AWC Times Mag 7: Nissa versus Zarah – Lightweight Tourney Match

This lightweight battle will help determine who continues on their quest to be the AWC lightweight champion and who is kicked back into the pool of wanna be contenders.  Last time we saw Nissa, she left the apartment after a hard loss with more than just her pride injured.  Can she bounce back from her injury and become the lightweight champion?  Or will Zarah continue her undefeated career in the AWC and demonstrate to the world that she is a dominant force to be reckoned with in the AWC.

Nissa (5’2 110 lbs 21 y/o) lives near Lima.  She works as a teacher in a local school.  She is a fitness instructor at a health club as her second job.  A wealthy business owner is sponsoring her in hopes of making her a star in the Apartment Wrestling Club.  Nissa has always been into fitness and outdoor activities.  She is a former equestrian star in the local area.  Nissa’s response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I never give up at anything I do.  Being the best is important to me and I have always been the best at what I participate in.  This will be no different.”


Zarah (5’4 110 lbs  23 y/o) lives near San Francisco.  She is self-employed as the COO of a small technology start-up in Silicon Valley.  Her family is originally from India and they are quite wealthy.  This wealth has enabled Zarah to get a business degree from NYU and to pursue her career as a young entrepreneur.  She stays remarkably fit and does some modeling on a part-time basis.  She thinks her focus and discipline makes her a star in the making in the apartment fighting realm.  Zarah’s response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I’ve got the best trainers, the best resume, and the best looks of all the fighters at the Club.  This is just one more challenge for me to overcome, and I always break down and overcome anything that challenges me.  The other women in the Club would do best to stay out of my way.  I’m destined to be a champion.”


Before the fighters enter the arena a large TV screen on the wall broadcasts a short video segment of the Apartment Wrestling Internet Show featuring two of the hosts talking about the upcoming match between Nissa and Zarah.  “This one is going to answer a lot of questions for me. Nissa lost in an ugly way last time we saw her. Sometimes that can define a fighter. Zarah is a bit untested. Tonight we get to see what the next chapter for these two is going to be. I think Nissa bounces back and wins handily over Zarah.” The second commentator chimes in “Super excited for this one. Both want to be the lightweight champion. Both want to prove something. Only one gets to do that tonight. I think you are right though this time. Nissa has been a great fighter until she was shockingly injured in her last match. She picks up where she left off before that fight I think.”  The screen goes dark as the fighters come out of the dressing rooms to the main room.

Both fighters now enter the main arena room where the fight will be held.  The room layout consists of a wide open space for the fighters with no furnishings and plenty of room for the large crowd for this lightweight tournament battle.  The crowd is buzzing with excitement and energy as they wait for the fighters to appear.

The officiator of the match calls out for everyone’s attention and introduces both fighter.  The girls are brought out to the center of the room together and given a quick summary of the rules.  “You have both done this before.  There are no rules for tonight’s fight.  The match will consist of four 4 minute rounds with a 1 minute rest period at the end of each round.  The first one to force the other to submit is the winner.  When a round ends I will call for a break and we will resume after the short rest period.  After four rounds the fifth round will be untimed and will continue until someone submits to end the match.  The match will start when I say so and will not end until we have a submission.”

