AWC Tourney Interviews — Callie versus Drury

Good day AWC fans.  AWC Times reporter Penthouse Observer here with a special edition of the AWC Times reports.  The upcoming tourney match between Callie and Drury looks to be a great match-up of two very tough fighters.  Neither fighter has been beaten yet and after this match one will learn the feeling of defeat in the AWC.  Drury comes into the fight off of a dominating win over Alessandra and Callie arrives with a hard fought win over Tisha.  Fans of both fighters are excited to see this match.  I was able to get a few minutes time with each of the girls to bring you their thoughts heading into this big match.  Like the other tournament matches this round, one advances to the final four fighters and the other is eliminated.  First up tonight, Callie.


Callie is currently the West Coast Club Champion and she comes to the club from a community near San Francisco, CA.  Callie is presently a middle school teacher and track coach.  Coming into this fight, Callie is undefeated with a record of 5-0.

PO:  Well you know what is on the minds of AWC fans everywhere after your last fight.  What happened?

Callie:  I won the fight.  What else is there to talk about.

PO:  You know it isn’t that easy.  Talk is that you may have technically won the fight, but Tisha dominated you across two falls and after the end of the fight when you were “lucky” to submit her.  Can you comment?

Callie:  I leave that talk to the losers, announcers and writers.  I won and that is it.  Look what I will say is that I am happy to fight Tisha again.  In fact, I demand another match with Tisha.  My focus right now though is on beating Drury and that is what is on my mind and what I can comment on.

PO:  Ok so how do you plan to do that?

Callie:  By outfighting her.  I think she is cocky and arrogant.  Those traits will cost her in this match.  I will force her to submit and hand that bitch her first loss.  I know she is talking trash about me and she will eat all of it when we are done with the fight.

PO:  Well do you have anything special planned that you want to share with the fans?

Callie: Drury has been asking — no begging to be humiliated.  So that is what I have in mind for her when this fight is done.  She won’t get off easy in her first loss.

PO:  We wish you the best of luck Callie.  This should be a great fight.

After a few words from our sponsor we’ll return and visit with Drury.


Drury is an independent fighter at the moment although rumor has it that she might be joining the East Coast Club of the AWC in the near future.  She hails from the Miami, Florida area and comes off a dominating destruction of Alessandra in the last round of the tournament.  Coming into this fight, she is undefeated with a record of 7-0.

PO:  Well tonight’s fight is the path to the title fight and you get to take on another Club Champion in Callie.  Any thoughts on what you saw of Callie?

Drury:   Great question!  What I saw is a girl that doesn’t even belong in this match tonight.  She may have gotten the win through some favoritism and rules,  but we all watched Tisha dominate those last two falls and then humiliate her after Callie “won” the fight.

PO:  So do you think that will make it easier for you tonight?

Drury:   What will make it easier is that Callie is not that tough!!!

PO:  What do you expect out of Callie and what is your strategy to help you get the win?

Drury:  Honestly — not much.  I don’t think she has what it takes to compete at this level.  She is a pretender and I will demolish her just like I did with Alessandra.

PO:  Do you have anything special planned for this match?

Drury: Just to win.  Nothing else that I want to talk about with you right now.

PO:  Good luck Drury.  This should be a great match between the two of you.

That’s all for our interview tonight.  Tune in to see this fight it should be a great one.