AWC Times Tourney Interviews – Molly and Suzette

Good day AWC fans.  AWC Times reporter Penthouse Observer here with a special edition of the AWC Times reports.  The upcoming tourney match between Molly and Suzette is going to be exciting.  Suzette comes into the fight off of a dominating win over Nissa and Molly comes into her first tournament match since she is a Club Champion.  Fans throughout the AWC, and even some fighters, are talking about this one quite a bit. I was able to get a few minutes time with each of the girls to bring you their thoughts heading into this big match.  Like the other tournament matches, one advances to the final four fighters and the other is eliminated.  First up tonight, Molly.

0 - Molly Before the Fight
Molly before the fight.

Molly is currently the East Coast Club Champion.  Molly comes to the AWC from a small community in Indiana and she is presently a college student in the Chicago area.  Coming into this fight, Molly has a record of three wins and one loss.

PO:  Do you think waiting for all these other matches will impact things for you during this fight?

Molly:  That can cut both ways.  I should be well-rested.  Getting to fight and win against a good opponent can be a confidence booster.  I expect Suzette to be super confident tonight and that might be an advantage for one of us.

PO:  You struggled with Jenny in your two fights although you were able to take her belt and become the East Coast Champion.  Do you think that Suzette will present a similar style of fighter for you?

Molly:  I think there are some similarities.  Suzette might fight with a similar style to Jenny.  If she does, she will get the same outcome which is a loss.  You might be surprised by this, but if she wants to fight rough I can handle that and give back the same type of punishment.

PO:  Suzette is likely to be your toughest opponent yet.  She destroyed a good fighter in Nissa last match.  How do you plan to win this match?

Molly:  Suzette is tough.  Don’t forget Nissa ended up hurt and wasn’t able to really fight back in that match.  I won’t be lying down to give her a win.  You never know how a fight will play out and what will be the difference.  I really want to use my legs to crush her spirit since I keep hearing about her dancer’s legs.

PO:  We wish you the best of luck Molly.  You are a great fighter and that means we are going to see a great fight.

After a few words from our sponsor we’ll return and visit with Suzette.

0 - Suzette Before the Fight
Suzette before the fight.

Suzette is a member of the West Coast Club of the AWC and comes to us from the Dallas area.  Suzette is coming off of a huge dominating win over Nissa in the last round of the tournament.  Coming into this fight, Suzette has a record of 4 wins and 2 losses.

PO:  So tonight you get to fight a girl that has been waiting for her first match in the tournament.  Any thoughts on Molly getting to sit and watch the fights up to now?

Suzette:  [Laughs]  Seems like you asked me what I thought about Nissa whining about just this issue.  Look — I am perfectly okay with the tournament and the way it is set up.  She is a Club Champion and that counts for something.  It just won’t count for much once we start the fight.

PO:  So wow that fight against Nissa?

Suzette:  Yeah.  She talked a lot before that fight and I didn’t care for her comments.  I don’t feel the least bit bad about tearing her up.  She deserved it and she deserved the way I treated her afterwards.  She likes to humiliate people so I figured she needed to get a taste of her own medicine.

PO:  What do you think will help you out in this fight?

Suzette:  I have fought for everything in my life.  I know what it’s like to battle.  Molly is young and she hasn’t had to struggle.  She won’t know how to respond when things don’t go well for her.  Like I said last time — I have strong legs and when I wrap them around her body and crush the life out of her she won’t know what to do other than beg for mercy.

PO:  Good luck Suzette.  This should be a great battle.

That’s all for our interview tonight.  Tune in to see this fight it should be a great one.