AWC Times Magazine 8: Charlotte versus Shayla

Charlotte has struggled in her last few matches and is becoming desperate for a win to get her AWC career back on track. Shayla struggled in the tournament and has not lived up to her status as one of the top fighters in the European Club. Both of these fighters need to get a win. Only one will emerge victorious. Who leaves this match a winner? The action was intense and it took one fighter almost ten minutes to force a surrender.

Shayla and Charlotte face off before the start of their match.
At the command to fight both girls crash into one another grabbing and pulling at their opponent as they tried to overpower the other. Each girl thought she was the stronger of the two fighters and were hell bent on proving their superior strength.
With the fight on the floor Shayla worked to smother the redhead as they struggled for control of the match.
Charlotte used Shayla’s hair to yank her opponent around as they grappled and battled.
In the latter stages of the match Shayla started to wear Charlotte down. The redhead increasingly found herself controlled by the blonde and unable to escape her clutches.
Shayla blocked Charlotte’s efforts to fight her way off the floor as the blonde battler mounted her opponent and controlled her as she crushed the fight out of Charlotte.
Unable to break free, Charlotte found herself trapped in a sleeper and chokehold combination that put her on the verge of passing out. Charlotte was forced to concede the match to Shayla to avoid being choked out cold.
Another view of Shayla using the sleeper and chokehold combo to force Charlotte to submit the match.