AWC Tourney Interviews — Callie versus Tisha

Good day AWC fans.  AWC Times reporter Penthouse Observer here with a special edition of the AWC Times reports.  The upcoming tourney match between Callie and Tisha is going to be intense.  Tisha comes into the fight off of a convincing win over Rebecca and Callie comes into her first tournament match since she is a Club Champion.  Tisha’s path to this match has fans throughout the AWC talking about this one quite a bit. I was able to get a few minutes time with each of the girls to bring you their thoughts heading into this big match.  Like the other tournament matches, one advances to the final four fighters and the other is eliminated.  First up tonight, Callie.

0 - Callie Before the Fight Large

Callie is currently the West Coast Club Champion and she comes to the club from a community near San Francisco, CA.  Callie is presently a middle school teacher and track coach.  Coming into this fight, Callie is undefeated with a record of 4-0.

PO:  Do you think waiting for all these other matches will impact things for you during this fight?

Callie:  Not at all.  I’m ready to fight and can’t wait to get on the rug with Tisha.  I love the fact she kicked Rebecca’s ass.  I can’t stand that bitch.

PO:  Tisha presents an interesting opponent.  She seems to be the underdog quite a bit, but comes out on top.  Maybe it’s her conditioning or maybe it’s her heart.  What do you think?

Callie:  I leave that talk to the announcers and writers.  What I know is what I see in her match videos.  She is a tough fighter that doesn’t like to submit.  She will hang tough and if you give her an opening she will make you pay for it.  I want to go out and dominate her from start to finish and not give her that chance

PO:  How do you plan to do that?

Callie:  That is my little secret.  Lets just say I’m going to wear her down and stay on top of her all night long.   Heart and passion only goes so long before pain and exhaustion rule the day.

PO:  Of the other seven fighters in the round of eight (Tisha, Suzette, Molly, Bao, Sierra, Drury, and Alessandra)  who do you see as the favorite to win it all and why?

Callie:  If I can’t pick me then I think I’m going to go with Suzette.  I had to fight her inside the West Coast Club and she has something about her that makes her a tough fighter.  She is just plain nasty and if you give her any chance at all she will hurt you.  I think she knows how to finish an opponent which is always a tough skill to overcome.

PO:  We wish you the best of luck Callie.  This should be a great fight.

After a few words from our sponsor we’ll return and visit with Tisha.

0 - Tisha Before the Fight Large

Tisha is a member of the East Coast Club of the AWC and comes to us from the Atlanta area.  Tisha is coming off of a convincing win over Rebecca in the last round of the tournament.  Coming into this fight, Tisha has a record of 5-3.

PO:  So tonight you get to fight a girl that has been waiting for her first match in the tournament.  Any thoughts on Callie getting to sit and watch the fights up to now?

Tisha:  I could care less!  I just fight whoever shows up.  I have a job to do to get what I want and Callie is in my way this time.  She is just the next one to get beaten.

PO:  So you have been able to come back and win in your fights when it looked like you might not survive the bout.  Why is that?

Tisha:  I dunno.  I just fight hard and do my best to win.  I need these wins.  I need to be the champion.  I think maybe I just want it more sometimes.  Either way, I’m not giving up unless you really force me to surrender.  I plan to fight to the end and that end is me sitting on Callie’s face.

PO:  What do you plan to do to get the win?

Tisha:  Just be tougher than Callie.  It really is pretty simple.  I have to make sure I fight smart and don’t let her get me into a bad spot.  If I can do that she will eventually give me the opening I need to force submissions from her.

PO:  Of the other seven fighters in the round of eight (Callie, Suzette, Molly, Bao, Sierra, Drury, and Alessandra)  who do you see as the favorite to win it all and why?

Tisha:  I just fight the matches.  It’s your job to pick winners.  I have fought a few of these girls and they are plain tough.  I can tell you it won’t be Callie because she is losing to me next.

PO:  Good luck Tisha.  I have enjoyed your fights in the tournament so far.  Hope to see you succeed again tonight.

That’s all for our interview tonight.  Tune in to see this fight it should be a great one.