AWC Times Magazine 8: Chloe versus Rachel

After being stunned by Zarah in her last match, Chloe has been focused on getting back on the rug and showing the AWC that match was a fluke. Rachel has really struggled in her matches and is excited at the prospect of taking on another lightweight fighter. Can Rachel get a win against a similarly sized opponent? Will Chloe take out her frustrations with her last match on Rachel and get back on the winning track?

Chloe and Rachel face off before the start of the match.
Chloe and Rachel tangle up and within moments Chloe has the Brit by the hair slinging her around the room keeping her off balance and crying out in pain from her hair being yanked from her scalp.
After spinning and yanking the Brit around for several moments, Chloe delivers a brutal series of knees into Rachel’s back before finally driving her to the floor in a heap.
Chloe drops down atop Rachel and bends her arms behind her back yanking her shoulders back forcing the Brit to scream out in pain. After several moments trapped by Chloe, Rachel is forced to submit the match to a dominating Chloe.