Nissa and Zarah before the match gets underway.
The fighters immediately move together with a crash as they grab for the other’s hair and begin to yank and tug at their opponent. The grunts and gasps quickly fill the air as the struggle for dominance in the opening moments of the round is intense.
Zarah takes control in the early moments yanking and twisting Nissa around by her hair putting a strain on her neck. The latin fighter yelps out in pain as Zarah spins her to keep her off balance. Zarah looks to be testing out whether Nissa is fully healed from her injury during her match with Suzette. Nissa’s cries of pain echo off the walls as Zarah spins her wildly. Zarah yells out “We will see who is the whore now!!!”
Nissa slips free of Zarah’s grasp and drives into her opponent shoving her back and towards the wall. The crowd cheers the two fighters on as the wild and fast pace continues throughout the first minute of the match. “Fucking princess whore!!” growls Nissa as she tries driving through her opponent.
Zarah twists and catches Nissa by surprise as the flings the latin fighter into the wall face first. Nissa slams into the wall with a loud crashing sound and lets out a loud UNNNHHHHH sound as the air is knocked from her. Zarah follows up her advantage by smashing her opponent into the wall several more times. “I’ll destroy you!!!” yells out Zarah as Nissa takes a pummeling at the wall.
Nissa drops to her knees groaning out loudly from the repeated slams to the wall. Nissa appears to be stunned by the brutal punishment she just absorbed. Zarah continues to press forward as she slams a couple quick knees into Nissa’s body as her opponent is unable to defend herself. “SUBMIT TO ME!!!” screams out Zarah as she grabs Nissa and pulls her into a choke hold as she fully is in control of the match at this point. The crowd is somewhat silent as they intently watch this fast-paced and rough battle.
Nissa is able to fight her way free of the chokehold and Zarah knocks her opponent to the floor as Nissa struggles desperately to escape. Nissa grabs at Zarah and attempts to drag her off balance and to the floor as well, but Zarah maintains her balance and catches Nissa gripping her by the arm and chin. “You’re not getting away from me that easy loser. I SAID SUBMIT TO ME NOW!!!” snarls Zarah as Nissa fails to get back into the fight at this stage.
Another view of Zarah capturing Nissa as she tries to break free and escape from Zarah.
Nissa grunts out “Nooooo” and Zarah attempts to drag her into a scissor hold. Nissa is able to narrowly avoid Zarah’s attempt to lock her between her legs. Nissa pushes against Zarah and tries to overpower her as they struggle for control on the floor. “Get the hell off me!!!” grunts out Nissa as she sounds winded and a bit frustrated with the the match. The officiator calls out — “2 minutes left in the round!!!”
After a brief struggle, Nissa slips free and raises up to her knees. Zarah quickly follows suit and sensing Nissa is in trouble she lunges forward into Nissa and their bodies collide. Nissa grunts out NNNGGGHHHH at the impact of their bodies as she is knocked back sligthly. “You’re not getting away from me bitch!!!” hisses Zarah as she aggressively pursues Nissa. Zarah gains a tight grip on Nissa’s hair as her opponent tries to push back against her to maintain separation. Zarah growls as she tugs at Nissa’s hair and Nissa lets out a moan of pain as she grabs for Zarah’s hair in return.
Zarah uses Nissa’s struggles against her as she wraps her head up tightly and twists pulling Nissa forward and off balance. Nissa lets out more moans of pain as she is stretched and pulled across Zarah’s body before Zarah drops her to the floor on her back with a THUD. UNNNHHHHH moans out Nissa as Zara pivots her body. As Nissa hits the floor, the officiator calls out “Ninety seconds remaining!!!”
Before Nissa can escape, Zarah slides her body and locks her legs around Nissa midsection. Nissa tries to slide out of the scissor hold and reaches down pushing against Zarah’s thigh in an effort to break the hold. Zarah quickly snakes her arm up and grab’s Nissa by the hair dragging her back into her grasp. Zarah follows up by locking her arms around Nissa neck and applying a choke hold on her opponent. “GIVE IT UP!!! grunts out Zarah “OR I’LL BREAK YOUR RIBS!!!” As Zarah squeezes and grinds away on Nissa, her opponent tries to gasp and wheeze for air as her ribs are crushed and her throat is impaired by Zarah’s double-pronged attack. With Nissa trying to hold out for the end of the round, Zarah bears down even harder as she grunts loudly from the effort of applying the pressure. Nissa’s resistance fails in just a few short moments as the remaining air and fight is crushed from her by Zarah. Nissa drops her arms and and taps at Zarah as she submits to her opponent.
The officiator calls out “you winner at 3 minutes and 40 seconds in the first round — ZARAH!!!” The crowd cheers loudly for Zarah as she stands over a wiped out Nissa to claim her victory. “This was too easy. Is this really the best of the lightweight fighters??? This title is going to be mine soon.” Nissa stares up from the floor stunned by the way she was beaten and squeezed into submission by Zarah.