AWC Tourney Interviews — Alessandra versus Drury

Good day AWC fans.  AWC Times reporter Penthouse Observer here with a special edition of the AWC Times reports.  The upcoming tourney match between Alessandra and Drury looks to be a great match-up of two very tough fighters.  Neither fighter has been beaten yet and after this match one will learn the feeling of defeat in the AWC.  Drury comes into the fight off of a solid win over Bailey and Alessandra comes into her first tournament match since she is a Club Champion.  Fans of both fighters are excited to see this match.  I was able to get a few minutes time with each of the girls to bring you their thoughts heading into this big match.  Like the other tournament matches this round, one advances to the final four fighters and the other is eliminated.  First up tonight, Alessandra.

0 -Alessandra Before the Fight
Alessandra before the fight.

Alessandra is currently the European Club Champion with an undefeated record of 4-0.  Alessandra comes from near Madrid, Spain and she works in a global corporation which forces her to travel frequently.  She is a former football player and works out quite a bit in her free time.

PO:  Do you think waiting for all these other matches will impact things for you during this fight?

Alessandra:  I think it will help me.  I have had plenty of time to train and prepare for this match.  Once I learned who my opponent would be, I began studying her film very carefully. I think I bring things to the fight she will not be ready to handle.

PO:  I have heard some say the European Club has not performed well against other Clubs and that being champion of a weak Club doesn’t mean much.  What do you think?

Alessandra:  Who says such stupid things.  A fighter is a fighter and you must win over them no matter where they come from.  Is this what that bitch Drury says? I will kick her ass so that no doubt about the Club comes up again.

PO:  Any concerns about Drury’s style since you have watched all of her matches?

Alessandra:  She likes to fight dirty and win no matter the price.  I think I can be prepared for that type of fighter.  She is like Analise, just not as big built.  I was able to defeat many tough fighters in my time so she will be just one more.

PO:  What do you plan to do to get this win?

Alessandra:  I don’t believe Drury has been under real pressure before.  I will put the pressure on her and wear her down until she is unable to fight back. Then I will enjoy humiliating her.  She has not faced defeat before and I think she will be devastated by a loss.

PO:  We wish you the best of luck Alessandra.  This will be an interesting fight to watch for our fans.

After a few words from our sponsor we’ll return and visit with Drury.

0 - Drury Before the Fight Large
Drury before the fight.

Drury is an independent fighter at the moment although rumor has it that she might be joining the East Coast Club of the AWC in the near future.  She hails from the Miami, Florida area and comes off a solid win over Jenny in the last round of the tournament.  Coming into this fight, Sierra is undefeated with a record of 5-0.

PO:  So tonight you get to fight a girl that has been waiting for her first match in the tournament.  Any thoughts on Alessandra getting to sit and watch the fights up to now?

Drury:   She has watched and I have just been winning fights. Who do you think is more ready for our fight? Sitting makes you soft!

PO:  What do you think will make a difference in this match-up to get you a win?

Drury:   You must think I’m a fool. If I answer that it just helps her know what to expect. I’ll say this much — intensity! When I come to a fight it is with intensity.  And I haven’t met a girl at the AWC that can handle that intensity!!!

PO:  What do you expect out of Alessandra and what is your strategy to help you get the win?

Drury:  I think she will be unprepared for how intense I fight. I will go after her and be relentless.  She won’t last long with me.  I will beat her silly.

PO:  Of the other fighters in the round of eight (Callie, Tisha, Suzette, Molly, Bao, And Sierra)  who do you see as the favorite to win it all and why?

Drury: I think I’m the favorite to win it all!! I guess if I have to pick someone else I’m going with Sierra. She seems like me. Intense!

PO:  Good luck Drury.  This should be a great match between the two of you.

That’s all for our interview tonight.  Tune in to see this fight it should be a great one.