Belle Interview

Belle being interviewed

AWC: Hey there Belle. Can we get a moment of your time before your match tonight with Lisa?

Belle: Yes of course, I have a few minutes.

AWC: I noticed Suzette leaving your changing area before her interview with us. Can you elaborate on that?

Belle: Sure. Suzette and I are friends and training partners. We’re both from the greater Dallas/Fort Worth area. We train together twice a week. Once at her dance studio in Dallas, and once at the Double B ranch in Denton.

AWC: Tell us more. How did the two of you meet?

Belle: I was wrestling for a small Indy promotion called North Texas Wrestling. I quickly became Women’s Champion at NTW. Many of my appearances were at the Fort Worth Stockyards, Will Rogers Arena. Suzette attended one of my title defenses and soon became a regular at the events. We met and became instant friends. I liked her right away. I had to relinquish my NTW Women’s title because I could not make the number of appearances required to defend the title because of my duties and responsibilities on the ranch. I stepped down from the title, I was never defeated for it. Suzette told me about AWC and I decided to join when I was called out by one of the girls who has since been ducking me.

AWC: Yes, it was Kelcie who called you out, wasn’t it?

Belle: You mean Ms. Vanilla Latte?  Yes, it was her. I joined wanting to beat her up. But being from Texas, she knows who I am . She isn’t stupid. She started trouble with Viv so that she wouldn’t have to face me. Look how that worked out for her. Actually, I’m surprised that Hailey accepted a match with me. She’s from Tulsa and I’ve made appearances in Oklahoma. Perhaps she thought she could get a bit of a reputation by defeating a big name, It didn’t work out for her. I may be new to AWC, but I’m well known in north Texas.

AWC: How is your partnership with Suzette benefiting each of you?

Belle: First of all, Suzette is a great friend as well as an exceptional training partner. Pro wrestling is much different than Apartment fighting and who better than Suzette to help me with the transition. We all know that she has the perfect temperament and technique for an Apartment fighter and she’s instilling a lot of that in me. I teach Suzette technical wrestling moves. Can you imagine Suzette with her Apartment style technique combined with a mastery of technical holds? She’s already a force to be reckoned with in AWC. Anyone stepping onto the carpet with her already knows that they’re in for the fight of their lives. With a bit more training and knowledge, she’s going to be unstoppable. 

AWC: Can you describe a typical training session?

Belle: Well. I won’t give away all of our secrets, but we do a good deal of strength training at our sessions at the Double B ranch. My morning routine is to go to the barn and load up my F-150 with bales of hay to feed the horses. I toss 50 lb. bales over my head and into my truck bed. Suzette struggled a bit at first, but now can do it almost as well as I can and is getting stronger in her upper body all of the time. As a dancer, her leg strength is legendary. If she were to fight Raine again right now, I assure you that the outcome will be quite different. Suzette’s on her way to becoming a future AWC Champion and I’m glad to play a role in her succession.

AWC: How do you find the AWC style of fighting different from pro style?

Belle: The AWC style of fighting is more like the Saturday Night Main Events that we had on the Double B Ranch growing up. I’d often be in the horse corral fighting against a male ranch hand who had a problem with my father, and who wanted to take out his frustrations on me. All of the ranch hands and other spectators would sit on the railings and watch me take a cocky young ranch hand, who was usually full of himself, apart. I enjoyed beating up the boys and won 90% of my matches against the men. I’ve never been beaten by a woman, at least not yet. I’m not saying that it can’t happen, but Miss Boston Blue Blood Lisa sure isn’t the one who is going to do it.

AWC: What if the AWC matches the two of you up in the future?

Belle: Suzette and I both understand the possibility that this could happen at some point and we’ve talked about it. We’ve decided that should that match ever happen, that we would both fight  hard and try to win. Ant then, whatever the outcome, we would put the result behind us and resume our friendship as soon as the match ended. Our friendship is strong and would survive and outlast a match. Heck, we spar all the time, and don’t take it easy on each other. Suzette and I make each other better.

Suzette pokes her head in.

Suzette: “Belle, Dena and Lena are about to begin.”

Belle: “Thank you, Suze.”

Belle to the AWC interviewer: “Please excuse me. I’d like a word with Dena before she begins her match.”

AWC: Of course, Good luck in your match vs. Lisa.

Belle: Ms. Boston Blue Blood isn’t going to know what hit her. I’ve seen her matches, and she knows nothing about me. I didn’t need to show much vs. Hailey, but I may need to show a bit more tonight as i intend to rack up a good number of points for the West Coast Club. Thank you for speaking with me but I really must be going.

AWC: Thank you for your time, Belle.