AWC Times Tourney Interviews – Jenny and Sierra

Good afternoon AWC fans.  AWC Times reporter Penthouse Observer here with a special edition of the AWC Times reports.  The upcoming tourney match between Jenny and Sierra is going to be exciting.  The fans are dying to hear from these two and how they feel about this huge match.  Who will move on and who will end their chances at the title in disappointment.  With the match coming right up I took a few minutes to sit down and get some thoughts from both fighters.  First up tonight, Jenny.

0 - Jenny PreFight Final
Jenny Before the Fight

Jenny is a member of the East Coast Club of the AWC and comes to us from farm country several hours outside of Chicago.  Coming into this fight, Jenny has a record of 5 wins and 3 losses.

PO:  There have been some questions about whether you are overrated or a real contender for the world title.  What do you have to say to those who think you are overrated?

Jenny:  That’s a stupid question.  Of course I’m not overrated.  There are some really tough fighters in the AWC.  I’m not ashamed of the fact I lost a few fights.  I will tell you that I am focused and want nothing more than to be the AWC World Champion.  So if someone thinks I’m overrated — well I don’t really give a shit.

PO:  Who do you think is the toughest of the four champions waiting to fight the winners of this round and who do you think is the weakest of that group?

Jenny:  Now you’re just trying to start trouble.  Of course they are all tough or they wouldn’t be champions of their clubs.  I’m not really going to answer your question, but I will say that the European and Pacific clubs don’t have any fighters left in the tourney.  Maybe that says something or maybe it doesn’t.

PO:  Sierra is undefeated.  Do you think you can beat her?

Jenny:  Sure.  I can and I will.  She has done well so far.  I respect that, but I’m also a very good fighter.  I think it will be a good match, but I will win in the end.

PO:  How do you plan to beat her?

Jenny:  By outfighting her.  I think my size will be helpful too.  I plan to show Sierra something she  hasn’t seen yet — a loss.

PO:  Good luck Jenny.  It should be entertaining.

After a few words from our sponsor we’ll return and visit with Sierra.

0 - Sierra Pre-Fight
Sierra Before The Fight

Sierra is currently an independent fighter and has not joined a Club.  Sierra comes to the AWC from the Miami area.  Coming into this fight, Sierra remains undefeated at 4-0.


PO:  So you are undefeated at this point.  Are you really that tough?

Sierra: Yes. :)

PO:  You have gotten some props from other fighters that are still alive in the tourney.  Why do you think that is?

Sierra: That’s always good to hear and appreciated!  I think it could be for a lot of reasons: I always fight hard and put my all into each match.  I won’t cheat.  I’m not a bully and quite enjoy giving a physical intervention to the girls that have that reputation.  I respect all the fighters (except for maybe 1-2) and I think I’ve earned their respect.  They know I’m not here in the AWC because I need to personally humiliate the other girls to feed my own ego, like a few are.  With my skill comes responsibility and I try to set an example by remaining humble.

PO:  Who are you rooting for in the other three fights and why?

Sierra:  This isn’t a cop out answer, but really all of them for various reasons.  I always have a soft spot in my heart for the underdog (or undercat as it were) so I’d like to see Tisha do well, and know personally that she can.  Rebecca recently gave me unprompted and unexpected kind words so I have nothing against her.  I’d like to see Bailey beat the ish out of Drury, but if Drury comes out the winner, that’s ok too, because I’ve wanted to take care of her myself for a long time and I wouldn’t mind her undefeated streak intact when I do.  I guess the only one I want for sure to win is Suzette, as odd as that sounds.  I’d like to see her redeem herself after our match.  It just wont be at my expense.  She’s earned my respect and I look forward to tangling with her again.  Nissa is just another one with an undefeated streak and a big mouth that’s gonna feel the slap of reality some time soon.

PO:  Which of the four champions waiting for the next round do you want to fight the most and why?

Sierra:  Again, all of them.  I want to test myself against the best.  That said, I know I’ve wanted, and the fans want Callie and I on the carpet sooner or later.  I mean no disrespect to the other three champs because they have all earned it, but Callie is the poster girl.  I’d even say I think that’s the match AWC management has been drooling over.

That’s all for our interview tonight.  Tune in to see this fight it should be a great one.