AWC Times Tourney Interviews – Nissa and Suzette

Good afternoon AWC fans.  AWC Times reporter Penthouse Observer here with a special edition of the AWC Times reports.  The upcoming tourney match between Nissa and Suzette is setting up to be a wild one.  The AWC fans are talking about this one quite a bit through various social media outlets.  With the match coming up soon I managed to catch up with both girls to get a few minutes of their time.  Like all of the tournament matches, this is big.  One advances and the other is eliminated.  First up tonight, Nissa.

0 -NIssa Before the Fight
Nissa Before the Fight

Nissa is currently an independent fighter and has not joined a Club.  Nissa comes to the AWC from Lima, Peru.  Coming into this fight, Nissa has a record of 5-0.

PO:  I have heard you say you feel disrespected by the AWC.  Why is that?

Nissa:  Simple.  The AWC plays favorites with these girls that belong to their Clubs.  They aren’t better fighters.  I think I have proven that.  So why do they get all these free passes in the tournament.  It really isn’t fair.  The AWC doesn’t want a girl from South America to be the champion so they make it as hard as they can on me.

PO:  You have been pretty vocal on the social media feed.  Do you think that might end up causing your opponent to get angry and make you eat those comments?

Nissa:  If they are a big enough woman to come into the arena and defeat me then so be it.  I don’t worry too much about that happening.  I will keep winning and when I do I will keep humiliating the losers.

PO:  Suzette is likely to be your toughest opponent yet.  How do you plan to win this match?

Nissa:  I think she has proved how tough she can be.  Like anyone else fighting in the AWC, she is a good fighter.  She has won quite a few matches.  I think I’m just as tough as she is and it will show when we meet up on the rug.  I’m pretty tough too.

PO:  How do you plan to beat her?

Nissa:  I am stronger, faster, and a better fighter.  I will overwhelm her and beat her to the floor.  And I won’t stop until she is destroyed.

PO:  We wish you the best of luck Nissa.  For your sake I hope you are able to do well against Suzette.

After a few words from our sponsor we’ll return and visit with Suzette.

0 - Suzette Before the Fight
Suzette Before the Fight

Suzette is a member of the West Coast Club of the AWC and comes to us from the Dallas area.  Coming into this fight, Suzette has a record of 3 wins and 2 losses.

PO:  Welcome to the show Suzette.  There have been some complaints that it isn’t fair you get a free pass to this stage of the tourney.

Suzette:  That’s just whiny bitches out there crying.  I earned that by being a top tier fighter in the AWC.  Nissa is going to find out why that’s the case.  Then she will have something else to whine about.

PO:  Nissa has really dominated some of her opponents and she has a tendency to humiliate them after she wins.  Does that worry you at all?

Suzette:  The best way to avoid that problem is to make sure you win.  And if you aren’t going to win you have to inflict enough damage on your opponent they don’t feel up to humiliating you.  So either way, I don’t see Nissa being in that position when our match ends.  Unless you are talking about me humiliating her ass.

PO:  What is the strongest part of your fight game?

Suzette:  I can do a lot of things on the rug.  I think overall I have a good mental approach.  I’m not about to just let someone beat me up.  If Nissa wants to brawl, I’m good at that.  If she wants to try and wrestle on the floor, she will find out just how strong these dancer legs are when I wrap them around her body and crush the life out of her.

PO:  Good luck Suzette.  I think no matter what the fans are in for a treat.

That’s all for our interview tonight.  Tune in to see this fight it should be a great one.