circle. “All of you Lena fans look at this bitch crawl behind me!!! I own this worthless bitch!!!” yells out Kelcie as she continues to parade Lena to the fans. Lena cries out in pain as her hair is yanked and and pulled as Kelcie drags her and shows her off. “Tell them Lena — Tell them who is the better woman!!!”
Kelcie drags Lena to the sofa and tosses her opponent face down on the sofa and then takes a seat on her back. “Go ahead let them all hear you!!!” yells out Kelcie. Lena is flattened on the sofa with her ass up and exposed for the view of the fans in the apartment. “Please no more!!! Please you are better than me!!! Please!!!” cries out Lena. As Lena cries out her admission, Kelcie begins to deliver a blistering open-handed spanking to her defeated and submissive opponent. WHACK WHACK WHACK resonates through the apartment as Kelcie goes to work on her opponent’s ass. AAAAIIIEEEE OOOOOWWWWWW OOOWWWW Please please please!!!” cries out Lena as Kelcie repeatedly spanks her backside while the fans watch the blonde torture her beaten opponent.
The officiator calls out “time is now up — Release Her!!!” as the the stipulated time for the post-match punishment has run its course. Kelcie pulls Lena off the couch and holds her up on display for the room full of fans to see. Lena is sobbing uncontrollably and is a battered wreck. Kelcie smirks and raises her hand and flexes her bicep. “This is what happens to bitches that think they can beat me!!!”

After taking her full allotted time to humiliate Lena, Kelcie struts away from her victim and works her way through the crowd as the fans congratulate her on her win over Lena. The redhead is helped quietly from the floor and taken to her private bedroom to recover from the loss.