AWC Times Magazine 8 – Yuki versus Inga

The blonde Nordic fight queen looks to continue her winning ways after getting a win over Sofia in her last match. The Japanese fighter comes in after surprising Sasha and getting a solid win in her last match. With both girls coming off wins, their confidence is high. Only one gets to establish a winning streak. Will it be Yuki or will Inga come out on top? In the end these two engaged in a hard fought back and forth battle for over 12 minutes before the victor was able to secure a submission and the win.

Yuki and Inga prepare to do battle.
Yuki takes control of the match in the early moments as she controls the blonde using her hair as a convenient handle to maneuver her opponent where she wants her.
Yuki forces Inga to her knees and traps her in a standing head scissors type hold. “Give up to me!!” calls out Yuki as she traps Inga’s arms and holds her in place.
Inga escapes the scissor hold and after some struggling on the floor manages to get control of her opponent. Using her superior position, Inga begins to bend Yuki’s legs.
Inga is unable to capitalize as Yuki unbalances her and the two struggle from awkward positions trying to punish their opponent.
After separating from one another the two take a moment to catch a breath in the later stages of the match and then clash on their knees wrestling for control of the battle. Each fighter tugged and yanked at the other desperately trying to gain control as they both appeared winded and tiring.
Yuki overpowers and drives Inga to the floor after a struggle for control. The Japanese fighter is all over the blonde as she hooks her leg atop the blonde pinning her down. With Inga trapped on the floor, Yuki drives a series of punches to the blondes chest and belly forcing cries and grunts of pain from Inga. “You submit!!!” yells out Yuki as she tries to intimidate Inga.
With Inga gasping an struggling to resist, Yuki quickly hooks her opponent’s leg and slides her body around to reposition herself. Inga grabs at Yuki’s upper body and tries to pull her back down as she moves. Yuki is quick to counter this resistance as she lifts and drops her hip on Inga’s belly driving the air out of her opponent.
Yuki completes her turn and wraps her legs around Inga’s head as she shoves her ass into her opponent’s face. Inga moans out as she struggles to escape the scissor hold. Inga’s resistance fades as Yuki drains the last of the fight from the blonde.
With Inga no longer putting up much resistance, Yuki sits up atop the blonde and drives her ass back into her face. “You will surrender!!!” demands Yuki as she slaps her hand down onto Inga’s crotch and digs her fingers into her opponent. The attack forces a muffled cry from Inga as she surrenders the match.
Yuki stands over the battered Inga celebrating her win.