AWC Times Magazine 8: Glenna versus Melinda

Both of these fighters have found wins hard to come by in the Apartment. This match will give one of them an opportunity to come out with a win while the other continues her losing ways. Will the redhead Aussie get the win or will the blonde American put Glenna down under?

Melinda and Glenna face off before the start of their match.
Glenna tries to catch Melinda unprepared with a knee to the body and the blonde catches her leg. With the leg trapped, Glenna hops on one foot as Melinda moves her across the floor.
Glenna is driven to the floor near the sofa as Melinda pulls the leg back and jams her knee into her opponent’s lower back.
Melinda catches Glenna and bends her body as she dangles her opponent. Glenna is forced to submit as she is unable to escape Melinda’s hold.
Melinda celebrates her victory over Glenna.