AWC Times Special Report – Who is the International Catfight Coalition

The International Catfight Coalition (ICC) has recently become more vocal about its position in the female fighting world as it compares to the AWC. This shadowy and loosely run catfight group now seems determined to become a more visible force with its comments and challenges to the AWC in recent weeks. So who or what exactly is the ICC is the question on many of the minds of fans of the AWC?

The ICC has a long history, much longer than that of the AWC. Unlike the AWC, the ICC is much more informal and controlled by a broad group of wealthy patrons. These patrons set up groups or arranged matches and over time these groups have banded together more formally to become the Coalition. Most of the ICC’s matches are privately arranged and frequently involve a wide variety of activities surrounding these matches.

Over this stretch of time, the ICC has started to crown fighters as champions. These titles are much less formal and are subject to bickering at times between different patrons or organizers within the ICC. This shadowy structure along with what sometimes amounts to taking advantage of fighters has led some former ICC fighters to join the ranks of the AWC. Sometimes these past connections to the ICC are known and sometimes they are not something the AWC is aware existed.

A lot of the matches held in the ICC have been conducted in front of small private gatherings. The ICC has for the most part maintained some semblance of secrecy related to the identities of fighters and patrons. Most of the matches sponsored or held in the ICC are rumored to be recorded and maintained in the secret ICC library. This secret stash of recordings sometimes leads to match images being leaked and becoming available to memorialize the ICC’s fights.

It is also not uncommon for ICC matches to be followed with extravagant parties and/or private gatherings following the matches. The payouts to fighters for participating in the ICC have been rumored to be fairly significant, but sometimes require post-match activities that a lot of fighters have been unwilling to agree with.

Stay tuned as your reporting staff at the AWC Times continues to look more closely at the ICC and its potentially vast library of matches and events.